Massive Collection of Elegant Thin Fonts

preview_imageTypography is one of the most crucial design elements, and as such, finding the most appropriate fonts for your project can be a challenging task.

Today we’re making it easy for you, with a collection of 70 free thin fonts that we gathered from the web and that you can download to use right now. Most of them are sans-serif although there are a few serif options as well.

Thin fonts are becoming extremely popular these days; their clean lines are perfect for logos and headers.

They look great, especially at larger sizes, although they can sometimes also be successfully used for body text, provided there’s enough contrast.

All the fonts featured in this compilation are free to use, however some restrictions may apply. Please check the specific terms of use for each font in the download file.


1. (((O))) Basic


2. Aaargh


3. AlexandriaFLF


4. Asenine


5. Bird Cherry


6. Blooming Grove


7. BonvenoCF


8. Castorgate


9. Caviar Dreams


10. Champagne & Limousines


11. Cicle


12. CircleD


13. Code


14. Colaborate


15. Comfortaa


16. CREW


17. Cumulus


18. Dekar




20. District Thin


21. Edelsans


22. Engel Light


23. Eurofurence light


24. Existence Light


25. Feena Casual


26. Ganix Apec


27. Garogier


28. Gats by FLF


29. Geo Sans Light


30. Glove


31. Jalane Light


32. Kraken


33. Kravitz


34. Lane


35. Lane Humouresque


36. LemonChicken


37. LT Oksana 4.0


38. Mank Sans


39. Metro Normal


40. MonaKo


41. Nautic


42. New Cicle


43. Occidental


44. Opticon One


45. Print Clearly


46. Quicksand


47. Raleway


48. Rawengulk


49. Resselle


50. Rounded


51. Salaryman


52. Sansation


53. Sansumi


54. Santana


55. Segan


56. Serifa Th BT Thin


57. Solea Light


58. Spirequal Light


59. Springsteel Light


60. Square Unique


61. St Marie


62. Steiner


63. Technoid


64. Thin Franq




66. ZARAUTZ Light


67. Vloderstone Lite Beta


68. Walkway


69. Worstveld Sling


70. Zag

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Taimur Asghar. You can follow him @imtaiumur

Feature image by Shutterstock

Which ones are your favorites? Did we miss any other great ones? Please share them below…

  • Patrick Offczorz

    I missed the Font Aller Light from
    Thanks for the great collection. :)

  • esranull

    very very very very nice list thanks a lot

  • trimbakeshwar

    He’s making the point (a very valid one in my opinion) that we (web designers etc) shouldn’t let our ideas of how web design is ‘traditionally’ done effect what methods we choose to use when designing.

  • Raul Sim

    You know, I was searching for such a list, but couldn’t find one. Great list!

  • Taimur Asghar

    Awesome fonts !

  • Storm

    AWESOME COLLECTION! Most of these i already have but there are some extras here yey! thanks!

  • Arslan

    its Really Amazing collection, I like the BonvenoCF one,
    Thanks WDD

  • Childmonster

    Great fonts. Thanks for posting

  • pushpinder

    awesome collection – I was looking for this – this helps a lot in my typography…

  • david

    Awesome collection! I’ve been using Asenine and Comfortaa for a long time.

  • Dan

    Thanks for putting this list together! I love Sansumi and a Sansation. I’ve bookmarked the article.

  • Boost Inspiration

    Nice fonts. Liked the last one “Zag”

  • strenuouskid

    This is just what I need! Thank you so much!

  • Imokon

    Zag is my absolute favorite, love at first sight :p

  • rickzwebz

    A question.. I have tried to use thin fonts on some of my sites but they seem to be fairly unreadable unless they are made large, which does not always suit the design.
    Do other feel this way?

  • Suhela

    These are really amazing collection of fonts!!!!

  • biduzido

    Veery good!

    It would be nice if there were a pack with all of them to download, or grouped by license

  • Rebecca

    That is an excellent list. There are several I have not seen and thin fonts may not be as showy as some other types, but they are useful.

  • Dragan

    You have to make them a little bit bigger on a webpage in order for people to see their true beauty but otherwise, great, and I mean GREAT collection.

  • Web Designers

    thanks for the collection, I love using

  • Bert Vanderveen

    My main beef with this selection is that around 90% of the typefaces are crap. One look at the way S’s are drawn will bear evidence of that, or the complete abscence of compensation in the geometric glyphs. A lot of this is pure amateur stuff and has no place in the toolbox of a serious designer.

  • Ryan McGrane

    Just a little “bug” I found, the font preview for Raleway uses Quicksand.

    • Walter

      Awesome catch, thanks for that, we’ve updated the image.

  • John @ Photoshop Style A Day

    Nice collection of fonts! I find it harder to create styles for thin fonts compared to big bold ones, although when you get it right, the thin ones just look so nice. ;)

  • Web Design Dispatch

    These are awesome I think the code font is my favorite of these elegant/modern fonts.

  • Naveen

    Amazing and very useful list of fonts..thank you so much for prividing

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    Awesome collection of elegant fonts…
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    I like a font call Greyscale. Walkway is nice too.

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    Great list! I’ll be using some of these in coming projects, for sure.

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    Some nice fonts there, however they are very much the same . . . I think some designers will appreciate the post though, cheers guys . . .

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    I loooove these fonts. So fresh. So clean.

  • Hristo

    Does any of these have Cyrillic symbols?


    Realy nice & HELPFULL effort