Win 5 Copies of the Using WordPress Book

WordPress continues to dominate the blogging market as publishers continue to embrace the platform to get their content on the web.

You can make the most of WordPress by learning as much as you can about it and this is why you’ll love today’s giveaway.

Que’s publishing has a long and reputable history for great books and they have recently announced the USING series of books.

They’re more than just books, as they include step-by-step video tutorials, audio sidebars and web content to complement these books.

One week from today, we’ll be giving away 5 copies of the USING WordPress books to 5 lucky WDD readers.

Read on for more details and for instructions on how to participate.

Here’s a bit more information about the book:

Get comfortable with WordPress fast, with this media-rich, customized, hands-on learning experience!

  • Covers the upcoming release of a major upgrade to WordPress, WordPress 3.0
  • Tightly integrated with online video, screencast tutorials, podcasts, and more: the total learning experience for new WordPress users
  • Companion website provides supplemental media including video, screencasts tutorials, podcasts, and much more.

This exceptional book is fully integrated with an unprecedented collection of online learning resources: online video, screencasts, podcasts, and additional web content, all designed to reinforce key concepts and help users achieve real mastery.

The book and online content work together to teach everything mainstream WordPress users need to know. This practical, approachable coverage guides readers through getting started fast.

The book was authored by Tris Hussey. He is a speaker, former training manager, charter member of the Professional Bloggers Association, and Special Projects Manager for Media 2.0. He’s also the author of thousands of posts and articles on social media and blogging, he was named one of Vancouver’s top 20 social media people.

Download the Index and Chapter 10

To learn more about this book, please visit Using WordPress

How to participate:

Simply leave a comment below about the book. Only one comment per person, duplicates will be voided. The winners will be announced here on WDD on December 22nd and winners will also be emailed.

Good luck to everyone!

UPDATE: Here are the winners:

#270 – Alex
#132 – Keith
#332 – Kirsten
#24 – Ann
#497 – Kelly Lawrence

  • Sarath

    I really need this…

  • ercn1903

    yeyyy, wordpress itself is absolutely cool and the book seems to me the best wordpress book! id really love to win that one…. !

  • Lisa

    I’m just looking to get back into web design (it’s been quite some time and things have moved on a lot since the late 90’s, when I was a geeky Homebase obsessed teenager!) so this book would be incredibly helpful. I’d love to win a copy!

  • Chris Horton

    Heard good things about the book, would love to win a copy

  • kevin leyden

    looks like a good book .. should be useful :)

  • Pieter Carette

    Always interested in a freebie, especially if it’s about wordpress. I’d love to give it away to some clients.

  • Dustin P.

    Wow what a great prize! I would love a copy of this book – it would definitely help me in my pursuit of WordPress domination!

  • Jef Claes

    First FTW? ;D

  • Tarek

    i wish this time i will get something,
    todays is a lucky day for me :)

  • Ines

    Would love to win a copy of this book :)

  • Joey

    First :D! I would love to have this book!

  • jorge

    whoa…wait a minute. am i the first commenter? if so, this may the first time i’m the first at anything…maybe this too can be the first time i win something too. toes crossed.

    and if i’m not the first commenter, then par the course. :(

  • FxBe

    I don’t know this book, but the best way to discover is to sent it to me, thanks

  • frikiprincess

    An amazing book!

  • Samir Souza Reis

    Save one for me!

  • Phil

    Good thing! Could be a nice opportunity for me to learn more about WordPress and work more efficiently with it…

  • Ramona Ray

    Using wordpress for my blog as well, so it would be great to win a copy!

  • Glen Wheeler

    I’ve been listening to some blog post’s recently abut wordpress 3.0 and future developments and this seems to cover some of there, the whole book should be a very interesting read!

  • Dave Vogler

    Looks like an excellent resource. I’d love to get my hands on a copy!

  • Jacob Gillespie

    Hoping to win! Looks like a great resource!

  • Magnus Fossum

    This book would certainly improve my skills as a wordpress-user. Me want one..c”,

  • Rebecca Gill

    I just purchased this book as a Christmas gift for my sister, a new WordPress user. It is an ideal reference for those new to WordPress. Highly recommend to newbies.

  • hoko

    I checked index and chapter 10 sample .pdf file and it seems helpful.
    Hope to win

  • Ann

    Seems to me this book is just what I am looking for some time and the number one on my ‘to learn’ list this book about WordPress 3.0.

    Reading the table of contents it looks like it is covering everything there is to know/learn about WordPress.

    Sure hope to win this one!

  • Ulrik Hogrebe

    Heay – i use wordpress extensivly for prototyping everything from websites to services – every upgrade makes it easier and easier to create functional prototypes – from quick sketches that would none the less take me hours and hours to code (not that strong a coder) to 90% finished and polished working prototypes that really create believable experiences for users. This book looks like just the ticket for someone like me who uses wordpress for basically everything:)

  • dumazz

    Great giveaway! I love books, i love WordPress.

  • Marta

    Well, I didn’t know about this book, but it looks very promising and I’d love to get one copy, because I’m currently in the process of learning *everything* about WordPress, and it woud be a great resource to help me become the Ultimate WP Master. Or something like that (well, I’m trying).

    Also, I see that it was released precisely on my birthday. That’s an unmistakable sign, this book and I are destined to meet ;)

    Good luck, everyone!

  • mahen23

    Lots of my friends are using Wordress and they seem very satisfied with it. I want to learn more about it too..

  • AnggaRifandi

    Hope I can win this WordPress book :D

  • Hollis

    Count me in, although I only need 1 copy, not 5. :-)

  • Chris Angle

    Count me in, this book looks great

  • Daniel Kurdoghlian

    Would love to get a copy of this book to read it – sounds very interesting and would be an awesome Christmas present for me :D

  • David xD

    Haaaa! hope to get it to start using WordPress more efficiently xD

  • Martin van Houte

    ‘I Like’ !

    Looks very handy.

  • Jaina

    Trying to create an eCommerce site using wordpress so this will be really handy!

  • Darryl

    I never win any books, but i shall try and prove myself wrong.

  • ryanb

    Can always use another good reference!

  • gaylordroukine

    I want one of this nice book :-)

  • Rosie

    I would love to have o copy of the Book “USING WordPress! sincerely Rosie

  • cyril

    interesting book , as always on webdesignerdepot… Keep up the good work

  • Nils Kattau

    I’d love to win :)

  • Simeon

    I find the book interesting. It will be very usefull for me to read it.

  • karmajustfar

    I am a web designer but know very little of coding/programming. I would love to learn how to design themes for WordPress! If this book could help me do that, please consider this my entry!
    Thanks •♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•

  • Andrew

    I could get very comfortable reading this book.. WordPress a-go-go!!

  • Liwko

    Well it would definitly be a good start with WordPress to have that book. Good luck to all :) Cheers for the gifters :)

  • Prashant

    Seems to be a good book, hope to win it :)

  • Fábio Badaró

    WDD Hello, I’m from Brazil and I always read the WDD, would love to be winning, because I develop enough sites with WP, and the market lacks a book with enough information on the WP

  • Ben Lang

    Very useful looking book, thanks for organizing this awesome contest :)

  • Lacialec

    I need this book because I use wordpress and i think will be learn much more from the book , The book is so expensive for our standard here in Macedonia , I will very happy if i have this book :)

  • Alex Mihăileanu

    I guess this should be a good read for WP devs. Damn right I’d like one :)

  • Ammar Alakkad

    Am I the first to comment?!

    any way, this’s a comment to participation :P

  • GArroyo

    It would be great to win this. Thanks for the contest.

  • Adam Parton

    Being an avid WordPress user, there’s always things I’d like to learn about the script I’ve never had the chance to. Plus this’d benefit my friend too who’s also learning the in’s & outs of such a great platform.

  • Immobilier

    I don’t know if I need a book about wordpress.

    But I’m currently playing with it, and, why, my god why, did they use so much PHP things nobody should use ? Like, say, globals ?

    Anyway, a free book is cool, I participate.

  • Lane Lester

    You mention the popularity of WP for blogs, but it’s become the choice of many website builders (not designers) for all kinds of sites. Its flexibility, mind-boggling choice of themes, and powerful plugins combine to make it an easy decision.

  • Ender

    “Covers the upcoming release of a major upgrade to WordPress, WordPress 3.0” – This information is quite old, it was released some time ago, now we have 3.0.2 already.

    Anyway, WordPress is a very popular blogging platform and a CMS, so this book will be a great thing to have and learn!

  • Kiefer

    Gotta love all the wordpress support, can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  • Manny Gongora

    I think from the preview , it looks like a very easy to read book!

  • Alexandre Giesbrecht

    Good luck to everybody!

  • Thomas Townsend

    Starting a new business based on WP and most of my staff (currently volunteers) don’t know a lot about it. This book looks like it would be great to help getmy team up to speed.


  • myk1e

    Me ! Me ! Me ! ;-)

  • pieter

    i’m rather new to web development but already loving it. wordpress seems to be the top of the cream so i can’t be missing out on that.. this book is the ideal tool for me, beside all vital information about wordpress it has it’s own interactive way of learning. gimme gimme gimme!

  • Puge Teopengco

    I want one of this!!!

  • Alex Toth

    I would love to win a copy of the book. Count me in! Thanks.

  • Helena

    Would be nice to have this, since i’m a novice in world of WP :)

  • Jagat Kothari

    I AM IN.

  • rad

    I want one

  • Stephen Whiteley

    This learning package is exactly what is needed by people like myself who have a potentially rich store of content but who,s interactive internet experience is poor or non-existent. WordPress appears to be in a dominant position regarding the blogosphere so it would make sense to go with a platform that has many users, much feedback and ongoing professional development. This book and the associated online tutorials looks like the way forward for novices, experts and all in between to benefit from the practical experience of its author.

  • Geez

    Less is more…

    WordPress lovin wrapped in a book…

  • Sumon Seleem

    Cool offer for a newbie like me. I’m a new blogger and using WP. ‘Using WordPress’ will be a very helpful book for me to go forward!

  • Justi

    I’d love to learn WordPress, maybe this book could help me.

  • http://khcreativemedia Keith

    I have been looking for some additional WP reference material and this book looks like it will be a fine addition to my collection. If I don’t win, then I may just have to shell out the bucks!


  • Basarium

    I want this book!

  • kevin

    Ho yes, do want!

  • Carri Craver

    I am reading anything about WordPress I can. This book sounds like it would be great.

  • JD

    I’m coming back to WordPress after a long break (2.1!) so this would be a very, very welcome Christmas present!

  • MBAsfoor


    great book i’m looking forward to read it

  • Mark H

    Since everything I do involves WordPress, this book would be awesome to win.

  • Caziuc Stefan

    I consider this book a treasure. It’s fresh content about best bog platform. And I am decided to use WordPress for my future sites, one of them in CSM style. But I need to learn more about all techniques and tricks in WordPress to use it as a CSM. I love it.
    Best regards and thank you for opportunity!

  • joe

    Slowly but surely, I’ve been converting my web clients to WordPress. I can talk about WordPress to some of my clients all day long, some of them get it, some of them don’t. I’m sure that this book would become a valuable tool in not only being able to pull content from to convey to current clients, but more to use to go after new clients.

  • Naoise

    me want!
    look like an interesting editorial initiative, keep on with the good job

  • Sander

    Yes, first :) Want that book, don’t understand WordPress at the moment but I’m sure it will become really useful for me in the future. Looks like a promising book to me!

  • bob

    Looks nice, hope to win it!

  • Landon Zirkelbach

    I would love this book to start my journey into wordpress.

  • Yvaine

    Wow. Fantastic idea. Im learning wordpress now as i belive its the best cms platform so par and I deeply belive that this kind of book will definetely help me to understand all WP aspects. Though there’s a lot of materials in Web it will be sort of compedium where I can find solutions very fast.

  • Dcalonaci

    I have done a promotional website for a company based on WP in the past;and I loved this CMS!
    I want to work more with WordPress to gain more knowings of this fatastic tool to give the visitor a better user-experience!
    So give me that book, please!

  • Wouter Mellaart

    The Netherlands needs this great book!

  • Mauricio Perez

    FIrst, I hope to win one copy!

  • krzysiek

    Great book , a lot of usefull information.

    Greetings from Poland :)

  • Ed

    Pick me, Daddy needs a new pair of shoes! (and some help with his first wordpress :)

  • Roland Mücke

    I’m very interested in using WordPress. So, this book is exactly what I am looking for.

  • Rilwis

    This book seems to be good. I’d like to have one copy of it.

  • Dhaval

    Hi!! I want to read this book & get completely familiar WordPress. Basically, I am a web developer, & like to implement WordPress feature for my web application project. I hope, i get a chance to win the books & gain more experts & useful information out of it.

    Waiting for your winner list. :)


  • Pablo Lara H

    Great! Count me in!

  • 100driiine

    This is very interesting! I would love to learn more about WP which I love and I recommend a lot… This book sounds great!
    Thanks for giving people a chance to win one ;)

  • Heather Crotsley

    I just started using wordpress as a CMS for my company’s new product line. This book would be a great addition to my collection, and would help out with the site build, too.

  • Andrew

    Love using and improving website with WordPress, having a resource like “Using WordPress” would be epic.

  • R. Magyar

    “Using WordPress” should be one of your top New Year’s resolutions!

  • Casper Jensen

    As a graphic designer and webdesigner, I look fort to books like this, that highlights and gives insights to this kind of subjects.

  • Donna K

    I really need that book.

  • Nicole

    Can’t wait to read this book – never felt the need to read a WordPress book as the platform is so easy to use. But I’m sure there are some extras that I’m missing out on.

  • billyspringer

    I would love a copy of this book. WordPress is a solid platform for freelancers and their clients!

  • wes

    Everything i’ve learned about wordpress has been from trial and error and online experience. I think it’s time for a book.


  • Sarah Hunt

    I’ve finally taken the plunge into learning WordPress and was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to implement and how much I had to learn! If I don’t win this book I may purchase it anyway; learning with the assistance of video tutorials. I’m both a graphic designer and a front-end web coder (at work we’re still debating on what title to put on my business card) and am looking forward to learning more about WordPress.

  • suzieqph

    this book looks amazing, i’m sure it’ll help me a lot!

  • David Rodriguez

    the book is… awesome.

    does that suffice? XD

  • Dan Kershaw

    This is wonderful! I have been teaching small business owners to take control of their websites and this book and online material works very well together to teach the average person what they need to know. We need more books like this – for the less technical natured!

  • Beverly Smith

    This book is perfect for me since I’m starting a WordPress Blog by the end of the year and have zero knowledge of how to do it. I also want to use the Blog as a website to showcase my art and be able to talk about the paintings side by side with the images. I need WordPress instructions easy for the basic user who wants to continue to increase knowledge over time. I’m a visual learner, so the web content is really a plus with Using WordPress. I’ve read free online instructions from WordPress, but having the instructions in one place with visual web backup is fantastic and something I truly need as I move forward with my web presence.

  • Alejo


  • cyrex

    That book makes me so interested :)

  • mark

    Great contest!
    I have used WordPress on a number of blogs/projects and I would own a book that outlines the features of the platform in a comprehensive way.
    Hope I win!

  • Tomasz Kucharski

    Always interested in good reading.

  • rafael armstrong

    Hmmm… One of my goals for 2011 is to really dig in and learn WP so I can migrate my site and a client’s over, and this would certainly be a welcome tool… :)

  • VexelStudio

    looking good

  • Zaussie

    I really would love to have one of those books :)

  • Nina Haghighi

    This book looks beyond fantastic; I’ve been searching for a good book on WordPress that doesn’t require me to supplement it with a couple more books because the book wasn’t advanced enough, didn’t have enough examples, wasn’t well-written, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are loads of resources on the web, but there’s so much, and most of it centers around the new features, all sorts of themes, security tweaks, etc – and nothing really ties it together in a cohesive way.

  • Sarah Brenner

    I love WordPress I’ve been building my clients sites on this CMS for years and its always getting better!

  • Daniel

    ewww baby I need this one!

  • Abdelhadi Touil

    I love WordPress!! Thanks very much for this chance to win this very useful book.

  • Craig

    I could really use this book, I am just getting into wordpress and would love any help I can get :)

  • Cheryl

    One of the books I was looking to get! Need some serious WP time.

  • go

    looks like a great book! hope to win it

  • Robbi Gunter

    This book is fantastic! About a year ago I decided to change my HTML site over to the WordPress CMS to make it easier to manage the content and I love it. One of the biggest challenges I face in my business is the chaos that happens with the number of projects on the table simultaneously. Using WP as a project management system is brilliant! I appreciate the info.

  • jorge

    WordPress rules! with all the open source. Joomla, Drupal.

  • Pantso

    This is a great website and a great book ! Wish luck to all participants

  • Marcus

    From the small sample for download, it looks to be much more in depth than the recent Sitepoint WordPress book. This is what I was hoping their book would be, but it looks like someone got there first.

  • Steven Fowler

    I am just starting to get into WordPress and this book sounds like something righ tup my alley. Looking forward to seeing it, free or not.


  • Jorgen Kesseler

    This book will make a nice addition to my bookcase :)

  • Kasia Krusiec


  • Anthony

    I am a bit late in the WordPress development party, this book would help me get up to date-ish. It looks quite informative and a read that will not bore me to sleep.

    Thanks WDD

  • Kim Smith

    This sounds like a book that would really help me in my business. I would LOVE to win a copy! Thanks!

  • Keith

    Another nice WordPress book, hope I win!

  • Kim Phillips

    Would loooove to have this book!

  • Will Plummer

    one day I will win something form your competitions … they’re all so good!

  • Will Plummer

    one day I will win something from your competitions … they’re all so good!

  • Lenny

    I read through the sample PDF and I’m hungry for more!! Great book, with awesome screenshots and links to online videos make it an extremely usable book.

  • apson

    the right book the right time… i want it

  • David Branco

    This book is exceptional. is a way to deepen and learn about wordpress. since wordpress is the platform of choice for blogging, nothing better than having this book handy in order to know how to take full advantage of wordpress.

  • Michael

    This book looks really great, it tells you everything you have to know about WordPress and making websites in this great application.

    This is the book I am looking for because I want to learn WordPress right now and this is the best book I think of.

  • FarazQ

    I shall use Mr. Hussey’s guide of pressing-words and use it to create more than just a website!!!

  • Daniel

    Hi, I’d love to have a copy off that book.

  • Scott Edgar

    Great prize for any developer. WordPress makes quick turnaround sites a pleasure to work on!

  • Janine

    It would be great to learn more about making better use of WordPress. Thanks for the great content on WDD and this give away.

  • mystrymaster

    As I have finally seen the light with wordpress I am finding myself well behind the curve, this book could be the key I need.

  • Naphtali Stein

    Master WordPress quickly, and get the most out of it, fast!

  • Lois Nason

    I have gotten so many great things from your site already, but THIS would be super-duper-WOW! I’ve been meaning to learn the insides of wordpress and this book would do it! Thanks for pointing me to some great learning and creative resources as well.

  • Shyamsunder

    Great offer, wish I could win :)

  • Matthias

    Looks like a good read. Always interested in learning more about WordPress. Or it might be a good introductory gift for a client that I put on the platform.

  • Michael Trang

    I hope I win. I just started using WordPress as a CMS and could use a good book to reference.

  • Mark

    I just read the sample chapter 10 of this book and I can tell that it is clear, easy to read and informative. I got the impression that this book would really move a designer to using WordPress for websites. I hope it does well.

  • Adelia

    That is the help I need to make great things with WordPress… AWESOME!

  • jo

    Here’s trying again to win one of your wonderful prizes! I will get some design goody one day, I will, I will!

  • lpezda

    Hope to win!

  • Alex Flueras

    Would love to win this book. Just started the company blog.

  • Lucie

    This book seems very interesting. Although there are a lot of documentation on the Internet about WP, but it’s sometimes hard when you start to find the information you seek. Using WordPress as a book is often a useful resource.

  • Dawn

    Would absolutely LOVE this… I wasted a good 6 hours yesterday trying to modify a WP theme!

  • Lennard

    Hope I win. My dad needs a little help managing his WordPress website :)

  • Dan

    This book looks very thorough, it looks like it would be a great reference. Can’t wait to read it.

  • Wilson

    the book looks good. i could use it to learn some things… i got a blog and i use wordpress :D

  • Aaron

    I think it’s high time i won a contest like this. I’ve entered a lot of them. This one in particular would be nice because I have at least 5 sites running on wordpress but I wouldn’t consider myself a “wordpress expert”. I’ve got my fingers crossed…

  • bertster

    great resource, thanks.

  • Chris

    A free book would be AWESOME. I have to design our school superintendent’s blog on WordPress…and I don’t even know the first thing about that site. MY job expects me to train myself.

  • Theresa Sheridan

    What perfect timing! I’m scouring the web right now trying to learn more about the back end stuff, so I’d love to have this book!

  • Jen

    I have wanted to learn wordpress for ages now and just haven’t found the time… I never thought about getting a book on it! Even if I don’t win the contest, I think I’ll go out and get a copy of this book. Nice one!

  • Mo

    Looks like an amazing book from the few pages I did browse. You would be pleased to own it. & with multimedia support it looks like a must have book for every serious blooger.


  • Jon K.

    Looking forward to this – WordPress Themes are something I wanted to explore, but never had the time.

  • Tif Flowers

    I love wordpress! even though I’m just learning about the possibilities, I’m already incredibly impressed with what’s possible.

  • Seth

    I love working with WordPress. I hope I win!

  • Jerry-Lee

    I like it ;)

  • Alexandru Pitea

    Great! Would love to have this one!

  • matias prieto

    Great book to learn tricks and learn faster!

  • Angela

    You can never have too much knowledge!

  • Jonathan Mitchum

    This book looks great! I have been wanting to learn more about WordPress and have even gotten some recent jobs requiring more knowledge of it.

  • Adrian Marquez

    This book looks like it could be very useful! Great selection guys!

  • Catalin

    I will love this book if I get it. I’m just getting into WP. The book is an easy read and very well documented.

  • Paulo

    Fisrt!! hehe just kidding :)

    This would be a great tool to finally jazz up my own WordPress blog :) WordPress is kind of easy, but with this book I could learn and know what to do instead of just hack a template :)

    Anyhoo Mery xMas to all Ho Ho Ho ;)

  • Fran Fernández

    I think that WordPress is the perfect solution for freelance web designers. It’s the most efficient content management system and there is a big opensource developers community behind it with a lovely message: “code is poetry”.

    If code is poetry, design is philosophy. Then, WordPress is… The Art? Ok, take it easy: the main web design tool.

  • Allison

    Building a website with WordPress is not as simple as I thought it would be. I imagined I’d have it up within a weekend, and 2 months later, I’m still spending late nights adding widgets and compressing images. I wonder if this book has some great shortcuts so that I could get the site launched by the first of the year.

  • mare

    Can’t wait to curl up by the fire with tea to read it!

  • Joe E

    as a major WDD Fan, a user of WordPress, and a host for a few sites, i would love to win a copy of this awesome book from WDD!

  • Zoszko

    #1 It would be ‘The Book’ for me (somthing like a bible). Use wordpress on several sites. It’s the best engine I have ever seen.

  • Anna

    I would love to win! I always recommend WordPress to anyone needing a site.

  • iamtheoneyouknowbest

    I would love to read this book. I hope I win. :)

  • Melissa

    This book – Using WordPress – would save my life and my hair. As a web developer I love the interface it provided my clients the ease of simple site alterations.

  • Tomas

    Great book! I’d love to win one.

  • Jaime

    I’d love to win a copy of this book! I not only use WP for my personal site, but I’ve started talking my workplace into using it for several projects.

  • Geoff Vincent

    I’m planning on setting up several sites in the next few months using wordpress. This book would be a very useful guide. Hope I win!

  • revek

    I’m pretty interested in using WP as a CMS, or project management tool in the company I’m working in, and the book seems to promise to be a great help on that issue.

  • Terri Orlowski

    After looking only at the TOC for this book, I can’t wait to read it. I spend a lot of time telling people how best to set up, use, and maintain their WordPress websites and it looks like this book will do exactly what I’ve been telling people for years. Can’t wait to add it to my bookshelf!

  • Alex Tran

    Dig the cover of the book. ;)

  • Robert Hoppe

    Yey nice Giveaway again :)

  • Tahnia

    I could really use this book, I’m new to blogging and it looks like it would be helpful.

  • Sandra D

    It’s already a long time I would like to test WordPress. This book could be really help me.

  • Ric

    I will like a copy. WP is my CMS of choice.

  • Camille P

    Looks like a good resource. Definitely something I’ll want to add to my library (you know, even if I have to pay for it).

  • Ian Townsend

    Ready to win!

  • Christophe

    always wanted to try wordpress, but never got the time to go and try it.. maybe this book will get me to do so :D

  • Bleyder

    Great book!

  • Mayte

    Give me one copy :-)

  • Dulce

    An awesome book! Would love to have this in my collection.

  • Joro

    Great idea for tightly integrating it with videos, screencast etc. !
    The most interesting section for me in the book is multiple blogs, so hopefully I’ll win a book and read it.

  • Shan Pyae Bo

    very interested in it

  • Shane C

    Sounds awesome, i want to win one! Maybe we can work something out?

  • Chris

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