Welcome to Skwak’s “Maniac World”

“Skwak” is an awesome French illustrator living in the North of France.

He created a graphic world that he calls the “Maniac World” where everything is exaggerated.

His works revisit children’s fairy tales and universal myths.

The adventures of his characters – the Maniacs – are inspired by situations from daily life (love stories, treason, manipulation, etc) and is always represented in a very exaggerated fashion.

The ‘maniacs’ express the idea of “too much”, escalation through power, wealth, plastic surgery, celebrity and much more.

We’ve compiled some of his best works for this article and have also included a short interview with “Skwak” about his fascinating work.

Hi, and thanks for talking with WDD. Can you please tell us about a bit yourself and what you do?

Hi, my name is SKWAK and I live in the north of France. I’ve been working as an independent illustrator for five years and I’ve been drawing since I was I kid.

I have created a graphic world called the ‘maniac world’, a huge playground where the maniacs live. It’s like a distorted reality where everything is exagerated, and where the main notions are constriction, escalation…

How did the design of “Maniac World” started?

It started with some monsters that I created called Koogai which represented all kinds of pollution.

Instead of showing or personifying causes I preferred to create an imaginary world where I could show the consequences of pollution as well as creating characters that were born infected.

Where the Maniacs live, this world of vice is the normal world, everything is normal. Since that creation this world is enriched with new codes, new characters, new stories…

What kind of techniques and software do you use to create your art?

I use Flash (I don’t care which version).

I just need it to draw and export it. It’s the best way for me to create, the most natural way.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

EVERYWHERE. A word, a sound, some text …everything and anything that can make me start a new story.

What are your future plans?

New toys (mini maniac animals), new tshirts (cookies ‘n’ cream), new canvases (which includes a new solo exhibition in 2010 )!!!! So many things !!!


And here are ‘the maniacs’!

Skwak’s work has been showcased in multiple exhibitions around the world and his clients include Nike, Levis, Microsoft and many others.

His art has been reproduced in toys, t-shirts, posters and much more. You can find out more about Skwak at his website: Skwak.com

What do you think of the “Maniac World”? Please share your opinions below….

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