Our Favorite Tweets of the Week
Dec 27-Jan 2, 2010

Every week we tweet a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content that we find on the web that can be of interest to web designers.

The best way to keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on Twitter, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the best tweets that we sent out this past week.

Note that this is only a very small selection of the links that we tweeted about, so don’t miss out.

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30 Examples of Beautiful Portfolio Designs: http://bit.ly/8SJsVd

10 Best iPhone Apps for Dog Lovers: http://bit.ly/8M7h5O

Very Easy Heroes Eclipse in Photoshop: http://bit.ly/bkuWq

Designing News Websites – http://bit.ly/6Bk93H /via @smashingmag

Transparent truck? http://bit.ly/8w5XSu

10 Ways Freelancing Has Changed in the Last Decade http://bit.ly/7ciq82 (via @FreelanceFolder)

The Science of White Space in Design: http://bit.ly/5AtUVr

Humorous Photography: http://bit.ly/51NblK

Understanding the Value of Constructive Discussion in the Design Community: http://bit.ly/4EtNQf

10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling: http://bit.ly/4AYMbb

Pictures of the decade: http://bit.ly/8jCord

VIDEO: McDonald’s Ad Produces Steam! http://ow.ly/QY7H (via @inspiredmag)

7 Must-See Web Design Videos and Presentations: http://bit.ly/7eRHjs

The Beautiful Art of Japanese Web Design: http://bit.ly/5jrl9v

A “Bystander’s Perspective” on the Design Community: http://bit.ly/6JvEMY

I’m Feeling Lucky: Google’s New Year Surprise – http://bit.ly/617afR (via @mashable)

Color Trends: Best Magazine Covers of 2009: http://bit.ly/6g9Ddq

A Colorful Clock With CSS & jQuery: http://bit.ly/6BBAUQ

This is brilliant. Well done @andyrutledge. Creativity is not Design (Test 2) http://j.mp/63hrZP (via @buildinternet)

3D Night Wallpapers: http://bit.ly/5M2fLO

Great Examples Of Coming Soon Pages And How To Create Yours: http://bit.ly/4G7jCK

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  • http://blog.laroouse.com esranull

    very nice twitter post thanks

  • http://diegoripley.com Diego

    I’ve already started sending 10 Words you Need to Stop Misspelling to everyone I know :)

  • http://www.detektei-deutschland.com bastin

    great twitter tip

  • http://designinformer.com Design Informer

    Thank you so much for including the article from Design Informer. It’s really an honor to be featured in your tweets of the week.

    There was some great content published this week and you have showcased some that I haven’t even seen yet. Those 3D night wallpapers are awesome!

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    So nice. 3D night wallpapers, cover magazines and cocacola vs pepsi are fantastic!

  • http://lauhakari.com Lauhakari [mikko]

    poor coke bullied by Pepsi, moahahah :D

    I loved the japanese designs, interesting how different they look or feel compared to “western” designs.

  • http://www.kaplang.com/blog michelle

    that truck is amazing :) how do they do that and who on earth thinks this stuff up??

    Great roundup, thanks :)

  • http://www.soapboxdesign.com.au Lisa [Soapbox Design]

    Great summary – lots of cool reading there – going to grab a coffee :)

  • http://www.diamondchainmusic.com C.R.I.$.I.$. aka Mr. Swagger

    The Ad about Coke being bullied by Sprite could also mean, it takes that many Sprites to beat one Coca Cola.

    Otherwise, I love it. Lol

  • http://www.diamondchainmusic.com C.R.I.$.I.$. aka Mr. Swagger

    I don’t add bookmarks to my BlackBerry Storm that often but, this is worth it.

  • http://www.zoombits.co.uk winter olympics

    Awesome post, article is very informative and the photos are awesome so is the video.

  • http://www.moinid.com Creative ideas

    Awesome tweets

  • KEEW

    Anyone interested in the 3D Night Wallpapers (aka. Light Symphony) just check love1008’s deviantart gallery here: http://love1008.deviantart.com/gallery/

  • http://desigg.com Desigg

    Nice indeed

    Transparent truck very funny

  • http://www.web4half.com Awesome Designs AKA Paula

    Amazing ….
    “10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling”… @ awesome…

    Thanks for sharing…

  • http://www.pixelstudioworks.com/ PixelStudioWorks™

    Hi,Nice post.

    I like all tweets.

    Thx for share.(^_^)

  • http://www.trippingwords.com Josh

    Thanks for the feature. It’s nice to know that 3 of my articles made your list! :)

    The article I found most interesting was the write-up on Japanese design. It was a real eye-opener for me.

  • http:/blog.indodx.com IndoDX

    Amazing I can’t wait next twits post ;)

  • http://www.yogapuntadeleste.com/ Alvaro Hernandorena

    nice, the bully pepsis is funy and i liked the asian web design

  • http://www.jordanwalker.net Jordan Walker

    Nice list, looking forward to next week.

  • http://www.nashvilleinteractive.com Nashville Web Designer

    Man I love these tweets of the week posts. I find it hard to devote (non-billable) time to scouring Twitter for the good stuff so it’s awesome that you compile it all here. Thanks!

  • http://www.zoombits.co.uk 2010 winter olympics

    Awesome list, great video thanks for sharing it. Would be looking forward for the next week.

  • http://media-sfera.com Media-sfera

    Well done idea with tweets.Twitter now is very popular.So we can use it to inform people in anything.

  • http://www.hamburg-intern.de jv

    nice list