25 Funny T-Shirts for Designers and Developers

Everyone loves an original and unique t-shirt.

Fashion statements aside, they do give a slight insight into your personality, your current mood and sets you apart from the crowd.

This article is not a collection of the best designed t-shirts by the best designers, this is a collection of t-shirts especially for designers and developers.

Those poor suffering souls that have to endure the pain and distress of the questions from everyday Joe’s (“you work with a computer, do you? Will you fix mine?”) and have to work with the many pitfalls and perils that the web offers (IE6 and Flash intros).

Yes, this collection is for you!

You Are The CSS To My HTML


I just took a HUGE mySQL DUMP

Web Developers Rule

Skipped Flash Intro

Do I Look Like the Help Desk?

It's not a bug, it's a feature

...will work for beer

Loading... Please Wait...

Dead Pixels

My Mom went to the W3C...


What part of...

404 Error

In the beginning...

Photoshop - Helping the Ugly

Don't bother me...

Concept Development

Will Kern for food

Invisible T-Shirt Design

No I Can't Fix Your Computer

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Paul Andrew from SpeckyBoy

Know of any other great funny t-shirts? Please share them below…

  • http://evelt.com joel k.

    i love the “What part of.. don’t you understand ie.

    good T-shirts :)

  • Mikael Cubillan

    Wow very nice!

  • http://MexiChriS.com MexiChriS

    ahaha, amazing round up, might have to get me that beer shirt! :)

    – MexiChriS

  • http://www.subtypical.com Jesse

    I’m almost too embarrassed to put a few of these on my Christmas list, but these are great!

  • http://newelementdesigns.com Don

    I would like to add this site to the list.

    Shirts for Coders. http://www.shirtsforcoders.com/

    • http://www.opticsugarmedia.com Dana

      Awesome post….I needed a laugh today. Don..these are equally as hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://michaelfretz.com michael

    I need some of them!!!!! :)

  • http://www.blogsolute.com Blogsolute

    Nice collection. Liked it and Thanks for share.

  • http://www.vectorss.com/ vectorss

    great list. Thanks

  • http://designinformer.com Design Informer

    You are the CSS to my HTML is the best!

  • http://www.mycreativestrokes.com Puneet


    These are really funny

    Very nice

  • http://www.engiguide.com Ajay

    Gr8 collection man….

    i woluld lik to mak one of dem 4 me…..

    Tnks a lot 4 shearing it…..

  • http://twitter.com/z0r z0r

    Didn’t like the last ones. But others are great.

  • http://www.iwgroupinc.com Matthew Shelley

    Some pretty solid ones in there, thanks for the chuckle :)

  • http://socialbootstrap.com Adam Wood

    Check out this shirt for those of you who love conditional formatting:


  • http://www.psprint.com/ Jennifer Moline, PsPrint

    Fantastic list! I included a couple of those shirts in a gift guide I posted yesterday. One that I love from my list is “Design Is Honest. Advertising Is Lying.”


  • http://www.designcrumbs.net Jake

    They’re all funny, but I don’t think any developers that I know would actually wear any of these…

  • http://www.twiter.com/AllanEmerson Allan
  • http://www.neveranullmoment.com j4kp07

    there’s no place like

  • http://theshapeslab.com lush

    this is so funny, jajaja

  • Stoian Kirov

    Awesome :D:D:D
    Can’t stop laughing :D

  • http://pah3.com Duane

    Where can I order some of these T-shirts?

  • http://www.designfollow.com/ designfollow

    wow, great idea

    thank you.

  • http://www.beerbergman.com Beer Bergman

    And the very best was…. “webdesigner will work for beer” :-)

    Great t-shirts!

  • http://rainfallgraphics.com Matthew Simmons

    Haha. These are great. I like the HTML (How To Meet Ladies) one. It seemed a bit, ironic. =D

  • http://www.online-blogger.net Indrek

    Excellent T-shirts. Wouldn’t mind having some of them. I’d surely be the coolest guy in our company

  • Jesse

    priceless and spot on!

  • http://www.mushroomdigital.co.uk website designers stoke

    Wow! These t-shirts are excellent. Very funny. I need to order some these :)

  • http://www.chrismdesigns.com Chris McCormick

    Hahaha. Love those. All so true.

  • http://www.flutterbutterdesigns.com/blog Denise

    This was hilarious! I need the help desk one! The loading one needs to be on mens underwear! hahahaha

  • http://www.5alarmint.com Jamal

    Great concept! I need to get some of those shirts.

  • Tanner


  • http://www.andydev.co.uk/ Andrew Yates

    Love them, have to get myself some of these for work.

  • http://www.youdesignweb.net Francesco Caruccio


  • Nikhil Tripathi

    Cool Collection, I liked lot, M going to make of them from it. Awesome…

  • http://davekingsnorth.com Dave

    I like these but there’s no way I’d wear one. My mates would take the piss if I even wore these around the house

    • http://henry.brown.name Henry

      Haha, that’s the point, I think :)

  • http://www.smashingshare.com/ Waheed Akhtar

    Nice collection. I am going to buy 2nd from top (Yes I am a Web Designer …)

  • http://dswordpress.com Cathy

    These are adorable – mostly for men – but adorable none the less. If my Mom didn’t think I was being a pervert I would wear the void warantees one! :)

    On my mom-blog I gave away ladies underwear that said, “500 Error” “Server is Unavailable” on the tush. I got a lot of funny comments on that one! :)

  • http://alaydrus.net abdullah alaydrus

    love the design, especially the last one.

  • Andrej

    This is great.
    I just woke up, then went to WDD and I must say, this is the greates beginning of the day I coul wish

  • http://www.designtorontoweb.ca/ Brampton web design

    haha..photoshop helping the ugly since 1998…I love your collection. Where do can I get this shirt?

  • http://lanxiaoxi.com lanxiaoxi

    My mom went to the w3c, and all I got was this sweaty t-shirt. ;-)

  • http://www.idc-guide.com PADI IDC

    How funny! body /body being my fav out of that lot but wouldn’t dare to wear any though

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    amazing! so really nice! Some ideas is fantastic!

  • http://www.honourchick.com/blog honour chick

    lol… very funny. thxs for sharing this compilation. ;)

  • k

    OMG since 1988! :)))))))))))

  • creativeblondes

    I want the tshirt!

  • http://adriansauer.com Adrian Sauer

    Great collection.

  • Andrés

    No need to buy any of those t-shirts if you really are a web designer, simply make one yourself :)

  • http://cmstutorials.org krike

    awesome t-shirts :D especially the last one.

  • Praveen A P

    My Girlfriend is already fed up of all the Java Shit. Now, If I wear the T shirt that said “I skipped your flash Introduction”, then She would design a shirt for herself that would say “Access Denied. Are you Trying to Hack?”


  • http://www.aliusdesigns.com Al

    LOL I love these, gonna have to order some for holidays lol

  • http://www.cutelittlefactory.com Andrea Austoni

    Some nice ones.
    I made a design T-shirt a while ago if anyone is interested:


  • http://www.e11world.com e11world

    The LOADING and HTML (How to meet ladies) are my favs.

  • http://macs.su Astoria

    “I see dead pixels” one does rock! As well as the last pack.

  • http://www.leosquarez.com leosquarez

    AHAHAHHAH.. where about you can buy some of these?

  • http://www.lonegrainger.com/ Brandon

    Really great round up! loved it.

  • Mohammad


  • http://svesten.wordpress.com svesten

    Ahahah I know HTML – How To Meet Ladies ! I want this Tshirt !!!!

  • Ali Choobdar

    I love the last one :Xx

  • http://www.eclipsedesign.eu Kartlos Tchavelachvili

    The first and second ones where funniest :D

  • http://www.bookmans.com bob
  • http://www.fairheadcreative.co.uk Adam Fairhead

    These are fantastic :D

  • http://www.webanddesigners.com Webanddesigners

    Fabulous collection.

  • http://caramelz.my Grey

    I totally love these t-shirts! Thanks for sharing!! :D

  • daya

    hi, nice ones. where would I get those t-shirts?

  • http://www.ninjacrunch.com bono calacal

    This is so funny. I got to get the first one lol. Thanks for posting.


  • http://www.rossmcnaughton.com Rosti The Snowman

    Haha I love the first one. :D

  • Jared

    Two favs: Photoshop – Fixing Ugly Since 1988 (yes, it has!)

    2. Any of the ones that explain that a web designer is not an IT tech, or a computer technician.

  • http://www.creativeindividual.co.uk Laura

    Wow, I would love some of these… what you can say on a t-shirt that you just wouldn’t dare say to a client’s face…

    My favs are:
    – fantastic!
    I just took a hugh mysql dump – could offend so many people
    I Heart Command Z – so true
    I see dead pixel – unfortunately also true :-/

    Thanks so much for sharing, what a way to brighten up my lunch break =D

  • shaymein

    these make me want to quit my job. #terrible

  • http://www.goldweb.es esteban

    jajajaja yes, i dont wanna fix computers anymore! please people dont call me for that

  • RoaldA

    Especialy the “In the beginning The Internett was void And without form And darkness was upon the face of Interactive Multimedia and Rich Internett Applications, And then Macromedia said “LET THERE BE FLASH!” :D

  • http://www.r4-nintendo-ds.pl r4 dsi

    The t-shirts are just awesome. The designs are too innovative. The best one that I liked is “404 error one”.

  • http://www.future-webs.com Future Webs

    They are awesome, the last one is spot on!

  • http://www.kaplang.com/blog Michelle

    lol love them all…some are aimed at web designers being guys, it would be nice to see some female versions too :)

  • http://www.brandledesign.com Web, Email, Logo Design | BrandleDesign

    HTML (How To Meet Ladies), Hahaha. Brilliant.

  • http://john.onolan.org JohnONolan

    Great post! Thanks for including mine (the very last one) – some really great other designs too :)

  • http://www.cngarment.com olicom

    wow`~that’s awesome!!!~~

    by the way. we not just can make all these designs.but also can make any design from yours.all you have to do is show the design to us.and we will do the rest till make the exactly one.

  • http://bonfx.com Douglas Bonneville

    Don’t forget “There once was a graphic designer…” limerick t-shirt at:


    …taken from…


  • http://www.twitter.com/ronigomes Roni Gomes

    Very cool!
    I loved “PHOTOSHOP, helping the ugly since 1988.”

  • simo

    you missed the SVN is not FTP t-shirt!!!!

  • Luci

    Brilliant! Love them sooo much, I want about 1/2 for myself, and the other 1/2 for all the web designers i know. Great finds!

  • http://www.aliyildiz.co.uk Ali

    nice selection, l want one

  • http://www.hammerkit.com Paula

    Hehehehe… :) The shirt is a must have!

  • http://www.hamburg-zauberer.de Zauberer Hamburg

    Photoshop – Helping The Ugly Since 1988 is the best!

  • Chris @ Rizzo Tees

    A great selection!

  • http://www.thepromoshop.com/store/tee-shirts/ Printed Tee-Shirts

    I love the MySQL Dump one! That is great! The body one is good too.

  • http://www.trickbizz.co.cc Margesh

    nice collection dude…

  • http://night-fairy-tales.blogspot.com/ SMiGL

    Good collection!

  • http://www.modanamusica.com MPOSSEL

    I want all of them! uaiauiaui


  • http://www.iastron.com/5000 Kulin

    I like the Tshirt which says I am a web designer I dont fix computers

  • http://www.studioweber.ro Alex Flueras

    Super collection, they are so real :-)

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    Very impressive designs.I want all these T-shirts..These are quite different so I think developers will really like them.

  • http://www.meerakrishnan.com meera

    haha … hilarious collection! You are the CSS to my HTML is so adorable :)

  • http://shahriat.com Shahriat Hossain

    I Know Html (How To Meet Ladies) hahahahaha :D awesome one ;)

  • http://goldennetwork.net web design miami

    Cooool collection ! sooo funny ! I really like it , thanks for sharing !

  • http://www.offpeakdesign.com Dave

    Finally, t-shirts that understand me!

  • http://sumerasblog.wordpress.com/ sumera

    Great Design , very much stylish shirts. i want all of them.

  • http://www.grafikguru.com Best Web Designing Contest

    I love the first T-shirt design.. I was planning to design a site where in I can put the T-shirts design in my site,. Now your blog helped me a lot and now I am going to post my design in a site running by grafikguru.com

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    I love all these design , great concept and well targeted niche

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    They’re amazing. I’ve just bought a couple!

  • http://www.thomascraigconsulting.com Thomas Craig Consulting

    Awesome collection, might have to get a couple of these for the office.

  • http://emlakx.net emlak

    Excellent T-shirts. Wouldn’t mind having some of them. I’d surely be the coolest guy in our company

  • http://www.ishantechnologies.com Jack

    I liked all but the these two were awesome

    “You are the CSS to my HTML is the best!”

    “Photoshop helping ugly people from 1988”

  • http://www.dollarlogodesign.com Dollar Logo Design

    I love all of them! My favorite is “yes i’m a web designer no, i won’t make your website for free!” As a designer, I have encountered a few of those annoying customers….

  • http://www.teamlogos.info/ Team Logos

    So hilarious!! I love all of them. I’ll make sure to get a few of them later.

  • http://www.cazazz.com cazazz

    The one with on front and on back is the cleverest, but I’d wear the “I love control Z” one any day!

    • http://www.cazazz.com cazazz

      ah, the body and end body tag doesn’t display in comments, so my above comment doesn’t make sense – all the more reason to wear it on a t-shirt!

  • http://www.squareroot-inc.com Susan

    Love it! Thanks for sharing this collection.

  • http://www.creativeworld.com.au Leon Poole

    Only one shirt on the list that I’d wear.. the ‘I see dead pixels’ is just pure awesome XD

  • http://www.shirthunters.com Thomas / shirthunters.com

    Nice list, even if I wouldn’t really wear those shirts…

  • http://www.classesandcareers.com/ Teacher Teacher

    My personal favorite was “…that’s enough social interaction for one day.” ;)

  • http://www.webmarker.net/catalog/computer/software software

    Hi, very nice colection!

  • http://www.smallbizexpress.com Sbx Web Designer

    hey great designs… i love all esp “photoshop helping the ugly since 1988″ and ” web designer will work for beer”. thanks for sharing these cool stuffs


  • http://gustavscirulis.com Gustavs Cirulis

    I have the first one and I love it.

  • http://www.jc-designs.net/blog Jeremy Carlson

    The “Yes I am a web designer, No I won’t make you a website for free” one is awesome. Every developer should wear that at family gatherings….or when with a client.

  • http://www.squiders.com Web Design Kent

    Very funny, ironically lacking design in many cases! Loved the – You wouldn’t ask an architect to fix your fridge…”

  • http://www.albruna.nl/albrunablog/ Martin

    I really like the one that says: don’t nother me, I’m rendering

    Excellent list!

  • http://premium-theme.de/ Premium Theme

    nice i want them all :X

  • http://www.nyamok.com astho – web designer

    i love the last design..

  • http://www.rikmg.co.uk Richard

    these are awesome, but I can probably add more….

  • http://shikebali.co.cc Shikeb Ali

    I loved the “HTML” print :)

  • http://rolling-webdesign.com Theo

    Great shirt designs, awesome ! Thanks for sharing !

  • http://vladcarp.ro Vlad Carp


  • http://www.lisadowdell.com Lisa

    I am so LMAO!!!

  • http://www.dotsensebd.com dotSense

    hahaha…so funny! i like “Yes I am a wEB DESIGNER. NO, I won’t make you a Website for FREE!” and “I KNOW HTML (How To Meet Ladies)” …love all of them.

  • TheAL

    Some of these are flipping awesome! My only tweaks: #2 should say “developer,” and #17 was way cooler when I saw the version years and years ago that used a huge Java function. CSS is a bit too easy for the joke to work.

  • http://pixert.com Kate Mag

    really fits designers.

  • http://www.absolutet-shirts.com jake huff

    I do tech support and work on websites so these are all great shirts, check out some of the funny shirts at absolutet-shirts.com they have tons of funny shirts as well

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    mens underwear that is polyester based is the stuff i love to wear, polyester does not stain that much compared to cotton ;”;

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    Awesome, creative, funny & nice artwork for T-shirt designs…

  • http://JustLikeAMagic.com Mohammad Elsheimy

    Hahahahaha, very awesome ;)

  • http://www.sayvende.com/ Desiree Arias

    Funny tshirts, i like “my mom went to w3c” and “photoshop” one

  • http://www.vabytech.com vivek


  • Ade Budiman

    “Web Designer will work for BEER” Yeach!!! Awesome!

  • Jason

    If you like funny t shirts, be sure to check out http://www.normginatees.com. If the shirts don’t get you to tears, read the LEGEND of Norm Gina himself. Hilarious stuff..

  • http://www.stickgangs.com Stick Games

    Great tees there, might have to grab myself 1 or 2 of them :)

  • Macareno

    I want to suggest one of the best geek t-shirts (IMHO), the perfect cross-over between the IT Geek and the Heavy Metal fan: Metadata T-Shirt!