MightyDeals is Officially Unleashed!

We teased you long enough…. but now the wait is finally over, and it’s very much worth it!

We’re super excited to officially announce the release of MightyDeals.com

Our new website has just been unleashed and it’s now live! MightyDeals is the ultimate destination for amazing discounts and impossible unbelievable deals for creative professionals.

The site will feature deals for applications, services, software, resources and everything in between. There’s only one deal promoted at any given time and these deals last between 24 to 48 hours and then they magically disappear into thin air…

The deals are really varied so if you don’t see something that you want one day, don’t despair, we have multiple deals per week and the next deal might be just what you’re looking for :)

The products and services featured will be heavily discounted (sometimes up to 90%) and we have already lined up an amazing number of deals from great companies which will be rolled out over the coming days…

And we kick off our launch today with a mega mighty deal for all of you!

Today’s deal:

The Ultimate Designer Toolkit is an amazing bundle of 55,000 (yep… thousand!) designer items which you can order right now, for 48 hours only, for just $49 (regular price is $99). The package includes everything you could want as a designer such as icons, vector shapes, gradients, styles, patterns and much much more. Go and check it out!

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Please let us know how you like the new site and our first deal, we sincerely hope you all enjoy it!

Take me to MightyDeals.com now

[Companies willing to partake in Mighty Deals, please submit your info using the form on the site to let us know about your products and services.]

  • Chintan

    That first deal is AWESOME.
    I can see i’m gonna love this site.

  • http://www.natashastorm.co.za natasha

    Awesome! Congrats!

  • http://www.egydes.com Husien Adel

    good luck , i see the idea of doscount package become regular :D
    wish the best

  • Diana

    the deal is awesome. Check out the texture packs.

    I have bought a few days ago a single texture and i have paid over 75 $ for a single image on another stock website, and now i found this great deal with almost 1000 textures in one pack

    Thank you mightydeals, and WDD

    When my husband will come home i will purchase immediately.

    I hope you will publish more deals like that

  • http://masenchipz.com masenchipz

    really amazing packages for web developer…
    hmmm… icons, vector shapes, gradients, styles, patterns and much much more…
    whether including the PSD files?
    maybe you can detail with examples, for webdesigner be more interested in buying the packages sir…
    like as…
    – icons (social networking, shoping, computer, etc)
    – vectors (sports, bussines, nature, etc)

    hmm… I’m only give little input for your “awesome website”.. hehe…
    succes for MightyDeals…. :P

    • http://www.webdesignerdepot.com Walter

      Many thanks! There are PDFs for each type of product offered in the deal showing each and every product included!

    • Diana

      yes there are PDF files included on the top of each package

  • http://www.impulsis.com/blog.html Wolf

    Great! Congratulations!

  • http://inspiredm.com/ Mike

    Whoa, brilliant offer!

  • http://www.bebop-ad.com BebopDesigner

    Yay! Really cool

  • http://www.webdesignprint.co.uk WebDesignPrint

    It is a great deal although I was hoping for something more useful for web designers. I had a look through vector images, patterns, pixel icons and photographs and to be honest I would not use 99.9% of them (not to mention I would not spend time to browse through thousands of them each time when I have a new project). The deal may be certainly useful for all of those who design in Photoshop with all those layer styles, brushes etc. but I am not one of them as I prefer robust Fireworks with vector support over Photoshop for website layouts.
    High quality photos and photo objects (no amateurish photographs with flowers etc. but something I can really use for web design), icons, vectors (please no more military vehicles), simple scripts(!), flash elements and components, maybe themes/templates, premium access to certain services for web designers, tutorials – that is what I am hoping to find next on Mighty Deals. Not so much of quantity but quality.
    There are many resource sites for web designers with free stuff already so if I am paying for something, it’d better be good and save my time and money.

  • http://www.how-to-asp.net Ryan

    Congrats on getting the new site up!

  • http://www.curtisscott.com Curtis Scott

    Behold MightyDeals and all it’s glory! \m/ \m/

  • Robert

    Deals are pure awesome!!! you rock!!

  • Eliza

    Thank you WDD and MightyDeals.com for this awesome deal.

    My boyfriend purchased today this pack for me and it is awesome. I finally created my first css/ html website with that framework

    I have seen that pack with 25.000 gradients, and i thought is to much, but a friend of mine with a printing business told me that the gradient packs are made out of different color libraries which is a good thing.

    Pantone solid mate
    Web safe colors
    ANPA colors

    I like also the textures, but i do not know for what are the swatches

    For next deals on mightydeals i would like to purchase some tutorials on how to create website layouts, or some e-books on how to create wordpress themes.

    Also some packs with wordpress themes will be very good.
    Congrats and good luck

  • http://www.techmator.com Vishu

    congrats on the site’s launch, wishing you success and looking forward to more awesome deals :D

  • Steve-o

    great stuff!
    i’m so curious to see how it pans out in future deals.

  • http://art-a-designer.ru andry

    Excellent action! I attended

  • gskwed

    Awesome! Great packages!

  • Adrian

    This is by far the best support i have received from these guys from ultimatedesignertoolkit.com

    The reply was almost instant.

    Thank you Walter for bringing us so great treasures in your deals. looking forward in a few hours to the next good deal.

  • http://www.brushking.eu Thomas Beal

    Really nice, Good luck with this new project Walter.

  • http://www.benstokesmarketing.co.uk Ben Stokes

    Ha ha – nice stuff guys :)

  • http://www.techwench.com neo tech blog

    really great deals looking a head for it

  • http://www.xininvoice.com keith

    mightydeals.com sound cool. Can we sell our product in mightydeals.com?

  • Angelo

    Cool site you have!