Woven Fabric Social Media Icon Set

Freebies, Social Media, Web Design | Jan 19, 2010

We absolutely love icons and today we have another exclusive great set available for you.

This woven fabric set of social media icons was created by Jan Cavan from Dawghouse.

Although not suitable for every type of site, these icons will look wonderful on websites that use texture and have an organic approach to their design.

There are a total of 26 icons available as transparent PNGs and they are completely free for personal and commercial use, however, if you’d like to share them with your friends, please refer them to this page so that they can download them from here.

The download link and a full preview is available after the jump… Enjoy…


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  • Vectorss

    very nice great icon set. Thanks

  • Rahul – Web Guru

    Thanks for the icon. Downloading it right away… Cheers.

  • Smashing Share

    Love them!

  • CupidsToejam

    wow, those are impressive!

  • designfollow

    great icons

    thank you.


    Wow so perfect!! Fantastic!!! Amazing! I love this graphic! Beautiful icons!

  • David Mikucki

    Great icons. I might use them in an upcoming project. Thanks!

  • Matthew Heidenreich

    Not sure I have a use for such an icon set, but I love the results! Great work!

  • Voyage Montreal

    Great icons! Really liked them

  • joyceyjoyce

    These are cool! Thanks WDD and Dawghouse!

  • Lam Nguyen – AEXT.NET

    Great Icon!

  • kok aan huis

    Love it!

  • Yaggi Photography Kent Wedding Photographers

    Awesome! Thank you

  • Suede

    Awesomeness!! I’m building this website for a fruit packaging company and I’m thinking of using this icon set. Thank you!

  • Kannan

    Great set !

  • Martin LeBlanc

    Nice icons.

  • Bright New Media

    These will look great on my Potato blog!

  • Soumya

    This looks superb! Thanks!

  • Webmaster


  • afino

    Beatiful and stylish icon set.

  • BloggerThemes

    I’m going to use this icons in my next premium design.Thanks a lot WDD.

  • Okko

    Nice set of icons ! How many SackBoy have you killed to do it ?

  • Melody

    Love these icons and the texture of the fabric..wonder what kind of site would use these…

  • Laura

    Beautiful work, thanks for the icons Jan Cavan and WDD!

  • Richard Harris

    These look great, but I can’t really imagine using them on any future sites. Who knows though, maybe i’ll get a contract for canvas bag store.

  • http://Beau.LIVESTRONGER.INFO Web Design New York

    Icons looks great…


  • Designer Web et multimedia

    Thanks for the share! Those would work great for an artist or an indy music band.

  • Daniel

    Whow ! Thx god ! EXACTLY what I need for my new web site !
    Jan Cavan you are wonderfull and I love you !
    Melody you are beautifull I want to marry you !

  • Kaplang

    retweeted these :) thanks they are really nice

  • bluereckiem

    Nice work!, very creative!

  • Cat Johnson

    Ah ha!

    Initially, social media icon sets were so very cool. Then everyone was creating and distributing them and they all started to look the same…or else they strayed so far from recognizable that it defeated the purpose of including them on your posts.

    But I must say – this set is new, fresh and unusual…3 things that icon sets haven’t been in a while! It will take a special site to do them justice, but for the right one, they will be the perfect addition.

    Thanks for the post and for sharing the great set.


    • Leon Buijs

      They would be even greater if they weren’t exact copies of each other. Also, you have to use them quite large in order to keep them recognizable. Just sayin’.

  • gizelle

    Very nice icons… Thanks for sharing this!

  • Hawkinz

    Ahh, the holy grail of icons…

  • rod rodriguez

    thanks for this set, great stuff as always….

  • Jan Cavan

    A HUGE THANK YOU for the positive feedback everyone!! It’s really great to hear you loved the icon set. Thank you!!

  • Marshall

    These are great! Thanks!

  • Hamza

    hmmm that’s great post for web designers can easily now improve our design related to the clothing website.

  • Ben

    No reddit?

  • Walter

    @Ben: it’s actually there

    • Ben

      Doh! Missed it lol

  • Abhilash M

    Nice icons. It’s good. Appreciate the person who made it. Thanks for sharing these.

  • christopher

    those are pretty cool. I have no idea what to use them for but they are nice. I guess I need a weaving or rug webpage or something.

  • ilya

    Wow,so ‘naturally’ icons. Thanks

  • Thomas

    really awesome icons… i love them

  • graffiti vector

    Beautiful icon set thanks for share

  • Veezual

    Wow, this icon set is so creative and nice. Hope to see more like this!

  • John

    Oh, I do like these, a very distinct set and it’s given me a few ideas… one more thank you to add to the list

  • Premiere Custom

    Pretty cool and original! I’ll have to see if there is somewhere I can use these. Nice job.

  • sumera

    nice icons.

  • wien

    nice icons, thanks for sharing

  • wow power leveling

    Pretty cool !!!

  • Khoz

    Nice Icon set

  • Otoso

    I love it

    big thanks


  • Poljoprivreda

    Impressive! great.

  • página web cancún ::ProyectoDW::

    Thanks a lot for the post, the icons and the graphic background are excellent.

  • Mag1cWind0w

    So beautiful! These icons are very detailed!
    I really love the concept of this icon set. Great work!~ : )

  • Metin

    Good one.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • hibiscus jaune

    Original set! I’ll try to put in my theme. It’s hard to find unconventional icons on the web

  • jin

    soooooooo cool!! thanks^^

  • Choco_Lover

    Thank U for sharing these icon

    It’s so beautiful , cool and classic.
    I love it

  • Alaev

    Very nice icons, thanks. I will use it. Rly cool!

  • Web Design

    Awesome stuff thanks for the share, do you have the tutorial for this?

  • Charles

    sweetness! thanks for these! I can use them in a project I’m working on right now!

  • Raymundo

    Thanks, congratulations

  • Akhtar

    I love it & will use in next design, thanks!

  • klimatici

    Nice icons! I love it :)

  • Marc

    So beautiful! These icons are very detailed!

  • Jhon

    I have no idea what to use them for but they are nice. I guess I need a weaving or rug webpage or something.

  • xea

    Thank you for sharing, very cool icons!

  • Diesel Engine

    Looks pretty good it could be perfect for a pirate website :D just kidding , use this icons only with colours that will look well with them.

  • Christian Fredebeul

    thank you, thank you, thank you, that is absolutely unique!

  • John

    Sweet! These are going to end up on one of my websites for sure. :)

  • albergo viserbella

    They are so cute!!
    thank you!

  • wthaker

    very cool thanks

  • DG

    Excellent icons, thanks for share. I’ll download and use it… :D