The Fantastic Photography of Clark Little

Today we’re featuring the fantastic photography of Clark Little, an amazing surf photographer.

His photographs have been mesmerizing the world since 2007, with captivating photos taken inside waves as well as stunning angles usually only seen by hard core surfers.

His work has been showcased extensively through the media such as on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Inside Edition as well as multiple publishers and newspapers in the U.S. and abroad.

His limited Edition book, The Shorebreak Art of Clark Little, is now in production and will be available for purchase online in the summer of 2009.

Now, let’s browse through some of his collection and enjoy this breathtaking experience…

You can find out more about Clark at his website

Clark travels the world presenting his photographs on the big screen. For his summer tour schedule please visit this page.

His book called “The Shorebreak Art of Clark Little” will be available exclusively through his website and is expected to be released in July/August 2009. $1 of each copy sold will be donated to charity.

His stunning photos can be purchased in a number of different sizes directly through his website, and I highly recommend them as they’re truly spectacular.

Please know that I’m getting no financial gain whatsoever from this recommendation or this article, I simply enjoy supporting great artists in any way I can and Clark’s work is certainly worthy of this recommendation.

“I enjoy the power and beauty of the thick bombs that roll through. Now I can capture some of those heavy moments without getting slammed. Well, most of the time.”   Clark Little

  • Tim Smith

    Wow! These photos are awesome. I’ve never seen the waves from that perspective. Clark is an exceptional photographer!

  • rociiu

    That’s amazing .

  • kilinkis


  • insic

    this photograph is amazing. I cant imagine how he capture it.

  • Naveen

    amazing photographs clark!

  • Ben Carlson

    *jawdrop* Absolutely stunning.

  • Kiran

    the 9th and last photographs are amazing. He’s fantastic.

  • originalspirit

    wow – such amazing photos!

  • Oliver

    awesome photos. Just amazing angles and the detail is just stunning. Thanks for sharing

  • rahul

    Man you are Over exposure to pure awesomeness…!!! amazing photography dude…carry on.

  • Adam

    It’s hard to believe that some of those are photographs – the colour and sharpness of them are just stunning. It makes me want to go surfing.

  • scorpiogenius

    Stunning photography!
    Kudos to de man..

  • http://http// bartcatapult

    Well done Clark! amazing moments that you’ve got is good!

  • Mars

    what? it seems like not a photo, i bet he uses a very fast shutter speed

  • Jane Asher

    Incredible pictures mate, you must be pretty agile with the surfing while taking photos!

  • STPo


  • Deano

    Wow! That’s amazing photography from a guy who obviously has a passion and affinity with the sea. Truly spectacular technical and artistic images.

    Although, visiting the site, I wish the book were more reasonably priced – I’d by it!

    – Deano

  • a man

    Wow, i can’t belive that. pure photo?

  • Tobias

    Wow, wow, wow! Great waves, great shots – nice equipment though!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing photos, it’s so relaxing to glance at them

  • erk


  • Liz Brooks

    These are amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  • Pedro Magalhães

    Very cool!

  • Frankie Colangelo

    Completely inspiring!

  • christian

    Wow, great collection. That really makes me want to surf (or at least hit the beach)

  • kolin


  • Mike Lao

    WOW! amazing photos!!! love the colors of the waves

  • eMoneyLog

    Wow, exp the pics where he gets the sun between the waves…

  • kes

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge.. – But, have any of these photos been photoshopped?

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    Really awesome. Clark little keep up the fantastic job.

  • joel k.

    I never heard of him .
    my pick would be the ones with the sun flares, the high contrast is stunning.

    p.s. please name the photos or number them so we (students of wdd) can comment about them better.
    you’re fantastic.

  • Avia Venefica

    Magnifique. Excruciatingly beautiful.

  • dave

    Many props…

  • Nia

    These are the best I have seen. So amazing!

  • no one

    wow that kiran dude looks super creepy. shave that pube stash dude.

  • Richard

    Terrific !!!
    I sure do see some potential for some sore ribs. Bet some of those smacked you pretty good.
    I wonder about the waves you didn’t get shots of because they closed too fast… ouch. I’ve body surfed a lot and certainly remember getting squashed a few times…

    Really brave work there.
    Love it.

  • MediaMikey

    My favorite photographer…spend the money on his digital prints..worth every penny..

  • neezhom

    OMG, what a stunning excellent works!! very impressive :)

  • Jenny

    those are so cool looking. awesome work!

  • Milos


  • Lonnie

    Some of the best photography that I have ever seen! THANKS!

  • ken

    thro ugh his web site and is expected to be releas ed in July/August 2009 or this article, I simply enjoy supporting great who obv iously has a passion and cter istics of Ex cell ent Por tfolio owse thro ugh some of his colle

  • cks


  • Liora

    I am ELATED to see so many photos of my favorite thing, waves. I feel the adrenalin mounting with these! What profound curves and motion that has been captured seconds before the waves crashed and disappeared.

  • Liora

    I just checked out Clark Little’s site, and there are some even more stunning photos under the “new images” section. As an ex-beach bum, these photos really capture the essence of sand, sea, sun and sky.

  • Printhouse

    Wow, never mind the amazing photography, to get that perfect moment to take the picture. I wonder if he surf while taking the photographs or just jump out of the water just before the wave breaks.

  • Marc

    Wow! Awesome photography Clark! Simply amazing and beautiful.

  • Dusan Vlahovic


  • Tonia Anderson

    Excellent photographer. Some of those shore breakers look pretty hairy. Wow, just don’t break your neck. Awesome work8

  • LaQuanda

    I just love your work. I am officially a fan :).

  • Lewis

    Wow these pictures are amazing!

    Clark is a genius with a camera in his hand!

  • Doug

    Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the post.

  • om ipit

    really AMAZING right there..
    i love green wave..

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  • Leighton OConnr

    Amazing Work!!

  • Lana

    Amazing. Will definitely buy a book when it’s published! respect man!

  • Le Minxxx

    WOW! These are amazing!

  • Hatem

    wow, never seen something like that!! thanks.

  • KAS boy

    ooooh these r amazing

  • dalia

    very good work and pics……..!

  • WebMan

    Fantastic Photography… you have redefined my wishlist for ‘barrels’.

  • robb

    wow amazing.
    i never thought such composition makes great photos.
    #9 is the best.

  • http://dddlkd pismo beach

    this guys got nothing on chris burkhart!

  • Chian

    great, amazing :D that’s build with passion :)

  • Rami Reddy Dinne

    fantastic pics,really amazing
    very colorful

  • Bim


  • dinda-kk

    Wooow …
    Those all great.
    Regards, dinda’kk (dinda27)

  • AspenSpin

    siiiiiiiiick pix.

  • Dale B

    Seriously awesome pics. I was wondering what his camera setup was until I saw the protective cases.

  • Preetham

    I was afraid of those waves until I saw these pics…
    Thanks Clark for showing me how beautiful can these waves be…
    Now I too feel like going out into those waves… :)

  • Rosie (:

    Wow, these photos are amazing.
    I love the way how everything contrasts with each other + in all of these the horizon line is just right.
    Spectacular : D

  • Trent

    These photos are “fantastic”.They make us realize that like snowflakes, no two waves
    are alike.

  • Katie

    beautiful and amazing.
    i’m curious as to whether you altered them with photoshop or another program.

  • Tiana

    Now I know why surfers love the water so much! It’s so beautiful!

  • pearljamcrazy

    Freaking phenomenal! No words for this one. Wonderful!

  • Jennifer

    wow that’s so cool! no way that’s for real :-P …you’re an excellent photographer

  • Saul

    Those are beautiful!

  • Lucas

    Gran trabajo!!!

  • Anup

    Ultimate Photography ! Amazing …………..

  • mark

    the pictures are sweet, but they’re all the same. needs more diversity

  • Napa Wedding Photographer

    Killer photos… I am now a huge fan. Thanks for sharing these!

  • pravin

    It’s really great! dude keep it up..

  • april

    to capture a moment like that and share it iso beautifully… What a gift !Thank You Clark…

  • Chris Stonecipher

    Nice photography. Your photos are amazing.

  • Flosh

    Nice shots dude!! Keep on goin! Congrats!

  • Alexander Bickov

    Awesome photos

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    it’s awesome,

  • sunsetladee

    What beauty!! Photographer Extrordinaire!

  • Camels With Hammers

    these photos are simply unreal.

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  • theresa katz

    I think this is the best of the best kalabunga dude. thanks i will be buying the book!

  • SaydeK

    all of them are wonderful. sixth photo is very nice especially. :)

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    those pictures wakes up my adrenalin.

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    jaw droppingly great!

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    beatiful pfotos!

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    Those are some magnificent photos, very talented guy!

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  • Zainab Tahir

    the photographs are soooooo amazing and inspiring! i never even imagined that one could take a photo from such angles…. its so… im actually lost for words….

  • talha

    love clark you are truely amazing…….

  • John Lander

    Wow! Amazing!

  • Andrea

    those are amazing pictures

  • Itsashirt T shirts

    Wow, the light in these waves, great images!

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  • Miro

    There are no words to discribe what photos you have done.
    You can only feel them.
    Keep up doing that.

  • BigM75

    the man ist great, very good photos

  • thevisionarybutterfly

    The photos are incredible. Looking at Clark surrounded by his water proof equipment gives me an idea how he does it.

  • Goran

    I saw one of his images on a friends desktop yesterday and I was in awe. All of them are amazing. And I really live you website design aswell

  • http://www.omarpower.wz omarzonex

    this Realistic in Sea

  • reyjr

    I love the set with the sunset. Awesome photographs! And shooting a photo while surfing? Amazing dude.

  • Billy

    Wow! these are amazing photos, I wonder how many you had to take to get this collection together, the sun in the middle of the waves curl is fantastic!!

  • David Hardwick Photography

    Fantastic photography. I would not be able to take pictures like these as I hate the water.

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    Amazing, I love the colors.

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    It’s awesome! It’s breath taking!

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    Amazing, what else can you really say?

  • Peter

    … without words!

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    i need to get out of my cubicle more often

  • butterfly

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! What a talented photographer!

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    … spectacular, unique and splendid pictures! WOW!

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    This pictures are stunning, does anyone know what camera was used?

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    Some of these pictures are so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes. Absolutely stunning!

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    Amazing! Beautiful!

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    These pictures are incredible… It takes some heart just to get out there and take pictures of the waves, let along line up sunsets!

  • http://nil Sharon

    you have shown me the most beautiful sight of the waves! never know that waves could be this interesting and beautiful until i saw all your pictures!! You have shown us one of Gods work of art in a purest way to man’s eye…. the simplicity of your intricate yet fantatastic work is truly amazing!! give a pat on your back for me…. im mesmerized and still am with your amazing work! beautiful pictures…. clarity…colou and of course your hard work!! beautiful! amazing… fantastic! gorgeous! GREAT!

  • Angelee

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    Simply: Amazing! Love every inch of every photo!

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