Winners of ‘Sexy Web Design’

Today we’re happy to announce the winners of the SitePoint book giveaway.

Congratulations to @innervoices, @kmog, @sherri_g, @6bdesign and @TylorSkory. Each of you have won a full copy of the book “Sexy Web Design”.

All winners will be contacted via email for details as to how to receive their prize.

For the ones that didn’t win, don’t despair as SitePoint has generously provided a 25% discount for all of our readers that would like to purchase the book. Note that this discount is only valid until May 1st: Discount link

Thanks to the almost 600 of you who participated and thanks to SitePoint for sponsoring this great contest for the WDD community.

  • Web Design News

    Congrats to all the winners and thanks for the discount link :)


  • Romi

    congrats to all the winner and best of luck everyone for next competition
    follow me on @rockstaronline

  • Florin Anghel

    Too bad that I can’t afford to buy the book. :(

  • elsie

    Holy crap, I won, wow! Thanks!

  • Krystian Morgan

    Hooray, thankyou very much! :)

  • Christopher Ross

    pft … I could have one but apparently you guys didn’t mean that “kind of sexy”.


  • Tylor Skory

    Awesome! Thanks a ton!

  • Bharath kumar

    Congratulation guys….

  • Sklep Zoologiczny

    Yup, congrats!

  • Cah Cepu

    congratulation for the winners

  • designmonkey

    Where are the links to the winners’ sites?

    • Walter

      We do not provide links to their websites, only the details to their Twitter accounts.