Super Freaky Movie Posters of the 70’s

  • WPswitch

    The Woody Allen “Bananas” is amazing!

  • @Designsy

    I Feel Alive :)
    Nice Post Dude.

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  • Ajay

    What collection man :) Thank you.

  • texturezine

    great collection. Thnks share

  • Nick

    One of the freakiest and perhaps a little bit scary is the poster for the 1970’s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

  • David Koenig

    all classics (for film posters that is) in my opinion…

  • Web Design Maidstone Kent

    I love b-movie posters the best, some brilliant design and to think before photoshop, how did that work?!

  • CoyleArt

    This is a fantastic assembly of posters. And as an illustrator myself, I can’t help noticing how many of them utilize illustration. The trend toward all things retro seems far from over, so I hope that bodes well for the future of illustration. Thanks for sharing!

  • s.holstens

    Nice Old Designs…really good. I told it and now I tell it again..the old things are the best.

    Thank you

  • RoaldA

    Haha, you folks should se the ones from early 1900! ;D Like Uncle Sam! :P

  • wien

    nice post

  • joel k

    i love the mal brooks blazing saddles both of them
    and the woody allelns bananas
    they are funny :)
    thanks for sharing

  • AalaA

    Amazing,,, I loved most of the movies …

  • Harry Ford

    The Clockwork Orange poster was genius, I loved that movie.

  • Sarah Camp

    Really great collection. One can really see where inspiration comes from for some designs today.


    I love this poster… A good collection! Important for know better the past

  • MCEctoCooler

    I’d love to see a massive hollywood return to this poster style!


    My head just exploded from awesomeness

  • Dzinepress

    great memories with these of all posters and movies as well. thanks

  • hotmac

    Hey, where is BARBARELLA??? Yes, it is here:

  • Girlie | Digital Room

    Awesome round-up! These 70s posters can inspire designers to work on a classic design project. I would love to see those designs be revived by today’s graphic designers.

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  • Alan Valek

    Wow! So freaking good! I wonder if we’ll look back at posters from this era and feel the same way…only time will tell.

  • Gaurav M

    charging freakin cool

  • Bendesign

    Angels die harder – in colour. :-D

  • Dames

    mostly great films so wtf? Pity about the poxy web design of this actual page lol

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  • jake pucan

    lol I cannot relate myself=)

  • babble124

    All amazing & Memorable…!

  • Jairo

    nice i like thx dugg!

  • Cat

    Zombi should be on this list.

  • Emlak

    One of the freakiest and perhaps a little bit scary is the poster for the 1970’s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

  • Atsu

    Absolutely terrifying…

  • Farnerud

    My favorite is “Garden of the Dead”. The rotting head above is something disturbed.

  • Sam

    Why super-freaky 70’s? In reality, I don’t see any difference to speak of from today. Maybe a few, but there are some super freaky ones now, as well. Guess you had to put some kind of label on it.