50 Beautiful and Effective Package Designs

Design, Inspiration | May 8, 2009

When choosing one product over another, the design of the packaging probably influences your decision far more than you realize.

Effective packaging design breaks away from the standard rules and conventions that we are accustomed to, giving the product a unique edge to stand out from the rest.

The packaging should appeal to your target market. It’s also vital to ensure that you’re conveying the necessary information about the contents and quality of the product, while triggering the desired emotion in your customer.

Here are 50 beautifully designed packages that you can draw inspiration from.

































































Which ones are your favorites? How does package design influence your decision on a product? Please share your comments with us!


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  • Sheri Fresonke Harper

    Awesome, good collection of designs that really attract customers :) Sheri

  • Andy Gongea

    The Font Vella bottle is simply beautiful.

    Great showcase of package designs.

  • linesthrublue

    I used to work in packaging design, and its a tough area. I found a lot of clients wanted to stick to something bland and safe so consumers didn’t form too much of an opinion on whether they liked the product based on the packaging.

    Mostly these were big supermarket own brands.

    So when I see a good packaging design I say kudos to the client for being a bit gutsy.

    I’ve also always liked Superdrug Contact Lens Solutions:

    • Amatatomba

      You would think that the generic supermarket brands would want good packaging so that their generic product will stand out amongst the brand name product.

  • Martin Sanders

    An amazing and inspiring collection. It reminds me why I like design so much. Many thanks :)

  • Ajay Lulia

    This is really good collection of designs.

  • Kathi

    Awesome collection! Thanks for sharing :)

  • tobi

    Yo! Nice Collection of realy beautifull package-designs!


  • Impulse Design

    Thats awesome,thanks for sharing it!

  • Jonas

    Fantastic! I really like the glasses (pic 2). Really simple and awsome!

  • Crowd

    I liked the citro most

  • haden

    wow.. these are simply beautiful..

  • seshoo

    wish germany would be open for such designed stuff…

    thanks 4 the collection


    Great package design collection!
    All designs are pretty good and eye catching.

    Thanks for good post.

  • Lior Daniel

    Really good ones :)

  • jim

    CocaCola ~ I like this one !

  • Predrag Kanazir

    This is a pool of inspiration!
    Thanks for the effort!


  • Fuel MediaWorks

    This is a really awesome collection.
    Real inspirational stuff…..

    It would also be a great if you could mention the agencies that come up with such sweet designs.

    Simply Bliss is simply great.

    Leroy Fernandes

  • Kristof

    Nice selection. I’d also recommend for excellent packaging design samples.

  • Kristin Andrews

    Walter, thanks for this post. I love looking at product packaging design, so to wake up to a post about it? Spot on. You rock :)


    I definitely like ABSOLUT Vodka and incase. Great article. Thanks. ;)

  • Renzo

    all design is wonderful, each design is such attractive. simple but effective to attract people to buy it ^^

  • Steph (Technofeliz)

    The Porto Novo coffee packaging is awesome… :)

  • antonio

    The Font Vella bottle is the best

  • Matt Ward

    Beautiful stuff! (though that veg juice looks a little nasty)

  • bs kishore

    really cooool and tempting !

  • Bat Mitzvah Photographer

    Makes me wish I had become a product designer…

  • javo

    impresionante, fantasticos empaques, muy buen articulo.

  • Sarah

    Love it! When I lived in Montreal there was a store with a huge display of bottled waters in the most amazing packages. I was also was thirsty when I was there!

  • Walter

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I’ve always found package design truly inspiring too…

  • Loiana

    Ow… I really like it… No, no I love it.

    I work with design… and I really appreciate when I saw this types of thing to improve my sense of creation.

    Lô Brazil

  • Tabiji

    Modern and creative but really impractical.

  • Amy

    Unfortunate name choice on the last one. It never crossed ANYBODY’S mind that when stacked together on a shelf it says doo doo? Not very appealing for a food product…

    • Susan

      That is what hit me too. When I took classes from one of the teachers at ArtCenter, that was the one thing I remembered him saying “it’s important to name a product appropriately” – even when we name something to be sold in another country there is a different meaning.

      There is so much to consider when designing – name branding, colors, package shapes, colors, design, stackability, storage costs, then we have to get the consumer awareness, branding, cost factor, competition, is it marketable?, what is going to protect the manufacturer?, how do we go about copyrighting/trademarking/patenting the idea, etc.

      Wow. It’s amazing ANYTHING EVER gets done!

      :) Overall this entire collection reminds me of all the hard work I put in during my time at school. It is great and wonderful to be a part of this community. Love it all! Including the doo doo doo! :)

  • Jeff Pilisuk (@ienso)

    Great innovative designs… see other inspirational packaging design at

    Follow @ienso on Twitter:

  • Bernardo

    ótimo trabalho! right on the spot.

  • Blog design Lab

    Great selection !!

  • inkfumes

    I don’t want to drink anything called “doo”.

    • Walter

      Don’t blame you :)

  • Golchi

    I don’t what the “doo” is but their design is cool (I think I won’t drink what is inside too unless you tatse it first :-))

  • photo retouching

    A really stunning collection of design!

  • Cuty girl


    It’s so beautiful~

  • Tara

    There are so beautiful
    Design is very good

  • Imokon

    These are all gorgeous, very clean, edgy, and smoldering hot. One thing a lot of them have in common is that they say what they do or in some way describe the product in a larger size font than the brand name, good way to catch the eye.

  • Gabriel

    Maybe you like this one

  • Beth Coller

    thanks for including my Citro packaging!

  • J.Maharaja

    amazing collection, verryyy nice. xD

  • dessine moi un objet

    Hi, great website!
    I really enjoy the japanese box

  • Renata

    I love the Sagatiba´s bottle! Maybe you like this one too:

  • insic

    nice, too bad I only know coca cola :)

    by the way this pic 25 creams shown twice.

    • Walter

      Thanks, I’ll correct that.

  • Adam

    I noticed with a lot of the packaging above there’s a clear colour distinction between products of different flavours and types which goes a long way towards letting the customer know which version of the product they’re getting – especially when it comes to drinks/smoothies.

  • Gareth Coxon – Dot Design

    Great collection you have put together here, like the ’12 inches’ bottle packaging among others.


    Fantastic! Some packaging are really nice… I like this way to rapresent the food…My eyes are very happy! ;)


    love these selections :)

  • Mparachou

    Love the designs! So eye catching and refreshing.

  • Sofia

    Very inspiring! Thank you :)

  • Jenelle

    one word: amazing
    love the collection, made me realize what i really wanted in my life: to design things :)

  • elena

    some other packaging examples at:

  • Martin Courchesne


    I’m new to this website and I bookmarked it !

    Nice inspiration !

    Thanks a lot for a webmagazine of this quality !

    Good job !

  • divyasharad

    Excellent collection. Bookmarked. Thanks a lot.

  • Synergy Informatics

    nice inspiring collection…


    Keep Posting.

    Synergy Informatics

  • Wilhelm

    80% of it its just good photography.

    A good photography can sell your design just easier that you ever thought.

    Bayer, Design.

  • Frankii

    Innocent smoothies have really good packaging as well, it’s not particularly interesting but they are always humorous, informing the purchaser that their smoothie does not contain trumpets, chickens or sofas, good to know really.

    • Dominic Wilson


      It’s incredible what a bit of humour can do!

      They have a much more playful, down-to-earth feel to their company, rather than a corporate one, which is something I love!

  • Dominic Wilson

    Wow, nice!

    These designs are beautiful, so interesting & so inspirational!

    They are all oozing with creativity and talent

  • Fresh Jen Dizzle

    Good Packaging design is essential to adding “magic” to the product itself. People trust a well designed brand…

  • helper


  • Affordable Web Hosting

    amazing designs

  • Rebecca

    I’ve just done some research for a product history project and came across the Japanese packaging for Dr.Pepper, it is just crazy. I find Dr.Pepper abhorrent but truth be told I would buy a can solely because of the packaging.

  • aej

    Good Packaging design is essential to adding “magic” to the product itself. People trust a well designed brand…thank you!!!

  • Tesa

    wow… wow…
    great hunting of great packages…

  • Phil

    Great! and so many are british products too!

  • Ana Carla

    Adorei este post.. as embalagens são maravilhosas!!!!

  • Kadri

    These absolutely wonderful designs.
    I think that it’s very important how the product is packaged because it gets customers reaction and attention. I personally love to try products that have a unique or funky package even if they’re no good. Designs also give a sense of what the product is like and new approaches show how much time and effort was put in the product in order to appeal to people and even please customers.
    I hope to see at least some of these designs put to production!

  • AJJohnson

    These are beautiful!

  • Alexander Bickov

    Clear, simple and beautiful ideas

  • Bruno

    I like it. It`s absolutely fantastic!!!

  • talal

    sooooo beatiful designe


    Nice collection,

  • Matt Parks

    These are uber cool.

  • hndlback

    poorra! são todos irados!!

  • package design companies

    Beautiful designs!!!

  • http://itsmywar.wordpress itsmywar

    Pts just mostly copy-pasted from trendwatching report.
    I mean

  • circuitfish

    I can’t lie, after a bit I found myself just scrolling past most of them without really looking. The ones that caught my eye were like the frisk bottles that included illustrations. Maybe I’m just weird, but they all blended together and those illustrations are what stood out because there were only 1 or 2 of them there.

  • Agentur Siegen

    Super nice examples. I really like it. I’m working on a design right now. You really helped me out here. thx

  • Jorgegorka

    A list of beautiful designs that does not include Apple products (anyone deserves been here) is absolutly biased and incomplete.

  • MuchoMocca

    Awesome list! really beautiful – I am working on a few product packaging projects and this really helpful .. THANK U!

  • Jennifer

    While I focus on web design, this article is another reminder why I became a graphic artist. Beautiful.

  • Itsashirt T shirts

    Very pretty packages, makes stuff look luxurious

  • Leah

    Really a fun list to look through, I am working on designing my own packaging for apparel right now so this is great food for thought. The one that really stood out to me was the WB&co wheatgrass bottle, because it is a very concrete way to get the customer to reconsider what is in the bottle( usually comes in a small paper cup at the Jamba juice counter ) in the same light as fine liquors, read: luxury. I thought that was especially smart.

    I also love the comment about “people trust great design”, agreed!

  • beeleng

    Excellent collection!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  • tanjila jesmeen

    really cool .. love to watch them :-)

  • Tudor

    Haha, that’s what I needed to refresh my eyes.

  • Nation

    Guys, I luv this.I feel insipired as a young and upcoming designer.thanx

  • lirik

    thanks for sharing.. beautiful designs

  • ropilia

    wooww… i say “i like all’..

  • Suti

    I loved it.

  • Julia

    I find there even our Ukrainian vodka ‘Absolut’ :)
    Well-done designs (and post), indeed!

  • Punta del Este Real Estate

    i would really appreciate a proportions in design post, something about the use of divine proportion and perhaps sacred geometry in design??

  • Q2 Interactive

    Great Showcase. Thank you for sharing.
    I really believe the Absolut packaging stands out even in the mist of all the other beverages displayed on store shelves.

  • joe

    These are all real nice. BUT, how many actually make it to the shelf? It’s one thing to design package that will never be used, another to have your great, kick-ass designs like many of the ones in this post make it through the client approval process. No many I assure you.

  • Helle

    VERY nice and beautiful. I think I’m in love…

  • N Design

    Very Cool.. Thanx

  • Advertising Agency Decision Communications

    waitrose jar packaging design: love the play of type in this series
    25 cream carton packaging: graphic design with flare
    think fish packaging series: playful designs, makes me happy looking at it
    equal exchange packaging series: always amazed at the choice of colours
    hersheys chocolate packaging: have never seen these before, so classy
    doo carton packaging: thirst is quenched just looking at this

    Lynn Ho, Graphic Designer

  • oky

    it’s so beautiful….
    and very cool…

  • david

    i culdn’t have seen a better collection of packages. I love them

  • Isabela

    it’s amazing how far goes a creativity mind!
    I’ve really liked to see all these interesting packages.

  • metalpig

    Awesome collection of packaging designs! :)

    thanks! =)

  • kabin

    qual exchange packaging series: always amazed at the choice of colours

  • Bulent Turgut

    Creative works all. Perfect look and creative art.. What I can say anything.. Thanks

  • Mammut Medien#

    Some wonderful design ideas. I would love to see some in my supermarket :-)
    Thanks for this nice post.

  • Brad Maver

    Thats awesome! There are some really creative ideas there. Thanks for sharing!

  • jahoo

    Great colection!! Thanks.

  • Lewis Holloway

    Beautifully considered packaging… highlighting that less is always more!

  • Edwin Sandoval

    This is a good post.

    The creativity supporting the marketing efforts, the theric behind of the actions !

  • Whooper

    A younger design, that most packages are at the moment. I guess this will be the standard design in about 5-10 years, when the target groups of food-items changed a bit and the company executives and design agency lead designer are different then the people we used to have.

  • Daniel

    I can only say Lewis is right, these are some beautiful packaging designs and like in most situations in life it is true – less is always more. Thanks for the nice list. Great job.

  • Damien

    Sure i LOVE them. :)

  • Web design Shrewsbury

    Nice examples of some funky packaging . . . Good stuff guys :)

  • traverten

    Awesome designs, and thank you very much for collecting great resources!