Beautiful curvy brush fonts for design

Brush fonts are hotter than ever and we are seeing them more often on professionally designed websites.

Thick, bold and beautiful… their relaxed, casual feeling and sexy curves make them a perfect fit for designers who want to break the mold and steer away from the typical serif and sans serif font choices.

Some of them crossover into the script font world, while retaining their thick lines and curves.

These types of fonts are also now widely used for logo designs and packaging as they easily bring added interest and creativity.

Here are 20 beautiful brush fonts that you may wish to use in your designs. Most of these fonts are not free, but may be worth the price for your project. Enjoy…


1. Tomate


2. Bello


3. Enamel Brush


4. Whomp


5. Kari


6. Radio Time


7. Mousse Script


8. HT Maison


9. Chocolate


10. Black Rose


11. Lil Rhino


12. Joyscript


13. Mrs Sheppards


14. Mikey Likes It Corpulent


15. Quiff


16. Sugar Pie


17. Calgary Script


18. Candy Script


19. Kewl Script


20. Semilla

Do you know of any other great examples? Please share them below…

  • Rahul – Web Guru

    I must say that these are quite good quality fonts and specially I like the curvy fonts. My choice of font is “Candy Script”.

  • texturezine

    Very nice great fonts. Thanks

  • Melody

    Curvy fonts are always sexy.. :P The kewl font looks like an adaptation of the coca cola font… Calgary makes me want enchiladassss now lol..

    • Walter

      Actually many of these fonts are used for food products ;)

  • Stanley Parrish

    I LOVE THESE, Great Post

  • Carlos Hermoso

    Fantastic post about beautiful curvy brush fonts for design.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Thomas Apfelbacher

    i think one of the finest round fonts id “sauna” by underware.

    Greetz from germany, Thomas

  • Walter

    @Thomas Apfelbacher: a great font, thanks for sharing!

  • Stefanos Hadjisoteriou

    I don’t usually comment after reading an article, but this one is fantastic, and these Curvy Brush fonts have always been my clear favourite type of font. Perfect article for me!

    • Walter

      Glad to see you commenting here ;)

  • Aleksandar

    Great fonts. I particular like Quiff one but others are beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tom – Airopia

    Candy Script and Kewl Script are very nice!

  • Phil D.

    Great collection! thanks for putting these together :) I LOVE BELLO

  • Klaus

    Excellent collection!

  • Gert-Jan

    there a so great and sexy!!

    i hoped the were for free… :(

  • Harvey

    Glad to see Sudtipos well represented here. Ale Paul is king of the script font!

  • alyssa

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

  • Adrian Covaci

    great fonts

  • Alex Flueras

    Great list, thanks for sharing. Another sweet and free font that I use regularly: Candice and Copper Std Black.


    Good collections. Some fonts are so cool. Curvy fonts is excellent for graphics vintage…but after this post I am tempted to use them forever!

  • Furniture Quest

    Love all of the groovy fonts and COLORS!

  • Jack

    Great fonts, are they all available for download. Thanks.

    • Walter

      Yes, but some of them cost some $$$

  • gofree

    Love your collection.
    Btw, any chance of compiling fonts used for Wedding Invitation?

    • Walter

      I’ll consider it

  • Smashing Share

    great collection. thanks for sharing

  • Andrew Phillips

    Love these. Thank you.

  • Rich

    Excellent resources to reference! Thank you for researching these and posting them.
    Another fantastic typography site / forum to find exclusive / new and foundry fonts is
    It is the best private typography forum for graphic designers / typographers on the internet with an unbelievable amount of free fonts, premium fonts and exclusive typefaces. I believe it is an invite only site, similar to ffffound and behance, but a little more homegrown, personal and underground, but the content they have available is amazing. I also think it was just voted the best typography forum of 2009. Anyhow, check it out if you want,
    Thank you again for the excellent information, long time reader first time poster. I will definitely be bookmarking this!

    • Aaron

      Can you send me an invite code for

  • Paul Richards

    Kewl Script sort of reminds me of coca cola logo, does it you? :-)

  • Lorraine Ball

    We have enjoyed working with Complete in Him. We use it as the accent font on our web site, and business cards. It helps keep the “fun” in our brand.

  • Mitja Ribic

    Nice collection. Tnx.

  • The Illiterate Knife Rack

    Awesome selection, I especially love Whomp! I’m off to find a project to use it in now…

  • Yalli Oliveira

    Nice Fonts! :)

  • Laia

    I love these! Thanks for sharing!

  • alyssa

    PS… where can I download them?

  • Tom Ross

    Candy Script looks incredible!

  • Kyle

    OOO-WEE some of those fonts are SUPER HOT. Like fire! Nice collection.

  • Melvin Jose

    Excellent! Think I’m going to try some in my next designs.

  • Jordan Walker

    Great collection to add for those curvy brands.

  • Justin Moore-Brown

    Holy crap these fonts are awesome!

    Love “Bello” and “Candy Script”

  • Luis Braga

    Definitively Volupia from DSType!

  • Ted Rex

    I love how these fonts just encourage the use of great colors, too. Great collection.

    I made this one of my three links for the day on my “Design Thought” daily blog:

    All the best, Ted

  • degentd

    Beautiful fonts. I like, especially, the Tomate.

  • Rezyde

    I was looking for this type of font for a logo I am working on! You just made my life a bit easier. muchas gracias

  • Ale Paul

    Hola, I really appreciate you mentioned many of our fonts.

  • Mark

    Nice collection of fonts, Bello is my fave!

  • PhotoshopCandy – A Web Design Blog

    Awesome list of Fonts. Useful. Thanks

  • Jonathan Stones

    Lovely fonts, the candy script is a brilliant font, in the middle of creating a new identity with it.

  • http://- songkran jobsri

    good Lovely fonts, the candy script is a brilliant font, in the middle of creating a new identity with it.

  • PK

    Great fonts :) personaly like Mrs Sheppards
    Also this nice brush font i just use in my design

  • Maksim Shaihalov

    good collections. thx!

  • Rustagi Technologies

    NIce Fonts.

  • thereyougo

    Thanks a lot for sharing these. You are a great inspiration for me. Thanks a lotttt =)

  • 秦浪的电子商务博客

    good Lovely fonts

  • Ogvidius

    These are perfect! I’ve been looking for a collection of fonts like these for a long time but never known what to call them! I’ve tried searching for script fonts etc. but it brings up loads of different ones. So great to have them all in one place. Bookmarked! Thanks.

  • Morgan and Me

    We totally dig these fonts…a real distraction from all the sans serif fonts we see everywhere.

  • Tyler Herman

    I don’t know why I love these fonts. I guess working with the crap that comes with Creative Suite makes you hungry for anything different.

  • XK9

    I think it would have been nice for you to attribute the designers and type foundries of each face.

  • Arlette go

    big fan of umbrella and sudtipos too