The Best Website Designs of the 2010 World Cup

The World Cup is currently taking place in South Africa and people all over the world are glued to television sets at home, in bars and in town squares, to watch their country play.

The World Cup is actually everywhere one looks – all over TV, the Internet and even supermarket products.

A lot of interesting graphic design is coming out of the World Cup, so we’ve put together a compilation of some of the best designed World Cup 2010 websites. We’ve also included a few African websites for more inspiration.

Drop us a comment and let us know which of these websites you like the best, and if you know of any other inspirational World Cup sites ones that we may have missed.


Twitter World Cup

Twitter has a world cup minisite that displays live tweets related to upcoming games.

Twitter World Cup


Fifa World Cup Game

EA Sports has a fantastic website to promote its new Fifa South Africa World Cup game on game consoles.

Fifa  World Cup Game
Fifa World Cup Game


ITV Fifa World Cup

ITV has a really nice looking site providing live coverage of games, photos from matches and  scores. It’s basically a football fan’s paradise.

ITV  Fifa World Cup


Sky Sports World Cup 2010

The Sky Sports World Cup website has tons of information about the World Cup, and has a really nice background featuring some of the best football players of all time.

Sky  Sports World Cup 2010


Budweiser Predict And Win

Budweiser have a slick looking site where football fans can predict game scores and win prizes.

Budweiser Predict And Win
Budweiser Predict And Win


Fifa World Cup

This is the official Fifa website which features every last bit of information about the South Africa 2010 World Cup.

Fifa  World Cup
Fifa World Cup


Sony Football

Sony has a football minisite that promotes their new range of Bravia World Cup TVs.

Sony  Football
Sony Football


Football World Cup

A really nicely designed site with lots of information about all the football stadiums in South Africa, match schedules and travel information.

Football World Cup


Football Fanhouse

Fanhouse UK has a beautiful site that provides coverage of the World Cup.

Football Fanhouse


Goal has used a really nice graphic for the background. The colors work really well together.



SBO Bet World Cup

SBO Bet has a really well designed old school style site for their World Cup betting minisite.

SBO  Bet World Cup


Carlsberg Football

Carlsberg has gone the extra mile and made a really great looking football site for England fans who love football, oh and of course Carlsberg.

Carlsberg Football


100% Football

Carlsberg also has another minisite called 100% Football where fans can play games, get info and watch TV.

100% Football


Sony Ericsson Twitter Cup

Sony Ericsson has a football minisite where you can play a game called Twitter Cup.

Sony Ericsson Twitter Cup


World Cup 2010 Calendar on has created an excellent interactive Flash based World Cup 2010 calendar with lots of options. It’s very well presented, clearly laid out and fun to browse.

World Cup 2010 Calendar


African Website Inspiration

As South Africa is hosting the Fifa World Cup, we thought we’d include a small gallery of inspirational African websites…


Sense South Africa

Sense South Africa is a website that allows you to explore South Africa through touch, taste, sights, scents and sounds.

Sense South Africa


Pioneer Africa

Pioneer Africa has information about exclusive safaris.

Pioneer Africa


Africa Safari

A simple black and white website design with basic elements of color.

Africa Safari


Revive Africa

Revive Africa features a nice hand drawn/grunge style website. Their purpose is to help children in Sierra Leone.

Revive Africa


Africa Tour 2008

Africa tour 2008 discusses ways to eliminate child labor. The website is very bold, colorful and easy to navigate.

Africa Tour 2008


Africa Guestbook

Africa guestbook allows users to search over 200 places to stay in Africa. Beautiful warm colors make the site very inviting.

Africa Guest Book


African Budget Safaris

Quite a mix of colors, but very well executed… Africa Budget Safaris allows users to find the perfect tour with heavy discounts.

African Budget Safaris


Football Made In Africa

A very brightly colored and hand drawn style website. Football made in Africa is a project that was created to educate people about Africa.

Football Made In Africa

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Andy Johnson. Andy is a freelance web designer and developer living in the UK. Andy freelances through his own design studio Authentic, and also co-founded a lightning fast UK hosting company called Pixeno. You can follow him on Twitter: @Andy92

Which were your favorite designs? Share your comments below and feel free to add any other awesome sites that you may know of…

  • web design Delhi India

    Very nice designs of the world cup 2010

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    It’s wonderful designs of the world cup 2010.

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  • Tim

    Nice list! Some impressive designs here.

    I alsolike, a dutch WK-poule!

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    great webdesigns

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    Take a look at and

  • Oliver

    Great advertising campaign by Carlsberg. Their web presentations are inspirational for beer lovers. Football+Beer+Good Ad’s=Winning combination

  • pesho

    wow Amazing list
    Thanks a lot

  • Mimi

    Africa Tour 2008 is definitely my fave, that is hot! As for the World Cup specific layouts, I think the Sony one was the only one that didn’t make my eyeballs want to pop out of my head. It looked nice.

  • Álvaro Sánchez-Mariscal

    What do you think about

  • Rosti The Snowman

    Nice post.

    I produced a similar one last week which looks at each teams national website.

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    Nice collection of websites. worldcup 2010 calendar was also cool.

    – gagsy

  • Thomas Craig Consulting

    Wow, these are some fantastic designs, and being a huge soccer fan, it was nice to check these out as a lot of them are new to me. Usually just check my usual soccer reference sites. Thanks.

  • Søren Sprogø

    Not sure how you could have missed this totally sweet “calendar” app:

  • Rachel

    I like the FIFA one.

    We built a couple ourselves. has a personalised skiving schedule, excuse generator and sicknote to help you skive off work and watch the game. is a tool that lets you find a life-changing opportunity in the time it takes to change ends.

    Now, if only there was a website that could ease the pain of England’s dismal performance…

  • Nazeer Ballim

    This is by far the COOLEST World Cup Calendar I have seen…

    Nazeer Ballim
    South Africa

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    wow,, that’s cool…

  • sada

    Great Designs…. Great Collections tooo……

  • Lisa

    Wow these are impressive! They are all high-quality. I think EA Games has one of the nicest, but the last one, Football made in Africa, is mind-blowing as well. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great designs and sites!

  • Ansgar B

    You definitely missed minimum one site:



  • Tim Sklyarov

    ea sports website is ‘da best!

  • Michael Saathoff

    wow, some really great looking sites. the one that sticks out the most to me is the Sony Football site, I think it is because it is one of less busy ones.. really nice sites though!

  • Matt Hardy

    World Cup Fever is all around the globe and everybody is supporting his team in a very unique style and there is a lot of hustle for the new design of the site with reference to World Cup 2010. It is quite amazing to see all the collections of the website here.

  • vizinec

    Great list and Great Jobs!
    I think Fifa South Africa World Cup game is the best, but all of them are really professional done.

  • Inky

    As a web designer living in Cape Town, it’s awesome to see such interest the rest of the world is having in both the World Cup and South Africa itself.

    Thanks for such a great collection – I think the Twitter site is great!! (apparently twitter went down on the opening day, due to the load from SA!)

    For me personally, I haven’t closed the official FIFA site since the tournament started :)

  • sokak trendi

    Good list, especially “Football made in Africa” and “Football Fanhouse” really have a good design I think.

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    Excellent Post! Love all the site designs!

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    Thanks for suggesting – it’s been added, truly excellent site!

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    Nice Job!

    Take a look at the Brazilian team website

    interesting work…

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    Amazing designs. Love this collection

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    You guys must see this site!!!

    It’s awesome!!

  • Web Design Worthing

    The official FIFA site is amazing – visually appealing, well organised, and packed full of information.

  • Neil Berry

    Checkout World Cup Wall – Celebrate and capture the passion and excitement of the FIFA World Cup and share it with the world.

  • Leendert

    Great list, thanks! Although I missed the ESPN website with their awesome live gamecast every match. (

  • Jeevecore

    Wish you’d posted this last week! Was seeking inspiration for my own cup-related site!

  • Andreas Vetter

    nice list

    this one should be added

    awesome 2.0 site where you can stand for your team.
    choose you nation, tryout a new haircut
    has some nifty social features.
    its all about the 12th player.
    which nation will win the fanship ?

  • Jandre

    I enjoy MTN Football’s coverage:

  • Hector

    Hey guys visit this site for complete World Cup information, made in Colombia!

  • Rolf

    Very nice Collection, thanks for sharing !

  • Ben Stokes

    Nice roll up of designs there, I would not say they are the best. But are very good. I would say my favourite is the Fifa World Cup Game site.

  • Allen

    Very nice collection of websites. Really inspirational, and all of them are constructed in a clean matter.

  • Toledo Web Design

    I will agree with ben. The fifa world cup game site was also my best but the rest are very good too. Great job

  • DSM Design

    Loved the Africa Safari design, v. clean and crisp! beaut!

  • odmoriSe web dizajn

    My vote goes for marca. Fantastic website and very informative.. To bad it is in spanish :(

  • Richard Ball

    there are some amazing site designs for this years world cup and i must say i have followed the world cup on itv but i just wish their tv package was of the same quality!

  • Web Design France

    I don’t think Mr Rooney will be so confident today, I watched Germany hammer England in a bar in Carcassonne, France. Not a good afternoon, I would have been better working on new web designs.

    These are great designs by the way, brilliant use of graphics and some excellent arrangements of the component parts of the pages.

    Sorry to go on about the football, just don’t understand how they could perform so poorly.

  • Adnan

    Hi everyone,

    Please check this site and give us your feedback. The site is the biggest fantasy league site in Pakistan and we plan to launch it in other countries as well.


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    GOOO! URUGUAY for the world cup,

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    Very nice collections!

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    Anyone know who made the Sense South Africa website?