Fantastic Content Sliders for your Inspiration

Content sliders are extremely versatile forms of navigation that can be used to display all sorts of information, such as images, popular posts, social information and product features.

Some have automatic slideshow capabilities or buttons to scroll sideways or up and down, and most of them feature a transition effect, usually a slide motion.

Sliders can be great focal points on websites and blogs as they instantly draw the audience’s attention and provide for an easy and sleek way for visitors to interact with a lot of information that can be sorted through quickly.

In this post, we have compiled a massive amount of content slider examples that you can use for inspiration on your own websites. Enjoy!







Tea Round App




The Great Bearded Reef






Daniel Stenberg


Flourish Web Design




Andy Shaw




The Horizontal Way




Digital Convulsions






Richie Qilayout


Auxiliary Design Co.


Made By Elephant




Icon Designer


Food, Inc




Electronics Arts


Eric Johansson








Paramore Redd




Benjamin David


Lomotek Polymers




Vegas Uncork’d








Also Design










Slice Machine












Dreamer Lines


Sunny Zheng




Jarnheimer Productions




Robert Atlan


A Simple Measure


Sean Nieuwoudt


Front-End Design Conference








Hello Themes






Deluge Studios




Lucas Hirata




Simplicity Law




Sprinkle Penny




Arteria Plastica


Wall Swaps






Rapid Xhtml


Find Me By IP




Domenico Tedone Design


NETWiSE Strategies


Redesign Unit


Josh Smith Portfolio




Department of Infrastructure and Planning






Direct Design




World Wildlife Fund


Fat-Man Collective






Viljami Salminen






Giraffe Restaurants


Add Noise






Go Site Wave

Do you use content sliders? How do they affect your website usability?

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    Awesome roundup – my personal fav is hogwarth’s

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    That was lengthy, thanks for that. I loved the EA and Alienware sliders. I did some interesting slider work on the new Power Rangers site, check it …

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    Templatica is just a lazy rehash of the styled easyslider demo – hardly inspiring.

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