Comics of the Week #40

Every week we feature a set of comics created exclusively for WDD.

The content revolves around web design, blogging and funny situations that we encounter in our daily lives as designers.

These great cartoons are created by Jerry King, an award-winning cartoonist who’s one of the most published, prolific and versatile cartoonists in the world today.

So for a few moments, take a break from your daily routine, have a laugh and enjoy these funny cartoons.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below as well as any related stories of your own…


A Real Office


Designer Rivalry


Multiple Personalities

Can you relate to these situations? Please share your funny stories and comments below…

  • Boba

    Haha, i think we can all relate to the last one :)

  • esranull

    very fun comics thanks a lot

  • Nimit

    2nd and 3rd good one :) :) :0

  • Jamal

    This has really become the highlight of my week. The last one sums me up so well, lol.

    • Walter


      • Jamal

        Maybe not the whole week, but my Saturday doesn’t feel right unless I reed this cartoon in the morning.

  • GKL

    Nice posts! lol

  • Filip Ciahotný

    Last one is so real! :-)

  • SL

    I can definitely relate to the last one. I went to the doc today and got the “you’re too stressed” speech.

  • Cmate

    I love the last one! Great stuff!

  • Puge Teopengco

    Yup that confirms it (the last post that is). I have MPD!!!

  • Boomer


    Love the last one.

    And I hope my new office wont be in such a bad neighborhood as in the first strip.

  • Darkened Soul

    great, as usual

  • Javed

    I love the third one.