Photoshop lover? Then you may be a brush lover, too!

Have your clients ever told you “make it pop” or “add more personality”?

We’re guessing you’ve been there and this is why we love Photoshop brushes so much…

With little effort you can use one or more brushes to enhance or create truly outstanding designs with just a few clicks.

That’s why today we’re super excited to unveil another member of the WDD family of websites with our brand new site for those Photoshop brush lovers out there! And we call it… BrushLovers

For the past 12 months, top designer Liora Blum has been working hard with us to create a really amazing and exclusive collection of free and premium Photoshop brushes just for

We’ve uploaded a great number of sets already and there are tons more to come that will keep making their way onto the site every month. You can easily find them by sorting the brushes based on categories, and/or free or premium sets or by doing a quick and easy search.

The site is mainly focused around our extensive collection of high quality free brushes, but we also have some amazing premium sets for really low prices. The premium files are priced at only $3, $5 or $7. And we also have the option to purchase packs of credits where you pay less than $3 for any brush set, regardless of the original price. For those die-hard brush fans, we also sell an unlimited VIP pass to download all the premium files you want.

So what makes these brushes so special? Quality! Just one word, but it really represents the true effort that went into creating these. Each brush set took hours of hard work, from conception to design, multiple revisions and even creating those beautiful previews that you can now see on the site.

And these brushes not only look pretty in the preview, but they also work beautifully. As you start using them, you will notice the great care and attention to detail that was taken when crafting each one.

By the way, we should mention that all brushes are available at high resolutions, making them perfect for online use or print.

A special thanks to Claudiu Cioba for the great design that he created for the BrushLovers website.

Here are some examples of just a few of the brushes now available on BrushLovers:

So go ahead and check it out, and let us know what you think. We’re very proud of our new website and we hope you enjoy it too.

We welcome your feedback as we try to make it an even better place for all brush lovers out there!!!

Enough talking… Take me to the BrushLovers website now!

  • Aaron Nichols

    This is great. I am always looking for new brushes but littered all around are really low quality brushes that just ruin a design. Now with WDD’s new website it will be easy to find the brushes that I need!

    Great job WDD team.

  • esranull

    very very nice thanks a lot

  • Dimi

    Cool deal guys, checking it out!

  • Michael

    Very, very beautyful!
    Love it!

  • Julia May

    That’s so cool guys! You just made me a brush lover :)

  • Crystal

    Awesome! Thanks.

  • Designers’ List

    Thanks, great website.

  • Red

    Cool, good luck and let’s see some brushes!

  • Madeline

    Great I could use another brush website for my designs. Thank you!

  • media designer

    Nice collection. Nothing says “I’m a creative Photoshop user” like making your own, though.

  • 00j9

    this shows me I am weak sauce at Pshop for never using much more than the standard brushes. Thanks!

  • inspirationfeed

    This is a great startup! Wonder how Techi is doing? Congrats on your success!

  • BAM

    Thank you for update so cool designs always.. they make me have new idea for my jobs.. :D


  • Dezine Weblog

    I like the new site, very cool look and useful brushes :)

  • benedetta.s

    Really cool! thanks a lot!

  • Nottingham Web Design

    Niceeee collection!

  • Cheryl

    Love it. Thanks heaps,!

  • Mars

    Thank you so much, this is great!

  • Web Design Hull

    Nice resource, is a great looking, easy to use site… thanks!

  • Dreb

    No wonder about the prices, the quality worth the price.

  • Vladimir

    Thanks for sharing these brushes, I definitely could use them :)

  • Zulfiqar

    nice sharing of beautiful brushes, love it.

  • Sigal david

    Wahoooo! these are fantastic brushes! i’ve already downloaded some of the brushes
    and have been starting designing with them, it really great.