92 Free Exclusive Icons: Ravenna

To celebrate the holidays, we’re releasing a great set of icons developed by Jack Cai especially for WDD.

Ravenna is a set of 92 free raster based icons that you can use for your webpages and projects. The icons come available in 9 different sizes, from 16×16 up to 256×256 pixels and available as transparent PNG files. Icons are free for all your personal projects.

If you’d like to share these icons, please refer your friends to this page.

Here’s a full preview of all 92 icons for quick reference. Download yours below and enjoy!

Please enter your email address below and click the download button. The download link will be sent to you by email, or if you have already subscribed, the download will begin immediately.

Liked the icons?  Have you used them in a project? Do you prefer vector or raster based icons? Share your comments and links below and let us know what you’d like to see next!

  • pwayboy

    Why are these zip files so difficult to extract in Windows?

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

    Simply double click on the file to expand it. Just make sure you know where the files that are extracted go.

  • Emil

    Thanks for the icons… Haven’t used it, but surely will. About your question, i prefer vectoe based icons… It’s easier to use…

    But, thanks anyway… Cheers…

  • MattiePoo

    These are awesome icons, thanks alot!

    Happy Holidays!

  • http://VentureKid.com Matt

    Are these free for commercial use as well?

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Commercial use is allowed by paying a $30 fee. Contact us for more details.

  • http://www.onlinedruckereien.info Matze

    Wow, the icons look awesome. I’m looking forward to make use of them! thanks!

  • http://www.instantshift.com/ DKumar M.

    Nice Icons !!

    licence type? GPL, L-GPL, BSD??

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      It’s only free for personal uses. There’s a small fee for commercial usage.

  • Jack

    Thanks, everyone and Merry Xmas!

  • http://www.buildinternet.com Zach Dunn

    Thanks! I like the angle on these a lot.

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  • http://www.t-infection.com Webthese

    Nice icon set, thank you. (This is my first comment I new explore your site, thanks again)

  • http://j4jameel.deviantart.com Jameel

    Great stuff really helpful for the community

    Thanks a lot!

  • S. Nisar

    Nice Icons, thanks a lot.

    Happy New Year….

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  • http://pw-software.com NetOperator Wibby

    I like the perspective of the icons, very nice set.

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  • http://www.iammikesmith.com Mike Smith

    Thanks for the icons. They look awesome. I’ll be putting them to good use soon

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  • http://www.onionhk.com Jinny Kim

    Nice Icons, thanks a lot.

    Happy New Year….

  • http://www.brianwiltshire.net Brian

    Thanks, very nice indeed

  • http://www.sirisri.com Ashok

    Awesome icons. Thanks for it, and wish you Happy New Year.

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  • http://www.carenc-design.de/service.html Website Relaunch

    Thank you

  • michael

    Very nice icons, i love them.

    i prefer vector icons, cause scaling is much easier.

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  • Alvaro Folhas

    Thanks for your lovely icons

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  • http://heyya.com heyyahey

    hey it’s very good

  • http://www.gc20.ca Doug Bast

    Any possibility to get these .svg or vector?

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Sorry, but they aren’t available in vector.

  • http://sempersolutions.pl Janek Łoza

    How can i use this icons for commercial project?

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Please email info(at)webdesignerdepot(dot)com

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  • http://www.mindxstudio.com/ mindxstudio

    it,s a good collection…

  • http://segros.multicarrier-arg.com.ar Roberto

    Gracias están muy buenos

  • http://www.coletivourbano.blogspot.com gustavo queiroz

    Achei irado, bem desenvolvidos e armonicos.
    uma seleção de ótimos icones.

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  • nisha

    Good collection of icons….

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  • Anna

    EXACTLY what I was looking for…..thanks!

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  • http://mokshasolutions.com Moksha Solutions

    thanks good collection

  • Corpy

    Tnkx.Good Icons))

  • http://appsapps.info app

    Can you define personal use?

    Does it mean on my own pc only, as in desktop icons? (that’s what I have always understood that term to mean) Or does it mean I can use them on my personal blog?

    And if I can use them on my blog, when does that blog cross the line and become commercial? Does having a few ads on my blog in order to cover the cost of hosting automatically make it commercial?

    And how about a website where I give away stuff I have made for free, but I do accept donations? Is that commercial to you?

    And lastly, freeware. Can I use them in a freeware application I plan on distributing to others? (that’s traditionally considered noncommercial software)

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      For those purposes you can use the icons as desired.

  • taesoo

    nice icons,

    thanks for sharing.

  • politis87

    thanks for sharing

  • Yahya

    Nice webdesign, thanks for the icon.

  • Jason

    Thank you for the icons! They are fabulous!

  • http://www.downgreen.com jonsonlion

    good,Thank you !

  • http://rodrigojorge.com.br Rodrigo

    Wonderful icons, pretty good!

  • Patt

    Great! Thanks so much!!!

  • angel


  • http://www.hayvancilik1.com hayvancılık

    do not have the ability to imagine the “graphic” relationship between the mood oard and the future project (very true for logotypes, but less with websites & identitie