The Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Time

We’ve put together a collection of magazine covers that have stirred up controversy through the years.

These covers can serve as object lessons for what to do and what not to do both with design and editorial.

While some controversial covers have worked and sold more magazines, or won awards for the editors who made the decision to go to press with them, others were embarrassments that the publication had to either apologize for, or fire an editor over.

Here are some of the most controversial magazine covers of all time. Feel free to suggest other covers that you think should be part of this collection.

Time Magazine, January 2, 1939: Hitler as Man of the Year

This cover featured an elaborate illustration of Hitler playing “his hymn of hate in a desecrated cathedral while victims dangle on a St. Catherine’s wheel while the Nazi hierarchy looks on.” Baron Rudolph Charles von Ripper was a Catholic that fled Hitler’s Germany, and the artist of this disturbing piece. By 1938, Hitler had firmly seized power in Germany, taken over Austria and Czechoslovakia, and had been given a free hand in Eastern Europe by the English prime minister of the time, Neville Chamberlain. Time has had to defend this choice throughout history, and at the time defended it by stating that the “Man of the Year” was a title bestowed on the person who had most influenced events of the previous year.

Time Magazine, April 8, 1966: Is God Dead?

This cover has been called the most controversial of all time. The related article concerned the “death of god movement” that had sprung up in the 1960’s. The cover and article enraged readers.

Life, November 26, 1965: War In Vietnam

Paul Schutzers captured this arresting image of a VietCong prisoner being taken prisoner by American forces during the Vietnam War. Photography and news coverage like this helped to turn the American public against the Vietnam war. While Schutzers was one of LIFE’s best photographers, he was killed on assignment during the Six-Day War of 1967 between Israel and its neighbouring states of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

Esquire, April 1968: The Passion of Ali

This smart rendition of Muhammad Ali was created to illustrate his martyrdom to his cause after he refused to join the US military due to his religious beliefs and was subsequently stripped of his heavyweight boxing title. The piece was done after the same manner as “The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian”, a popular theme through medieval art but most recognizable in the painting by Andrea Mantegna.

Esquire, May 1969: The Drowning of Andy Warhol

Another triumph of Esquire’s former visionary Art Director, George Lois, this picture combined two separate shots of a soup can and Warhol. In the first ten years of his employment at Esquire, circulation was boosted from 500,000 to 2 million, a figure for which his covers were partially responsible. This shot references Warhol’s famous “soup can” exhibits that symbolized the American avant-garde art movement.

Playboy, October 1971: First Playboy African-American Woman

This cover was the first Playboy cover to feature an African-American woman. The model is Darine Stern and the photographer was Richard Fegley.

National Lampoon, January 1973: If You Don’t Buy This Magazine…

While this cover didn’t do much more than make people laugh when it came out despite its violent overtones, Ronald G. Harris’ famous cover shot definitely raised a few eyebrows in pre-Photoshop days.

The New Yorker, March 29, 1976: Steinberg Map of New York

This portrayal of a New Yorker’s idea of what the rest of the United States looks like was drawn by Saul Steinberg. The artist sued Columbia Pictures over their movie poster for “Moscow on the Hudson”, which does seem to be derived from Steinberg’s cover down to the placement of the title. Steinberg won the case.

Rolling Stone, January 22, 1981: John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Annie Leibovitz took this shot just hours before John Lennon was shot outside of his apartment building, the Dakota, in New York City on December 8, 1980. Leibovitz originally wanted to take the shot of Lennon alone but he insisted that his wife be in the pictures. This cover was named the most popular magazine cover of the past 40 years by the American Society of Magazine Publishers.

Vanity Fair, August 1991: Demi Moore, Pregnant and Nude

This cover was shot by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz and was decried as shameful and disgusting when it was released. Some stores sent back the issue, or only sold it with a brown paper covering the “offensive” image. It has spawned countless celebrity nude pregnancy shots done in the same fashion, and helped to launch Demi Moore’s career into the stratosphere.

Vanity Fair, August 1993: K.D. Lang and Cindy Crawford

The cover was meant to be as controversial as the country star’s career. According to the cover story, Lang got more grief from the country music industry over her decision to join PETA than her decision to come out as a lesbian.

Time Magazine, June 27, 1994: OJ Mug Shot Controversy

In 1994, OJ Simpson was accused of murdering his wife, Nicole. In 1995, he was acquitted after a long and highly publicized trial. The photo used on the cover of Time Magazine was manipulated to make OJ look darker in skin tone and more menacing. For comparison, see the Newsweek cover which uses the original shot without any alteration.

The Economist, September 10, 1994: The Camel-Humping Issue

Obvious Black Eyed Peas references aside, this cover drew some fire for the UK-based magazine. The cover was printed for the North American market only.

Time, April 14 1997: Ellen’s Coming-Out Issue

Time’s cover and exclusive story left no doubt in the minds of all Americans that Ellen was, in fact, gay. Even in 1997, coming out could be perilous for a star’s career. While it may now seem like a mere bump in the road due to Ellen’s stunning success, at the time TV outlets in rural America pulled her show.

Wired, June 1997: 101 Ways to Save Apple

When this magazine went to press, Steve Jobs had just rejoined Apple through Apple’s acquisition of his NeXT Software Inc. While the cover was a bit more pessimistic than the story it was meant to illustrate, it remains one of the top magazine covers of all time. We don’t think anyone would try to give Jobs advice today, but back then Mac fans would have done anything they could to help the ailing corporation.

Time, Dec 21, 1998: Devil Horns on Clinton

This was one of several magazine covers that featured Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. In 1995, Lewinsky was an intern at the White House during Clinton’s presidency, and they had an intimate affair. The scandal broke when Lewinsky confided in a colleague in January of 1998. The scandal eventually resulted in Clinton’s impeachment. The top of the letter “M” in the Time masthead appear to be resting on the top of Clinton’s head as horns. The devil horns were written off by Time as an accident of masthead placement rather than a deliberate act.

Esquire Magazine, December 2000: The Crotch Shot

This shot of Clinton was said to be inspired by the Lincoln Memorial, but was interpreted as an obvious reference to the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Like the Obama couple satire in the New Yorker seen further down, this cover drew fire from both sides of the political fence.

The New Yorker, Sept. 24, 2001: Twin Towers in Silhouette

This cover was a graphical as well as an editorial success. The magazine succeeded in creating a fitting and classic memorial to the victims of the tragedy and the buildings themselves in true upscale New Yorker fashion. Covers editor Franoise Mouly created a testament to the Twin Towers that drew on the inspiration of Ad Reinhardt’s black-on-black paintings.

Entertainment Weekly, May 2 2003: Dixie Chicks

The Dixie Chicks set off a firestorm when they criticized then-president George W. Bush for invading Iraq on the grounds that Iraq was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. The Dixie Chicks used their weapons of mass distraction on this provocative cover.

Seventeen, May 2003: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Zombie Arm

This horrendously manipulated stock photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar made the mag send an expensive purse by way of apology. Gellar returned the purse since she didn’t wear leather. While the practice of using stock photos for covers is common, flagrant abuse of Photoshop is something that the art department and editor usually catch before print time.

Rolling Stone, January 2006: The Passion of Kanye West

Rolling Stone tipped a thorny hat to Esquire’s portrayal of Ali with this 2006 cover. It isn’t known if the cover was meant to be a joke about the singer’s ego, but most people found it very funny. Religious fans of the magazine didn’t find it as hilarious, and the odd cover story that went with it in which the singer admits to a porn addiction just made the whole thing awkward. The tone of the cover feels current in light of the singer’s recent mike-grabbing moment at the 2009 VMA’s.

Baby Talk, August 2006

While this image seems benign to most people who have been involved with a baby in one fashion or another, the cover was decried as obscene. Even though moms made up the target demographic, a survey of 4000 of them turned up the fact that 25% had a negative response. One mother actually shredded the magazine so that her 13-year old son couldn’t see it. Not that he likely noticed; he was probably on the computer downloading porn watching tips from Kanye.

Texas Monthly, January 2007: Dick Cheney Cover Issue

Building on the famous 1973 Lampoon cover, Texas Monthly took a jab at the Vice-President’s hunting accident where he shot a colleague in the face. This cover won the 2007 Best Cover Line of the Year Award from the Magazine Publishers of America.

Time, August 29, 2007: Devil Horns on Billy Graham

The blogosphere was rife with rumours about this cover. This was probably not intentional. Time Magazine has claimed that all of its “Devil Horn” covers through the ages are mere coincidences. For a defense of the Time Magazine position, this blog post has a list of Time Magazine covers that have devil horns but no potential hidden meaning. Accident of their masthead design, or subtle editorial statement? You decide…

Golfweek, January 19, 2008: The Noose that Hung an Editor

This cover was born out of the comments of a golf anchorman, Kelly Tlighman, that fellow players should “lynch (Tiger Woods) in a back alley” and the subsequent feature story that was published in that edition of Golfweek. PGA Tour director Tim Finchem had this to say about it: “Clearly, what Kelly said was inappropriate and unfortunate, and she obviously regrets her choice of words, but we consider Golfweek’s imagery of a swinging noose on its cover to be outrageous and irresponsible”. A day after the cover was published, the editor was let go.

People Magazine, March 2008: Brangelina Twins

This cover and photo shoot sacrificed People’s editorial soul for a first shot at the Brangelina twins. Instead of their usual journalistic even-handed approach, they seemingly acquiesced to the couple’s need for nothing but positive coverage in order to get a scoop on the rest of the world with the first baby pictures. While People magazine denied these charges as “categorically false”, the coverage was nevertheless very rosy-cheeked in tone.

Vogue, April 2008: King Kong Cover

This cover of model Gisele Bundchen and sports star Lebron James was considered to be a racist portrayal of “King Kong”. Images that portray black males as threatening “reinforce the criminalization of black men,” said Damion Thomas, assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology at University of Maryland. The cover was supposed to showcase two stars with excellent bodies, in keeping with the “Shape” theme of the issue.

The New Yorker, July 21, 2008: The Obama Couple Satire

This cover by famous New Yorker cartoonist Barry Blitt was heavily criticized by both the McCain and Obama camps during the 2008 US election. While the piece was meant to be a satire of allegations lobbed at the couple by their detractors, its inopportune appearance during a campaign didn’t have Obama’s supporters laughing as hard as the magazine intended.

OK Magazine, June 2009: Michael Jackson Death Photo

Fans were upset over the magazine’s decision to publish this photo. Sarah Ivens, editorial director, said that the cover decision was made since they wanted to stand out from all of the tribute covers that were dominating the stands that week. Jackson died on June 25, 2009 after being given a cocktail of drugs by his physician.

Compiled and written exclusively for WDD by Angela West.

Got a controversial magazine cover that rocked your world? Post a link below or send it to us and we’ll add it to this post.

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    Some great covers. The only one that I thought was bad was the The New Yorker, July 21, 2008: The Obama Couple Satire cover

    • Tom

      You may think it’s bad and it’s turning out to be not far from reality!

  • bmesc

    It’s hard to find a good image online, but the November 1990 cover of Omni Magazine caused quite a stir (2 editors quit) because it incorporated advertising on the cover (what was seen through a die cut hole on the cover was actually part of a Motorola ad on the inside page). Of course, ads on the cover, or part of the cover, are not so controversial now.

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    Interesting collection. Although honestly, some of them I fail to see the controversy. Like for example the Rolling Stone / Kayne West one. I go to church pretty much every Sunday, and yes, I even read my bible several times a week. Yet, to seems ok to me. ( I say that b/c I suppose that would be considered “religious”, but as I read the scriptures, Jesus was not too fond of “religious” people)

    Also, the so called “devil horns” on Billy Graham. I see no issue.

    Even the Dick Cheney, “If you don’t buy this magazine, I’ll shoot you in the face”, I find funny, even though I voted for him. BTW, I think the footnote below this quote is also hilaroous.

    I’m sorry, but people need to lighten up and not get in such a tizzy. I dunno, maybe their underwear just fits too tight.

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    With all the nonsense about the horns, doesn’t it look like LeBron has horns?! Take a close look!

    • Me!

      You’re absolutely right! His look more like horns than any of the Time covers!

  • MeMe

    re: #16 Devil Horns on Clinton….Clinton was NOT impeached. Please don’t rewrite history.

    • Jason

      Actually, Clinton was impeached, but later acquitted. The act of impeachment still occurred, and unfortunately the acquittal does not negate that.

    • Dave

      Clinton WAS impeached.

      “Impeachment is the first of two stages in a specific process for a legislative body to consider whether or not to forcibly remove a government official from office. The impeachment itself brings the charges against the official.

      Impeachment does not necessarily result in removal from office; it is only a legal statement of charges, parallel to an indictment in criminal law.”

    • Luce

      Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998. He is the second president to have been impeached. Andrew Johnson being the first.

      Impeachment only allows formal charges to be brought against a government official for crimes committed while in office, similar to a grand jury approving charges in a criminal case. At the actual trial, which was conducted by the Senate, Clinton was found not guilty of all charges.

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    The Dog Cover is universally brilliant.

  • Dave2

    MeMe, are you insane? Clinton was impeached in December of 1998 for perjury and obstruction of justice. The trial lasted for more than a month. It was one of the biggest news stories of the last 25 years.

  • FrankleeMiDeer

    @MeMe: Bill Clinton actually WAS impeached by the House on December 19, 1998. He was acquitted in his Senate trial, however.

    Before you accuse others of re-writing history, please make sure you understand it yourself.

    Have a nice day!

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    Really great post.

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    The GQ July 2009 Bruno cover caused quite a stir.

  • Rogueface

    Clinton WAS, in fact, impeached. Impeachment refers to the process of charging a sitting president with a crime and having them tried at a hearing in front of the Senate. He was not, however, impeached AND convicted.

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    There are plenty of other design blogs out there that don’t stoop to this level.

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    I can’t agree with this list. Why isn’t this on there?

    Britney Spears.

  • RJ

    1. I realize it is a blog but how about a LITTLE research. The Dixie Chicks did NOT “set off a firestorm when they criticized then-president George W. Bush for invading Iraq on the grounds that Iraq was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.” They were criticized for saying that they were embarrassed that George W. Bush was from Texas while they were holding a concert in London. You are trying to rewrite history to make them look more important than they were. They were criticized for pandering to anti-American sentiments in Europe when no one cared about their political beliefs.

    2. The Ellen “Yep I’m Gay” cover story was no big deal when it came out (pardon the pun). Everyone already pretty much knew she was and there were plenty of gay celebrities already out. As a matter of fact I still remember the letter to the editor of Time that pretty much summed up my opinion, “Yep, I don’t care”

    • Tom

      even worse, they were criticized in Texas for not knowing that dubya isn’t from Texas!

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    Hitler on Time as Man of the Year 1939

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    Rogueface, I explain that to people fairly often and no one ever believes me. Welcome to “the club.”

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    Ummm… I think you missed a major one. Hustler magazine with the woman in the meat grinder. I was always under the impression it is the most controversial cover ever.

  • St. Louis Lookin’ Dude
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    Haven’t read all the posts here so someone may have already got to it but the one that springs to my mind was the “New Yorkistan” New Yorker cover. I recall reading somewhere at the time of its release (only 3 mths after 9/11) that it marked the first commercial attempt to make some light of the tragic event. I thought it showed good taste, was very funny, and I even bought a shower curtain of the image from the NYer. Sure some saw a cold malicious side to it though.

  • BLG

    I am surprised that the infamous National Enquirer cover with John Lennon’s autopsy photo was not included, along with The Sun’s notorious “GOTCHA!” and “The Truth About the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster” covers.

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    Get real, I think The Economist ” The Trouble with Mergers” was great and I remember when National Lampoon published the dog picture. Made me buy the magazine. :)
    Peace Love

  • Pat McCrotch

    Clinton wasn’t impeached.

    • Roy

      He most certainly was. He wasn’t removed from office, but he was technically impeached. Many people like you don’t know the difference. Now you do.

    • Paula

      Actually, Clinton WAS impeached. He was not convicted. There’s a difference. Being impeached is like being indicted — sufficient evidence to bring to trial, not necessarily enough to convict.

    • Yvonne

      YEs he was

  • Rupen Sharma

    Interesting selection, I liked the Bill Clinton horns bit…I never noticed it.

    Aren’t there any controversial automobile magazine covers?

    Lastly, how about an article on the most controversial print advertisements. For example, Oliviero Toscani’s campaigns usually trigger controversy and sometimes tremendous awe. Here is the link to some his creations for Benetton:

  • charlie m

    One of my favorites was the Aug 1999 cover of ESPN the Magazine showing New Orleans Saints draft pick Ricky Williams in a wedding dress and Coach Mike Ditka in a tuxedo, denoting how having traded away all their draft picks to select Williams – the fates of the player and the coach were now “joined”.

  • Charlie M

    A favorite of mine that I think fits this category was the Aug 1999 cover of ESPN the Magazine depicting New Orleans Saints draft pick Ricky Williams and Coach Mike Ditka. As the Saints had just traded ALL their draft picks that year in order to select Williams, it was a rather controversial decision. In order to dramatize how their fates were now “joined:, the magazine’s cover showed Ditka in a tuxedo and Williams in a wedding gown.

  • Jean

    I’d add a classic Paris Match cover, a cartoon Mickey Mouse with a single tear rolling down his cheek, and the caption “Walt Disney est mort”

    On the Ellen -“yep- I’m gay” cover- a cute response to what was really no surprise to anyone came from Jay Leno, who showed his audience some concocted magazine covers involving other celebrities confessing their “secrets”- my favourite was “Tiger Woods – Yes, I play golf!”

  • ep

    Lebron has bigger horns on the cover of Vogue than anything shown in Time, and red ones at that, but people get “King Kong” out of it?

    • Dahvintik

      Whoa! You’re right, he’s been made more of a devil than any of the others.

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    I’d say the Chi magazine cover of Lady Diana must be one of the most controversial:

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    What a coincidence, I recently blogged about the Vanity Fair cover of kd lang and Cindy Crawford as a great example where a totally queer image was used to sell a straight magazine. The blog was about a talk I gave.

  • Woody

    MeMe and others:

    Clinton was impeached, but the impeachment wasn’t successful. Impeachment is just investigation into an official’s ability to do their job, it’s not the action of removing them from office.

    Jeez, I’m British and I know the American system better than they do.

    Pedantic note number 2:

    If someone is killed by the noose, then they are hanged, not hung. A coat is hung. A criminal is hanged.

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    Let us not forget the more subtle, yet still controversial:,16641,20040920,00.html

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    This should probably read “The Most Controversial … to Middle America”. No city dweller, let alone a European, will lose any sleep over any of these covers …

  • Jamie Riddell

    Thank you for putting this list together. Many of these are US covers so I hadn’t seen them before. The New Yorker cover Steinberg Map of New York was copied this year by the Economist – I liked the cover but didn’t know about the New Yorker until now. Thanks.

  • Bob

    I’d submit to your collection the cover of The Progressive magazine November 1979, where they give away the secret on how to build an H-bomb, what could be more controversial than that. The U.S. government tried to prevent the issue from being published, but lost.
    Here’s a link:

  • David Platt

    National Lampoon had a baby in a blender on the cover of their mag and that ended that magazine. (the catholic church went insane!)

    The Marilyn Monroe Playboy cover was also quite controversial at the time.

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    Good list. I just wanted to point out, that 5 years after the “Is God Dead” Cover, this one hit the newstands:,16641,19710621,00.html

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    only thing i gotta say is that Lebron has to be menacing. its part of the sport. you have to be intimidating otherwise you will get intimidated. I guarantee if it was a white basketball player they facial and body expressions would have been exactly the same.

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    US bias here means you’ve missed out on some cracking covers from Private Eye magazine – especially their hugely controversial issue immediately after Princess Di’s death which led to it being banned from major UK retailer’s shelves

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    But L.James IS King Kong….a big scary black man that if he couldn’t dunk a basketball would be selling crack. Fact.

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    I would add the Jan Stephenson SPORT Magazine cover from 1977. My mom saw it in my room and immediately disposed of it!

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    You missed the Hustler meat grinder cover.

  • The Shrike

    Why the heck is an “Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology” being quoted on the Lebron James King Kong cover? How does this qualify the person to be quoted? WTF? That’s like having George Stephanopoulos and Martha Stewart do commentary for Formula 1.

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    Unfortunately placed cover art for “Parents” magazine…

    • WILSON47

      if you took the time to read that page you would notice the admission on the bottom that the cover isnt real…

  • Moe

    I don’t know why you chose not to credit Art Spiegelman for the Twin Towers New Yorker cover. It’s famously his illustration. Incidentally, in the same bit, you misspelled Francoise Mouly’s name.

    Another Spiegelman New Yorker cover that I was surprised to not see on this list is his hasidic jew kissing black woman illustration c.1992 or 1993. The publication of that cover drew a huge amount of press and criticism and was “inspired” by the serious race issues in Crown Heights, Brooklyn at the time. I believe Ms. Mouly was cover editor when that one appeared as well.

    Otherwise, some interesting selections.

  • Jason

    And now I know where the line is drawn on design and editorial… *shrug*

  • Jason Scott

    Minor trivia: The dog on the national lampoon cover looked too pathetic when looking straight at the camera, so they tried to get it to look in other directions and nothing worked, until someone came up with pulling the trigger. The dog looked at the source of the sound and that’s how they got the shot.

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  • Anthony Zacharzewski

    Private Eye, a UK satirical magazine, has had a couple of controversial covers.

    From 1971, on the visit of Emperor Hirohito of Japan to the UK:

    And on the death of Princess Diana:

  • TomC

    How about Csonka and Kiick’s SI cover.

    Note Csonka’s hand:

  • AMonami

    The most controversial cover in Mad Magazine’s publication history:

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    I still find the Esquire cover featuring Lt. William Calley (of the My Lai massacre) smiling with a group of vietnamese children to be particularly ghastly:

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    Just sayin’…

    Interesting stuff, though.

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    I’d much rather see magazine covers present life as it is than to show a whitewashed, censored, cleaned up version of it. For the media to show a realistic picture of life as it actually is would be very nice.

    Maybe I grew up in a different age, but I don’t find any of the covers above particularly offensive.

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    And why was the noose editor fired? That’s absurd. What happened to the racist idiot who made the comment on which the cover was based? Oh, wait, there she is on post # 65.

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    Bad photoshopping skills aside (which wasn’t the main point of this article), all the racial, sexist, gruesome, prejudice, “bizarre” acts of human nature are all relative. Unlike designing a website for a broad audience for example, these magazines have a niche and thrive on controversy.

    Shock Factor is now called Transparency, but it all boils down to no censorship = deep opinions = more sales by devoted following/piqued interests.

    How could you miss that?

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    Shock Factor is now called Transparency, but it all boils down to no censorship = deep opinions = more sales by devoted following/piqued interests.

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    Had Clinton been given a harem and two more terms in office we would not be wasting time in Iraq and the U.S. would be remembered for creating the catalyst for the current global financial crisis (GFC).

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