Impossible Gravity Defying Ads

According to Newton’s Law of universal gravitation, what goes up, must come down…. but that’s not always the case!

One of the great things about design is that we can use our imagination to break free from the norm by rewriting the laws of physics.

In this post, we invite you to look at our reality in a new light and expect the unexpected.

The ads in this post feature impossible compositions that cause the viewer to question the laws of the universe while bringing an extra dimension of wonder to our world.

We’ve collected 30 examples of adverts that defy the law of gravity to varying degrees…. enjoy!

Which one did you like best? Share your favorites below…

  • Saint

    Really great set …

  • Ryan

    Great collection!
    Love the Land Rover subtlety.

  • JP

    Love the second one. I could not have put it any better.

  • Rahul – Web Guru

    Impressive collection of advertisements.

  • Design ideas

    This post is something unbelievable. Thanks for inspiration

  • bango

    I love this collection, pictures are impressive.

  • Joe Spurling

    Almost all of these ads would tempt me to buy the product/service… Strange but I guess I’m a sucker for gravity-defying ads!

  • cssah

    hhhhhh, love the elephant one really creative

  • Joe Barstow

    Ha! Awesome stuff. The last one made me cringe a little .. well done but, ick! My favorite has to be the land rover, such subtlety, yet still provides a rich & compelling story.

  • Athryn

    It’s not really an ad, per se, but the new intro for HBO’s series “Big Love” falls into this category, imo. It’s very beautiful:

  • New York Web Design

    Awesome :D
    What a Creative & Impressive ADs…. Some Make me Laugh & some just WoW !!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Alí Suárez

    Loved the last one.

  • Tom – Airopia


  • ogc

    love the salvador cocktail ad – great concept & execution.

  • Jordan Walker


  • Kevin

    Those ads are great! Nice post.

  • jeprie

    the last is great. thanks.

  • saibel

    Those ads are great, but the last is amazing!

  • patong hotels

    some is very funny but there are good idea.

  • Arni Web Design

    ha ha ha, nice ads, thanks

  • Poonit Patel

    Very good collection of advertisements. Thanks very much for sharing with us.


    simply fantastic! Some images are really amazing. The adv with aliens and tower os Pisa are so crazy!

  • hbunny

    I love them, incredible ideas!

  • Pelfusion

    must say impressive collection

  • Maverick

    all of these ads look impressive. very well done.

  • BLOGitse

    Those are all great but maybe Continental Savings Bank and Komatsu are my favourites…

  • Segafredo Espresso

    Love the drawn cow being levitated off the banner. Too Funny

  • Martin

    Haha, AdBlock Plus (easylist filter) blocks every single one of them :P

  • Doug B.

    Terrific imagery, but suddenly I want to go out and buy a Jeep…

  • R

    Half of them are nothing new. Especially with floating models and ufos.

  • pesho

    really it’s amazing
    I love


    Gr8 stuff….but the Electrolux ad isn’t necessarily defying gravity…it looks like the person is floating, but actually what it is showing that the suction is so strong, it even sucked in the shadow of itself.

  • Cory Jones

    RUGRLN, I agree.

    But also the guy in the Electrolux ad is not positioned properly and the shadowing for the vacuum is off. I’d expect better qc from such a large company.

    • RUGRLN

      Quite true too…I guess the graphics designer had a great idea…but was unable to execute it as well…

    • Mark Schaffner

      Cory, I know what you mean, it LOOKS wrong, but the shadow is supposed to be “off”. It’s being sucked into the vacuum cleaner. The odd bumps around the handle of the vacuum are actually the feet from the guy’s shadow. Both his shadow and that of the vacuum are being sucked into it together.

      It took me a few minutes to really grasp what was happening in that ad, myself.

  • tanya

    must say its a great collection. All the images are amazing

  • Marjorie Jumisco

    Absolutely loved all the ads but the last one showing the boy at the computer is very
    slick, so to speak.

    Good news that we have webdesignerdepot! You are awesome.

  • wien

    nice ideas, thanks for this post

  • Ben Sky

    Some amazing work there, definite future inspiration there, thanks!

  • dhavaln

    i liked all of them

  • Perry

    Hahaha excellent!
    I’m loving ad number 2…

  • 9swords

    I love one with the guy who’s sleep kicking a vase? It’s great!

  • Splashnology

    Realy awesome collection. Thanks WDD

  • Edward Julio B. Tuppil

    Terrific! hehehe…. Good Concepts. so so so Genius… two thumbs Up for this collection…

  • Joalfran Pérez


  • http://www.yomedia.roblog Yomedia

    the ones with the cows are the most creative. Its works a billboard with one cow hangin’

  • Fun Spill

    very awesome!

  • whocares

    some are not really defying gravity at all. osim ad is just a sideways picture of a guy sleeping on the floor, landrover ad seems like it’s the interior picture of the jeep that’s been flipped over, and electrolux ad is just the shadow being sucked in. i know ‘gravity defying’ is a pretty catchy phrase to go along with cool and realistically impossible ads, but next time you might just want to say ‘cool ads’ and avoid looking like an a.d.h.d. kid with no regards on giving second looks before you compile to make a list.

  • Peter

    Gotta looooove photshop

  • technology

    It’s not really an ad, per se, but the new intro for HBO’s series “Big Love” falls into this category, imo. It’s very beautiful:

  • Music Tube

    I love the sharks and the train, very cool and stylish!

  • Freelance Web Designer Cardiff

    Good design inspiration thanks for the nice collection…some of the designs really make you look and it is a clever piece of advertising