“Buddycons” – Vector Social Media Icons

Today we’re giving away a wonderful set of social media icons designed exclusively for WDD by Orman Clark, a web designer from the UK.

The icon set is called “Buddycons” and includes 126 vector social media icons. Included in the set are PNG versions of all 126 icons in both circular and rounded variations as well as a vector source file for easy resizing.

The icons are free to use for personal and commercial usage, however, redistribution is not allowed, so if you’d like to share these icons with your friends, please direct them to this page so that they can download their own copy from here.

See a full preview of the icons and the download link after the jump. Thanks to Orman for this fantastic set and we hope you enjoy the new icons!

Orman Clark is a web designer based in the UK. He specializes in pretty pixels, front-end development and custom WordPress themes. You can see more of his work on his portfolio, follow him on Twitter, or see his latest themes on ThemeForest.

Download more free vectors at 1001FreeDownloads.com

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    Thanks WDD and Orman Clark

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    Finally! A set that contains them “all” – there’s just so many services that miss out in these packs, but this one is pure awesome :)

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    Nice designs. Been looking for something simple yet well designed for a while and the amount of choice is fantastic. Thanks for letting them out for free too.

    Too many icons try too hard but these will do nicely. Ta muchly :)

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    Perfect, just what I’ve been looking for, for my new business cards

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    Nice icons,I think it is better to replace the icon with thewebblend designmoo or webdev5 because designmoo It does not exist anymore.

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