The Mesmerizing Art of Jordan S. Dill

Jordan S. Dill is a visual artist and editor of the Native American Village.

Jordan is a mixed-blood, non-enrolled Tsalagi (Cherokee) of Irish, English and Tsalagi heritage, living on Mt. Hunger in Vermont.

His art, fanciful and mesmerizing, is an ongoing narrative about the woods surrounding Mt. Hunger in Vermont, or what he calls the “Court of Leaves”.

On his website he documents the characters of the Court in each piece, describing them with a poem or with his own impressions.

We’ve collected a few pieces of his extraordinary art for this post that really take the viewer through an experience much like Alice in Wonderland.

Please share your impressions of Jordan’s art in the comments below…

  • Enk.

    Awesome !!
    Really loved .. :)

  • daGrevis

    Looks amazing! Unique for my eyes. :)

  • Designsy

    Great Stuff, Thx

  • designfollow

    great work

    thank you

  • Alex

    oufff I don’t like it much.

  • Brandon

    His work is simply amazing!!!!

  • Jack

    Full of imagination! Amazing + stunning!

  • Melody

    Very cool..slightly creepy..lovvvvve the colors!

  • Jesse

    Wow, they seem to really pop out on the screen…good stuff!

  • Alireza

    Seriously A Whole New Era In Art…!

  • Daniel Filipe Bento

    Really amazing piece of art.

    They keep me looking to them :)

  • Damir

    I love the art related posts. This one is really cool. Like a vision or surreal spiritual experience. Awesome!

  • Web Design Maidstone

    Great article, stunning

  • RoaldA

    This was new! Awsome thou!


    Amazing…a good choice of colours…a particular art of effects!

  • clippingimages

    Awesome colorful art. Really inspiring. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  • Lush

    So original!

  • Ben

    Not a great fan.

  • Walter

    Anything art related always gets polarized opinions, very interesting to see!

  • insic

    something new. :) love the colors

  • kevin

    Pro tip: Artist has the shortcut commands to blur, smudge and liquify tattooed to the inside of his eyelids.

    • shaymein

      agreed. first thing i thought was liquify filter much…

    • cbliss

      Perhaps I can shed some light. These works are painted with Jordan’s own custom designed brushes in Corel Painter… rest assured, there is no blur, smudge or liquify involved.

  • Morten

    One of a kind stuff!
    The front view of the eagle is awesome!

    A tutorial on how to do something like this in Photoshop would have been great…

  • wien

    Amazing, great work


    Awesome work!!

  • Karol K.

    Very interesting. The amount of detail is simply optimal. Not too much and not too little.

  • Reddy

    @Morten – take a random photo to photoshop, apply a filter or two (internet is full of them), blur, smudge and liquify it a bit, adjust colors aaaaand done. Anyone can do it, really.

    • jordan s. dill

      Would love to see you demonstrate.

      • Richie

        yep … me too ;)

  • Walter

    @Reddy, gotta agree with Jordan here. There’s a lot more to these awesome pieces of art than just a few Photoshop filters.

    • jordan s. dill

      Indeed…actually *no* PS filters are used. The primary vehicle is (corel) Painter


  • Richie

    Nice… something different from the other artists…. unique and audacious ….
    @walter … u are right… it may look doable … but there’s lot more into it than just Photoshop stuff

  • jordan s. dill

    Folks…I’d like to thank all who have commented. I am not quite sure how this all started but I am very grateful! :)

    The Red Queen (she who rules the Court of Leaves) sends Her best wishes too.

    GateKeeper to the Court of Leaves

  • Eric Grint

    Very Impressive :)

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    The art is just awesome and mesmerizing. I liked all the pics with the awesome art works. Great creativity.

  • dp

    I agree completely with Reddy.

    looks like he ran a few photoshop filters on an image.

    Bad post.

  • jordan s. dill

    Folks…just like to get out that no PS filters have been used in this/my work.


  • naz

    I like this. it remind me of my stuff. This is something new.

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    Very creative pictures.I would love to salute to Mr.Jordan S. Dill who has done a brilliant job.

  • Auderia

    Implores to the soul! Amazing work! ;)

  • jeprie

    interesting, unique, but not my favorite style. i just dont understand this kind of art. nice work mr. jordan.

  • emlak

    Very cool..slightly creepy..lovvvvve the colors

  • Jaso

    Nice work Mr jordan s. dill. Very inspiring, and like all things I really like, I rarely know how it was achieved.

  • Sahar

    Hard work done on them, bautiful color combination though, very scary, reminds me of hell.

  • Mark

    I feel like someone got carried away with the smudge tool in Photoshop… anyone with half an idea for composition could do this… :/ Maybe try something a little more… thoughtful? I dunno, I feel like I could easily reproduce any of these.

  • Jordan

    Folks…thanks to all for the positive remarks!

    As to Mark, “I dunno, I feel like I could easily reproduce any of these.” Feel free to post a url pointing to some of your easy reproductions.