The Fonts of Popular TV Shows

In this post, we take a look at a few popular TV shows – some past and some current – and the fonts that were chosen for their titles.

It’s interesting to see the large number of the classics being used, but also some more modern typefaces and there are certainly a few surprising choices.

If someone from our audience was involved in these font selections, it would be great if they could share some insight as to the reason behind a font choice.

We used various methods to determine the fonts that were being used, however, it was not always possible to establish full accuracy and in such cases a close alternative was listed.

This post is by no means a collection of the best or worst TV shows, nor is it an endorsement of any potential presidential candidates ;)


Modern Family

Helvetica 35 Thin and Didot Roman


Amazing Race

Eurostile Extra Bold or Microgramma



ITC Avant Garde Gothic



Futura Futuris Medium


The Office

ITC American Typewriter


30 Rock

ITC Blair Light








So You Think You Can Dance

Franklin Gothic Condensed and Spaceport


Grey’s Anatomy

Swiss 911 Ultra Compressed


Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Cocktail Shaker


How I Met Your Mother

FF Dax


Mad Men

Swiss 721 Heavy





The Apprentice




Soda Script Bold



ITC Fenice Oblique



Eurostile Extended


The Mentalist

Helvetica Neue Medium


Desperate Housewives

Swiss 721 Black Extended and Didot Headline (not exact)


Dancing with the Stars

Helvetica Black

What do you think of the font choices for these popular TV shows? Which ones surprised you the most? Please share with us in the comments!

  • Kim

    Oh, this article is helpful. WD, should do a article on tips for identifying fonts? I have been a graphic designer for a couple of years but still have trouble identifying fonts.

    • Walter

      A while back, we published this post, it may come in handy:

    • michelle

      Identifying fonts is easy on

      click on the tab “What the Font”, there are also instructions on how to provide a graphic that will give you optimal results. i have used this for years, dazzle and amaze your coworkers!

      SUPER EASY and FAST :)

  • pakaworld

    I like it and i will always remember Grey’s Anatomy. Thanks for your post

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    Excellent post, great resources.
    Thanks for sharing!


  • Ryan Rosado

    This is an awesome post. As a marketing professional; I am always looking for fonts that would resonate with certain audiences. I also work closely with my graphic designer friend and we are always talking about typography believe it or not haha. Definitely tweeting about your post. 4 Stars.

  • Sean

    Good post, I knew most of them but wasn’t sure about a few.

  • Juju

    Wish you had added the font for ABC’s private practice. Have been looking for it for awhile. Thanks for this!

  • jamEs

    As a big fan of LOST I never knew they used such a lame font.

  • John Saddington

    these are killer!

  • Onélio JR

    Very nice!!!

  • TrafficColeman

    “House” is my wife favorite if I may add..that fonts are used in crazy ways these days, but I guest this is how people choose to stand out. Great Pohots

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Joseph McCullough

    I always enjoy seeing roundups like this – they seem like the only kind of roundups that take any effort. Thanks!

  • Tom, NewEvolution

    Awesome post! The Office’s font was clever.

  • Franco Scaramuzza

    Do you have an idea what they use on “Lie To Me”?

  • rajasegar

    Awesome post, one of its kind, great work, thanks for sharing….

  • Zach S.

    Really great post! I’ve always wondered about Penn State’s script font, as shown here. Is it a custom logo or some font I’ve never been able to find?

  • Midasbrand Logo Design

    good list. im sure allot of thought went into every decision, as these become very identifiable. thanks for the list

  • Jay

    Does anyone know what font they use on the Jimmy Fallon Show and the old and new Conan show?

  • Web Design Hull

    Interesting post, thanks for sharing. Impact is one of my pet hate fonts and I’ve never noticed that Lost used it. Fenice is a blast from the past as well, we used to use it all the time around 20 years ago!

  • Tessa Thornton

    Lost? Impact? Really? Lame.

  • Masenchipz

    and next article is the fonts of popular movie *hope :P

  • Lyndsay Babl

    Neat post. A classic topic of discussion amongst designers that never gets old! I can’t believe the LOST font is just Impact. Just purchased two weights of Swiss 721 :)


    Nice post..Now I wanna made some titles with these examples.. I like know the font who used in this case..

  • Unbeaten 49

    No one with comic sans?

  • Thai Bui

    No more Helvetica please. I’m glad Impact is on the list. I’ve use that font on so many projects in art college because it just scales out really nice.

  • Sarath

    gr8 collection…include simpsons too!!

  • Teresa Berry

    Love the relaxed and casual feel of using lower case also – adds variety in a way that wasn’t seen much until recent few years. Grand assortment – You Go!

  • Curtis Scott

    Great list, thanks for pulling together! Though most can’t be used commercially, these will be great for internal projects!

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    Not really that interesting – but at least I know now if I ever get asked :) House and NCIS are my fav on there I think.

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  • Nick Hudson

    This is a really interesting roundup — I actually stumbled into it looking for good uses of ITC Blair. Definitely not a fan of that typeface, but I do think that [almost] every typeface has a purpose and can be used well. Anyway, Kudos!