13 iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

If you’ve found a greater purpose for your iPhone besides calling or Googling directions, then you’d probably like to explore what your iPhone can offer you in the realm of graphic design.

I’ve compiled a collection of the most useful 13 iPhone apps for graphic designers that I’ve come across. Each contributes and offers a unique ability to aid you on your journey through graphic design.

We’ll be taking a look at applications that help with task management, enhance photos, sketching and a whole lot more. As usual, feel free to add your comments below and let us know which ones you like best and which ones you use.


1. Palettes

Palettes is a great app that allows you to create color schemes. You’re able to sample colors from websites, photo albums stored in your iPhone, and more. You can also import and export palettes to Photoshop. Grab colors while you’re viewing a picture, a web page, or anything else on your iPhone. This can come in handy, for example, if you visit a website and find a color scheme that’s extremely appealing, with Palettes you’ll be able to introduce yourself to the exact colors used.


2. Omnifocus

OmniFocus: Because task management is important for any graphic designer (despite the unhealthy managing many of us take part in), I’ve decided to include OmniFocus, a standalone application or a conjuncture app that syncs to your Mac. Set due dates for your latest projects, or a reminder that you need to submit your artwork soon. If you’re using it in conjunction with the Mac app you can also send yourself todo’s, notes, or quick memos through email and it automatically adds them to your OmniFocus inbox.


3. CameraBag

CameraBag: This app allows you to simulate several different camera styles in a unique way. For example, you can take a picture of an individual and apply a wide range of effects to that specific photo. You could apply a fisheye lens effect, an infrared effect, a simulated cinema effect, a widescreen effect, and other effects that mimic the style of old cameras as well.


4. Pixelpipe

PixelPipe enabled you to share a load of photos through your iPhone to over 50 supported sites such as Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, Tumblr, WordPress, and FTP sites. The way this works is once you find a picture on your iPhone or on a site, you can then simply upload them to the sites mentioned above (and more) in an instant.


5. CliqCliq

CliqCliq: Most of us use CSS, HTML, or Flash in order to design, however, we need something that can give us the exact match of the colors we’d like to utilize. CliqCliq allows you to find the exact colors you wish to use and immediately converts them to a variety of scales and formats. Integrate your iPhone camera and automatically extract colors with this simple palette app.


6. ZeptoPad

ZeptoPad is a sketch pad tool for your iPhone. You can sketch, design, plan, and use your finger as a pencil to draw. You won’t be limited by screen space many times as you can enlarge your screen whenever you need to. You’re also able to cut and paste pictures, texts, and graphics onto your sketch pad to later edit and use.


7. ColorExpert

ColorExpert makes it easy to grab, identify, capture and showcase your chosen colors. If you find yourself looking at a picture or graphic art and you’d like to use this color scheme in your design, then you can simply click the ColorExpert button on your iPhone and find out the shade, color scheme, and palette you would like to match. You can later email your findings to yourself for desktop use, a friend, or to a client as well.


8. iBlueSky

If you’re on the go and ideas start flowing into your mind on your current or future project then you can use iBlueSky to map your brainstorming path while never forgetting to feed your creative side. Create a collection of ideas, thoughts, and suggestions, and then email them in PDF or PNG formats. You can also print a hard copy of your brainstorming in PDF format as well. This is a video that elaborates on the uses and further features of this mind mapping app.


9. Caliper

Caliper is a nifty measuring tool that like its names states uses caliper like jaws to measure objects. You can quickly and independently move the upper and lower jaw of the caliper with the swift move of a finger. This app takes measurement in pixels, inches, and centimeters.


10. iPhlickr

iPhlickr is great if you’d like to instantly browse the Flickr archive. All you have to do is go to the iPhlickr website (http://www.chandlerkent.com/iphlickr/#_searches) on your iPhone and begin to browse photo albums and any graphic on the Flickr site as well. You can access your photo album and search Flickr users too.


11. RulerPhone

RulerPhone’s “motto” is that you can measure anything that you’re able to take a picture of. Convert your phone into a tape measure and take snaps of items you’d like to find out their sizes. Take a picture of a frame, window, silhouette, couch, or even a car and quickly find out the size of that item. Here’s how it works, once you have the picture taken, you position and align the arrows to the area where you’d like to find out the measurements of. Once these two steps have been knocked out you’ll be able to instantly reveal the objects measurement by dragging the ends of the virtual measuring tape to configure your desired distance.


12. Photobucket

Photobucket allows you to upload all of your photos to Photobucket and share them with your colleagues or clients all through your phone. You’re able to send any image through email, Instant Messaging, Facebook, and several other social networking and blogging sites.


13. Dexigner

Dexigner News & Events: This application allows you to view the latest news, events, exhibitions, conferences, and competitions having to do with anything regarding design. Grab design news and stay up-to-date with breakthroughs at design events and competitions. It’s like your own mini design portal all on your iPhone. You do not need to download any software, all you need to do is navigate the developers site through your iPhone.

Do you use any other apps on your iPhone that simplify your life as a designer?  Please share your favourites with everyone…

  • http://blog.insicdesigns.com/ insic

    CliqCliq is brilliant. Very usefull

  • http://www.logodesignguru.com LOGO DESIGN GURU

    some of these are pretty cool. It’s amazing how many useful apps there are out there now. I love downloading new ones. Thanks for more suggestions.

  • http://www.grindsmart.com Joel Reyes

    No problem. Thank you for commenting! I hope you all can find these apps as useful as many have already.

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  • http://www.kulturbanause.de Jonas

    There’s another fantastic german app for designers. It’s called “iDesigner”.
    Check it out, I’ve published a post in my blog: http://www.kulturbanause.de/2009/01/iphone-app-idesigner-fur-mediengestalter/

    • http://www.grindsmart.com Joel

      Thank you Jonas for your contribution!

  • http://www.bigslickdesign.com Big Slick Design

    I’ll have to check these out..

    I didn’t realize that photobucket had an iPhone app!


    • http://www.grindsmart.com Joel

      Yup! The photobucket app for the iPhone is great. When you take a pic on your iPhone you won’t have to send it to your email, you can just directly upload it to your photobucket account and then place them anywhere you’d like.

  • http://wpcult.com WPCult

    Oh how nice it would be (if AND when Verizon get the iphone) to have an iphone..

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  • http://www.seraphimcollective.com Seraphim Collective

    Great round up! Number 13 and number 5 really caught my attention.

  • http://airwvs.com rizal

    i don’t have iphone yet,
    but it will be available in indonesia soon

  • http://www.thecreativeoutfit.com Patrick

    I just don’t understand why designers would use their iPhone for these things. Seems less than efficient. Remember that ‘cool’ doesn’t always translate into ‘good option’.

    • http://www.grindsmart.com Joel

      The reason be is not exactly for designers to portray themselves as “cool”, but instead when the designer is heavily “on-the-go” they can utilize all of these apps to do 1/3 of the tasks they could have done in front of a PC. Simply put, this is due to the fact that not everyone has the time to always sit in front of their PC.

      Thank you for your comment.

  • Tobi

    Are there any Apps for Windows Mobile 6.1 Smartphones?
    Greetz from Germany

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  • http://intwo.ca connor

    This is a must add to your list: http://is.gd/jb2g

    WhatTheFont for the iPhone!

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Great find!

  • http://www.ediyang.com eddie

    nice post~~i would try some of them

    • http://www.looneydesigner.com Joel

      Eddie thank you for your comment!

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  • http://blog.designnerd.net Nikki

    Wow this is a lot like my iphone app post….only mine is for graphic designers, web designers and bloggers ;)

    • http://www.looneydesigner.com Joel

      Nikki, I saw your post, very interesting! Both our posts go hand in hand. Thanks for commenting!

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  • Theos

    Great to see the Design community is thought of, especially considering we are Mac, thus we are apple.

    Thought the Dexigner app was cool, not just because it was spelt rather swell, but also because it’s informative; Was feeling it, until I realised that one needs to go through safari on Ipod touch/iphone to read the content. It’s therefore not really an app — However, was uplifted when I found a RSS feed to the site, so now I just browse the articles through my aggregator.

    I use NetNewsWire for ipod touch. The feed for other interested is:


    Now I’m feeling it again, whoopie!

  • http://www.apandesign.com Angie

    love these apps! Thanks for the list!!

  • Julieta

    Hi, very nice list. What about Koloroo? http://www.koloroo.com/

  • http://www.theiphonedevelopers.co.uk iPhone Developers

    Some great apps in the list that I wasnt aware of – excellent stuff :D

    CliqCliq looks amazing! As mentioned above in the comments WhattheFont is a must have..that is when the server request goes through.

  • http://www.whatwasithinking.co.uk Alex

    Wonderful article, thank you very much! iBluesky and Omnifocus are pretty much on everyone’s iPhone in the office, and Zeptopad sounds like a winner :D

    Keep up the good work!

  • http://seeyouintea.com/wordpress/ Rob

    7. Color Expert: This is so weird, the photo in your pic looks like it was taken from a series of photos I took of a dragonfly (perched on horsetail plant), but I can only assume it’s just a huge coincidence… See one of my photos at: http://seeyouintea.com/wordpress/

  • http://www.facebooklicious.com/services/iphone-developer iPhone Developers

    I am Graphic Designer and Design many iPhone Applications. Great list of iPhone Applications. Excellent

  • http://www.neomarketing.co.uk Gene Munro

    Wow, cliqcliq is awesome, but so is rulerphone. The guys that build these apps should be working for nasa…

  • http://www.logodesign.com Stationery design

    awesome!!! really helpful!!! :D

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    great workk!!!! really appreciate it……

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    Great article. There are some really good points.

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    wow i am very impressed actually with the rulerphone app. nice share

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    Great design…

  • Mr Bob

    Interesting collection – however I would have featured Paper Sizes application which is an ideal resource for graphic designers.

  • http://www.airshoes.us ppl

    : This is so weird, the photo in your pic looks like it was taken

  • http://emaginewc.com Jeff

    We are using the “e-Task: Web Designer Edition” iPhone App to manage all of our web design projects…

  • http://www.blogelement.com babor_7uiu

    Great collection. Thanks for sharing

  • http://www.vaysohbet.com sohbet

    thanks for your collection.
    wordpress is very popular.

  • http://www.bablotech.com Bablo

    These are really great apps.Thanks for posting this.

  • http://www.freelancemachine.com Alex Cooper

    Great list of apps. I’m downloading a few of these now.

  • http://www.yamgo.com/ iPhone TV

    there is no cool features in Iphone. Iphone software sucks cant do anything with it!! And everything opens a new program, Horrible way to make phone apps.

  • WebDesigner

    Hi thanks for the list! I also use CheckItOut (iPhone and iPad version) http://www.wiremuch.com/checkitout heavily that allows you to add annotate directly onto a webpage and email it out. Handy when you want to communicate design ideas.

  • Justin

    You missed one.

    Graphic Design Quiz. Introductory sale – free for a time only.


  • The Kid

    I use Palettes and Camerabag extensively. Must say that it is really a must have for any budding artist out there.

    Also, thanks Justin for a wonderful recommendation of the graphic quiz. Have tried it and i sure is fun. Will try and get my scores higher up the leader board.

  • http://www.duzcem.net Düzce

    These are really great apps.Thanks for posting this.

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id387240098?mt=8&affId=1744357&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 lzkim

    Excellent……. Thanks for the list, as for me I love Photo Editing … I think I will love the Zeptopad App and Color Expert.. Hope to see more list of iphone applications

  • http://lasseklein.com/ Lasse

    I just released an app that I think fits in very well with the rest here. It is a tool for verifying if any combination of text color and background color is considered readable according to the W3C standards.