Impressive Pencil Art by Jennifer Maestre

Jennifer Maestre creates stunning sculptures out of pencils. Yes, you read right: pencils!

Her work is hard to describe and difficult to compare with anything else that I’ve seen before.

She was originally inspired by the form and function of sea urchins:

“The spines of the urchin, so dangerous yet beautiful, serve as an explicit warning against contact. The alluring texture of the spines draws the touch in spite of the possible consequences.”

I interviewed Jennifer and asked her about her stunning art, her sources of inspiration and her beginnings.

I’ve also included a selection of her incredible work. A true designer with limitless imagination…

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with this form of art?
I didn’t start making sculptures from pencils until 1999. I had gone to Mass College of Art, majoring in Glass, in the 90’s.

When I graduated, I couldn’t afford to do Glass anymore, so I started to experiment with other materials.

I was intrigued with sea urchins, and tried to replicate them with various materials, and finally settled on using (an obvious choice!) nails.

My nail sculptures grew larger and more complex, but I still couldn’t get enough diversity of form to satisfy my vision. I started experimenting with other pointy things, and eventually had the idea to use pencils.

How do you create your art and where do you get inspiration from?
My pencil sculptures are created by turning the pencils into beads, and sewing them together using a sculptural beading technique called “peyote stitch”. I get my inspiration form nature, Ernst Haeckel and making lots of mistakes.

A mistake, or disaster, can sometimes be a great source of inspiration, cause for me, at least, it sends my mind off in a new direction.

What were some of your most intricate pieces and how did you solve the challenges involved?

It is kind of hard to explain, but the sculptures with legs and petals really took a lot of figuring out, taking apart, and do-overs. Kraken and Ibentina are two of the most advanced of my sculptures, in terms of making up new ways to use my technique.

I’ve invented a few new stitches, at least, I’ve never seen them in any beading lessons.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m not very good at planning. I have lots of ideas, I just cannot seem to find enough time to bring them all to fruition. It seems that I am drawn to processes that take a lot of experimenting and time to complete.

I just try to take it one pencil at a time, I guess.

You can find our more information about Jennifer and view more of her work at her website: Jennifer Maestre

What do you think of this type of art? Please share your comments below…

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  • Henry

    Wow! This is awesome! Maybe you can do a tutorial? lol jk would be nice though

    • rodeo_cow

      i bet there’s going to be lot of people’s would love that tut. =D

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    This is just amazing!

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    It’s odd to look at, but very nice! it must take a long time to get those art pieces together, great work.

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    It is damn good.

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    Just Awesome

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    wow, this is really out there (in a good way), pretty cool concept and ideas

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    Is awesome, these pieces of art have a really hard work, i can imagine putting all those pencils together!!!!

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    ahhh your are wasting pencils! just kidding lol. Very impressive art, never seen like this before.

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    Stunning! Really, really great!

  • SportLogoDay

    Wow. How many little pencils and crayons. She had to make them? a lot of work before making this creatures;) Some of them look like monsters from the outerspaces. I love them. I would like to have something like this on my desk, Great piece of art.

  • matt

    wow that is just so cool, how do people think of these things?!!

    thanks another great topic!

  • GBWebdesign

    Really impressive!
    I would like to know how many pencils this guy uses in one week! I think it are more than I wil use in a whole year.. :P

  • Johnson Koh

    Look like durian fruit in all kinds of weird shapes. But can see the great amount of work involved in making these!

    • Steve Carter

      Hi Johnson,

      Much fiercer than Durian! And not as tasty. : – )


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    Amazing art,try to do

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    Wow, amazing! Great! :)

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    Wow. Not that’s unique.

  • Gustavs Cirulis

    I meant “Now”

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    That’s talent right there! I’ve never even thought of making art out of pencils. Although once when I was in 4th grade I tried to make a statue out of Elmer’s glue. I failed miserably. But you’ve done a great job. Very impressive!

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    You really made me ‘flashed’ – fantastic! Awesome great!

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    Crazy, I’ve never seen anything like this! Very cool

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    WOW….this is insanely amazing….so cool….

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    Nice. Not the pencil art I was thinking about….

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    Nice work. very original and interesting.

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    Pencil art… I’ve never heard of anything like it, its crazy.

    Some of those photographs are simply breathtaking… inspired.

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    These are absolutely stunning. I love that she came up with the idea of using pencils as a material. Can’t imagine how long each takes to create.

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    Not quite was expecting when I saw the term “Pencil Art” in my news reader… but totally awesome nonetheless. So pretty and spiky. Awesome work!

  • Teacher teacher

    I’m fascinated by these.
    #12 jpg is particularly intriguing to me. It gives me a sense of a cave opening to allow the inner monster to enter? Emerge? I like how the image of sharp ends echoes the shape made by the flat pencil ends.

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    it is quite impressive, but now the question is: does she cut the pencil’s body or sharp the pencil til’ its top? lol :P

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    WOW!!! It is amazing! … If you’re bored at work… :)

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    I expected something completely different from the title. I’m impressed and surprised.

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    Simply amazing! I can’t imagine the level of patience you’d need to creat a piece of artwork like that. Good Stuff!

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    Seems like you’d get poked a lot doing that…

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    nice art form-very cool
    its amazing how some artists take a medium to express there talent

    it takes an artist just to come up with the idea, and then you need the talent to get right, and after that comes all the copy cats who actually exceed your work and do it better then you, but you sure did give some damm art too the world, so be proud of it.

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    wow never seen anything like it, total inspiration!

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    Honestly speaking, I am really impressed, because this is what I call a talented individual.

    I pray that you achieve success in life.


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    How do you do that? wow!

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    WOW! Absolutely amazing, I’ve never seen such a creative use of pencils! Just goes to show how everyday objects can be turned into art.

    Great post.

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    Woah! They are really, really impressive works of art! Some gave me the goosebumps!

  • Dani McDaniel

    Though amazing I can’t help but feel as though artwork like this is a waste of precious resources both in the actual resources that it took to make the pencils but also, imagine if all those pencils had been donated to children without?
    As artists/designers we are in a unique position to help bring conservation and “re-creating” to attention and help to show the world that with a bit of imagination we can create beautiful things without hurting the planet. That being said and since these pieces have already been created.. they are an incredible example of creativity definitely worthy of being admired ;) Thanks for posting!

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    bloody cool works

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    Never in my life have I seen anything so good! That’s incredible…


    Amazing, Fantastic..Awesome..Is possible to have a tutorial? ;) Very nice work…

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  • Laura Montgomery

    Wow these are just amazing… Such a talent! It must take some patience and skill to create these and make them look so impressive!

    I wonder what sort of marks you’d make trying to create the other type of ‘pencil art’ if you were to draw using one of these sculptures =D

  • Vijay Wadnere

    Amazing creativity!

    But, sorry to say, waste of resources (lots of pencils, lots of lead!).
    That means cutting of lots of trees…!

    You sharpened each and every piece of pencil, that means lots of wastage, again.
    And yet the purpose of “pencil” is not fulfilled.

    Its like, you tie some hand grenades together and kill someone by hitting that bunch on him.

    I would love to see a similar or even better artwork by some recycled stuff or even ‘waste’ stuff. As an artiste, and as a human being you carry a responsibility – to our mother earth. Please don’t forget this.

    • http://NA Prashant

      I totally agree. I call this insensitive art. It is nice but it is evil.

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    One word = WOW!

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    really its very nice. i have not words for it. really very-very beautiful.

  • Liz (madeinlowell)

    Jen is not only a brilliant artist who works hard and makes amazing sculptures, she is also a super fun person! Thanks for featuring her incredible work!!

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    brilliant work but still lot of pencils wasted….
    She can think something different as all looks alike

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    it’s all use new pencil or used?

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    The Extreme Creativity

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    I’ve never seen anything like that! Truly mesmerizing. I love the colors and how they are used to make patterns.

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    it is awsome im going to copy your work!!!!!!!!!!

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    My daughter is currently using crayons in a metals class, as she works toward her Art/Education degree. This will blow her away!

    Very cool pieces! Where can I inquire about purchasing one?

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    nice and not yet seen stuff indeed, keep up the great work ;)

  • Joey

    Wow! I am glad that I stumbled upon this site…this is an amazing form of expression. I work for California Cedar Products Company – the creator of – and I would love to talk to you about your art. We are launching a new site within the next week and hopefully (if it is okay with you) we can get some of your art on the site. You can also check us out on Facebook (The Pencil Page) and Twitter (pencilscom). E-mail me back when you have the time…I hope to talk with you in the future.

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    Visually stunning in both form and color and maybe most amazing is the tactile sensation this art produces.

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    Thanks for sharing. this post open minds to creativity.