Worldy Inspiration from Tourism Websites

The tourism industry can be a major source of revenue for a country and in some cases, it can even be its main source or revenue.

That’s one of the main reasons why web design for this field plays such a vital role in promoting and attracting potential tourists from other parts of the world.

In this post, we’re showcasing some great official tourism websites from various countries and cities around the world.

Most of them feature stunning photography and use typography and color that are reminiscent of the particular city or country.

Please let us know which ones are your favorites and feel free to suggest other great tourism websites.


Arizona, USA


Athens, Greece






Boston, Massachusetts, USA






Copenhagen, Denmark









Hong Kong, China












Los Angeles, CA, USA


Los Cabos, Mexico


Maui, Hawaii, USA


New York, USA


Paris, France




Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Puerto Rico, USA


Sacramento, CA, USA


South Africa


The Bahamas


Vancouver, BC Canada


Las Vegas, NV, USA

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Zoe Ajiboye.

Which ones were your favorites? Know of any other great tourism websites? Please share below…

  • Gabriel Porras

    What about the Colombia Tourism Site:
    Thanks for this cool compilation!
    ; )=

  • Matthias Wobrock

    Nice one, thanks for this compilation!

    Some great ideas for tourism sites here. Who would have thought, I must say that my definite favourite in this list is Arizona: emotional, inviting, the cowboy theme gives it a unique identity, a big picture to suck you in, clean (a lot of these sites completely overload their homepages in my opinion) and the navigation is extremely intuitive (places to visit, things to do). Great usability! Bad job, Argentina, on the other hand – you look like a news portal rather than a travel site. I wonder what their bounce rate is ;) eso se puede hacer mejor!

  • DesignrNews

    Nice collection, thanks for share!

  • pog

    Nice collection and inspiration :)

    I did tourism site lately about dinosaurs park in Polnad –

    • SkiX

      Fajna stronka ;)

      // nice website

  • Bill

    Nice post. Bang on about the importance of web design in this field.

    Egypt’s might be my favourite.

    Don’t forget Visit Wales!

  • Hitesh Mehta

    Amazing list.. thanks for the compilation!

  • Rafael Augusto

    I loved this post, I am a Brazilian designer who follow this blog on twitter, and each link access this blog surprised me more.

    Congratulations on the job.

  • Narco

    Arizona sucks!

  • Filippo

    Thank you for these links!

    I would like to share this site too:

  • Allen

    Really nice looking websites especially with the amount of content that needs to be displayed, and a great niche to go after as a web designer.

  • Jordan Walker

    Excellent round up of global websites.

  • ManEatingFish

    Your visitBritain is very out of date and is not representative of the new site, especially as the screen you have is definitely the worse of the bunch

  • Studio Trebiano

    Nice list, but… shame on you ! ;-)

    How could you exclude Italy from your research ?!?
    So let me suggest the cool website of a 4 star hotel in Lerici, the Gulf Of Poets… just few km from Cinque Terre… ever hear about this wonderful place ?

    Check it out:

    … and greetings from Italy !

  • Vincen

    sorry but Puerto Rico, USA?

    • Christina

      Yes, Puerto Rico is a territory/commonwealth of the USA. So is Guam and the US Virgin Islands.

  • Thomas

    Nice list. You forgot Sweden. Check it out:

  • Adam

    Some great sites there!!! Check out Grenada (

  • Greg

    Really Amazing Websites! It’s a good inspiration when i had to design a tourism Website. Thanks!

  • Web Design in Maidstone

    :) ha, ha, vegas is the best… as always ;)

    thank you for sharing

  • nikoslianeris

    very nice and inspiring list!I liked all of them but I think that and the site for athens were the best! :)

  • Martin

    No Italy sites here? Check this out:

  • Ben Stokes

    Thanks for that – we have a travel website project coming up soon. . . It is always helpful to look over existing design and see how they can be improved . . . Great list thank you very much.

  • Maria Manoela Porto

    wow that made me want to go on a plane!!! egypt one, the fullscreen from the slideshow is amazing! love the australia too. thanks for sharing!

  • Bálint Molnár

    My country’s pages are crap :(

  • vinnie morgan

    amazing, such inspiration for our new design and build. this has saved hours and hours of trailing the web! can’t believe only recently I came across web designer depot! keep up the good work man

  • Sanat Hegde

    Amazing list ..

    You guys should make up a regional list as well for some well known regions like the Konkan Coast and Goa in India which is known for its beaches

    Here’s a great site from showcasing this region

  • James

    And there a official video on YourSingapore launched

  • Gacik
  • Alex

    Check out the Inspired By Iceland site … also quite inspirational, particularly the social media campaign around it

  • Gaurav Mishra

    Wow Around the world! with in few minutes
    incredible post

  • Martina Maymo

    Thanks for the compilation!
    Jamaica’s is cool!
    Have you seen Caminos Secretos de America Latina ( )
    It”s form Latinamerica

  • Martin

    Great list!
    You forgot Norway though – check out

  • Karen Laksamana

    Here’s a good one:

    The design detail just FEELS like Hawaii. Nice looking, and very functional site… I also used it to plan my last vacay…

  • Edgar

    good post, other bautiful tourism site in spain


  • lina

    Great list!

    I would like to share the Jordan Tourism Board’s Official website

    Enjoy :)

  • Haab Naseem
  • Dodds new look is definitely worth a visit

  • SilviuFlorin

    Extremely beautiful website list. I think that travel is one of the most beautiful domains is what concerns web design…