Comics of the Week #21

Every week we feature a set of comics created exclusively for WDD.

The content revolves around web design, blogging and funny situations that we encounter in our daily lives as designers.

These great cartoons are created by Jerry King, an award-winning cartoonist who’s one of the most published, prolific and versatile cartoonists in the world today.

So for a few moments, take a break from your daily routine, have a laugh and enjoy these funny cartoons.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below as well as any related stories of your own…


iPad Stampede


Back to Reality


New Client Excitement

Can you relate to these situations? Please share your funny stories and comments below…

  • Alí Suárez

    Loved the third one.

  • jeprie

    Awesome. I was like that when I have my first client.

  • Vivek

    You people are awesome..! I began reading this strip a few weeks ago and nw am addicted..!! Its all happening in the industry. Good job.

  • cooljaz124

    hehe..funny !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Codephase

    once again, brilliant set of comics!


    Cool…i like the fantasy one most

  • JP

    I know many designers that just graduated and are dreaming just like the second comic. PRICELESS!!!!

  • Jordan Walker

    Those are great, would love to see a designer show up to a job interview on a paraglider.

  • Mike Griffiths

    Wait, it’s not acceptable to hang glide to a new client’s office?

  • Alberto


  • zavrab

    not bad comics, ha ha ha

  • Gert van den Brink

    Brilliant, as always!

  • Storm

    I love the weekly set of comics! Always a good start to my Mondays!

  • Gaurav Mishra

    the third one

  • Kaplang

    lol I love the last one :)

  • jackson

    funny comics) i like the “iPad Stampede”)

  • Nitesh patel

    humorous .. really you people did a great job. i think i should re visit thsi site daily

  • Billy

    Great Fun! but I feel the 2nd one is a bit to familiar!

    • campolar

      Its just true xD

  • Naga – Graphic / Web designer

    “Back to reality” is what every employee does :) “iPad Stampede” is hilarious. Good work.

  • Punta del Este

    jajaja very funny

  • http://twitter/ralu_rm Ralu

    haha lol :D