Free Photoshop Brushes: “Sparkling Light Effects”

Today we bring you another awesome set of exclusive Photoshop brushes which include 24 high resolution “Sparkling Light Effects”.

The set was created by Grant Friedman from Colorburned exclusively for WDD readers.

These brushes are completely free for both personal and commercial use so you can create any type of project with them with no restrictions, with the exception that we do not allow the redistribution of the brushes in any shape or form.

If you’d like to share these brushes with your friends and colleagues, simply refer them to this page so that they can download their copy.

Below is a full preview of all 24 brushes for quick reference. The download link is at the bottom. Enjoy!


Please enter your email address below and click the download button. The download link will be sent to you by email, or if you have already subscribed, the download will begin immediately.


You can find more free Photoshop brushes at


  • Logofi

    Cool collection! Thanks Grant!

  • Design Wannabe

    gorgeous. Very nice collection!


    An fantastic selection! A good collection for my next creations! Thanks a lot!

  • Kaplang

    nice collection thanks :)

  • Laura

    Also looks like a collection of scraps of wool or tinsel :)
    Nice, thanks

  • Pippa

    The brushes look great, just a bit of a newbie question though, would they work in photoshop elements too? or just the full photoshop?

  • Most Interesting Ideas

    Great stuff for winter hollidays

  • İbrahim

    Good collection, i download and archive it ;)

  • David Ingledow

    Thanks for the brushes!

  • Andreas

    Those are great! Thanks for sharing.

  • Karinne

    Oh these are great! Thanks!

  • Jaz

    Very cool, thanks!

  • Web Hosting Expert

    What an awsome collection ! bookmarked !

  • Fanartikel

    perfect , many thanks

  • joel k.

    good brushes!
    but hard to use for lighting

  • heavyhand

    Wicked, cheers for that! :)

  • aleksgrynis

    Thanks guys, like a lot! Ohh yes keep it coming more and more :)

  • Marilyn

    Thanks Grant! As always, another fabulous brush set. You do some awesome work.

  • Net hosting

    Excellent selection, thanks for sharing it online.

  • Marta

    Thanks for shearing. As always very helpful. :)

  • Oliver Web

    Great set of brushes I could use for my designs. Will have to download them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jimmy Blain

    Excellent brushes, thanks a lot for sharing. You are doing awsome work.

  • Doug

    Thank you for sharing these.

  • RoaldA

    Yay ,freebie!

  • Farooq Bhatti

    Interesting!!! the Real World of Photoshop………could be seen through these brushes, I like it. Thanks to too majid Mirza, Lahore

  • Julieta

    Great set, thanks for sharing!!

  • kombizz

    cool collection

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  • 瞳小蛹

    hi。u r so great.i love this~they r good~!thanx~~

  • andy

    wow these are really great. defo use them thanks

  • neil sequeira

    Please get a facebook addon so i can post the website link directly to my facebook profile so i can share this link with friends. and also thank you.

  • threesomnia

    it’s so cool,thanks brother for sharing !!

  • web design

    Awesome brushes. thanks for sharing

  • Web Talk

    Love the brushes…thanks…I have just used them

  • Speed Dating NY

    I reflect into all the mirrors around me and they reflect into other mirrors until the whole party of mirrors is one bright sparkling light driving away the invisible dark matter.

  • Brett Widmann

    Great brushes! Thanks