Win 3 licenses for Filter Forge 2.0

As designers, we rely on Photoshop and its array of filters to create our effects most of the time.

There are many Photoshop filters out there that are usually suited for only a limited amount of effects, however, we invite you to take a look at the thousands of options available with Filter Forge.

Their software has over 7,500 filters that will suit the needs of any graphic artist, beginners and professionals alike, from scrapbookers to 3D modelers.

Their recently released version 2.0 has even more filters for advanced lighting options and shadows, that greatly improve the realism of your art works.

We’ve partnered with the fine folks at Filter Forge and one week from today, we’ll be giving away 3 licenses for Filter Forge Basic Edition (valued at $149 each) to some lucky WDD readers.

Read on for all the details and for instructions as to how to participate…

Here’s a bit more about Filter Forge:


fff2Filter Forge is a high-end Photoshop plugin that lets novice and expert users create a wide variety of realistic and abstract textures and effects.

It’s a must-have for any digital artist – 3D modeller, photographer, web designer and scrapbooker alike.

On the surface, Filter Forge is just a Photoshop plugin, a pack of filters that generate textures, create visual effects, enhance photos, process images. However, there are 3 things that make Filter Forge unique:

1. You can create your own filters. Filter Forge comes with a visual node-based editor allowing you to create your own filters – textures, effects, distortions, backgrounds, frames, you name it. All filters automatically support 16- and 32-bit modes in Photoshop, real-world HDRI lighting, bump and normal maps, huge resolutions, and most filters can be seamlessly tiled.

2. You get free access to 7628 user-created filters. Anyone can contribute their textures and effects to the online filter collection so it grows with every submitted filter. This means the more people use Filter Forge, the better it gets.

3. Contributors get Filter Forge for free. You submit filters, they get popular with the users, we send you a free copy of Filter Forge. Sounds simple but don’t expect a giveaway, you will have to earn it.

Please note that winners of previous contests have sometimes been disqualified for not adhering to the rules, so please read the entry requirements carefully:

To participate, simply leave a comment about Filter Forge below or post a link below to a retweet that you made about this contest. The results will be announced here on WDD on October 27th, 2010.

Only one entry per person. Duplicate entries will be voided. Winners will also be contacted via email.

Good luck to everyone!!

HERE ARE THE RESULTS: The winners are:

23 – Teun Wille
186 – Hannes
77 – Glynn

  • Gerard

    Filter Forge looks amazing..

    I would love a copy. :)

  • David

    I have been looking for something like Filter Forge, sure would be nice to get it for free

  • Brad Shaw

    I’d love to see what Filter Forge have come up with. Often 90% of what’s in these mega filter packs is pretty useless on a day to day basis, but this look pretty interesting.

  • Gerald

    Oh, I soooo much want one.

  • karzysiu

    I’m always dreamed about it

  • arnold

    Wow cool , this is really useful..
    I hope I win.. :)

  • Ann

    This is so gorgeous! Hope to be the lucky one!

  • Monsterfred

    Win 3 licenses for Filter Forge 2.0 | Webdesigner Depot

  • konki

    Looks like a great plugin…

  • Mia Lazar

    Cool thing.

  • Patrick

    Wow, Filter Forge plugins couldn’t be more realistic! Excellent tools for boosting our designs!

  • Peter Russell
  • Manuel

    FilterForge is awesome tool. Can I win?

  • Katie Steed

    Sounds like a great piece of software!

  • Taidane

    I´m in!

  • Christian Strain

    I’d love to see what types of textures I could create for Maya using these plugins in Photoshop.

  • http:/ Pablo Lara H

    I want it! It would be amazing to create my own filters.

  • Rafael

    Filter forge is probably the best tool and I would like one of those please :)

  • Ankit Sharma

    The quality looks quite good, from what I’ve seen on their site. Probably wouldn’t ever end up using 7,500 filters, but the ability to create your own filters looks very powerful.

  • Michael Shiferaw

    That would be a great and intuitive timesaver, if you ask me.

  • Roman
  • Kevin

    I think its a great piece of software. Loaded with tons of features and functions. Would add depth to any design.

  • Teun Wille

    Filter Forge looks like a very usefull photoshop plugin whith a wide scale of filters!!

  • Christopher

    As a consultant I spend my days understanding the creative limits of my clients and then precede to push them as far apart as possible. My job is to make perception larger and therefore create more opportunity for what is possible. Filter Forge is an amazing tool for achieving the same aim with my design ideas.

  • Nathan R

    This could really help with a lot of those last minute deadlines that seem to pop up on a regular basis.

  • Andy

    I love photoshop additions as that is the software I know best. I would love to add Filter Forge to my arsenal!

  • Jason

    I’m an indie game developer, and Filter Forge is an absolute beast when it comes to textures. Incredibly useful in my line of work, Id love to get my hands on a licence for it!


    I am a big Graphic Freak…and I love using PS and Illustrator…Also, i have used Filter Forge is mindblowing as it contains such a large collection of Filters…
    The best feature i like about Filter Forge is the web based Filter Library of thousands of user-submitted filters…So, I would like to participate in the contest and like to receive the LICENSE…Thanks…!

  • Rico Smith

    This is awesome. I think I’ve used up all the standard Photoshop filters and really need something new to fuel the creativity and improve the web here in South Africa. Filter Forge seems like a great tool and I love the fact that you can collaborate with other artist to create and share filters for Photoshop. (That’s if I understand it correctly)

    Cool and the retweet:!/rxontwerp

  • Theresa Sheridan

    I am BRAND NEW to Photoshop, after years of using Corel Graphics Suite, so I could really use this plug-in! I’m currently pursuing a graphic design degree and was issued Photoshop this semester and I am having a blast learning about it and everything it can do. Great contest, hope I win!

  • Mathew Ballard
  • Alan

    Filter Forge sounds like a great tool. Would love to have a copy.

  • Raoul


  • Joel Kidd

    Cool Site! I checked out some of the filters on their site and it’s amazing what can be done just by applying a couple of filters to an image.

  • mare

    I would love to experiment with Filter Forge! Bring it on!! Thanks

  • Joe E

    wow! Filter Forge is awesome. I’m going to check out more of their stuff.

  • jo

    Here’s my tweet:
    Looks like a great addition for my beloved Photoshop, I would give one a happy home.

  • Nancy

    I’m just getting started with Photoshop and would love to be able to work with these filters!

  • Adam Bank

    Looks very useful and intuitive!

  • Cena Crane

    This looks cool (and useful!) I hope I win!

  • Caleb Weston

    Filter Forge has by far been the most powerful and diverse filter package I have used. And with a community of developers creating new filters you have an ever-expanding library to pick from. A highly recommended tool.

  • Shyamsunder

    Great tool. Hope I win this

  • ana GR

    I would love to experiment with Filter Forge: It looks fascinating!

  • kipodi

    How nice :) i’ll love to try it!

  • njanf

    over 7,500 filters!?!?!? That’s pretty wild!!/Mongol20900/status/27937128269

  • Jason

    A definite time saver with their large range of filters. Great giveaway. Thanks.

  • Internt Marketing Consultant

    Great tools to help take your work to the next level.

  • Rob

    I Would Love To be Able To receive Filter Forge For My Graphic design projects… I Would Have Already Bought it except in these tough economic times money is getting harder and harder to come by in this line of work…
    Thanks for the great freebie program…

  • Francesco Ciabatta

    Would love to win!

  • mromansis

    Am I the first?

  • Savvas Pelonis

    Great plug in! I look forward to be the winner!
    I hope it will be not too heavy for my suite!

  • jeremy

    Could definitely use these as some nice time savers

  • Ben
  • Josh M. Lenius

    I’m a college-level visual design instructor, and I’ve seen some examples of what Filter Forge can do – I’d love to have a personal copy to show students its power to create amazing visual effects!

  • Christopher

    This would be so cool to use!

  • L.Z.

    I think it’s awesome when places like Filter Forge and WDD give back to the community. Not only is it great marketing for them, but it’s also a win for the community.

    Keep up the great work guys!!!

  • Littlestar

    Wow, I’ve never seen something like this. This would be an amazing tool to have for just about any work that I do. Even if I don’t win I think I’d still go pick up a copy of this to use.

  • Mick

    This would be awesome..

  • Valerio

    It looks amazing… I hope I’ll get one!

  • Justin Ryan

    I’m feeling lucky.

  • Carol

    As I create just about every other resource for Photoshop, it would be great to be able to create filters too, and I have absolutely no idea how to do that… so having a Filter Forge license would be a great place to start!

  • 444

    Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

  • Kelly Lawrence

    I’ve never heard of Filter Forge, but it looks pretty awesome! :)

  • Dana

    Not only does Filter Forge look amazing, the winners are being announced right before my birthday – to win would be the best birthday present!

  • Sarath

    wow!! i am in…

  • Kari

    As a new start-up freelance web designer (still working on getting the website finished), Filter Forge would be an AWESOME addition to my tool arsenal.

  • Jorge

    Please, make my life easier! Let me get the Plug-ins.

  • Vasilyrud

    Filter Forge looks like an incredible helper in any type of work. Probably one of the best tools for Ps.

  • wbboyd

    Filter Forge looks great. I’d love to try it out.

  • z0r

    Well, this is just amazing. FilterForge 2 is something new and awesome indeed.

  • Christito

    Great giveaway! This would be a great addition to my set of tools ;)

  • Jon

    Would love to win!

  • Katharina

    Looks great!

  • Atinderpal singh

    thats exciting

  • AlexAltea

    I would like to win! Filter Forge is incredible. I use it for texturing my 3d models.

  • Amit Vyas

    They are really Awesome… I’m in the contest to find one.. If will not get it I will buy it… yeah… !!!

  • glynn

    Just been on their site. Some of the filters are amazing…it’s gonna make complicated artwork so much quicker if I can get a copy of Filter Forge!

  • Ed Tomlinson

    Looks great will down load trial.

  • Ed Tomlinson

    Looks great will down load trial.

  • eniu

    Very nice. I want it!

  • Nick

    Hope I get lucky. Big ups to WDD!

  • Ting

    Ooh… nice. Filter Forge 2.0 sure sounds like a handy tool. Every so often, I have a specific look in mind but couldn’t quite find the right filters, so this would be really nice!

  • AJ in Nashville

    And…I REALLY mean that, you dig?

  • Erwin | Good Web Design

    Yup Yup. Definitely like to have a go creating some amazing filters. Cool. Fingers Crossed… ;-)

  • Brandon

    Filter Forge looks to be an instant staple to any designer. Thank you for introducing it to me.

  • pceasies
  • Sue

    This says it all “It’s a must-have for any digital artist – 3D modeller, photographer, web designer and scrapbooker alike.”
    Thanks for the opportunity to win
    Sue : )

  • mr R Christensen

    Wow! Hope I’m lucky.

  • Mars

    nice giveaway you got here, tweeted!/orphicpixel/status/27961435569

  • taloweb

    I have never heard about Filter Forge before now…I hope I can win!

  • Ron

    Cool, count me in.

  • Roberto

    I´m not a luck-man, but i am in…

  • Brian Lucas

    yes. this would epicly add epicness to my epic designs. :]

  • Sherry

    WOW! Now I know how my favorite designers are getting the effects I love! I neeeeeeeeeeedddd this for sure!!! Thanks for the chance to take a chance!


  • Matt

    Filter Forge looks very interesting! I especially like the wood filter I see in the images above as I find it hard to get a decent wood look. The tile patterns are great, too!

    The ‘create your own’ feature sounds awesome as well!

  • Jennifer Wolfe

    Yes, I would like to win a copy of Filter Forge

  • Emmanuel Gonzales

    I want a copy! Looks awesome!

  • Alysia

    Filter forge looks like an awesome tool! (Crossing my fingers that I’ll get to employ it in some upcoming projects)

  • jorge gonzalez

    hooray filter forge!
    i will dream tonight that i get an email declaring “you’re a winner the filter forge contest!” and then i’ll wake up and come running to my Mac like it’s Christmas morning in hopes that such an email really exists.

  • DataMouse

    Skillz :-)
    Great bit of kit

  • Asher

    I had a trial version of Filter Version but it didn’t work, I contacted them directly and they shipped out a working version. Terrific customer service.

  • Mllx

    Can I haz win? :)

  • Peter Brazier

    Heh this looks amazing. I bet the guys at work would love it :D send me one of those.

  • Christian

    Filter Forge is killer! Great for designers!

    I would love to win a copy!

  • Izzy roll

    hope Im one of the lucky ones

  • Ian

    Ah… *Drooooool…

  • Sébastien Lavoie

    Oh! Been searching for that kind of stuff since a while :D That would totally be a good helper to my overwhelmed photoshop.

  • Heather Amanda

    Well this looks more than just a little bit awesome. I’d love to play with some of these filters! I mean, I don’t know how practical they will be, but I’d love them for some experimental stuff.

  • Kat

    This would be an awesome addition to the tools I use when making invitations.

  • Josh

    Thanks for the Filter Forge competition. Looks like great software.

  • http://twitter.con/florianlionel Florian Taltavull

    Looks like something I could use a lot :)

  • Emma

    That looks really cool. I’d love a copy.

    PS – I retweeted it as well:

  • Hector Lee

    Wickedly powerful.. How can I earn it if I don’t win it?

  • Tom


  • mark

    until now I’d not heard of filter forge but it certainly looks like a pretty neat product. would certainly save a lot of time manually processing images to look like some of the filters.

  • Billy

    that would be splendid!

  • jayhan

    Brilliant! Need that!

  • Kevin

    Dang! Those filters look so nice! I’d love to have them in my photoshop and play with them on my projects every now and then!

  • Thurein

    Greate Filter.
    I would love to win it.

  • Sean

    This looks cool :)

  • Andres

    Hope i won this, looks really great.

  • Joey

    I would love a copy of filter forge

  • Fraz Ahmed

    Its awesome! And seems incredible easy to use!

  • Amdzines

    I’d love to have a copy of Filter Forge. I already tried their trial version. They also have a few freebies on their website.

  • Ebta

    wow more than 7500 filters..
    amazing, hope win this time..

  • Goce




  • kyriakos

    funny that last week i was looking for ways to generate texture and hit filterforge’s website and thought that it was cool.

    so yeah i’d love to have it:)

  • Johann

    Good luck everyone!

  • Martin

    Awesome. I need this! This is what i searched for a long time!

  • Jack

    Saw a friend with this the other day and it looks amazing, would love a copy!

  • andry

    I want to own such software!!!

  • Tom

    Looks amazing! Would love one! ;-)

  • Benoit

    Filter Forge is a really useful tool for those (like me) who like to play with textures and create beautiful ones quickly.

    I would enjoy having a license of the software.

  • BeatShot

    2.0 Looks very good, Would really love to work with it.

  • Cey

    Good soft, would definitly like to use it for my job


  • Drosimo

    I’d love to win this one!

  • Dan

    WOW Great plugin!

  • seo review bradenton

    Great.It’s cool.Filter Forge is amazing.

  • Ed W

    I would also love to win one of these copies of Filter Forge :)

  • psychonautik
  • seo review bradenton

    Wow. That’s cool. Filter forge is amazing.

  • Felix

    sounds amazing

  • Trent

    great tools, love to have them.

  • Christine Smith

    would LOVE to have this for my digital scrapbook design business. Good luck everyone!!

  • vinz

    Wouh! nice plugin. gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

  • Yvaine

    I’ve already tested trial filter forge and I’ve found it very useful. This small big application gives not only a great amount of customable filters but as well makes it easy to create fantastic textures which you can use both to design and 3d animation. That’s why I’d really love to have my own licence for FF :)

  • dumazz
  • Jim

    Cool stuff!

  • schwegel

    I would LOVE to win this … I am a filter addict!!!

  • Jen

    Filter Forage looks awesome! I would love a copy, and thanks for holding this contest.

  • Will

    Man, this contest kinda makes me wanna learn to use Photoshop properly! :)

  • Wojtek

    Pick me, pick me! I want that!

  • Lucy

    oh my gaaaAAHHH would so love a copy :DD

  • Gio

    I’m in… :) Give this nice filters…

  • Chris N

    Would love to give this a whirl and try out some pre-defined filters as well as creating my own and contributing to the community.

  • Etienne

    I would totally like to win Filter Forge because it would be FAN-TAS..wait for it ..-TIC to make tons of pattern for my 3D projects and everything else.

  • Ryan Croussore
  • Tina H

    I would love to win this! I have their free filters and love them. I can’t afford to buy the full package..I wish I could!

  • Anthony

    Looks Awesome! ty for this contest.

  • Jean

    I would love to experiment with Filter Forge: It looks great!

  • Jeff Kes

    I am just starting to use Photoshop and would love to add this Awesome filters to my tool box.

  • Curtis Scott

    Filter Forge Rocks!!

    I would love to own a copy *fingers crossed.

  • http://underconstruction Stacey

    Wow, this really looks like an amazing set of filters! I would love to put them to good use! My site is under construction, but I can see how these would really enhance & make it come alive! I would love the opportunity, to make them part of my site or blog on design. Whoever gets them, will be very lucky :)

  • vinzento

    I really must have those Photoshop plugin from Filter Forge 2.0.

  • Justinph5

    Filter Forge looks awesome.

  • Miguelito

    Filter Forge filters look awesome. This would help with my site re-design (Crossing fingers)

  • Evan

    I would love to try filter forge!!

  • Shawn

    Wow! Filter forge looks like a pretty powerful tool! I like that it allows you to create your own filters.

  • sparky

    I’m impressed! Would love to win!

  • Zack Esgar

    i wanna win

  • Miguel

    Filter Forge looks amazing, would love this

  • Igor

    Definetly another great resource to add in photoshop

  • Kat

    would be interesting to try out Filter Forge :)

  • Abbey

    I’d love to give Filter Forge a go!

  • ric nunez

    This looks pretty interesting, is a large filter it should be pretty useful.

  • Wojtek

    Seems like a great tool I could use in my work!

  • Tommie82

    Hmm Filter Forge has such a Huge libary that I can not choos waht to use !!

  • piXelRider

    Oh my… so many filters! :D I think I would spend whole weekend just testing Filter Forge awesomness :D

  • ercn1903

    This is so gorgeous! Hope to be the lucky one!

  • Matjaz Mikuletic

    fantastic filters

  • Jason Witt

    Love it, want it.

  • Moosey

    WOW…Filter Forge is AWESOME! I would love to have 2.0 :D

  • Mário Almeida

    Me want one! :-)

  • Adam Haynes

    Filter Forge sounds great. I could definitely make use of it.

  • Peter

    I would like a license. Might help jump-start my web-design and graphic design.

  • Hannes

    Amazing effects! I’d love to have this.

  • Gaurav Mishra

    Luck stay !

  • Suleiman Leadbitter

    I’m a graphic and web designer so this would be of great benefit to myself. Looks like a superb product.!/Sulcalibur/status/28488145613

  • Tim

    Filter Forge for the win!

  • Miriam

    I didn’t really knew about filter forge but as a graphic designer, I am really looking forward to learning more about it and using it.

    Thank you very much!

  • Robbert Brummel

    Would love a copy of it. From what i’ve seen of it, it has amazing stuff, which i could use in some designs.

  • Matteo

    FTW! Filterfore for The Win!

  • Becky S.

    My husband is a web designer and I’m a graphic designer. Filter Forge seems like it’d be a great tool for both of us!

  • Nic

    great contest, hope i win

  • Sabrina C

    Yay! Filter Forge looks so exciting. This would really help out on many projects. Thanks for having this contest.

  • Muhal

    Looks cool ;)

  • Román

    Im in too :)

  • ev149

    Awesome, I’d love a license! Can’t wait to see who wins.

  • dinobib

    Filter Forge seems very interesting.
    Will love to experiment things with it
    have tweet it!/dinobib/status/28639699733

  • Tes

    If I had Filter Forge, I would use Photoshop a lot more for my design projects.

  • SriGanesh.M

    i tried the free version of the forge. and it was amazing. i love to grab a copy of this. thank you once again for the giveaway.

    My Twitted link :

    ” Hope I win ;) “

  • Kelly

    Filter Forge looks amazing, I definitely want it.

  • Aljiro

    FilterForge has got to be the most innovative plugin out there. This is a must win for sure.

  • Austin

    I’ve long had the trial of this sitting on my hard drive…nice bit of filters btw…would love to have the licensed one!

  • erin

    I would LOVE to win this!

  • Fernando

    Looks like it (Filter Forge!) will not only save my time but also improove the quality of my work! Would love to win!


  • Alex

    Nice! I want one! :D

  • Rhett
  • DrDreMYI

    Long time reader, never poster. Couldn’t resists the lure of Filter Forge though. Looks like a top product and very very useful.

  • Dan

    I get horny just thinking what I could do with those filters!

  • Yola

    I’m user from FF Demo and I love Filter Forge !! Is Amazing
    Unfortunately my demo expires at the end october :(
    Would love to win Filter Forge