10 Places to Buy Professionally Designed WordPress Themes

In the past few years, the popularity of WordPress has skyrocketed, which has led to a growing demand for themes. With this growing demand, we’ve seen new premium or commercial WordPress theme shops popping up everywhere.

Some may say that the premium WordPress space is getting a bit saturated, and they’re probably right. However, more premium theme providers does mean a wider selection for those seeking more than what a free theme can offer.

The only problem is being able to find quality and professionalism in the vast sea of premium themes. It seems that the majority of premium theme designs out there are lacking, and appear a bit amateurish.

So for this post, we’re showcasing 10 great places where you can purchase professionally designed WordPress themes.

All of these shops are run by either designers or people that understand design – and as you can see, it shows in the quality of each theme.


1. Theme Trust

Theme Trust creates beautiful WordPress themes that are dead simple to use. It’s a fairly new theme shop, but a high level of quality and attention to detail is evident in their themes.

Professional WordPress Themes


2. Theme Shift

ThemeShift prides itself on creating “Professional” WordPress themes, and they do a great job at delivering on that promise. Their themes are all well designed and show a great attention to detail.

Theme Shift


3. Themify.me

Themify.me is one of the latest to enter the premium WordPress theme business, but all of their themes look simply amazing.



4. The Theme Foundry

At the core of every Theme Foundry theme you will find some key ingredients: attention to detail, cleanliness, care, usability, and simplicity. The Theme Foundry is run by ex-NFL football player turned web designer, Drew Strojny.

Theme Foundry


5. Organic Themes

Organic Themes strives to create beautiful and unique WordPress theme designs that suit the needs of a variety of clients. They adhere to the belief that less can be more in terms of great design.

Organic Themes


6. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes are crafted with a goal of simplicity and professionalism. And each design is injected with a dose of modest elegance that lives up to the name.

elegant themes


7. Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press peddles minimalistic modular designs that can transform your blog from a tubular list of posts into an aesthetically-pleasing portfolio or news magazine website.

Graph Paper Press


8. Pro Theme Design

Pro Theme Design emphasizes quality over quantity. This quality has led to enduring popularity in the WordPress themes community. Pro Theme Design


9. Obox

Obox Themes possess gorgeous design and functionality that you would normally only be able to attain from expensive, professional agencies.



10. Woo Themes

Woo Themes is by far the most popular WordPress theme provider. They’ve been around the longest and the majority of their themes look amazing.

Woo Themes

Do you buy professionally designed WordPress themes? Which ones are your favorites?

  • http://mizine.de Viktor Dite

    at my opinion, best themes you can get at http://themeforest.net/ or http://templatic.com/

  • http://piwigo.com Pierrick Le Gall

    Impressive to see how many premium themes websites for WordPress have opened. I like the way WordPress is propagating on the web. Does all these premium themes are compatible with the GPL license? (after the summer controversy about the Thesis theme for WordPress).

    Among the 10 proposed websites, Themify.me is my favorite, congratulations to them.

  • http://www.superhug.com/categories/wordpress/designs Jen // Superhug

    Superhug has some WP themes, too!

  • nkind

    What about RocketTheme ?

  • http://www.stickylizard.co.uk The Donut

    How on earth did you leave ThemeForest off this list?

  • Nich

    There is some serious theme houses missing in the list and new comers is promoted first, any reason for that ?

    Giant like templatic.com and studiopress.com is missing in the list where as The templatic.com has amazing themes in their store as they are the fasted progressing theme house so far.

  • http://templatic.com R.Bhavesh

    Would you guys take a look at Templatic.com?

    We’ve been releasing quality premium themes regularly since last 2 years. They are well designed and comes with out of the box – 1 click auto install functionality

  • José

    those sites have poor content

    themeforest should be in that list

    thousends of themes and low prices

  • http://digitalart.splesh.net Steo

    Half off topic: Does anyone knows what is the name of the font used for the Themify.me logo? :)

  • http://mariusnpr.wordpress.com Marius

    You forgot to mention themeforest.com / envato, another great themes resource for wordpress.

  • http://twitter.com/sealeyd David Sealey

    I’m suprised not to see ThemeForest on the list. Any reason?


  • http://www.childmonster.com/ Childmonster

    Well, really nice themes :)

  • http://www.wpexplorer.com AJ

    I also agree that temeforest should be on here. Probably number 1 followed by elegant themes.

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

    The purpose of the article wasn’t to try to include every WordPress theme shop that has great designs, but 10 that we really liked…a mixture of established ones, and ones you
    may not have heard of yet.

    Of course there are many more than these :)

  • alecs

    How much did u get paid for this article?
    I mean themeforest is the best and you just missed it :)

  • Keith

    Agree, themeforest SHOULD be here!

  • http://www.nichterdesign.com Ed

    um Themeforest?

  • Michael Novotny

    I happen to like Standard Theme quite a bit! http://standardtheme.com/

  • http://www.slice2theme.com Slice

    also we offer another powerfull service, so this is good post!

  • Jerry

    WooThemes sucks now a days. WPBundle is gonna be the next big thing.

    • http://wpcanyon.com Boba

      I second that. What i have seen from the sneak peeks there is mind blowing :) Really nice designs, can’t wait for the release.

  • http://www.ankurshah.net Ankur Shah

    Like others, I’m not disagreeing with your choice, but IMO, theme forest definitely would be in the top 3 (if not 10) if I were to make a similar list.

  • Manny Gongora

    I agree with some of the replies here, http://www.themeforest.net is the place to go, it’s updated daily with great designs and nothing is expensive.

  • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

    @alecs = we were paid nothing, this is not a paid article

    @Manny = note that this is not a top 10 list, this article puts the focus on other less known sites with a few of the most known sites such as WooThemes and ElegantThemes featured here, that’s all.

    ThemeForest also has some nice themes, but it’s important to be open to the diversity that’s out there and not being blinded by some of the larger companies just because they’re large.

    The companies featured here are smaller in size and notoriety, but worthy of mention and that’s the purpose of this post, not a competition between the larger companies and the smaller ones.

    • http://wpcanyon.com Boba

      Don’t mind the comments, if you made a list of top 10 that everybody knows about, it would be like “Not another one, we all know about those, they’re featured in every roundup” and similar. And another great wp themes resource is http://pliablepress.com

    • Pushparaj

      @ Walter

      I agree with you, It seems everyone knows the themeforest site, then why they want repeated here? We come here for only to learn or read something we don’t know

  • http://loovia.com Satkrit

    Ohhh.. There are some that I haven’t seen before but elegantthemes is still my favorite :)

  • http://www.epiclaunch.com Ben Lang

    Go Woothemes! They’re the best :)

  • Will

    You have some great theme sites listed there. I am a registered member on at least two of those sites.

    Here are some other sites that you may want to add in the future..

    1. http://www.themeforest.net – Thousands of premium WordPress themes. Average price $40/each.

    2. http://www.templatesold.com – 600+ premium WordPress themes/templates. $60 and you can download as many as you want! One of the biggest WP theme (subscription) sites I’ve seen so far.

    3. http://www.rockettheme.com – Mainly Joomla, but they also do WP themes now. Some themes are really advanced and nice. Subscription as well, but they don’t have many templates.

  • http://campolar.me campolar

    You should have included themeforest here! A lot of users would have been pleased :P

  • http://www.i4visualmedia.co.uk essex website designers

    there are some really nice wordpress themes out there actually, I think it’s always good to see how other sites ‘do it’, wether it’s well, or poorly it’s a nice overview.

    Thanks for sharing the sites, links:)

  • Eileen lonergan

    Thanks, I love posts like these, they are a great jumping off point for sharing. I have been working with the themes from http://expand2web.com. They are out of the box ready to go with video, slideshows, rotating images and social media connections. The support is really incredible.

  • http://www.benstokesmarketing.co.uk Web design Shrewsbury

    Nice themes – I don’t really agree with buying web design templates – however there are some really good themes on the websites which you have shown.

  • http://smartpress.com Small Booklet Printing

    I would definitely agree with other people that commented here that Theme Forest is one of my top places for getting WordPress themes. They have a wide variety of themes in different industries and niches.

  • http://www.giantthemes.com Mike Smith

    Really nice list with some of the new, up and coming theme companies. Maybe next time a list like this is made, Giant Themes will be added :)

  • Matt

    I totally agree with Victor that http://www.themeforest.com should be number 1. The selection is simply unbeatable.

  • andreas

    lol in my opintion these wp themes all look pretty the same…

  • http://www.chicwriter.com Shevonne

    Love ElegantThemes. $39 and you can use all of their themes. Nothing can beat that!

  • http://troughmyeyes.com Petoz

    I think that themeforest ( http://themeforest.net ) and all envato marketplace is very cool and affordable, strange it isn’t in this list !

  • http://www.teclogo.com teclogo

    themeforest.com is the best

  • http://www.templateswork.com detie

    This is really good collection of website. But there are other marketplace like http://www.templateswork.com where you can get up to 95% of your sale

  • http://wpengineer.com Alex

    A new place to get a WordPress Framework and Premium Childthemes is http://xtreme-theme.com . You might like to check it out because it is very flexible and intuitive. You can set different layouts in seconds for each page on your website.