Win 10 Premium Accounts at Grafpedia

We love to bring great contests to all our loyal readers and today we have another great one lined up for you.

We’ve partnered with Grafpedia a great provider of Photoshop gradients, brushes and vectors to bring another great giveaway to some lucky WDD readers.

We’re giving away a total of 10 premium accounts with access to ALL of Grafpedia’s content for 3 months. That is thousands of Photoshop brushes, vector shapes and patterns, and much much more.

The contest runs for one week and we will announce the results on December 22nd.

For a chance to win, please follow the participation guidelines after the jump.

To enter in this contest, simply follow WDD on Twitter @designerdepot and post your own Twitter username in the comment’s section of WDD below, along with a comment.

The 10 winners will get 3 months access to thousands of freebies which include:

  • 30.000 Photoshop Layer styles
  • 27.000 Photoshop Gradients
  • Hundreds of Vector files
  • Photoshop brushes
  • Vector icons
  • Textures
  • Psd Layouts

…and much more!

Thanks to Grafpedia for bringing this great giveaway to WDD readers and good luck to everyone!

  • Matt M


    Love the site and I love how you all are giving back to the community with these contests! It’s wonderful to be able to read great content and access valuable, free products in the process!

    • | Lauch your logo contest now!

      yes. Especially since all the prizes are deisgner related. No one would want to miss this chance. Its a great giveaway!

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    I am in… I hope i win :)

    • Walter

      Please add your Twitter account and follow us or it won’t count.

  • Chetan Sachdev

    First one :)
    Here is link to my tweet:

    Thanks for this giveaway..


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    I’ve been following Webdesigner Depot for a while.
    You guys rock, keep up the great work!


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    Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for another great contest!

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    I’m a web designer… Just started following WDD… Web Designer Depot offers plenty of worthy stuff to users. I’m impressed by designs used for web development.

    Hope I’ll win great stuff from you guys… Thanks

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    Amazing! That´s just what i need to save a LOT of worktime and increase my work quality!

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    Would be a joy to login as a premium account member and fill my Red Santa Bag with goodies. \o>

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    This is an awesome site really glad to have this opportunity to win such a great prize. Keep up the good work guys!

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    A great contest for a great site!

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    Sweet! i’ve been needing some good vector illustrations lately.

    Thanks for all the great content, it’s really helped me with my web design skills (especially since I’m trying to teach myself, yikes!)

  • Lauren Kelly


    I’m used to making all of my own stuff. New brushes or gradients or anything would be wonderful.


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    Great work folks- keep it up!

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    @monofeo – i love prizes!

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    my twitter id is srpsco

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    Thank you very much!!

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    Tutorials and tools (brushes, gradients, vectors) together? What a great idea!

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    I LOVE WDD! One of the highlights of my RSS reader. I also like to use swirls and PS brushes so winning the membership would be AWESOME!


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    Love your site! Many informative content.
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    Thats a great oportunity.. DesignDepot and Grafpedia are giving a great help for those who are starting in web and graphic design and for who likes to stay updated.

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    I need to win, because my wife does not raise my pocket money. @paranoidr

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    Looks like WDD and Grafpedia are definitely spreading the season’s good will (and goodies!) to good little designers … How have we been all year?

    This is one heck of a gift, thanks for this opportunity!!

    Good luck, all! :-)

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    Love the site, love the community feel, and I certainly love the giveaways! Thanks for everything WDD!

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    Thanks for the chance. It does look like it would take 3+ months to even go through a fraction of them!

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    Can. not. wait.

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    will work for those resources… all the way from mexico city

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    December 22nd is my birth date so that would be one more great gift for me that day ! :D

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    This is a huge giveaway you’re having. No matter if I win an account or not: your site & Grafpedia are awesome and I’ve been enjoying both for quite some time.

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  • Dee

    Omg, one of those accounts would be awesome! *drools* I so hope I win. *drools and crosses fingers*


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