30+ Great Logos with Smart Concepts

Branding, Inspiration, Resources | Sep 16, 2010

A couple of months ago we posted a compilation of Smart Logos with Hidden Symbolism which was very well received.

Today, we’re showcasing another great collection of smart logos, but in this case, their meanings are far easier to grasp.

The logos featured here create the company’s name by combining intricate shapes made up of  fonts and illustrations.

These are usually the kind of logos that make you take a second look and say “wow, that’s clever!”.

As usual, we’d love to have your input and feedback in the comments area. Also, if you know of similar logos like these, please add links to them in the comments area below.

We hope you enjoy this fascinating collection!


Art Farm


Eat Innovations




The Color Cure


Culinary Zen




Diamond Bookstore


Elena Alexxeva












Water Drop


Big Shift




Antisocial Network




DJ Loop






Studio 45


Code Fish








Version 2










Cinema Café




One To Love






Wine Searcher



Know of any other great and smart logos? Please share them below and let us know what you think of this collection…

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  • Webme1

    A nice collection of interesting logos. Web Designer Depot often provide interesting, informative articles that I enjoy reading.

    I like the Pause logo for its sheer simplicity.

    The Coffee Cup logo is still a favourite of mine.

    It is often interesting to see the process that leads to a finished work. shows the basic design process of the coffee cup logo.

  • Tom Heasman

    Great collection! love Lochness and the diamond bookstore! Very clever!

  • Ann

    Very nice!!

  • brenna

    fantastic! nice collection…
    I’m still on the search for a nice logo for my blog…

  • Hugo

    “Shift, “Freedom” and “Wine Searcher” are my favs (ones I haven’t seen before). Excellent collection! -Hugo

  • LFD

    Cinema Café is lovely! Nice collection…

  • Web Design Mauritius

    These are great logos! The guys having worked on these have done a great job. I just wish I could find such great ideas.

  • Abdou

    Great ideasn execution in all of them :D

  • z0r

    Elena Alexeeva, not Alexxeva. Check please.

    All in all, logos are awesome. The best were Diamon Bookstore and Codefish.

  • Paul S

    I wonder if they first thought up the name and the logo was designed later by a designer or that the design team created both logo and name.

    If it’s the first option the result is even more impressive.

    I really dig the “Diamond Bookstore” and “Lochness” logo’s

  • Mikesh Vulco

    some great ideas. the lochness logo is hilarious

  • lyricAL

    Great logos! I’ve always liked that lochness logo. Even though there are good concepts here, sometimes I wonder about the convenience of logos like these. I tend to look up the logos to see if they are actual companies/businesses/organizations. 80% of the time they are not. When looking at logos, I always think about the difficulty factor that went into being given a name that a client has chosen versus having a name that a designer chose on their own because it had convenient shapes, letter combinations, or subject matter.

    For example, if a professor gives you a certain company name and tells you what that company does, it forces you to push the envelope because of the constraints that you as the designer have no control over. And in many cases with clients, this is what happens. You can’t always change the name of a company because the negative space isn’t quite working or because you had a better concept for a company with a different description. The fact is that a business came to you…had their name already…and needs a logo to assist in the branding of their presence.

    Dont’ get me wrong, these are all great logos. It’s just something I thought about one day while browsing online through logolounge. How much of it is actual conceptual thinking toward a great logo, or how much of it is a designer who thought it would be cool to have “this” shape inside of “those” words? Just a thought.

  • Stefan

    really awesome!

  • Rapi Castillo

    I think Eat takes the cake on this one. No pun.

  • gopal

    Very beautiful & impressive logos. Especially, coffee, code fish & wave. Hats off to designers of these logos. Just want to know, can we use these logos on our website or these logos are under copyright.

  • Sean

    Very nice collection, quite inspirational logo’s there.

    Thanks for the post, good job!

  • volkan

    perfect logo collection! thnx :)

  • Perphic

    Good collection of fun and witty logos. Some better than others but nice find. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jonathan

    These are fantastic. I don’t know why but the Shift logo sticks in my head the most. One of the most obvious ones I know is FedEx with the arrow to the right being created in the negative space between the “E” and “x”.

  • The Mographer

    Great list!

  • dotworker

    i like smart concepts – and see few new designs here . nice cool-lection

  • Chris Mower

    Nice logos. Some are a little hard to read. My favorite… I think it’s the City Cliq.

  • Childmonster

    Really nice list logo

  • Jake

    Nice collection. Where do most of these come from? I have a few I’ve done that I’m proud of.

  • Marilyn

    Love them all…!

  • Steve

    Zip and Diamond Bookstore… gotta love em!

  • ram

    Awesome ! :D

  • Brian

    Very nice collection!!

  • Ed

    Big Shift is terrible.

  • Chris Mauck

    These are great! Thanks for the inspiration. ‘eat’ has a great one and for some reason I just like the City Cliq.

  • Rishi Arora

    great collection here. thanks for the inspiration.

  • The Freelance Geek

    Love the human one!

  • KaHo

    Great collection.. That really inspire me in designing =))

  • MyLogo

    Good collections. Congratulatios!!!

  • Chad Ritchie

    Nice collection!

  • Anthony Lane

    Thanks for featuring my “illusion” design. Cheers.

    • Darkened Soul

      your AL design is neat as well though ;) will keep my eye open for more of that :d

  • alvin

    lochness! It made me laugh when I realized it. Very good execution.

  • Gert van den Brink

    Just amazing these logo’s, very creative. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Theo

    Some really stunning logo creations, lochness and freedom are my favourites.

  • Scott

    Great collection, I think “anti-social network” and “lochness” are really clever.

  • wien

    great ideas, thanks for this post

  • Darkened Soul

    Seen most of them already but they are indeed clever designs ( i mean, “eat” seems to be made for the spoon ;) )
    either way, great showcase here

  • Erik

    Really nice and inspirational collection. I like this logo of a friend of mine who is a DJ, Dr Neman:

  • Albert

    Nice collection! Illusion is my favorite.

  • Eko

    Amazing, really useful for me to get the inspiration

  • raymond

    some of them kind of remind me of a basic design school assignment: especially ‘steps’, ‘freedom’, ‘coffee’, ‘zip’ and ‘illusion’. Are these all being used by companies?

  • Jason Williams

    It’s amazing that people can brainstorm and come up with these ideas. It must take a lot of time and sketching to get it just right. Some people see a logo and being something small and easy when it’s truly the opposite of that.

  • Web Designers

    These are so unique and creative. I’ve always been interested in logo design. Thanks for posting

  • GradeAWebsites

    Great collection again!

  • jDesai

    Brilliant ones.. Especially the “Freedom” one..Hat’s off.

  • Tony

    Simple, yet incredibly powerful messages in each logo. Great collection!

  • Laurence Caro

    Some great logo designs here!! Very clever work

  • adikahorvath

    Nice, expressive and inspirational pack

  • Karin Freymann

    Great collection! Very inspiring!

  • Dissenter

    How many of these are actually real logos for real companies though? A few, at best. Yes, they’re really clever design exercises and I’m all for being creative for the sake of just being creative. But a logo created around a made-up name that fits the visual metaphor isn’t really a real logo, and it’d be nice if for once sites like these actually showcased real-world logotypes rather than made-up ones. They might not be as clever in the real world, but they’d be far more educational to what a real logo is, which is more than just clever wordplay.

    • Steve

      I think the fact that the word “concepts” is in the title might suggest they are not all real company logos.

      That said, just enjoy them for what they are, is there really a need to over think it?

  • gretzki

    some of the logos are just amazing. really great collection.

  • Craig

    These are great logos with smart concepts, and are another brilliant compilation you have brought together, couldn’t pick a favourite!

  • DTX Studios

    Lovely logo designs.. Very creative and smartly designed.

  • Althaf

    I just love it. Real creativity. No favorite. Love em al!

  • Graphic designer

    I think the Lochness one is the best.

  • Jason

    Meh. A lot of these seemed hokey and too blunt. Not emotive enough. When you think about the best marks they all are more emotive and less direct. They are entertaining though. The illusion one was great just for good use of negative space.

  • e11world

    Studio 45 and big shift are the least favorites for me here.. I would think to make the work BIG bolder instead of shift..
    One of my favorite collections for excellent concepts here!

  • Kent

    Truly great logo design is tough to find but these are all stellar examples!

  • soraya

    it’s really amazing, it’s the first time i make comment , really interesting, i love freedom logo

  • gina

    This logo is a little more direct than a lot of these logo ideations, but it’s also really being used.

  • Nekoda

    WOW… I never thought that I would love them ALL…

  • Lars Ebert

    A great collection. Most of them made me ‘Wow’! Thanks!

  • Webdesign Enschede

    Wow, inspiring logo design’s

  • Salman Aslam

    The Pause logo have always been my favorite :) Great collection

  • Craig Pennings

    Wow, impressive logo work!

  • Salman


  • Logo Treasure

    This is a great source of inspiration. The lochness logo blows your mind away. That’s my favorite ;)

  • Carlos Luna

    Wow… awesome logos… very nice

  • SiteReviver

    Very interesting logo concepts, simple and elegant designs. The most I like the WAVE logo, what is your favorite?

  • AJ Barayuga

    Wow! These are amazing! Really creative use of typography and imagination!

  • Metrodesk Clipping Path services

    hooo!!! its really great collection.

  • http://- KUNJAN VIRANI

    this is vary good collection …

  • medmuf

    Nice! But DL loop is a copy of Italian famous supercenter COOP. Plz check it out.

  • Jade Colley

    Some great ones here! Excellent collection!

  • Vesi K

    Such an amazing collection! Some of them are just genius!

  • leanderbraunschweig

    thanks so much for sharing those, great inspirational character!

  • logodesain

    it was great logo, I found some inspiration after seeing the logo, very helpful at all as a reference to create a logo!

  • Kevin