Introducing Avatar Wall: Show Your Avatar to the World

Today we turn the focus to you, the loyal readers of Webdesigner Depot…

Through the Internet we get to know you through your websites, blogs and even more, your avatars. Avatars appear in most blog comments these days and they truly enhance a comment with each person’s unique personality and design.

A few weeks ago, I was preparing to do a round up of avatar designs around the web to showcase here on WDD, when I had the idea to take this a step further by making a full website for this.

Today I’m happy to bring you the results by introducing Avatar Wall, a brand new website dedicated to showcase avatars from around the world.


How to get your avatar on Avatar Wall

If you don’t already have an avatar registered with Gravatar, you first need to register one on the Gravatar website and then go to Avatar Wall to submit it. Both services are completely free and you decide how much information you wish to display.



Avatar Wall: The Website

The site is free for anyone to display their own avatars. The designs are as varied as any other design: from simple photo portraits, to illustrations, cartoons, logos, you name it, they’re all there and they look great.

Avatar Wall is really simple to use. When you enter the site you’ll see the last 36 avatars added, with all the other avatars sorted from last to first. You can rate avatars, and sort them based on their rating or random.

Search for your own avatar to see if you’re already there. If you posted a comment in WDD, chances are you’re already featured there. If it’s not there, go ahead and submit it.

If your avatar already appears there, you can edit the information and even add a short bio about you (up to 160 characters). This is a great way to let others know a bit about you as well as promoting your own blog, website or Twitter account.

At the time of this writing there are already over 600 avatars, so don’t waste any time and add yours today!



Showcase of avatars

Check out some of the great avatars found at AW. You can get as creative as you want, and really showcase your design skills or personality in any way you want.


Go submit your avatar today, rate and interact with other members and above all have fun with it. Suggestions for improvement? We’d love to hear from you!

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    Seems like a pretty nice service. Good work here, and good luck with its success.

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    Im in!

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    Nice Idea :)!!!


    So smart Idea
    I had submitted my avatar

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  • Igor

    Wow, nice work. I am making a lot of logos for buzzerbeater online basketball game. I am addicted to making this little graphics:] Can I put them on your site? What do you think? Do logos of teams of online games are also avatars? Thanks for help. I really love the idea

  • Daan

    Wow, gravatar has been growing since the last time I visited it !

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    very nice, especially because I’m in there hahaha

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    Impressive avatars. Nice inspirations.

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    Sounds like a great idea guys :-)

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    Nice idea!! :)

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    Nice idea, and I was surprised to see my own avatar here!!!!!! Thanks.

  • Nicole Foster

    It’s a creative and nice idea having an avatar wall!

  • Walter

    Thanks for the great feedback so far! We’re going to roll out a few new features over the coming days, keep checking :)

  • Diego

    Excellent idea! Congratulations!!

  • Liza

    This is a fun idea! I was actually surprised to see my avatar on there so thanks to the person who submitted it. :] Looking forward to seeing the new additions and features.

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    i’m in ! waiting 4 new features … seeya later wallygator ! ::)

  • Pablo

    This seems like fun! Cheers

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    hi my avatar

  • Liora

    Brilliant idea! I tried to enter my details but it says I am already on the list…?

    • Walter

      Yes, you already appear on Avatar Wall. Most people that comment on WDD were already added when we launched the site, no need to resubmit.

      Thanks ;)

  • A u d e e

    A smart way to interact with another the readers! All the best ;)

  • LinArt

    How nice!
    Just like that, your own avatar on a wall!
    See you on the wall!

  • Dileep K Sharma

    It’s an absolute piece of creativity. It looks great. However one thing I noticed one serious bug that needs to be fixed soon. While you click on “Submit your Avatar” link on top right corner of the page form fields ain’t visible in the lightbox if using Google Chrome. As a whole its great effort and very very nice idea. All the best! Its for sure a great Easter gift to design community.

    • Walter

      Will be fixed soon. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Tom Karels

    Couldn’t get it to work. Button to submit was blank. Using Firefox 3.0.8

    • Walter

      Probably a temporary problem, please refresh your browser and try one more time and let us know if you still have a problem with this.


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    Yeah, this is a neat idea and it’s well put together. Good job!

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    Love this idea! It’s really interesting to see the Web Designer Depot “community”.

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    This is really nice!

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    Whoa! How did I make it on this list? Thanks to a Twitter friend for passing the link to me.

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    Were you the one who posted something on the Outlook Track-It program too? I think it was at least this website. It was that program that you add to Outlook for followup reminders. Well, Thanks for that, if it was you.

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    Which one of thousands of people of different avatars really add eye-catching I wonder?

    Select Add and get good looks like what do you get floor I love this site

  • film izle

    Whoa! How did I make it on this list? Thanks to a Twitter friend for passing the link to me.

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