Massive Giveaway of Designious Goodies

I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me, you probably can never have too many design goodies such as brushes, vector shapes or fonts. I collect these on a weekly basis and I love them!

I’ve partnered with Designious to bring a massive giveaway of Photoshop brushes, vector shapes and fonts to the WDD audience.

The prizes are really amazing and include: 10 Mega Packs, 10 Brush Packs, 10 Vector Packs and 5 fonts! (each of these packs contain multiple graphics).

To participate in this giveaway, simply leave a comment below about what you love about Designious or what you would like to see next in the Designious website.

[UPDATE] The contest has ended, thanks for the massive participation. All winners will be contacted by email shortly, however, if you do not receive this email, please contact us. The winners were selected at random and are the ones with these comment numbers:  228, 43, 441, 404,  5, 101, 31, 301, 179, 379, 314, 199, 388, 340, 382, 425, 219, 218, 251, 401, 82, 227, 447, 391, 444, 335, 416, 448, 232, 236, 297, 220, 250, 155, 191.

The prizes will be awarded on June 11th and the winners will be emailed directly as well as announced here on WDD on that date.

Given the sheer amount of prizes, your chances of winning one of them is really excellent, so go ahead and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Here are a few samples of what you could win. You can also head over to Designious to see the full range of graphics available.

Thanks for participating and good luck to everyone!!!

  • Espen M. Kvalheim

    They’re simply just great when it comes to Photoshop goodies!

  • logicalnot

    I love the twits. Simple and efficace.

  • Ryan Hicks

    I love the creativity, uniqueness, and support they have for design community in preparing quality vector graphics.

  • Mikah Sargent

    As a huge fan of hand-drawn/written elements, I’d love to see more vector packs and brushes with scratches, scribbles, arrows, etc. I love the stamps and stickers pack, as those often work with many hand-drawn elements. I would also like to see more paper elements, as in stickies, notepads, lined paper, etc.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  • JoeyfromSC

    what a cool contest!! thanks!

    I love designious because they have such a huge array of designs…I love graphics and fonts in particular!

  • Joseph Karr O’Connor

    10 Best Practices for University Magazines on the Web

  • Laura Olson

    I Have learned more and have spent more time on this site then any and I have been on the internet since Dos & win 3.1 hank you for the wealth of info!!! Keep up he great work

  • Renato Feijo

    I didn’t know Designious yet (pleased to meet you!), but I would love them if I was awarded the prizes!

  • nightscooter

    Loving the grunge type of vector textures!! It’s nice to not have to use raster images to get that grungy feel :)

  • steph

    I love the quality and attention to detail in the stuff they put out

  • emediadesigns

    Love everything about it… period

  • Noobdles

    I love Designious, the pretty pictures are so pretty :)

    Seriously though, using stock design elements can be a real time saver as long as they are used sparingly and tactifully. Vector elements are excellent for making a dull background look interesting.

  • Winblows

    Such collection is great thing. When I have a work to do but my head is empty I simply browse through my stock photos, shapes and fonts. Use on blank project this and that and after copule clicks – an idea appears :)

  • Gerald Balzer

    They will save you a lot of time that you can use for your productive work!

  • Dnyanesh

    They are good with vectors! I love their vector packs. I wish I could get one. ;)

  • Tom

    Actually i never heard of them, but now i know how cool they are with great vector source and especially the fonts. I’m addict to them.

    favorited! ;D

  • insic

    wow! all i can say is I love their designs especially those people vector packs.

  • Oscar

    Woo! Sweet contest! I love vectors & graphics so i must love thw sponsor

  • Bruno

    i like their fonts and brushes

  • dev

    I love Designious because it product is very beautiful & creative, i would like to see more different design vector product and also other type of product!

  • Sanctobin

    infite possibilities…

  • Chris

    I love free stuff. More free stuff!

  • Matt

    Working with their free stuff most of the time! Need nothing else.

  • dsi

    I love the simplicity of their service, i would like to see a larger font collection.

  • Iain

    Awesome! Extra brushes and vectors always come in handy! :)

  • brentcctx

    Please put together a collection of the best DJ websites, and maybe a collection of templates available for DJ’s (WordPress and other platforms). PLEASE ! I need inspiration :)

  • Onse

    Im a greedy geek when it comes to brushes and vector.

    “Can’t get enough and Can’t have too many”

    Designous is one of the great places where you get good vectors

  • Barbara

    The stuff is great for inspiration. Love it. :)

  • Andy B

    Would love to see sports style fonts

  • Kim Kristensen

    I like their versitility when it comes to creating vectors, brushes or fonts – the way they manage to create what is so reusable so well. Designious! keep up the amazing work.

  • Nathalie Werlberger

    I have to say, i just fall in love with the Caligraphique font shown above..!
    Anyway, I’m a big fan of vectors and their beauty. It just takes days and days creating something beautiful and precise.. Vectorpacks help here a lot – especially concerning the time factor..

  • Joe Howard

    Fantastic! I just love how Designious just keeps the packages coming. I personally love the vintage and tattoo influenced vectors. Thanks!

  • Gustavs Cirulis

    This is simply awesome!

  • Chris

    I love their t-shirt designs! I’d like to see more of their own vector packs used in their own designs next in the Designious website. ;)

  • orphicpixel

    giveme that, i want that, i love that :) its free who does not love free by the way

  • sundownproject

    really really nice!

  • deadlydaughter

    Designious offer exactly what they say “Drop-Dead Designs”, gorgeous should be inserted in there! From the range, I especially love the floral Vector Pack wonderful use of the color palette, easily incorporated into a visually stunning webpage (that kicks butt!) Perhaps Designious will look at website/album templates? or even mythical/animal type designs?

    When your a photoshop newbie like myself ready made vectors/fonts and brushes takes the stress off design shaping and avoids brain drain.

  • Henry

    I think Designous would benefit greatly if it were to offer a number of free samples of its product, giving its customer’s a feel for what they would be eventually buying.

    Perhaps a tutorial on how to create one’s own vectors and a showcase of customer made vectors for inspiration?

    also! Perhaps a more general vector pack (im thinking people walking and engaging within the built environment) would be beneficial.

  • Daniel

    I really like the freebies x) And the tech shapes look pretty nice. But despite the fact that the interface works good – what I would love to see is a less generic website!

    Greetings from Germany, Webdesigner Depot rocks! I featured you on my blog a few days ago:

    • Walter

      Thanks for that ;)

  • Alex

    The dedication is impressive, their value for money is excellent.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing the website get a bit more graphical though – they could do some amazing things with their resources

  • elvis

    they’re always a fresh look, and a flowing design that doesnt seem to fall short of design satisfaction!

  • JohnGR

    Good luck to everyone and thank you both for this great offer!!

    Designious has a great collection of web design stuff!! It is just great!

  • dexter.yy

    Awesome! I love medieval fonts and japanese vetor pack, is there any more fantasy elements? XD

  • rutiso

    Have to tweet this … Great! A must have. You are really rocking the designers world! Thanks!

  • Jon

    Brilliant! I’d absolutely love the Japanese art!

  • hd-J

    Another great giveaway!

    Good luck to all of us, I’d be happy to receive one of these packs, it seems to be really professional material! I didnt know about designious before, I will bookmark it right away!

  • Thomas

    Cool contest. Designious has a great collection!
    I would love to see more kitchen tools and food shapes.

  • m a r t i n

    Wow! This is great stuff! Looks really good!

  • Adam

    Love the quality, oryginal stuff and would like to see some MMA type vectors

  • mark clayson

    I breath. So slowly it seems that I am hardly aware.
    Visual conceptions are hurried. I take no more.
    Behold I sleep and am filled with light –
    – of fragrant colors and patterns. Perceptible change.

    I am drawn to a point. Then, as quickly, washed away.
    All at once I am lost in contrast and shade. Whirling, spiralling, falling.
    I am at rest with a splendor but beset by activity.
    My eyes only see what the mind cannot imagine.

  • Yorick Peterse

    What I love about Designious is that I don’t have any freakin’ idea what it is :P

  • Shailendra

    I also didn’t know Designious till now, glad to meet you!, hoping to get prize.

  • Giuseppe

    I want that fonts

  • Charlie Harvey

    i love the fonts they had, and would love to see more

  • Kristine

    Love their fonts, they are different, hope to see some more very soon :)

  • Nate

    I like the patterns

  • Andro

    Hi all,

    Designious it’s a great web desginer resource. It has some realy talented gfx designers. Mybe it would be great if they offer some freebies to the public since we all like to try something before we buy, but nomather prices are low so it’s not a big deal. Overall…keep up the good work.

    *thumbs up for Designious*


  • Auramaga

    This site is a milestone for my “graphic attitude.” Full with precious tips and inspirational examples.

  • Anders

    I love the fesh look of they’re designs!
    They always inspire me! :D

    Good luck to everyone.

    Cheers Anders Åberg from Sweden :)

  • Marco Colli

    I would create a better design. I find the current theme a bit confusing, with too much unuseful content per page and too many overlayers. I think that a more *minimal* design would improve usability!

  • rad

    wow cant wait cheers

  • Peal

    wow thats looking awesome, i cannot wait to create with it!!

  • cameron burgess

    would love to see profiled on the homepage user supplied examples of artwork created using the vector purchased from designious.

    also would be interesting to see them use their own vector on their own website.

    both suggestions would no doubt increase sales as you could profile the vector packs in use

  • Brick

    I love lamp!

  • Ken Pritchett

    Thanks for the chance to get some goodies. I’m in, yup yup.

  • Geert

    Ok, to be honest?
    I think that their website looks like a 15 years old counter-strike clan site, cheap and way to dark. Secondly i would never use most of their vector graphics.

    But they are great anyway!! gimme something for free!

  • Sandra

    The best about the site is that they have so many different brushes, vectors and fonts that there is something for everyone.
    The sketch fonts they have are great, I’d love to see more sketchy or handwritten fonts!

  • gummisig

    I love eveybody the same so I cant say I love your site more :)

  • chrispop

    yei, great idea! i really like the fact that designious also provide elements you do not find on every freebie page. i mean, how cool are the koi-fishes or the communism packs?

  • Jack

    These are great resources, I love them, and good luck to everyone.

  • Dries

    Win win win

  • Dian

    Just love those heraldry vector packs

  • matt


    simple answer for a great website. cheers.

  • ivar

    Great! I just love how Designious just doesn’t stop the packages coming.

  • Carrie Drazin

    I love the incredible variety (and quality!)Designious has to offer!

  • Rachel

    Wow…this is the first time I’ve heard of Designious and I’m already amazed! Looking at their website, they seem to have an amazing volume of items that would be perfect for any web or graphic designer to aid them in their work… The stuff they create looks so fresh, edgy and extremely useable, something that is often quite hard to find of such a high quality. Also, looking at the fonts above, as well as the graphics, the attention to detail that Designious seem to have is incredible – the detail on the Caligraphique font is simply beautiful.

  • Thomas

    O.o I really want one! uff soo many comments to come..

  • trendez

    What I love about Designious is the details they pay attention to. Amazing vector packs! Still it would be great if they provide vector pack of “mascots” i.e cute animals, etc.

  • SantiU

    Infinite resources for my graphic compsitions with designious!!! What more??

  • Jamie

    Designious has such a wide, unique collections of packs on their site. All of which have a bit of stomp in their step. Many of them are very crisp and contemporary, and I wouldn’t mind being lock in a room with them (Well, as long as I had my computer so I could us them :D ). I’m especially loving the vintage and floral and patterns. What I would like to see is some texture packs. Textures are very popular with my friends. And perhaps a palette pack. I, myself, sometimes get annoyed when trying to find colors that work together.

    -Thanks for this oppurtunity-

  • Silas

    Actually I have never heard of them, but looks like they have a big sortiment, definitely a website I’ll visit again.

  • WEBBOgrafico

    First I love this great giveaway Designious is doing, second I really love their creativity and uniqueness of design, third I love their t-shirts…

    I would like to see more webdesign-related vectors and more silhouettes

  • Gerald

    Looking at the designs, they are simply gorgeous. The fonts and Photoshop brushes are simply fantastic.

    My favorite is the floral vector pack. It’ll be great if I can win that.

    Great collection. All in all.

  • Martyn

    With such a variaty of stuff it’s hard to be stumped in finding what you need when you need it.

  • Joris

    I love the incredible quality of their material and all the detail put into it. It is just incredibly useful.

  • Luke

    I love Designious!

  • james

    Love the tweets, advice and competitions :)

  • LoganN

    Designious is *the* place to go for all things Photoshop! I love their huge selection of brushes and vectors and everything they have is excellent quality.

  • David Ingledow

    I love the range of Photoshop brushes and their fonts are amazing! I would like to see more ready made website backgrounds.

  • Stephan

    This is a great prize! Good luck to everyone!

  • Marie

    Oh gosh, what don’t I love? The fonts are unique. The vectors aren’t run of the mill either. The patterns are beautiful. It’s hard for me to choose between the patterns or the photoshop brushes, both are equally beautiful. But what they help me with is spur my imagination. Hope I win!

  • Laura

    I really love the versality that they have to offer. as a new designer they open the door to creativity without the stumbling blocks of wondering what comes next. Makes a beginner feel like they can really be creative.

  • Dennis Williams

    Great stuff! Love the offer.

    Designious has a great resource for all designers alike.

  • Pablo Lara

    I want them badly. Hi. My best regards from Chile, the poets’country and the place where the word south take a beautiful shape.

  • Martin

    I like you. Do you like me? :)

  • Ron Fancher

    I use all the time when I am brainstorming ideas for a new logo and interface design. This site is full of great illustrations and artwork.

  • Elena

    I like to check Designious every now and then see what’s new…like the freebies also…. have all of them :). Thank you to Designious for the large variety of “goodies” free or not, and to WebDesignerDepot…love all the articles!

  • Joel B

    I would like to see some Fireworks CS4 elements (buttons, styles) added to Designous.

  • Beolive

    I hope I can participate from Paris !
    Love Webdesigner Depot…

  • tdurant

    I love their tech packs, I have actually used some of them as a basis for user interface designs.

  • Jef

    Nice contest!

    I love the vector packs.

  • Josh Corken

    Short and sweet: They help get the design done in an efficient and creative manner.

  • Hebe Corvi

    They have a variety of freebies which are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  • Benjamin Homan

    I didn’t even know they exist. But now that I do, I like that they are generous, (giving away stuff for this contest).

  • Jamie

    Awesome, thanks!.

    Great collection!

  • Sébastien Lavoie

    They made design and graphism unlimited

  • Matt Ward

    Love the Designious website. They have a great variety of vector packs, and from the freebies I’ve downloaded, obviously produce very high quality work. Would love to win some of this swag.

  • Alan L.

    I love designious because they are giving away free stuff. Hey, at least I’m honest

  • Matthew

    I really enjoy the vector graphics. I purchased one of the vintage packs and find it a great starting point and source of ideas.

  • Pixel Studio Works™

    Great Contest, heads-up!


  • Milan

    I’d like to see a Lifestream!

  • Daniel

    I love the variety that it brings to my design choices, you can never have too many options.

  • Otis

    amazing! what else to say?

  • Dannymax

    So many great backgrounds on there I’m gona have to create some more websites!

  • Emory Dunn

    I just have to love the variety of design elements!

  • JamesC

    I love Designious simply because they help make a designers job easier. Being able to have a great library of high quality vectors to use when designing saves time and enables me to be creative and not have to waste time on creating the patterns and brushes myself.

  • koukla

    Very useful!

  • Adam Elleston

    The thing I like about designious is that, unlike some other sites, you can just get by with using this site as they can offer just about anything you want.

  • tribe

    I love the guitar Vector with the skull :-)

  • Mhaddy

    I love the sheer amount of variety in the packs available. What would I like to see next? Some classic car, motorcycle, or otherwise vehicle-themed packs. Mmmmm.

  • Olga

    You are right…you can never have enough brushes etc…
    The attention to detail is amazing!

  • Staggs

    Designious is great, they have so much. Maybe too much? I think they need to have a better way to display their downloads. Whether it is through sample artwork or by allowing a download sample from the pack, I don’t particularly feel the need to buy something. If I had a visual of some inspirational artwork done with the packs, I may be more enticed to purchase.

    Another suggestion could be to allow you to mix and match easily. Maybe they can have some packs included in a “Mixed Pack” where you can pick which vectors to get, that way you are not confined to one pack that a designer may find he only used once or twice.

  • Shawn

    I love their hand drawn looking fonts.

  • Igor

    I like them because thier packs are full of graphics:]

  • Huy

    i like their fonts and brushes

  • Allison

    I just discovered Designious and it looks like a fantastic resource! I’m loving the fonts and the vector packs. It would be great to see more free icon sets (who doesn’t like free stuff?).

  • Juan Alemany

    I can’t have enough, they are essentially necessary now days for graphic/web related project. Awesome collection. Thanks a lot!

  • Fábio ZC

    I really like when have a free icon collection!

  • Steven Grant

    Looks like a cracking bunch of resources there.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Artie Scheff

    I found your site yesterday. Today there is free stuff. Nuf said!

  • Joanna

    Designious has great, high-quality collections. Amazing!

  • Brian Cray

    Good times. I want in.

  • verisof

    The freebies are great and I just lobe the illustration sets.

  • WonderWy

    Wow! Can’t believe they are giving this great stuff away. They could easily sell any and all of it for big $$$. Thanks for the design luv.

  • Dale

    I love Designious not only for web design, but I also incorporate there stuff into my video production. Their attention to detail is amazing. Being able to possibly win some free goodies from Designious would definitely help my burgeoning video production business.

  • Brian

    I’d like to see YOU in the next Designious website! They do have an amazing font collection!

  • Kimberly Beaven

    Love the quality of the work and a fresh inspiration for vector work.

    Would not mind if I won, just sayin’

  • Po

    I love the sheer variety of resources they offer!

  • Jake

    I’d like to have some new fonts!

  • Agung Cahyadi

    Great contest!

    it would be very usefull.

  • Heather

    Very creative. VERY inspirational.

  • Tricia

    I really enjoy their freebies. I think I will be purchasing some of their fonts soon for a big design project.

  • ChimericDream

    I am always on the lookout for creative Photoshop goodies, and Designious never fails to provide them!

  • Max Brackett

    Designious rocks! Their products are the springboard for great design in minimal time.

  • sheena

    What can i say…. fantastic just doesn’t say enough! I think vectors make every design pop, be it for print or web and that fact that someone else has put in so much detail and hard work to make life easier for us as designers….well a huge thank you is in order me thinks!!

  • Michael M Grant

    Really enjoy the contemporary vectors and the distressed fonts. Thanks for the opportunity to win some.

  • yael

    great website! found you via twitter – am a new visitor but will be back for more – great stuff.

  • Susan

    I check Designious every day for great new ideas to help me with web site design. This offer is just one reason to bookmark this site.

  • edu cuevas

    Some vector animals will be nice
    lions great, sea animal great too

  • klou

    Nice giveaway! I would like more e-commerce stuff.

  • Lonnie

    Awesome giveaway – I’d love to see Designious produce more icon sets!

  • Nate

    I love folks who just plain make things pretty and make pretty things. Des is definitely in that category.

  • Javier

    What to do with all these resources?! Thanks much designious and WDD!

  • swag247

    What can be said that already has not been said? I mean to say more would undersell the the comments left before me and quite possibly all comments that may follow. Designious, who are these guys… am I right or am I right?

  • Mike A

    I absolutely love their Heraldry packs. They have amazing resources on their site!

  • Asmodiel

    Mostly i love the fonts and vectors of designious, but their page design is also worth concerning :D

  • Ruby

    I consider myself a winner already because I didn’t know Designious. Now I know where all those wonderful brushes and vectors come from. Thank you so much for the tip! =D

  • Dawson

    As with many others I had never heard of Designious, but now that have…woo! Marked to browse through more when I get home. Loved all the fonts, and quite amused that there is a communism vector pack. :) The heraldry packs particularly called to me.

  • Felipe Arima

    I just love Designious vectors, and also find that this is one of the best places to find inspiration when I’m working!

    GOod Luck for you all!

  • Juan Miguel Marin

    A fantastic idea!… your products are always inspiring… good luck to everyone

  • mEtAmorPher

    i don’t know designious, but I saw their prices, so I don’t love them =P lol

    giving me those prizes would be a nice way to start a relation with designious, and who knows, maybe I’ll start loving them =P

  • Miguelito

    I just purchased a domain and server to build my own website. I know what I want to do with it, but i’m still working on the design and presentation. Thanks for letting me know about Designious!!!!

    //Browsing website right meow.

  • Simply Vintagegirl

    I like the floral brushes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Natalie Teinert

    I love all of their resources. Especially their free resources! So helpful!

  • fauverjo

    Designious has great collections! What a great site. Even as a non-designer / designer-wanna-be I can find everything I need to create wonderful work… They make it easy enough for even a “newbee” like me to take the thought to the page.

    Good luck to all!

  • Argenis Ferrer

    I gotta go with their vector graphics. It’s not an easy task to balance simplicity and content, and my props to them.

  • Toby Cummings

    The brushes look fantastic. I’ve never seen such detailed PS brushes before.

  • JM

    Huge time saver.

  • PacNW

    I only recently discovered this site, but what a find. Every day it’s like another bag of designy gifts. Thanks!

  • Amanda

    Designious has the best grunge in town.. LOVE it!

  • Jen

    Oh I love the photoshop goodies!!

  • James Duffell

    I like choc chip ice cream

  • Carlos Arraes

    Well i pretty much love everything about the site, but recently i really liked a lot the design logo evolution

  • megin

    Love the floral designs and fonts. Would like to see more hand-drawn elements as well.

  • Amri Shodiq

    Hell yeah!!
    Hell yeah!!

  • Carolyn

    You’ve got to love the simplicity and clean design of great vectors!

  • Klaas Van de Moortel

    I admire Designious because of their quantity. They’ve got it all! Or haven’t they?
    It seems to me I use their vectors once or twice, and that’s it.
    I still miss some things which would make me a regular visitor of their webshop, stuff that lasts and that you can use over and over again.

    Having some vectors of buildings and angels is great; but I’m looking for graphics of all sorts of paper; watercolor or oils brushes; vectorized cars for sticker mock-ups; pictures of different textures like sand, wood, stones; vectorized blueprints; abstract vectors (but not already conjoined into a design); different types of clothing (these are available, but not suitable to use for t-shirt-design mockups); ….

    More stuff like the Tech, Abstract, Stamps, Patterns, …

  • Josh

    They rock! They provide quality elements for creating a wide variety of designs. This saves so much time when creating a design, allowing more time for the idea behind the design to develop, resulting in better design. The “hand-drawn” fonts they provide are quality and help to keep designs fresh.

    The only things that I’d like to see from them that they don’t already provide are stock photographs of textures or cool things that could be used in designs. This would be wildly helpful for creating more engaging designs. That’s the only improvement that I can really think of.

    This is a pretty freakin’ cool contest!

  • http://ItStartsWith.Us ItStartsWithUs

    I hadn’t heard of Designious before, but now I have, and it’s bookmarked and saved. They have a big selection of . . . well, everything, and great prices. Even if I don’t win anything, I’ll probably go buy something.



  • Yadira

    OMG…. I just found out about that site, and I love EVERYTHING… I{m still new to it, but so far I´m loving all the fonts and vector packs… GREAT JOB!!!! Best luck to you all…

  • dave

    Sweet.. Contests are fun, I am a new reader to this blog and I love it. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading it every morning. Maybe do something on video in websites one day…. just a thought=)

  • mrbiotech

    Have to admit I’m a big fan of Designious’ Patterns – subtle, beautiful, without harshness.


  • mhenry

    Lovin the learnin

  • spamec

    This is great :) Cant wait for results!

  • chandra sekhar

    Attention to details, pixel perfect.

  • Tyler G.

    I’ve never really heard of Designious, but after this HUGE give away i will definitely be checking them out.

    They seem pretty legit.

  • scpan

    They look very cool! It’s an excellent collection

  • bebopdesigner

    I am a sucker for vector images! (specially when it’s free) This is brilliant! Maybe there should be more world ethnic designs available. Cheers!

  • rondostar

    I love the variety of packs they offer – something for everyone!


  • Dana Severance

    This is awesome. I’ve enjoyed Designious (though I have a habit of wanting to pronounce that name as disingenuous) because it’s tough to beat some of the variety they have. The fonts absolutely kick ass.

  • Brad

    Designious is exactly what the promote – beautiful creative for photoshop. They really do make amazing products!

  • roccorace

    The current Designious collection is great for delivering beautiful products quickly and I would love to see even more vector art included next!

    Of course you can never go wrong with more freebies!!! :P

  • Michelle

    I love their illustrations, but I’m always looking for good, simple web icons and they don’t seem to have any.

  • bullardino

    Nice stuff, everything’s clean and fresh looking.

  • Matthew Green

    Really great site. Everything looks clean and simple. Looks like a really good collection.

  • Katie N.

    great quality and I love the seamless backgrounds!

  • Dana B

    I love the nature vector packs- there are so many uses for a gorgeous tree silhouette! And don’t get me started on fonts, I could go all day about fonts, and the ones at Designious have so much character to them!

    I’d like to see some things I could use for my more ‘tame’ projects, though I adore the wild stuff they have. My work tends to be for clients who value classic professionalism over cutting edge exuberance. Maybe I should just get new clients! Hah!

  • Brandon

    Dang them vintage packs is hot!

  • SnowFaction

    I’ve never heard of them, but the collection looks great!

  • Listoric

    Designious ist just great, I especially love the brushes, very useful!

  • DanaFW

    I would love to see their website push the envelope with it’s design. I feel I could be blown away. Amazing stuff!

  • Laurie

    I’m Hooked…


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    Another great giveaway from WDD. Thanks…

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    As DanaFW said, I think they could really push the envelope with their design. It would be amazing, I’m sure.

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    I love the style variety of their vector packs. Great design resource. It would be cool to have a user submitted free vector archive with user ranking and download counter to help weed out the bad ones and let the good stuff rise to the top.

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    On the Designious website, I’d like to see some stunningly beautiful examples of how to use the packs!

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    A little tip for all of you : vector artwork makes great background motif and are easy to animate in After Effect.

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    Just shows how many comments you get when something is for free!! haha. And yes im going to join in on it, lol.

    The samples of the vectors look great! Can already think of so many uses for them,
    Fonts… Can never have too many fonts! Always a use for them and they look pretty dayum snazzy.

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    Wow, what an awesome giveaway. Everything in it would be amazing, but if I got it I’d be in love with the vectors the most! These would be great for my new blog design coming up. All of this stuff is very high quality– graphics I’d actually buy!

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      • AdamV

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    Nice collection- I have been using a lot of trees lately- would have loved to have that one.
    Tutorials would be a nice addition to the site.

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    but one can never have enough quality fonts / patterns / abstracts

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    For the next version of their website perhaps a more modern looking appeal and a refreshed colour scheme as well as well as the ability to receive updates of new packs and vectors via Twitter.

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    • hieny nazario

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    More high quality fonts would always be a good addition. Furthermore, a potential expansion to look into would be some stock Flash and Premiere/AE that can be easily edited and inserted into projects.

    Again, just an idea.

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    I would love to see a churc pack with crosses, doves and stained glasss windows

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    • Walter

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    Will refer other ppl to come lookzy :P

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    I too am a design packrat! My favorites are the pattern/backgrounds and I can never have enough brushes. A couple of tutorials showing off their designs would be nice. This would also be a great present for me as June 11th is my birthday…Woohoo!

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    Also nice font collection

    Siddharth Menon

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    Looking forward to seeing more patriotic theme vectors–maybe a Barbie-doll-ish series?


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    Gorgeous collection of useful stuff!

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    Too much of goodies can never be a bad thing when it comes to vectors and brushes…
    The Fashion vector and Japanese vector look especially yummy not too mention unique.
    Fantastic work, Designious! Wishing you great success!

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    hi, i really like the way you guys promote designers.. i m a rising designer and wanted to become best of the best.. and this is just because you people. In India there is no other way to improve your designing abilities. Thanks a lot to you.. i m learning a lot from you people.. i this any one who will win this stuff will use it accurately.. Thanks again..

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    Also the chance to win this delicious goodies ;-)

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    I love designious because they have such a huge collection of items that helps us, designers!

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    Great quality goodies and great value. I have not yet experienced the “buying process”. Let’s hope it’s easy and effective as a good product is nothing without an outstanding brand experience.

    All the best,
    Isabelle Mercier
    Branding and Business Performance Catalyst

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    Keep up the good work.

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  • ChrisW

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    This site give me great inspiration! It’s really incredible what people can do with this programs…

    To help me get as far as these professionals i would like to win such a great pack

    I actually don’t know any of them…

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    Once again great work WDD!!!!
    Thanks for all you share with everyone!!!

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    Director of a registered NJ non-profit The Media Movement/The Media Girls

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    So, you pay the 10 bucks, get a great program for a low price. It does everything you need and you’re left asking why was something this good, so cheap?

    Designious is the same. Sure you have to pay for what you want, but hey, its worth it!

    Great work Designious, keep it up!

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    Just keep up the great work..

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    Tim :o]

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    Also…a “Design Your Own/Build Your Own” Mega/Giga pack would be amazing, where you could take up to 10 styles, and package them together for the fantastic discounts they offer on the giga packs.

    I’m just starting out and can’t quite yet afford the big packs so if I won I’d be incredibly grateful.

  • Michael

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  • luna

    I’m like you! The same, but from France, I never have enought quality design goodies and i can’t wait to try these for more web’artistic experiences!!!
    See you soon for more Illustrator tuts maybe!

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    I think the site is designed well, and appreciate all the free offers! Cool site, keep up the good work!!!

    – David

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    Hope I win! Will make good use of them…

  • Diogo Duarte

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    Thanks for the iniciative

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    I personally would love to continue see more old school vectors along with vintage tiling backgrounds!

  • Anthony

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  • Vicky Hong


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    hans hendrady

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    It’s a large assortment. Very useful. I like single objects to create new illustrations. … backgrounds … paper … grunge elements … clouds … ornaments.

    Cool christmas illustrations – no kitsch, no shoddy – are always rare.

    Good on you!

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