Win 10 Sets of “TypeFaces” Playing Cards

What are TypeFaces? They’re “top-trumps” style card packs featuring 20 well known designers.

For each designer, a typeface was selected to match their overall vibe. Each card has also been individually designed to reflect their vibe, supported typographically with the selected typeface.

The official site also carries wallpapers for each of the TypeFaces characters which you can download for free right away.

And today, we have 10 great sets of these cards ready to be shipped to you. The contest is open to WDD readers worldwide. Only one entry per person.

Read on for more details and information on how to participate and win one of these awesome sets of cards.

The cards are super cool and make for great gifts as well. They include world renowned designers such as Veerle Pieters, Jeffrey Zeldman and Jason Santa Maria among many other great ones. Check out some of these previews:

You can find out more about “Typefaces” at their cool URL:

To participate, simply leave a comment below and come back to WDD next Wednesday, May 12th, to find out if you have won.

Good luck to everyone!

  • Josh C.

    I crave these cards.

    • Rudy

      Count on me in this contest!

  • Nikola Lazarevic

    Looking awesome! I’m going to try my luck here :)

  • rorschachdesign

    Those sound fantastic, and I’m proof it pays to stay up late!

  • Tianwen

    I definitely want one!!!

  • Karla Mireille Concha

    OMG! The greatest typefaces cards ever!
    The colors, everything is perfect! I hope i win a set! :)

  • Michael


    • MrStabby

      I think you’ll find that’s 6th, and grow up!

  • Brad George

    These are great. Good to see creatives taking the initiative to
    do something cool and for themselves for once. The illustrations are very cool and
    awesome, fresh colour palette. Well done!

  • rachel l.

    looking great! gonna try my luck here!

  • Rob Erskine

    Awesome cards. Would love to be featured on one : * but.. I suppose owning a deck wouldn’t be so bad either. : D best of luck

  • Monica

    Great designs, love it :)

  • Danelle Cheney

    oh dear.. if i owned these i would sleep with them under my pillow.

  • Tim Cruickshank

    This is such a great idea! I hope I win!

  • KiT

    This is too cool!!!

  • Matt @ DVQ

    I’ve always wanted to design my own playing cards, but this might be even better :)

  • Travis Walton

    Baseball cards for the design community? What a brilliant idea!
    Really hope I win a set.

  • Edward McIntyre

    Those are awesome! I want lol!

  • chen


  • Yung Tsai

    Sweet stuff, good luck to me. =P

  • Leadeye

    I collect decks of cards, so this deck would find a good home here…

  • Robert Hoppe

    i wanna win :D

  • Scott

    These are awesome, I would love to win!

  • Jasmyn Madison

    Wow! Those are neat!

  • Justin Rigdon

    Love em!

  • Andrew

    Would love these – they’re gorgeous!

  • Ryan Giglio

    I’ve already got a thing for playing cards. Playing cards with designers are just double the fun.

  • Kylan

    Those cards are pretty slick

  • Jonathan Cabrera

    Good luck everyone!

  • Megan Y

    These are great cards – so full of life and character

  • lpociask

    I wanna win to ;)

  • Crazyhunk

    wow… a different giveaway than the regulars and a gud one too … :)

  • EnriqueG

    Look great! So why not ^^

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  • Claudia Drake

    Lovely. x

  • j

    how wicked…

  • Najam Siddiqi

    playing cards is a great fun. amazing collection thanks for sharing us.

  • Nicole

    I love the typography and the design. Both of them together make these look amazing. I love it!!

  • ralphja

    Great, love those cards.
    Always great to have some of these cards in your collection

  • melmaidman

    lovely cards! i want this set!!! :P

  • Holly

    I, too, crave these cards. Immensely.

  • Claudine

    I want these! :) Thank you for sharing!

  • Killorty

    I’d love to win these cards! :D

  • irene

    awesome set!

  • Krigsi

    Oh wow! I would LOVE to posses these cards.

  • Nik

    awesome stuff!! thats sweet!

  • jens

    I NEED!



  • Jehad

    I can haz über cool type cardz? Pliz!

  • Reuben

    I think I might be the only one from the South Pacific…. Help bring these cards to the corners of the world!

  • Federico López

    I need to win one of these cards are amazing!

  • Voras

    Great giveaway – I’m in!

  • Webatvantage

    Supa Dupa! Love them!

  • Aby

    As soon as I get one of these type faces,I am gonna mark my face on it! muhahahaha.tnx :D

  • pallavi manchi

    These cards are such a wonderful keep! I love the the colour, composition and typography. I soo wish to own one of these for my design studio! Ive been trying to collect some good graphic design works to hold on to. I sure hope i win one of these sets, so it can pass down over the years!

  • Gautam Ramdurai

    Wish I owned them this instant.

  • Stefan

    I want them!!

  • Mike


  • indigo

    I would love to have one!! :)

  • Donna Vitan

    Super awesome! Typeface playing cards are designer fun!

  • Ljagy


  • Christoph

    these cards look awesome.

    a fellow designer would kiss my shoes for a week if i gave them to him ;)

  • Aldrich Tan

    This is so cool – I’d love to have one of them. Most awesome prize… ;)

  • klara

    So neat, those might seriously brighten up midday breaks! I think if I won a set I’d still buy a second for keeping in the archive.

  • yellowmonkey

    I like it! let me win!

  • Oliver

    They look pretty awesome. Perhaps this time I’ll win something…

  • campolar

    Why wouldn’t i wanna win one?

    I WANT ONE :D D:

  • m a r t i n

    They look really awesome!

  • ROL

    The hand drawing faces are attractive.

  • Pedral

    Sweet cards ! I hope I win :)

  • Juanba

    That cards are just amazing! I want ’em. Please.

  • Kay

    Looks really cool!

  • Katherine

    I adore the designs of these cards! The colours are fantastic!

  • Tommy

    Gotta say, that’s some clean design!

  • davidg

    splendid stuff!

  • Refano

    I never collect cards before. but i want these.

  • Mike

    this is a pack of cards i would play 52 card pick up with!

  • Dannci

    I love typography. I hope I win!

  • Shane Fullwood

    These are stunning. Good luck all.

  • Tribak

    I want those :D

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  • Nick

    Me, please

  • keshavsing Solanki

    hay…nice designs of cards…i like it…

  • Piotr

    Nice one, as usual from WDD. hope I’ ll catch one. love

  • maikhell

    Very cool! ;-)

  • Alvaro Nistal

    Wow I want a set of these! It would be great :D

  • Andrzej Mazur

    This cards looks very nice. Great idea!

  • AnggaRifandi

    I hope today will be my lucky day.

  • Wouter

    I want these! ^^

  • Cal H

    I’m here!

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    I like so much the desing ^^

  • joey

    please can i have these cards !!! I Love them !!

  • flipa

    Great concept guys !! Would love to get a look at these.

  • bomira

    tschiggedi nice -yes!

  • Tom Klaassen

    Nice cards!

  • Storm

    ooo. design : awesome, cards : awesome, together : kaplow! :)

  • bruno nandyala

    me me me pleaseeee

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    really nice set…hope to win :)

  • Tommy

    Love em!

  • Will

    Must have these….! So beautiful

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    Good luck!!!

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    i LOVE them! i want one!

  • naoise

    yo quiero!

  • elixir

    neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed :D

  • Unique Design

    That cards are great!!! Love them… I hope to win a set! :)

  • Jordan Nakov

    Me like it too

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  • Jurg3n

    Cool! i think everybody will be jealous :D

  • aimee

    They are fab! :)

  • jimbob

    Will make a drunken poker night educational!!!

  • arnold

    pick me!

  • Chris Mauck

    These look pretty awesome!

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    I want these!!! :)

  • Iestyn Lloyd

    Mine, Mine, all Mine

  • Matt

    Haha that’s awesome.

  • Sreeraman M.G

    OK. I want them. So I am making a comment.

  • Dan

    Sweet! Love em.

  • Ankit

    wow those look amazing!

  • EmS

    nice one these are more than cool

  • Rasmus

    I’d really like to have ’em…

  • Matches

    I want it!

  • Matiss

    Looks cool, il join in :)

  • Tiemen Vergeylen

    Gimme cardz nao! ;)

  • Yanel

    Amazing collection! Hope they come to Argentina :P

  • Kevin Mist

    Cool.. I’ll trade you a Veerle Pieters for a Jeffrey Zeldman in Khoi Vhin….

    These would be a cool thing to add to my collection of odd typography items

  • Chris

    Absolutely beautiful. I would love to use these for a Three Card Monty scam at my local street corner.

  • Maritz

    Looks pretty damn sweet!

  • angel

    i never win contest like this.. :(

  • Stratos

    Awesome! I love this cards!!!

  • Tomasz Kowalczyk

    Let’s try, maybe this time WDD will be nice and I win. ;]

  • pepy000

    wow, amazing collection!

  • Don

    Totally need a set of these

  • Kristijan

    Great cards, it would be great to win.

  • neil catchpole

    these cards awesome. i will keep my fingers crossed.

  • Kelly

    Those are so beautiful!

  • Reactive

    Do want!

  • David Rojas

    That looks cool. I hope I win one :)

  • Andrew Sauder

    Too cool!

  • Dan Carriero

    These are great!

  • webbografico

    great and unusual giveaway…

  • Frank Meeuwsen

    I’m a sucker for this stuff! Looking forward to it :-)

  • Ian Brennan

    These look super cool

  • poch

    Bravo! They look better than expensive Baseball cards!

  • Björn

    Nice Deck…. I like

  • Nathan Johnson

    So awesome. These remind me of the old Clue board game cards.

  • Andrea

    Awesome!!! I would luv these :)

  • Hisla

    This is awesome! I would love to get one :D

  • Edward

    These look great. I’d be tempted to display them on my wall. The packaging looks really nice, too.

  • Dennis

    The cards look beautiful. I shore would love me a set.

  • moto_kate

    Let me get lucky this time!

  • tbetweenin

    go beyond playing!

  • Monique

    I’m in looking forward to the challenge, would Love to get my hands on a set of Cards :)

  • Daniel

    Count me in

  • Paula K

    if ( $(#typefaces).text() >= 10) {
    alert(‘send one of those to me!’)

  • katskii

    ahh these are absolutely beautiful! :)

  • Mike

    Thanks for another great giveaway.

  • Ed Tomlinson

    Great idea

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    Great stuff !!! I love them already :)

  • torka

    They look awesome! ^_^
    Thanks for the share. Good luck to everyone.

  • Kyle Phelps

    Pretty Cool cards

  • Hugh

    Man, these are epic. Would love to get my hands on them..

  • Heidi

    These are superb! Really love them.

  • Fernando

    The perfect gift to my art director!

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    Awesome – talk about creative! I must just have to buy a set if I don’t win one :)

  • Tales

    Nice cards =]

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    I would like having one of those :D

  • Tyron Bache

    I would like to stack those cards into a beautiful tower and take a picture and send it to you guys but I haven’t received them yet.. just let me know when you need my address ;)

  • Kevin

    Count me in!

  • Léo Renaud-Allaire

    Would definitely use those during lunch at the office.

  • Court

    Wow, those are some pretty awesome looking cards. Definitely want a set!

  • Naphtali

    Very cool. I’m in!

  • Tom

    I want!

  • Mike

    Those look awesome, who did the design work and illustrations?

  • Lance

    All my bet on bryan veloso :D yay!

  • ben


  • Neil Knauth

    Zeldman? Croft? Snook?

    Sign me up!

  • amie

    these are great! would love to win a set.

  • Tiago Lessa

    i love it and i want it!

  • Katie Steed

    Awesome, definitely want them!!

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    I’m in! :)

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    Very cool – make me a winner!

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    I yearn. I need. I pine!

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  • Rondell Paul

    Great!!! TypeFaces Playing Cards….if i get this I’ll be the envy of my design peers :D…thanks for the oppurtunity

  • Rachel S.

    These playing cards are absolutely awesome – I so want a set!

  • andy davies

    520 cards + Jokers, all individually designed … drool.

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    That is all.

  • Sara B.

    So great!

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    Beautiful! *And yes, I would love to win a set!

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    Great design.. i want one

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    Love the design!!! i want the cards sooo bad!!! :)

  • Lee Kennedy

    Look like good fun, would love to win!

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    Combining two things I love, table top games and typography!

  • Laura

    If your not in, you can’t win.
    Good luck everyone!

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    Ooo yes please, I would love some :)

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    These look sweet – texas hold em anyone? Would love a new deck!

  • C3Tracker

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    These are very cool. Wonder if they have a Euchre deck?

  • Henrique Foca

    I want IT!

  • Codrut

    Hi all

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    I will definitely be buying this deck if I don’t win. The designs on playing cards are one of my favourite sources of inspiration.

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    The cards are amazing, kudos to their creators

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    Seriously, those make my mouth sweat.

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    Awesome-est playing cards EVER

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    This is a clever idea that could work over many design categories, honoring numerous designers.

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    Cards and Fonts = great things

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    I LOVE your site and your newsletters. Just emailed a couple friends to recommend they subscribe! Thanks for the cool information and inspiration! And a deck of cards would be icing on an already tasty cake!!

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    awesome! hope i’ll win this one!

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    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. As a typography loving agency, these cards would be a welcome addition to our studio (unless I take them home!) Cheers WDD!

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    Oh!!! oh!!!! i love them they are so typefaces :P in a design so color yellow , black and others :P, i think im gonna dream with win this :D

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    What a cool idea. Makes me wish I had more spare time to actually do fun design work. I am all in to score a set of these!

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    Very cool! A must-have for typography nerds everywhere. :)

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    typography and playing cards, awesome :) really love the mr. moneybags design :)

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    I’m very happy Veerle Pieters is there, she’s very talented :).

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    hope I win

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    These are excellent cards! Cool, educational, visually appealing… A nice addition to any designer’s reference or tool kit.

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    Great design, color palettes, aesthetics, type appeal… good stuff.


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    – Mark from Nova Scotia, Canada

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    I always got picked third to last in kickball :(

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    never thought such a design-and-future-based profession would be so blatantly male dominated

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    And holy cowbells, theres a lot of people! :)

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    This is really Awesome – would love to own a set!

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    Nice to see there are 2 Belgians in the list :)

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    We have loads of Playing Cards, but I would really love to get myself on a set of these. Whip them out on a games evening and see who even notices what they are.


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  • Gerald

    Wow Cool! Haha… great as reference cards as well!
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