A Showcase of Minimalist Workstations

No matter what your personal work style, an uncluttered and attractive workspace will improve the quality and efficiency of your work.

Getting rid of paper, digitizing your business cards, minimizing your office supplies are just some of the measures you can take to declutter your workspace and redesign your work life.

Working in an aesthetically pleasing and minimalist workspace enhances your creativity and focus.

Eliminate anything you don’t need, and you’ll have less of a visual distraction. We have enough online distractions; shouldn’t we be limiting the physical ones as well?

The minimalist zen like work spaces that we’ve collected below can inspire you to create a clean design for your environment that meshes with the beautiful work  that you do online.

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Andy Johnson, a freelance designer and developer living in South England. He currently freelances via his web design studio Pixeno, and he’s also working on his web app called Authentic. You can  follow him on Twitter @Andy92.

Which workstation is your favorite and why?

  • http://www.fatdux.com Eric Reiss

    Very pretty. But these remind me of an old joke: if a messy desk is the sign of a messy mind, what does an empty desk signify? I cannot believe that this is really what these workspaces look like when they’re actually in use.

    • Jodi

      Amen! Good point…even they look nice…and clean. Not my workspace, thats forsure :-)

  • http://bango.learnless.info/ New York Web Design

    Simply amazing.

    these are all DEVILS
    my pocket are going to burn!!
    Nice Mac Community

  • http://www.myfacetubebookspace.co.uk Will Hancock

    Do you have to be a Mac monkey to have a minamalist workspace?

    • http://www.glenn-v-bogaert.co.cc Glenn Van Bogaert

      No, not really. But just keep in mind that Macs are more stylish than a Windows pc is. But I’m not gonna say that a Windows can’t be stylish. I’ve seen desks with a Windows that’s stylish too.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwl Kennymatic

      I’m proud to say that my Mac workspace is a complete mess.

    • http://www.petebarr.com Pete

      I was thinking exactly the same thing! Poor messy PC me!

  • http://www.twitter.com/corestudiosinc Core Studios

    I prefer #6 cause you aren’t facing a wall in front of you when you ‘re working.

  • http://www.tarifarak.com TARIFA RAK
  • http://www.gustavscirulis.com Gustavs Cirulis

    Inspiring me to change my workstation. Great article.

  • http://www.moinid.com Design ideas

    Nice compilation. Love it

  • http://www.twitter.com/corestudiosinc Core Studios

    Check these two also: http://att.macrumors.com/attachment.php?s=a47ed519b89b46c35aa9eadbabb7ddd8&attachmentid=107976&d=1205607993 (I don’t like the glass table much but I like the fact that you have a wide view if you look behind the screen) & http://www.instablogsimages.com/images/2008/06/13/21_dmQPL_58.jpg (I think this is the most minimalistic of all mentioned here).


    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Lovely ones!

  • http://www.squiders.com Website Design Maidstone

    Some nice workstations but I wouldn’t swap my bashed up, untidy desk for anything…always rejected the tidy desk/tidy mind analogy… nonsense!

  • http://www.crovean.com crovean hosting

    Nice collection! I can’t wait to get home to start cleaning my desk! hehehe. I’m not sure if i can maintain a clean desk like that hehehe.

  • http://www.unuidesign.com Editha

    I need to work on my desk right now! What a beautiful workstations! THANKS :D

  • http://behance.net/kimmchi Wan Kimm Cheng

    The 12th (the one with the shelf on the table!) and the last one. The former because it’s always practical to have a workspace with some elevated space to put some things you don’t want to clutter up your main keyboard area (for example – documents, references), and the last because it’s really pleasing to the eye!

  • http://www.16argarden.com 16ar


    I can send you a picture of my maximalist workstation if you want.
    I’m sure I’d win the contest :)

  • http://alwaysabounding.org Abounding

    One note of interest on these workstations: nearly all feature a Mac. Are there fewer minimalist Windows users? Count me – I’m one.

    • http://eatstudio.com josheat

      Yeah that’s the first thing I noticed.
      Don’t know why it bothers me, but it does. hah

  • umd

    just loving it!!

  • http://www.awakencompany.com Anthony

    This is an amazing list of workspaces! I can’t wait to re-do mine!

  • http://davemakes.com Dave

    These must be the desks of unhappy hipsters.

  • http://piry.me/ Piry

    Ok so why are they all macs ?

    • Ron

      because mac’s are obviously the best.

      • Vitor

        Ok,that is debatable…

      • Sam

        Mac’s are good for webdesigning and editing in photoshop

    • John

      This site seems heavily Mac biased. Nothing wrong with that. Just sayin… :)

  • http://www.o-fotografovani.cz Adam

    Number 10 is really cool… BTW I got the same watches like these on the table :-)

  • http://tr.im/mewC Rahul – Web Guru

    Really cool work places. It should be quite cool to work in such awesome places.

  • http://www.webrammers.com Zaeem

    Great workstations indeed. But I think we can’t get rid of paper 100%, as I think that designer might need paper pencil next to it to make a quick sketch of his imagination, and waiting to open some photoshop like software to draw may take time and divert his attention a bit from the main focus of imagination.

  • http://www.twitter.com/corestudiosinc Core Studios

    @Will Hancock: Considering that Mac’s design is superior to PCs (prettier, more minimalistic) the answer is YES.

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

    Although not all of them are Macs, there’s certainly a trend there for minimalist work spaces to be usually Mac.

  • http://www.michaelhepher.com michael hepher

    So, by ‘minimalist’ you mean people with a clean desk? :)

    • http://emmasugarman.com Emma

      That’s what I’m getting from this. And spot lighting.

  • http://www.tpso.nl Richard de Pijper

    My desk look just like these :)

  • yitznewton

    Bah… my desk is full of papers, food, *looks around* 1990s Star Trek computer game CD-ROMs, a fan, boxes, paper towel roll, books… then again, I’m a back-end coder and not a designer – perhaps that’s why. Hope the clutter doesn’t reflect back to my code…

  • Andrea

    Mac considereded workstation? hahahahaha

  • Ben

    Mac’s are for people who don’t know how to use a “computer”. :P

    Why would anyone drop 3k on something with depressing hardware specs. Sure it tends to have less bugs but Macs have proprietary hardware. I’m sure a PC would run pretty quick if it had proprietary hardware too. I mean you can’t even get the ATI Radeon 2GB card on the Power Mac yet. I guess I’m a gamer and designer so I need raw power too.

    Just my opinion. I design on a PC and love it. Never had any issues.

    • john

      ‘Power Macs’ haven’t been around for about 4 years now

      • jochen

        … oops, you just debunked the ‹it is worth it because of the long life cycle› myth :D

    • http://noelhurtley.com Noel Hurtley

      Ben, I’m not trying to stir up anything here (anymore then you are, that is) but your statement “Mac’s are for people who don’t know how to use computer” is an ignorant generalization at best or a direct insult at worst.

      I’m a photographer and former owner of a small computer consulting company that fixed PCs until I switched to a Mac about 4 years ago. Does that mean that I don’t understand computers or does it actually mean that I came to an well researched decision for my specific use case? You be the judge.

      Lastly, I do agree with you about the hardware, specifically GPUs. The Mac Pro is certainly not underpowered by any measure, but Apple clearly does not place a lot of credence in the importance of video cards.

  • http://wdr.se Mikael

    This makes me want to hurt people.

  • http://www.susay.de Susi

    I like the first one because the beautiful lighting glas table. But why only Apple is minimalist?

    • http://eatstudio.com josheat

      Lack of imagination

  • Taranis

    Yeah, at first looks like a showcase of Mac workstations.
    Why is there online one PC? Maybey they’re to poor to have anything other than a minimalist workstation :D

    But nice collection, like it!

  • http://www.codesquid.co.uk Codesquid

    If these pictures are to be believed, most web designers own nothing but a table, a chair and an iMac.

    • http://maxim650.com Todd J. List

      That’s because they can only afford the table and chair after buying the iMac. :-p

  • Atnylope

    Has anyone realized that only two workstations have printers? Not mentioning the lack of cds, dvds, cookies, magazines, papers, pencils, pens.. Ok, it’s minimalistic but.. ain’t a real workstation.

    BTW, as Hancock asked before, Does any designer in the world use a Mac? Here, a Mac cost 3 times more than a great PC and it makes me wonder if a Designer is a rich person in the 1st world.


  • Tezifon


  • http://help-press.org Colin Morgan

    Are all these people sponsored by mac or something? yeesh

  • http://www.designlovr.com DesignLovr

    I actually think that most of these work places are a little bit boring…
    where is the creative chaos? A desk with a notebook/desktop screen, that’s it?

  • Jay

    Interesting, NOT ONE pc setup :)

  • http://www.stevemullencreative.com Steve Mullen

    I love all the under-lighting on the glass desks!

  • navarino

    I was always a PC guy until I actually sat down and used a Mac properly.

    Meaning I learned the features.

    Mac is the only choice for intelligent people. I do not know how I lived with a PC for so long.

    • http://www.greenandchic.com Carla

      Mac is the only choice if you have MONEY, lol. I’m not too happy with my PC, but its better than nothing.

      • http://twitter.com/symbiotics Cristhian

        Right there with ya :) also now Windows 7 makes it a bit easier, anyway need to clean my desktop a bit

    • http://www.heynils.com Nils Rasmusson

      I use a $2,500 Mac Pro at work and a $600 homemade PC at home with Windows 7. My PC kicks my Mac’s trash. I dread going to work and using it. Been using both Mac and PC for eight years and I’ll take a PC any day. Especially for the price.

      • Kurt

        Sounds like you dont know how to use a mac.

  • Chris

    I work most on my Macbook Pro and iMac but I have a very minimalist Sony VAIO too. I think there were only 2 Windows PCs in this whole gallery. It probably would be a good idea to more equitable.

  • http://rebzmedia.com Chris

    14 is one of the best in my personal opinion; love all that arm room to move about!

  • Jamie D Payne

    I really like #12.

  • http://www.jordanwalker.net/index.php Jordan Walker

    What about the quad-monitor minimalist Linux group?

  • http://www.16argarden.com 16ar

    c’mon guys, we don’t care about wether it’s a pc or a mac. It’s just beautiful pictures. and whatever you can say, a mac is most of the time more beautiful than a PC…

    What I would like to see next is the extreme opposite. What would it look like for messy workstations. Beautifulness of chaos

    Note : I have a macbook pro, AND a PC workstation.

  • http://www.webdesignfoc.us Edward Julio B. Tuppil

    It Doesnt Really Matter… I Have a PC… But I use MAC in office…
    mac is good, if only i can afford one… hehe.. But I love PC… I am more used to it…
    …NICE workstations! I Think you wont be lazy anymore if you’re on one of those..

    Cool!!! :D

  • http://www.codemypantsoff.com Dylan Barber

    I dont think my desk has ever been clean enough to determine if my workstation is minmalist!

  • john

    surely all the strewn out paperwork and coffee cups are out of frame!?

  • http://www.sametomorrow.com/blog adam

    I agree some are a little dull but others are definitely quite nice.

  • http://www.christinaleephoto.com Christina Lee

    Do ANY designers use PC anymore?? Am I the only one out there??
    I’m trying as hard as possible to not follow that herd…still love my dells and dislike all the macs I’ve ever used.

    • Gregasus


    • Kurt

      For me, it simply comes down to the font rendering difference on Mac/PC. Have you tried working thru a typographically heavy web design on a Mac, get it looking great, then see the crappy anti aliasing done on windows ‘clear type’? It would make you cringe.

  • http://bradwestness.com Brad

    I have to say, while these look nice, my first thought was “these people spend more time straightening and futzing with their workspaces than actually working.”

    I mean, cleanliness and neatness is one thing, but installing black lights under a glass desk just makes me think that person has too much free time and disposable income (which is essentially the same reaction I have to elaborate PC case mods).

    Anyone who is actually doing enough design work or coding to be considered serious should (in my opinion) spend more of their free time keeping up with emerging technologies and honing their craft than doing light carpentry.

    • Kurt

      Lighten up francis

      pun intended :P

  • http://www.styleprone.com Brad

    Very inspiring, I feel working with a clean space is a lot more relaxing. I think a showcase of messy workstations is in order.

  • Adam

    ummm…. so… based on these photos, only two in 25 or so computer users are both neat and zen-like while also working on a non-Apple computer. Something is fishy about this…….

  • http://www.caruccioweb.net Francesco Caruccio


  • http://pixeno.com Andy Johnson

    Thanks for all the comments. I think why most of them are Mac workspace’s is generally because Mac’s do look nicer than PC’s.

  • http://www.greenandchic.com Carla

    In order to have workstations like those you have to have places to store your files, paperwork, supplies etc. I run a web store and that generates a ton of paper in the course of a week (though I try to minimize it as much as possible) – at least for me. I would like to see where they keep all their files and how they organize that. Its easy to keep your desk clean if you shove everything in a box under the desk for photo ops.

  • http://www.designinsaigon.com Charlydonc

    I always need paper on my desk, beautiful but is miss paper on those desks

  • http://www.webmasterdubai.com webmasterdubai

    nice post most of them are mac lover….rare windows user workstations in it….

  • http://Infiniton.net Photon

    Absolutely amazing. I shall have one like them or even better. I love minimalistic stuff. You just get this sense of freedom, and space…. :P

  • http://www.thewebhostingdir.com/dedicated-servers/ Poonit Patel

    Thanks very much Andy!!!
    Gr8 workplaces to enjoy maximum computing.
    All are excellent. I will own one of them.
    Thanks very much for sharing with us.

  • http://www.orphicpixel.com Mars

    So clean! this is a workspace after a busy day i guess, they a good setup

  • Ash

    They are very nice, and the lighting on some of them are just purely inspirational. Although, why all Macs?

  • http://truehealthcare.info/ reezluv

    wow..really inspired..great looking workstations..my workstation won’t be like that..lol…

  • http://www.hibridal.com cheap dress

    really great.

  • Daquan Wright

    Very nice work stations, although as many have mentioned there are a lot of “Macs.” =P

    I guess the system one works with largely depends on their personality and taste? xD

    I always keep notebooks and pencils/pens by, not everything needs to be done on or started on a machine for me.

  • http://carlnunes.com carlnunes

    fashion over function = carpal tunnel

  • http://svendigital.co.za/ Sven Digital Design

    Nice pics, Andy, but I agree with the sentiment -these can’t possibly be in use at the time the photos were taken. How about getting these workstations pictured while in use? That would be an interesting comparison…

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    So strange..but is not a workstation by creative graphics? no?

  • jochen

    BTW: most of those Desks express a severe lack of creativty imho – is IKEA and the Apple Store where your universe ends? Poor pals.

    And the introducing text is nothing more than one opinion (‹No matter what your personal work style, an uncluttered and attractive workspace will improve the quality and efficiency of your work.›)

    I know brilliant artists working on Windows boxes from ALDI (which is quite the cheapest supermarket in germany). Really, those guys used to work between pizza boxes and other crap and got awards like Art Directors Club, Siggraph plus a bunch of Animago.

  • Thom

    #12 is my own pref, but thats because i like cornerdesks, i had one some years ago. but then we moved and i had no space for it =( i could leave my screen on one end and my paperwork on the other.. now i have a very cluttered desk.. its so clutterd that i barely sit at my desk xD Got a macBook pro (old style) now and i prefer it over a pc, and on my PC i still got linked at my tv it runs ubuntu soo yeaaa no windows for me anymore =)

  • http://www.online-blogger.net Indrek

    Hope mine will also look something like these some day. At the moment I even don’t have a workstation – just me, my couch and my laptop…

  • http://twitter.com/bbx Jeremy

    I agree with carlnunes : it’s too tidy to be able to work on it. Come on! It’s not about how your desktop looks like, it’s about what you do with it!

  • http://www.thepeachdesign.com Peach

    Nice list. I wish I had such a clean working table :D

  • John

    They may look like this on Monday morning, but I doubt they look like this on Friday afternoon.

  • Targhan

    Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac :(

  • Retheesh

    very good collection…amazing…

  • lionheart

    At least there were one intelligent person working with a Logitech keyboard.

    The others didnt look as any person could be working at those workstations.
    Just pure showing off!


  • http://www.behance.net/leventegaal Levi

    It’s really nice to see everyone using Mac!!

    Think different! :)

  • Jane

    How could u be in any way creative or busy with a workstation like that. Perhaps they’re the workstations of failed designers who are so in love with their macs they don’t get any work done.

    I much prefer these http://decor8blog.com/2008/08/29/your-office-make-it-pretty-functional/

  • http://zdesignstudios.com JP

    I wish I could keep my workstation this clean, mine wont last a day like that.

  • http://www.mixd.com.br Criação de sites

    this is like a dream!!! hahaha

  • mrxempz

    wow all mac’s do you have any other work station setup other than mac’s

  • jim

    wow. those people dont work, this is pure mac user dreamland. i think a workspace must not fit to an design category its what you are doing out of it. believe me all the creative friends i met they never had such a desk. this is just wrong in my opionion. i have a mess always ok, but – but i dont give a crap. it works perfect and the dreamworld i create for my customers or future customers like apple maybe.

    lets change the battery of the ipod..

  • jim

    i forgot… number two is against every human rights… ;)

  • http://www.empfehlenswert-wien.at wien

    nice article

  • Jones

    Funny, reading the title I thought “I bet it’ll only show Macs” and it indeed did… sad, as if you can’t do the exact same work on a cheaper PC, I guess most designers just like to use pretty computers.

  • http://www.emanuelgomes.com Emanuel Gomes

    Here’s mine:


    what do you think?



    • http://pixeno.com Andy Johnson

      Apple, great choice! :)

  • http://digitalevangelist.net Steven Grant

    what absolute tosh – no way those desktops are like that normally.

    I guarantee there will be at least 1 book, a mobile phone, keys, paper (anyone that doesn’t is a liar) and a pen/pencil.

    I clear my desk at the end of the day but during the day I have all sorts on my desk.

  • http://www.norjos.com majorj

    I like the setting of #11 and #12 great. :)

  • http://graphicdesignblender.com/ Peter

    Very interesting post. However, I think there is a difference between intentional minimalism and simple poverty. :) Thanks.

  • http://www.nike.com M. Farmingdale

    Surprised this article was printed, depressing images of blank desks and Macs. I use Macs all day and my work space is not blank “minimalist”. Anyone can do minimal. Having a blank minimal space does not give you “taste”. It just makes you a carbon copy of nothing. This article is a fluff piece that is not worthy of MDN. Lets see some real desks where real innovation is happening. Being “minimal” is not impressive to me.

    By the way, it is weird that all the pics are Macs. Don’t some of the MDN readers user Windows or Linux?

  • http://www.ricardozea.net Ricardo Zea

    Nice pictures and all that, but I’m sorry, all of them are staged for the picture.

    It’s unreal that a designer’s desk is so ridiculously empty. One thing is minimalistic and another one is dull, practically touching the boundary of blandness. Not one damn notepad, book, pencil cup, coffee cup, paper clip, soda can, car keys, wallet, cell phone (iPhone in its charging dock corroborates the staging statement), Pantone’s color cards…

    FFS, just look at the header and footer of this site, that’s how designer’s desk really looks like.

  • http://www.ricardozea.net Ricardo Zea
  • http://kunalu.com coolnalu

    this is an ad for Apple for sure.

    All very pretty and nice. Some looks very sci-fi.
    But I think the natural and neutral lit ones are best since you don’t get color bias.

  • http://profitduck.com Simon

    Love the looks of some of the desks, don’t think I could ever have it that clean though,, need some things around to keep me from going crazy!

  • Djordje Cupic

    @ Ben xaxaxa GAmer and designer? Wow!!! As you can see Mac is on most of these pictures. Point? Creative people like creative stuff. And if Vista requires a miracle to run, Leopard doesent and it works like a charm! As we all can see. Wow hows Mac so popular if its just art and not and power??? And when you see a Mac you see the quality not some PC junk made of plastic. Overheating, OMG plastic broken, install driver for this install for that, please wait another 9 h till virus scaning is finished ( cant work cos Vista is using half of ram and now and antivirus), update again (thats 5th in 2 hours), Damn my PSD previews are not shown in Windows Explorer ( Search for something that can display this. Oh pach thi, ok lets see, Registry, blue screen damn and simpe things :) ), damn you Vista/7 only 3 GB of ram available ( where is that raw power now?) hey lets try 64 bit version (Damn no drivers for all devices)… Is it worth??? No its not. Thats why Mac…

    • http://www.design-technology-media.co.uk Steven

      A: Hardware isn’t what makes people creative.
      B: SEE the quality? Big money for someone who can SEE the quality of hardware.
      C: PC junk made of plastic? What’s that, please show.
      D: Drivers? I don’t remember I’ve been working for 2 years and no problems.
      E: Virus scanning? What for? I never get any viruses, how can you as a web designer unless you go looking for them.
      F: Only 3 gig of RAM, damn Photoshop must be crippled.

  • http://muria.web.id/blog kakday

    inspired, minimalis, i like..

    thanks great collection

  • http://www.nike.com M. Farmingdale

    Follow up : bland uninspiring and not creative workspaces on display in this so-called article

    By the way, I use Macs all day and that has nothing to do with it.

    This makes Mac users seem like metro ninnies who are less than truly creative.

    Mind blowing that this is an article.

  • http://flickr.com/photos/battlefan/ Matthijs H

    Nice to see my desk in there, for those wondering how it looks after some days (and nights) work, see this:


    • Crystal

      Thank you for sharing what I imagine it usually looks like :)

  • http://www.ndtdesigns.com Nakia

    Now this is what i call a workstation photoshoot!

  • http://loungenouvelle.com Anthony Licari

    It doesn’t have to be Apple to be minimal. I sleep on the floor, work where I sleep.. I have one outlet, no mouse, no chair… I’ve got you all beat.

  • http://superdit.com aditia

    All Mac, why? sure all mac are simple and minimalist

  • http://www.shutter79studio.wordpress.com Steve Sutanto

    I wish most clean look and modern type of desk would provide a solution for uncluttered cables or something that would allowed power strip to he hidden. I know IKEA do have those types of desk, but other furniture store, i.e Crate/Barrel, Room/Board, etc doesn’t offer much in terms of cables organization.

    Nevertheless, thanks for sharing, it definitely gave me ideas for uncluttered workstation and the urgency to actually do it :)

  • http://suhela@deviantart.com Suhela

    Great Collection… Wish my workstation would be as minimal…

  • Robin

    These are all very pretty, but I don’t imagine people actually working at these workstations for extended hours. None of them actually seem very comfortable to me. And perhaps that’s the main difference between a Mac person and a PC person.

    My own workstation for my PC has very specific things that make sure I stay comfortable when I’m working an 8 hour day. And I have everything handy so that I can easily access paperwork if/when I need to.

    So yes, these are quite all “pretty,” but are they really all that functional?

    Of course, some of us PC users would ask the same question of a Mac… :P

    • http://www.simonday.com Simon Day

      Only 8 hours a day? Have you always been a part-timer? ;-)

  • http://www.nike.com M. Farmingdale

    @ Matthijs H

    Thanks for keeping it real!

    Not as inspiring for the “minimal” seeking people, but real work being accomplished, not just an ad for Apple and a blank desk!

    This should give people more perspective as they can see some of the restraints and limits you have in your workspace. I imagine it is a struggle to keep it perfectly tidy. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.archimede.nu jimmytrento

    Does anyone work – sometimes – on that workstation?

  • http://www.design-technology-media.co.uk Steven

    Mostly poser Macs in poorly lit rooms, yuck.

  • http://www.brands-inc.com.br Flavio

    Beautiful Collection of work places. My own wokrplace is a mess!

  • http://www.kishoren.com Kishore

    Nice post… inspiration to clean up ur desk and here is mine

  • http://rob3d.net rob3D

    I really enjoy this kind of posts.


  • Pedro

    My wokstation is minimalistic every monday and thursday afternoon. Thats when the maid comes by. The rest of the week its a pretty complex station to work in.
    I used a PC for years. Then changed for a Macbook about 3 years ago, until it was stolen in last November. When I had to buy a new laptop, I realised that having a Mac didnt really make me more productive or seductive, so I bought a cheap laptop from HP for half the price. It really makes everything I could I wish and is a lot faster then my dear old mackbook. Windows 7 is good enough, doesnt get in your way and theres already a lot of documentation on the web for solving every problem you might have.

  • http://www.sbuster.co.cc sbuster

    Ouw voy a tener que remodelar mi oficina xD

  • insight

    monotonous at best.

  • http://javatutor.net Java developer

    Nice work places )

  • http://www.persiadl.com hamid

    number 10 is very very cool
    very cool design

  • http://www.trubnikoff.org trubnikov

    there are a lot of Logitech MX Revolution mouse
    i have the same mouse :)

  • anon

    @Ben @Brad why all the haters!? Obviously these people cleaned the clutter before they took the pictures. and as for “no work” and lots of “disposable income”, the disposable income is probably from all the work they get! i’ve seen some of their portfolios from deskography and there a lot better than yours!

  • nicenite

    Hi, i was wondering if someone could share me the background(monitor) that is in the first pic (the purple pic)…

    or it would be useful if u could tell me where can i find it or the name of the background… thx alot =D =D!!!

  • http://eatstudio.com josheat

    Here, go to the artists profile and click the “Download” button on your left when you find that picture (he also has many other nice wallpapers). You’ll get a full resolution image.


  • John

    I’m surprised at the small amount of dual monitor.

  • Geo

    Jaja, WTF no coffee? Only one photo have a SB cup, what about the rest? Don’t you know that we can’t live without coffee?

    I would like to see the same but PC only.

    Also I agree with John, almost no one uses double monitor ¬¬

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  • GummyGirl

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    The workstations are so drooling. Hmm I may have a higher end machine and more monitors but the place, oh so clean.

  • Rusty

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    Wow, some really beautyful workspaces here! I love how some people create really relaxing offices for themselves.

    We at Yummygum recently build our office with minimal and clean mind set. View some pictures at http://www.yummygum.nl/blog/minimal-mindset-in-de-yummygum-office

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    Also, many of the work stations simply cannot be work stations. The most horrible example is picture 2. The strain on neck, back and arms would stop most people from working after about an hour. This is very minimalist, yes. Very visually pleasing, yes. But ergonomic and productive? I have my doubts.

    “Working in an aesthetically pleasing and minimalist workspace enhances your creativity and focus.”
    Why is that? References, please!

    This article seems to me more like a showcase of “look at my newly cleaned up desk” than an source of inspiration to improve your workflow.

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    Number 12 is very cool.

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    A Mac would definitely help

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    Well I don’t have a MAC, I use a Samsung LED TV as Monitor and my CPU is hidden for the quick view. I own a Wacom Intuos and a cool WD External Disc for backups.

    My wallpaper is cool and minimalist, I use third party software for making my PC more enjoyable and the only thing that I envy of a Mac is for sure the No-Virus and the reflective icons in the Dock. But the most beautiful workstation element is where you put the computer, and the environment of the room, well organized stuff and clean colors.

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    A litte bit of zen PLUS feng shui for that slightest touch of good luck!

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  • Brian

    Do some of you even think before you type a comment?

    The title says workspace, not workspace in action. When I am working, there are papers, pens, cups, everything. But when I am done, it minimal.

    Everyone does thing differently. To each his own.

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    Only Mac can bring out the best of everything xD

    • Vitor

      So a Mac user who uses photoshop (or some other software that is equal on all systems) that uses windows, will automatically start making a worse job?
      No system does the job for anyone. It’s just a tool.