The Art of the Facebook Page Design

Everyday more and more businesses around the world are creating presences on Facebook.

Some companies opt to bring users directly to the page wall or other tabs (e.g. info, photos, RSS/blog, discussions and links) and use product images or company logos instead of more elaborate landing pages.

Regardless of where a user lands when they first arrive, something needs to capture their attention.

As we’ll see in the examples of pages from the 50 Top Facebook Pages of Brand’s Worldwide represented below, some pages may come right out and ask for the “like”, some may have a variation on the call to action with a contest, gift, upload, sign-up now, or shop now type message. Some may appeal to emotions. Some will be memorable. And some, quickly forgotten.

In truth, Facebook is about more than the ongoing interaction between businesses and users via status updates. We believe it’s also about the art and design of engagement and a vital new component to the corporate brand identity—the Facebook page design.



Total Fans 22, 113, 350 | Food and Drink | United States



Total Fans 19, 386, 229 | Restaurant | United States



Total Fans 16, 509, 052 | Food and Drink | United States


Red Bull

Total Fans 15, 002, 570 | Food and Drink | Austria



Total Fans 14, 903, 838 | Food and Drink| United States


Converse All Star

Total Fans 12, 522, 419 | Fashion | United States


Victoria’s Secret

Total Fans 11, 273, 214 | Fashion | United States



Total Fans 10, 903, 272 | Fashion | United States


Windows Live Messenger

Total Fans 9, 555, 443 | Technology | United States



Total Fans 8, 902, 303 | Food and Drink | United States



Total Fans 8, 328, 915 | Technology | Japan


Monster Energy

Total Fans 8, 264, 999 | Food and Drink | United States



Total Fans 7, 907, 457 | Fashion | Spain


Victoria’s Secret Pink

Total Fans 7, 861, 520 | Fashion | United States


Dr. Pepper

Total Fans 7, 730, 330 | Food and Drink | United States



Total Fans 7, 482, 885 | Food and Drink | Italy


Ferrero Rocher

Total Fans 7, 464, 229 | Food and Drink | Italy



Total Fans 7, 428, 300 | Food and Drink | United States



Total Fans 7, 227, 700 | Attraction | United States



Total Fans 7, 015, 657 | Restaurant | United States


Adidas Originals

Total Fans 6, 983, 666| Sports | Germany



Total Fans 6, 446, 255 | Food and Drink | United States



Total Fans 6, 216, 176 | Technology | United States



Total Fans 6, 111, 927 | Fashion| Sweden


Starbucks Frappucino

Total Fans 5, 632, 778 | Food and Drink | United States


Google Chrome

Total Fans 5, 452, 638 | Technology | United States


Taco Bell

Total Fans 5, 398, 834 | Restaurant | United States


Walt Disney World

Total Fans 5, 224, 835 | Attraction | United States



Total Fans 5, 196, 258 | Technology | Canada



Total Fans 4, 680, 341 | Technology | United States



Total Fans 4, 663, 512 | Restaurant | United States


Nike Football

Total Fans 4, 622, 955 | Sports | United States



Total Fans 4, 493, 274 | Fashion | France



Total Fans 4, 429, 660 | Automotive | Germany


Hollister Co

Total Fans 4, 178, 668 | Fashion | United States


Mountain Dew

Total Fans 4, 127, 589 | Food and Drink | United States



Total Fans 4, 024, 562 | Fashion | United States


5 Gum

Total Fans 4, 021, 548 | Food and Drink | United States


Forever 21

Total Fans 3, 972, 013 | Fashion | United States


Buffalo Wild Wings

Total Fans 3, 864, 310 | Restaurant | United States



Total Fans 3, 826, 717 | Sports | United States



Total Fans 3, 816, 027 | Retail | United States



Total Fans 3, 719, 656 | Restaurant | United States



Total Fans 3, 715, 460 | Sports | Germany


American Eagle Outfitters

Total Fans 3, 689, 587 | Fashion | United States



Total Fans 3, 679, 491 | Restaurant | United States



Total Fans 3, 659, 709 | Fashion | Italy


Sony Ericcson

Total Fans 3, 656, 301 | Technology | Sweden


Abercrombie & Fitch

Total Fans 3, 653, 314 | Fashion | United States



Total Fans 3, 604, 929 | Fashion | United States

Written and compiled exclusively for Webdesigner Depot by Debbie Hemley. Debbie is a blogger and social media aficionado. She works with businesses to develop content and social media strategies. Read her blog posts on All the News and follow her on Twitter

Have you been creating Facebook pages for your clients? What have your design experiences been like?

  • Danny Blair

    They certainly make Facebook look more visually interesting.

  • Faraz

    A very interesting collection of international brands representation on facebook.Every brand now a days wants to have online presence on facebook as it provides the direct relationship with users so this article is providing good inspiration yo make attractive page.

  • Phil Simon

    Wow. BMW’s page is awesome.

    My FB page for The New Small isn’t too bad either.

    You’d think that you’d have to be a programmer or super techie to do this.

    You don’t.

    Check out this short video that I created about the basics of FBML and a way to get a head start.

  • inspirationfeed

    It makes me very happy that I started these roundups!

  • Joffrey

    Very cool selection. It would have been perfect few days ago, before I tried to customize mine:

  • Mathias

    All those pages are with the old (and soon to be expired) layout of Facebook pages. Will be interesting to see the pages with all the new opportunities through the usage of iFrame …

  • Curtis

    like Coca-Cola, Starbucks & Redbull :)

  • Andres

    I found interesting to see Picnik doing better than large retailers like Nike, Abercrombie, Puma, etc.

    It is the only tech / startup in the list (excluding Microsoft and Google).

    They are doing a great job.

  • TheAL

    Nice examples. One thing people should be very mindful of when making tall default photos is how it’ll work as a thumbnail. Some of these manage that aspect well, but not all. Putting the logo small enough and on the top is usually a safe bet.

  • Hugh Briss

    Looking at those examples and comparing the ones with landing pages to the ones without it should be fairly obvious why studies show that a landing page increases “Like” conversions by 25% or more. I’ve been designing custom Facebook landing pages for a while now and can confirm that a landing page makes a huge difference in how many people will click the “Like” button.

  • jwp

    nice choices. wouldve been nice to see them with the upgraded facebook “Pages” templates though.

  • Christie

    I like the redbull one thats funny… and I’m surprised target’s is so plain. They always have magazine ads that are eye candy to me!

  • Sandy Allen

    Very inspirational collection – but even these big guys are faced with the same problem I’m facing – readjusting our landing pages after Facebook once again changes the underlying design grid . . . sigh

    • Jonathan Wilson

      Don’t sweat that too much. From what I understand, any static pages in FBML you’ve done can just be copied and pasted into the new supported iFrames. So converting your pages won’t take as much toil as you might think it will.

  • Tamara Jacobs

    These are all great Facebook designs. I esepcially like the first Starbucks page, Taco Bell, Mountain Dew, and American Eagle. Hosting competitions on Facebook and requiring people to ‘like’ your page before they begin is a good way to start.
    What’s tricky about Facebook is getting fans. This is especially true for start-ups that no one’s heard of. Unlike social media channels like Twitter, where the habit is to follow and be followed by total strangers, most people are familiar with Facebook as a place to interact with existing friends. Big brands of course won’t have any difficulty getting people to become their fans, especially if they have cool designs and features like the ones seen here, but I would love to hear suggestions about how to generate Facebook fans to a company no one knows and moreover, one that doesn’t sell anything glamorous.

  • Tanner Christensen

    All of these custom Facebook pages are so well thought-out! The ones that promote a call to action (especially when they have a giveaway or some type of reward as a result of becoming a fan) are the winners, hands down.

  • Ben Stokes

    Interesting post – will have to have a look into custom face book design :)

  • endan

    nice article but aren’t these profiles all based on the prior Facebook Page layout and most people have been forced to migrate to the new style. I’m guessing corporations such as these are given a little more time to implement any changes?


    Very interesting this collection..I like see the different promo by the brand. In the future is possible to see an animation in the photo by the profile? a nice idea no?

  • Julz

    Yello has a cool video’s page also.

  • http://twitter.Com/BRiTTO1sT BRiTTO

    Too much COOL!

    Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Redbull & BMW :-)

  • Chris Amling

    I made a company Facebook page early last year then had to change it around when the new Facebook layouts were rolled out, no warning, one day it looks good, the next not so much. It wasn’t hard to fix, but what do clients think if they go to it before you get a chance to fix it or even know that they’ve changed it on you.

  • Eileen lonergan

    I agree, the timing of this is a bummer with the new format, if you act fast you can still use fbml to create some cool pages. Consider embedding video on your landing page

  • Eileen lonergan

    This class is super helpful if you are interested in learning how to build custom FB pages

  • Ed

    So how will these be affected come March 1?

  • Angela

    Looks like all of these profiles are not only using the old Facebook profiles but also using FBML. FBML is going away and fast. No one after March 10, 2011 will be able to install or setup FBML on their pages. It all has to be done through iFrames now moving forward, which means you have to build a custom app to plugin to your page, it is simpler than it sounds but not not as easy as FBML because it will be more dynamic now.

    Many companies, mine included are having to move towards using iframes since no one knows how long FBML will be supported in the future.

  • jokolo

    Some amazing pages, while fb is such a pain to make look good…

  • Brett Neville

    These are some really cool Facebook company pages. I think I’ll jump on the bandwagon and create one of my own!

  • Melody

    These are great, I definitely like the “subtle” hint that Redbull gives to its potential fans. I wonder how the new Facebook page update will affect the presentation of these pages. Especially because of the changes with the tagged photos section, it’ll be interesting to see how creative these same designers get!

  • RealHumanInteractions

    Facebook. In 2010 it was the most blocked web site on the Internet. I have fired a dozen employees already for wasting company time on this drivel. This recession would be over if Facebook got unplugged and everyone got back to doing REAL WORK.

    • Angelee

      Unplugging Facebook is really not the solution, but the defect is on its users. I can totally understand the reason why you fired your employees for wasting time on this social bulk than doing their real job, but even if they get fired they could still access FB anywhere else.

      About the article, Facebook opens good opportunity for marketing brands and continuous projects for web designers/programmers to create more usable online applications. I’m not a huge fan of FB, but its mainly a useful communication.

    • Debbie

      It sounds like you have bigger problems than Facebook, I would say your attitude is a major issue just by the comments you made here. I use it as a business tool as do many others. So for me it is not drivel, it is part of my work day. If you had to fire that many people, perhaps it is a commentary on your hiring practices…….

  • Jalu

    After viewing this page I am so inspired to create a facebook page even better. Thank you!

  • Aaron

    Terrific Post! I am really into social media right now (like everyone else out there!), especially Facebook fan pages, Facebook Marketing and FBML. It can be hard to keep up to date with such a fast changing innovative topic but I manage to do it through blog posts exactly like yours and Tips and tricks rock. I am trying to learn as much as possible to put myself ahead of the curve. So thank you again!



    Also, anyone out there thats looking for a FBML to iFrame, I found which has a great converter.

  • TheAL

    A lot of people who are worried about losing their old layouts, especially if they just use HTML/CSS in a Static FBML tab, you should check this out:

  • El

    Many nice examples and some really awesome!

  • Chandni

    Some really great collections of the international brands representation on facebook.

    There are a few pages which most definitely standout, purely because of their “straight to the point” ad with less text and big imagery like the McDonald’s, PlayStation and the Coco-Cola pages. Page layouts like these are likely to to get more visits as it provides an instant relationship with the user.

  • Tristar Web Design

    These fan pages are really great. I love the ones that all match up such as Victoria’s Secret and Starbucks. The ones with a lot of colour go really well against the blue and white of facebook.

  • forvae

    I also like the one of Hadise Acikgoz –

  • Olive

    These pages are great – Facebook has come along way. Just wish they would allow pages and profile pages the ability to customize their layouts with colors, graphics and themes…the PageRage app does a good job at it, just wish more people knew about it!

  • bonnie

    It’d be cool to see a list or some sort of aggregate of the top performing Facebook applications…not just the pages with the most fans. It’d also be nice to see successful app designs and interactions.

  • Christopher Pritchard

    Facebook has really made an impact on the way companies have to position themselves. This is great example of that!!

  • Fred Danziger

    Designing for Facebook creates unique challenges- nice collection! I’d be interested in any ideas on the most effective design strategies for the side panel ads we see, where the type and size are very limited.

  • New Epic Meida

    This is a great article! Now that Facebook is huge the new changes are AMAZING! Now that we have options to spice up business pages, it will make it some what easier to get people of “like” your page!

    Thanks again!

  • New Epic Media

    This is a great article. Now that Facebook is huge the new changes are AMAZING! Now that we have options to spice up business pages, it will make it some what easier to get people of “like” your page!

    Thanks again!

  • Marina Cardoso

    Nice to get inspired. Thank you!

  • Eric Brooks

    Great stuff… this should really give some business owners some ideas. Thanks for posting this.

  • http://twenstudio MEHDI

    thank you for sharing this with us!

  • Brian Carey

    This is great, thanks!

  • Rg Enzon

    Gotta check out mine :) I got a custom tab created for myself. Thoughts?

  • Cirella

    GREAT COLLECTION!! Although I would like to see a collection of non so popular brands, there are really amazing things!!!!

  • Dirk

    We are all slaves to big corporate brands.

  • Mirko Cianca
  • Avangelist

    Sure, create a post that is a collection of things you think nice.
    What makes a great writer, is if you can actually say why they’re good.

    This holds no value without context. Tell us why the Coca cola site is good, what attributes does it have that make it good design, engaging for users, what is the incentive behind the page, where are users being generated from, what is on offer?

    This is looking at it from a very flat perspective.

  • Wandtattoo

    Amazing FB Designs! I think i create my own, but this post gives me some great impressions. Thanks!