7 Great Podcasts for Web Designers

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a student just diving in to the web design field, audio podcasts are a great way to learn about new techniques and listen to discussions with big name pros without spending a fortune on conference fees.

They’re perfect for busy multi-taskers. You can listen to them during your commute or while performing menial tasks at your computer.

Below is a list of 7 great podcasts for web designers:


1. UIE Brain Sparks

Put out by User Interface Engineering CEO Jared Spool, this professional podcast focuses on usability and interaction design. Jared is a usability expert and frequent conference speaker who has worked with big clients like Microsoft, Apple and IBM. He invites big names like Molly Holzschlag, Luke Wroblewski and Cameron Moll to share their expertise.


2. Boagworld

Boagworld Screenshot

Created by Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington of the UK Web design firm Headscape, Boagworld is the longest running (and perhaps most listened-to) web design podcast around. It has thrived because it is both entertaining and educational. Paul and Marcus banter back and forth while covering a wide range of topics of interest to both developers and designers. They know what they’re talking about and bring in great guests like Dan Rubin and Andy Budd. Along with the podcasts on the site you’ll find an active forum and follow-up blog posts that include summaries, links and interview transcripts.


3. The Rissington Podcast

The Rissington Podcast

Jon Hicks (famous for designing the Firefox and Thunderbird logos, among other things) and John Oxton produce this informal and humorous show. They answer listeners’ questions about web design, conduct interviews and pick a typeface of the week. The hosts are smart, smarmy and fun to listen to.


4. TypeRadio

While not specific to web design, this podcast is a great source of inspiration for designers of all types. Hosts by Donald Beekman and Liza Enebeis chat up designers at events around the world. Each designer brings something different to the table. Some are more interesting than others, but all give you valuable insight into their process and personality.


5. Rookie Designer

Rookie Designer is a weekly podcast by graphic designer Adam Hay. It is aimed at beginner designers but the content is useful to just about everyone in the field. Adam is friendly and humble, sharing brutally honest stories of “rookie mistakes”. He also shares tips, tricks and lessons learned… like how to get a freelance client to pay and how to survive a critique. He also covers specifics like Photoshop, SEO and Email design.


6. Web Design TV (video)

This one isn’t strictly audio, but it’s published by .net magazine and is well worth sitting down and taking time to watch. Older podcasts are hosted by Paul Boag of the aforementioned Boagword. Newer videocasts run 15-30 minutes and feature practical in-depth tutorials on specific web design projects and applications like Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver. .net is a great magazine filled with informative content and the videocast is a great way to get some for free.


7. You Suck At Photoshop

The first reason to watch this is that it’s hilarious. The second reason to watch is that you’ll actually learn a thing or two about Photoshop. Created by ad guys Matt Bledsoe and Troy Hitch, the podcasts are narrated by a socially-inept cubicle warrior named Donnie Hoyle. His bitterly sarcastic commentary is not only funny, it’s helpful. Each tutorial shows you a number of photo-editing tricks, which Donnie demonstrates by doing things like removing a wedding band from his cheating wife’s finger. It’s a YouTube phenomenon. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s time to get caught up.

The next time you’re bored at your computer, why not download a podcast or two and learn something new?

Written exclusively for WDD by Mindy Wagner.

Do you listen to these podcasts?  Which other ones would you recommend?

  • http://blog.insicdesigns.com/ insic

    awesome! for real i dont know this site. bookmarked it.

  • http://www.dileepsharma.com/ Dileep K Sharma

    Good ones.

  • http://www.webdesignshowroom.co.uk Web Design Showroom

    These are all worth listening too! I know it may seem a little geeky to a lot of web designers to listen to this sort if thing but you may hear something useful.

  • http://- Alec

    Great post!
    Can you write something about CMS systems? I wand to know witch one’s are the best.

  • http://www.webgrafismo.com Pedro Magalhães

    Hum… guess i will be listening something new next days :)

  • Roald André Pedersen

    Nice, going to look into these sites! :)

  • http://www.pushingbuttons.net Timothy

    Wow, nice list. Very appreciated.

  • http://csstipsandtricks.com Stephen Korecky

    Hey, CSS Tips & Tricks wasn’t on there :D Either was nice list, though I don’t think “you suck at photoshop” is making podcast anymore, but they were funny!

  • http://dsgn.pw-software.com Nokadota

    Nice! I’m addicted to podcasts but I couldn’t find anything related to actual freelancing an design. Thanks for the list.

    • http://www.stewartandweill.com Chantal

      Check out Freelance Radio. Not strictly web design but all about the freelancing. Entertaining and practical. From the folks at freelanceswitch.com.

  • http://www.smallboxsoftware.com Shawn Bouchard

    You Suck at Photoshop is absolutely hilarious! And, it’s true you do learn a thing or two about the toolset.

  • http://blog.brenelz.com Brenelz

    Nice listing. Any chance in the near future you’ll list some web developer screencasts?

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Sure, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Damion

    thanks :)

  • http://www.junglejar.com Christopher

    BoagWorld rocks.

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  • http://www.misty-blue.net Sarah

    Great post. I’ve been a fan of Rookie Designer for about a year now. I can’t wait to check out TypeRadio and You Suck at Photoshop.

    Another really great series of podcasts are those offered by SVA, particularly Steven Heller’s Paul Rand Lecture Series at http://design.schoolofvisualarts.edu/weblog/ A friend of mine got me hooked on them. Great source of inspiration.

    • http://www.stewartandweill.com Chantal

      Seems like you enjoy the more rigorous design stuff. Me too, Steven Heller has brought so much to the study of graphic design at a time when it’s so desperately needed.

      If you haven’t yet, you gotta check out Debbie Milman’s podcast Design Matters. It’s interviews with all the biggies in graphic design (Steven Heller included). HOW’s Be a Design Cast and 36 Point (same guys, gone solo) go some way in accomplishing same – but with a more practical perspective and stronger emphasis on an amateur-ish audience.

  • http://www.q-5.nl/webdesign.php webdesign

    UIE Brain Sparks is so cool!!! Thanks for sharing this great list!

  • http://vmalni.com Buzzlair

    put chris coyier in the list too. he is amazing.

  • http://www.777designz.com Chiang Mai Web Design

    So cool, thx

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  • http://www.safetygoat.co.uk kat neville

    Don’t forget Freelance radio!

  • http://www.michaeladesigns.com Michael

    I read this article a while ago and since then I check them all out and Boagworld is by far the best (in my opinion) as far as “listenability.” I love web design, I do, but listening to podcasts about it isn’t always the most entertaining, however Boagworld keeps it fresh enough to keep me interesting!

  • http://www.arnor.is Arnór Bogason

    I recommend Read Between the Leading, it’s very good. http://readbetweentheleading.com/