Win 5 Free Poster Prints from UPrinting

Picture this… you worked dozens of hours on your coolest design yet and you’re so proud that you want to show it off and hang it on your office wall for everyone to see. A poster of your design sounds like a cool idea, doesn’t it?

Posters can indeed be great promotional tools or advertising for a web design company or a freelancer.

In fact, posters and billboards are probably one of the best ways to get your word out in the offline world.

Today UPrinting is bringing us an awesome giveaway by giving a custom Poster print to 5 WDD lucky winners.

Read on for more details and for information on how to participate in this awesome giveaway.

Posters printed in bulk are a cost effective way to reproduce art and spread information, so it’s no wonder they are a favorite promotional tool for bands, and are a constant feature of political campaigns, everywhere. That’s not all bulk posters are good for – you can use them for promoting any event or information campaign. The possibilities are endless!

For over 25 years, UPrinting has been a trusted leader in online printing, featuring its signature easy-to-use website and the famous Free File Review, a complimentary proofing service which requires no upfront payment. UPrinting offers convenient marketing support services such as design, lists, and direct mailing to help grow small and medium-size businesses nationwide.

Click here for more details information on the poster printing available at UPrinting.

UPrinting is giving away:

  • 18×24 Poster Print to 5 Winners
  • Semi Gloss / High Gloss
  • 1 Business Day Turnaround (Shipping time not included)
  • Must be 18 and above to enter

To participate, please leave a comment below. The winners will be announced here on WDD on January 31st, 2011. All winners will also be contacted via email.

Good luck to everyone and many thanks to UPrinting for providing this brilliant contest.

[UPDATE] The winners are:

#198 – Naphtali Stein
#132 – Nik
#142 – Dustin P
#140 – Nelson
#206 – Ted Vitale

  • Rafael

    I definitely would like one of those!

  • Dcalonaci

    I want it!
    So I will better promote my freelance business!

  • Wayne

    I would like to thank UPrinting for this fantastic opportunity, if won this would allow me to get some of my own work printed and then have it on the wall at work :D

  • dzk

    I want my posters :)

  • Jonathan

    Freebies are always nice and I would really like to try the service and check the quality.

  • Russ Leonard

    Good competition, good prize.

    Currently renovating the house and searching for suitable artwork to adorn the walls is hopeless – my designer pals’ artwork will work perfectly.

    God Bless Twitter for sending me here.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Andy Waldrop

    Free posters? Yes, please.

  • Tia Dobi

    Thanks, count me in.

  • Yongning Liang

    Sounds great

  • Ender

    Yay, another giveaway from UPrinting! Thanks guys, you’re awesome!

  • Jef Claes

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    Neat giveaway!

  • Mike

    I live posters much more than online tools! Print wins everything :)

  • Vivek Parmar

    That’s a great contest. I’m in hope i could win this time. good wishes to all those who are participating in this contest

  • Nican

    I want a poster from UPrinting!

  • kirsty

    Very cool. We have a huge focus on design in our company, We Are Cloud. We created a SaaS Business Intelligence product called Bime, which has been built on the principles of intuitivity and ease of use. In order to achieve these things, we have invested heavily in the design of every detail of the product, from the actual look and navigation of the application itself, right down to the website and marketing materials. Because the product is very much focussed on the online world, we do not have much in the way of offline marketing material. Some well designed posters could be instrumental in spreading the word to local businesses about our product.

  • Rasmus Landgreen

    uhhh nice!

  • Marty McColgan

    sign me up for the free poster prints!! :-)

  • pio

    First one? :-D

  • into1

    Sounds like some great gifts. I’m participating.

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    A free poster? oh yeah!

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    I love free poster. Give me one! :)

  • João Pacheco

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  • Wesley

    I love and I would love to win some posters from them!

  • Christian Strain

    This seems like a great idea.

  • Lucas

    Awesome prize! Could really use some great poster prints!

  • Vidit Kothari

    Very Nice giveaway :)

  • Pam Uller

    You company does great work. Love my business cards, but I’d love to be able to win a poster print too! Your work is high quality and fast.

  • natasha

    I hope i win! I never win anything tee hee! Pick Me! Pick Me!
    UPrinting is very awesome with competitions, i often see them in different blogs offering to give something away. GO UPRINTING AND WDD!!

  • Andre


    I need some Posters right now. My Walls are so empty.

    Give it to me, baby, A HA A HA.

  • Felipe

    Nice!! i want it!!

  • Chase Gooch

    I’ve been on the lookout for a nice online printer. Sometimes my traditional print vendor prices are a bit bloated.

  • G4bri3l

    Hope to win, I need some posters sooooo bad!

  • Jon Rawlins

    This sounds very cool. Would be awesome to be able to print some artwork although I don’t really specialise in Offline design. Good luck to all that participate.

  • Jared Hardwick

    This is just what I need. I hope I win.

  • Lisa

    Would love a giveaway for my small business!

  • Enrique

    I hope I get extra points for speed :D

  • Zoe

    I love UPrinting – great service and very reasonable pricing. Thanks for hosting this contest, I”d love to prototype some poster ideas this way! (Who wouldn’t, right?)

  • http://workingonit Shlomo

    Grat article, great post and big opportunity!!

    Id love to have it , adding more stylysh poster to my repainted studio!!!

    Well done as always!!

  • Anthony L

    This is such good timing. I just finished one of my best posters ever last night and it would be awesome if I could win this. Thanks WDD.

  • Bálint Molnár

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  • Ben

    Cool contest. Hope I win.

  • MC

    sounds good, sign me up!

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  • Len Kendall

    This would force me to create more. So I hope I win it!

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    Hi, I hope to win. UPrinting is great! Greetings!

  • Adrian Marquez

    This would be pretty great! thanks!

  • Shannon T Cox

    Nice contest. Would be great for marketing!

  • Fabien

    cool, hope to win this one ;)

  • mare

    Thank you WDD and Uprinting for this opportunity!

  • Daniel

    I’v just got the artwork id like to print!

  • AJ

    Poster for a poster? :o)

  • Eric Duhaime

    Hey, it would be great to win this. Thanks to WDD and UPrinting!

  • John Michael

    This is great! I have a new book coming out in JUNE … would be a nice prize to win to promote the book!

  • Shawn

    Perfect, I have a poster for my office that I want to get printed!

  • Jenny

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

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  • ami

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  • Kim Phillips

    Would love to win!

  • Rondell

    Looking forward to seeing that email on January 31st :)

  • alex

    Fantastic! A promotion I can pass on to new clients. Great opportunity to grow my business a little bit. Thank-you UPrint and WD!

  • Johann du Toit

    Good luck everyone!

  • Kim

    I have used UPrinting for a few of my clients- great quality printing and good customer service.

  • Venera Hitova

    Hey, this is a great giveaway! Thanks, Uprinting, and thank you, WebDesigner Depot for hosting it!
    I was just wondering, does this giveaway apply only to US Citizens?

    • Jarmaine

      hi Venera, the contest is open to non-US citizens as well :)
      good luck!

  • Christopher Koebel


  • Sharon Wall

    What a great prize! Thanks,!

  • Mathew Peterson

    This would be awesome!

  • Stephen S

    Woo! Poster Prints!

  • Fabian Israel

    Hi I would like to win this promotion, I have a couple of posters to print

  • Alireza Yavari

    I’ve always been happy with services, would be awesome getting the prints for free :)

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    Yay! I would love to win this! I have been wanting to make poster prints of my paintings for some time now :)

  • Jelle

    Nice giveaway! Would love some posters to hang in my room :)

  • Christian

    I love UPrinting, and I’d love to see some of my own designs in living color, and not just my clients’ images :)

  • jeremy

    I could really use this…

  • Stefano Ferrario

    As usual you find the best way to increase and retain visitors… many compliments and, i hope, thanks for the gift!

  • Rob Willington

    I have always loved posters, my dorm, my other rooms, my office is plastered with posters. This is a great service from Uprinting!

  • Manuel Perez

    I love the amazing look that posters give your work. I have a couple of prints that are poster size and everytime I look at them it takes me back to the moment that inspired that photo.



  • David Cole

    Love posters, thanks!

  • Pete

    I couldn’t agree more, posters rule! Great idea for a contest too.

  • Deeptoad

    Please enter me. Thanks!

  • heather from arizona

    found your blog about a week ago and have been combing the archives- as a green freelancer, this has been a FANTASTIC resource. THANK YOU!

  • Ed

    I like posters.

  • egidia

    I’m in! :D

  • Joseph Lessard

    Hook me up!

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  • Fernando

    That´s awesome! My room is asking for some new stuff on it walls!

  • Sam

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  • Kevin

    That is awesome. Keep up the great work.

  • jorge

    Lat me print my graphic design work in poster size!

  • Michael Gaigg

    Love posters!

  • Rachelle

    Would love to check out the print quality and have posters of my artwork to display.

  • Myles Becker

    What a killer way to help clients promote their site, product, etc., further…great giveaway! Thanks!

  • Linda

    That’s perfect for my collection of vector artworks! :)

  • Lorenzo Morales

    I could use some posters!

  • Amy Evenson

    I’d love to get some new art made for my office! Sign me up!

  • scott


    poster prints!

  • Theresa

    Enter me too, please. Great idea for a contest.

  • Arno

    Always welcome.

  • Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi

    Nice giveaway!
    I’m in

  • Marie

    Awesome! Count me in.

  • Ryan O. Hicks

    Really could use one of these to give to my mom. We just moved to Florida and she’s looking for something to decorate the walls with.

  • Dominic

    We’re launching our new site this month, and would love a poster promoting it!
    Pick us please!

  • Josh

    I would just love to see my art work on the wall for once. :D

  • efka

    awsome, choose me :)

  • jimmy

    Definitely want. Definitely, definitely want.

  • Ryan C.

    Posters are cool! Awesome giveaway :)

  • Raoul

    Ohhh, that would be great!! Nice WDD!!!

  • Todd Temple

    Consider this my entry. Best of luck to all.

  • Adam

    This is definitely useful on many levels. Being able to have the ability to print posters out is definitely beneficial.

  • Jason

    This would be awesome, i would love to have some of my work printed on posters!!

  • Alma

    Great! I would love to win it! :-)

  • Rupinder Singh

    Finger crossed!!!.. I want this.

  • Biz

    The best posters are the ones you designed yourself. It just feels better to be the original creator of your displayed works.

  • nicolas

    oh man I would love to give all of my friends that snowboarding post I designed!

  • Ti @ Cafe

    I have always wanted to print up some of my cover arts. I never get to see my designs in printed form.

  • Francois

    If the giveaway is open to Canada and if the shipping is free to Canada, I’m in !!

    • Jarmaine

      Hi Francois, yup the giveaway is open to Canadian residents, and shipping is still free :)
      Good luck!

  • Joigie

    Thanks!! These would bring zing to my boring, blah walls.

  • Tom

    I have just the poster in mind!


    Would love to win this, as I’ve just finished creating a few poster designs that I’d like to see printed for my loft.

  • Travis

    Posters are GOOD! – Eye catching!

  • dan

    Very nice!

  • Ryan Boehm

    This seems like a great service, and I would love to receive some free posters to see and feel the quality of the products.

  • Devlin

    Sweet, thanks! I’d love to print some of my work so I could hang it up.

  • Andrew

    UPrinting.. IWinning..

  • Yahid

    I have the perfect image for this, I made a poster last year but haven´ t had the money or time to print them.

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    i don’t wanna these posters but i am lucky and i will get it

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    I’d love to win these and test out uprinting’s services!

  • Web Design Victoria BC

    Sweet, would love to have some posters to help promote our work at some local fairs. Bring it on! :) thanks WDD!

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  • Sergei Tatarinov

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    I love this! I want to use it for promoting the posters for Deaf community so it help to increase the awareness and make people interested in sign language learning! :D

  • David J

    I just finished designing my own deck of playing cards, drawn completely by hand and then done in vector form. This would be an AWESOME prize to win to show off MY LATEST DESIGN CREATION!!! fingers crossed.

  • bala

    Huuge list, but still I’m In :)

  • Lex

    I want to win!

  • Tolman Bryant

    Awesome! UPrinting is the best for doing these freebies. I already order from them because of these great donations. And thanks to WDD for getting us connected.

  • Matthias

    Wicked. I can picture some pretty sweet infographics being turned into posters.

  • D Mangahis

    I’d love to win this too!

  • Sam

    Would love to geek out the office even more. Thanks guys!

  • Darrin

    Want one. Love uprinting! :)

  • Roger C

    I’m so excited about this opportunity. I have so many prints I’ve designed, but as student never been able to afford to have printed. I hope I’m one of lucky ones.

  • Sarath

    yayy!! posters!!! i am sure i’m gonna win this time :))

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    was still before trying the uprinting products..

    5x posters would be a great chance :D

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    I make posters regularly for clients and art gallery! Love to try you out!

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  • Carlos

    Definitely a must for promoting my new ideas to the client!

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    I just finnished a poster design! Would like to be able to print it!


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    Currently we are building our new project – an online store for computer components and it would be a nice adding to have some posters advertising the project. Thank you for this one


    I missed the last year UPrinting giveaway but not this time!

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    I’d really love to see my design on my friends’ walls!

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    Having one of my personal designs printed would be great!!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Naphtali Stein

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    We are a promotion company doing Social Media Marking. We are looking for a good printer for our hard paper stuff. We would love to win the contest. Dont know how your picking but hey if its by drawing woo-hoo may the best person win.

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    Buona fortuna!

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