20 Beautiful Photoshop Montage Tutorials

Photomontage is a technique widely used by graphic designers and consists of cutting and joining multiple photographs in order to create a unique image, using graphic applications such as Photoshop.

The idea here is to create the illusion that all of the photo elements are parts of the same photo.

In this article, we’ll look at 20 beautiful Photoshop montage tutorials that teach you step by step how to create these amazing photo composites.

Follow these tutorials and mix them up. The possibilities are endless and the results can really stretch anyone’s imagination.


1. Surreal Photo Manipulation



2. Drama in Venice



3. The Water Man



4. Urban City Montage



5. Scared Photo Manipulation



6. Mysterious Hollow



7. Sichuan Earthquake



8. Gift for Tomorrow



9. Snail Race Photo Montage



10. The Making of Mystic



11. Epic Fantasy



12. Fiery Demon Montage



13. Dark Surreal Montage



14. Fantasy Photo Manipulation



15. Dramatic Winged Dragon



16. Alien Invasion



17. Dragons Attack



18. Children Accident Montage



19. Under Human Skin



20. 3D Image Montage


What do you think of these composites? Is this a technique you use for your design work?

  • The Joker
  • http://www.ericdgreene.com Eric

    Great list, thanks for putting these together!

  • http://desizntech.info Desiztech

    Really nice.. I like the water tutorial

  • http://www.luisalarcon.com Luis Alarcon

    here we have another excellent photoshop montage :


  • http://spotmeon.blogspot.com Gaurav M

    Really amazing *****

  • http://kupen.net Trond
    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Loved your work!

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    I have not seen some of them. Thanks for compiling :D

  • http://www.graphikfood.com/ Zeb

    Really nice ! very impressive work…

  • Lee Gough

    cool list not seen these before, will try some of the techniques thanx

  • http://www.mentalmirage.com/blog Philip Zeplin

    Well thank you! My tutorial is in there too! (7. Sichuan Earthquake)

  • http://blog.insicdesigns.com/ insic

    awesome post again… and cool works.

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  • Jackie

    Fantastic list. Some I’ve seen before and lost, so…. many thanks for finding them for me. :-)

  • http://www.e-booksdirectory.com/ ebookey

    “The Water Man” and “Scared Photo Manipulation” are the best.
    Very good list, thanks!

  • http://www.pushingbuttons.net Timothy

    Great list!

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Amelia Vargo

    What a great collection, the Scared photo manipulation one is really haunting. Excellent work.

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Amelia Vargo

    Sorry for multiple posting, I was just wondering how the Waterman was done, does anyone know?

  • http://www.fruuit.com bugsy

    You know, on the waterman photoshop job, I really don’t understand the burst of water in two rings around the left thigh. But it’s a great job, wish I could do that.

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Follow the tutorial by clicking on each image.

  • http://www.logodesignguru.com/case_studies/Logo-design-Case-Studies1.asp logo design guru

    these look great. I do remember some of the tutorials on a few. They look nice though, It’s good to see them all together.

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  • http://xavia360.com/blog Zohaib

    can’t believe that you can do so much with Photoshop. Impressive

  • http://constantinpotorac.com Constantin Potorac

    wow… so many tutorials of mine :)) I feel flattered… thank you

  • http://www.geeeeonline.com Geeee

    WOW that’s great my friend .. thanks a lot for putting them all together I’ve enjoyed them so much ;D keep it up

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  • http://www.southmakers.com Alvaro

    Thanks for posting my humble winged dragon, perhaps the Epic knight (number 11) could fight it hehehe

  • http://www.przyroda.org.pl Sklep Zoologiczny Wędkarski

    Outstanding artworks! Really great.

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  • bzodd

    Half of these images would fit better into “Photoshop Desasters” …

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  • http://www.dotworks.pl macias

    added to favs / thx

  • 0pac

    I agree with bzodd above
    What does this have to do with web design?
    Wish author would cite each link with descrip otherwise you have to click on each pic only to find it goes to a site that you don’t want to go to

  • http://www.ozmatix.com ozmatix

    great post, love the Fiery Demon Montage.

  • STail

    Montage? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  • Russ from Peacehaven

    It just goes to show, you can’t be too careful.

  • http://isuckatdesign.com Heather Flyte

    These are absolutely beautiful! When I first started really learning Photoshop, I cut my teeth at Worth1000.com. They have some great tutorials written by their competitors, from the beginner to more advanced work, like above.

    As far as how this involves design, first, all ammo in your arsenal will make you a better designer, no matter how irrelevant you think at first. Second, being able to create beautiful and technically different montages will plump up your portfolio and make future clients go “ooooooh” and “aaaaaah”.

    Plus, image what you could design around art like that!

  • http://stayupdate.com Javad

    Cool list of tutorials of creating the most wonderful materials using Photoshop.
    Stambled your article.

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    Neat, neat stuff! An enjoyable post.

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    Very good collection. Really nice

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    wow, great post!! ^^

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    Simply amazing. Wish I could design like that ;*)

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    Wow great list thanks for this will help with a current project.

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    Nice! Very, very good pictures.

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    these are really helpful

  • http://gamenet.tcmponline.com NewBlood

    Hmm number 11 looks like something from the new game AION

  • http://www.sheraz.net Sheraz Mushtaq

    I will also do it..
    its amazing… :)

  • http://www.metrodesk.com.bd/pages/clipping-path-service Metrodesk

    Hi we receive some Photoshop montage work and this collection help us a lot to do very carefully.

  • mira

    i use it forever thnks
    kiss kiss

  • http://www.sadung.com tip photoshop

    Really nice

  • http://www.infoboxmedia.co.uk Lenny

    some of these are a bit cheesy but some are great – particlarly like the gift for tomorrow one

  • http://www.webbydesignguru.com Webby Design Guru

    This is really an enjoyable collection. Outstanding artwork!!!!

  • dreamer

    Its very nice .!!!!!

  • http://www.prodigalconcepts.com rod rodriguez

    these are all awesome I’m really going to be busy with some of the tutorials here, thank you for putting this together, I really appreciate it.

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    amzzing, unbeleable thanx to share it with all of us.

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    amazing, i love it!

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    i love these 20 pics

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    Its very nice .!!

  • http://placeman.canalblog.com Double P

    You should look at this: http://goubliboulga.canalblog.com/

  • EPO

    2. Drama in Venice: Yes it’s a real drama. Are the buildings by the oposite shore of the river getting the light from the lantern which got also confused by these imposed clouds?
    3. The Water Man: awfull, doesn’t gives a sense. 4. Urban City Montage: terrible composition. 8. Gift for Tomorrow: Unbeliveble! That guy can carry such a thing with back of his right arm and can still walk like a duck! 11. Epic Fantasy: I am not sure about the epic part but the fantasy is real, perspecive is akward and unskillful. 12. Fiery Demon Montage: I guess this is a joke or something. 13. Dark Surreal Montage: That balloon would be getting out of the sight in some seconds, thats why the rain is pulling the girls hair up. That’s how surreal gotta be :P

    • dion

      You were very forgiving in your critique of the list of images. Check out mine…its really verbose and unforgiving!!

  • http://www.littleking.jp 英会話教室

    great list, I found this list when trying to find a tutorial for doing a montage in photoshop, many great effects here but I thought that a montage was a collection of photos making coming together to one photo, am I wrong? what do you mean by a montage in this instance?

  • dion

    In critique of the following images I find that
    some of these artists need to take a course in art direction. You can have all the tools in the world but without weaving in your viewer to a concept it falls on its face. heres goes:

    1. surreal photo manipulation.
    The girls is looking at what and so what?
    Shes basically looing at a void in the clouds.
    My suggestion. Make the cloud a form of a face.

    2.drama in Venice.
    So you slapped in the clouds and added lights to the lantern. I could have done that in PC PAINT!
    I would have edited out all the people and ALL the boats. pasted in something dramatic in the river. King neptune?

    3. waterman.
    I would add more splash efx at the hands maybe had him hold a broken glass with water spilling out.

    4. Urban city montage.
    Wrong mixture of images pasted together.

    5. scared photo manipulation.
    It speaks for itself. Well done maybe add some sweat to forehead.

    6. Mysterious Hollow.
    Not enough skeletons and bones. Add another dog
    Could have added more stumped trees in the background

    7. sichuan earthquake.
    Why is that boy looking into the umbrella?
    Clue me in will ya?

    8. gift for tomorrow.
    Obviously the balance factor is way off unless the world is made of styrofoam.

    9. snail race photo montage.
    Wrong background. The disconnect of the two images does not entice the viewer into thinking the street goes to almost infinity.
    To improve. Add a 18 wheeler coming up on the snails

    10. the making of mystic.
    Very intricate render. The only thing is that you forgot to make the EYES the focal point. The EYES are emotion. Use them to impact the render and your viewer. This guy may as well go to sleep as it stands now.

    11. epic fantasy.
    OBVIOUSLY the wings are too undersized and positioned way too forward. It was merely a slam dunk and not too much thought given.
    I would have positioned the rider further back
    AND greatly enlarged the wings. Fantasy or not…proportionality folks

    12. fiery demon montage.
    just a lesson on fireball application

    13. dark surreal montage.
    I dunno…im lost…lol

    14. fantasy photo manipulation
    I dunno is she looking at the light globe or the tree branches? No central target to cement what the heck shes smiling about. Thi sattemp was lost because the artist did not follow thru to a conclusion.

    15 dramatic winged dragon.
    Good image except it would have been better if the dragon had his/her EYES on YOU and you knew it.

    16 alien invasion.
    After independence day art like this is so blasse

    17 dragons attack.
    Looks like its ROBOCOPS OCP urban pacification robot taking on the dragons. Hopeless….

    18 children accident montage.
    Is that melted gummi bears? what does this mean?

    19. under human skin.
    why is the light not high lighting the face at that angle? Forget the body high light the face to focus your image more tightly. make him look terrified or sad – you choose.

    20. 3d image montage.
    Boring…anyone can slap in three four 3d objects render them and slam dunk them into a background. Thats how I sell my objects on turbosquid!

    I to have been a digital artist and have been doing it from the mid 80’s on the PC, MAC and Amiga. I ran a BBS service which had image files from all over the world.
    The main lesson here is NOT to fall in love with the tools because its there. Ask yourself what does my imagination tell me to do. Sometimes using tools adds stimulus to your images but don’t get carried away. There is a point also of over saturation and you cannot control when enough is enough. Step back and look. get another opinion.
    You may not LIKE what they say. But no matter how its done the time honored practices always ring true. Your imagination is the key to getting it right provided you have the right qualifiers to rivet your viewer and impact them into a smile.