Generative Artwork with HTML5

It seems like we’re still just scratching the surface of what HTML5 is capable of, and different people and organizations come up with new uses and ideas all the time.

MIX Online teamed up with Joshua Davis, the well-known digital generative artist, to create an open source HTML5 Canvas-based JavaScript library called Okapi.

The technology behind the Okapi toolset was originally created for Endless Mural, an online art exhibition where users can create generative art.

The creators were working on some HTML5-based apps for the beta launch of Internet Explorer 9, and Okapi became part of that project.

The interface is slick and works really well, beautifully showcasing Okapi’s capabilities as well as the capabilities of HTML5’s canvas element.

The great thing about Okapi is that because it’s open source, you can use it for your own creative projects. The framework makes it possible to create generative art in a way that was never before possible without a browser plugin. It works in any canvas-enabled browser (most modern browsers fall into this category).

MIX Online is currently running a fantastic contest with Endless Mural where you can win $500 or a skateboard. All you need to do is follow them on Twitter, create and save a drawing in Endless Mural, and then send them a tweet about it.

Just a quick warning: Endless Mural can be very addictive, so be prepared to potentially spend hours playing around with it. Just don’t spend too long: entries must be received by December 15th.

Here are a couple of example murals I created after playing around with the program for a little while:

Have fun creating your own images with Endless Mural, or creating your own generative art project with Okabi!

  • esranull

    very good post thanks a lot

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    this is cool one may also use cloud canvas too.

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    I can’t believe this was done with HTML5..just incredible work..

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    “Generative Artwork with HTML5” + AND Javascript, isn’t?

    HTML5 cannot do that work, or I’m wrong?

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    HTML5 is rocking….

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    HTML5? I have never used it.

  • Adam Fairhead

    That looks awesome. Aviary recently launched a HTML5 image editor too … These are exciting times for the development of “RIA-less” web creation tools.

  • Curtis Scott

    Reminds of when I first learned about fragmentation in flash. I can see full websites dedicated to these popping up soon. :)

  • Andrew Buckle

    Wow… html5 can be used for some truly awesome artwork – inspiring stuff – it will definitely be exciting times for web art design

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    Sweet, I got at least one day left to submit something. I can probably whip like a thousand of these out but I’m sure they’re looking for something imaginative.

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    truly awesome artwork