Artists unite for Japan Flags

Since March 11, the tragedy in Japan has impacted the entire world in many ways and unfortunately continues to do so.

But can we make a difference? We certainly can! As artists and designers, we can support the people of Japan and their struggle with our art.

French Agency Creasenso did exactly that by gathering 11 talented illustrators to create some amazing designs for sale, in order to support the Red Cross in its efforts to aid refugees. They will donate 100% of all profits to this worthy cause.

The illustrations featured here are not only poignant and beautiful, but also evoke a powerful spectrum of emotions.

Take a look at the art below and feel free to leave your comments about these stunning pieces. Visit the Japan Flags website if you’re interested in supporting this cause, or for more information about each of these pieces.


Hope by Loguy


Flexibility by Martin Sati


Japan 03.11.11 by Matthieu Appriou


Prayer by Tetsuya Toshima


Cerisier Rouge by Lotie


Earthquake by Ilk™


Requiem by APK


La Grande Vague by Joél Guenoun


Naked Japan by Noemi Sunshine


Démon by Rose Kipik


Japon by Benjamin Delacour

For more information or to purchase one of these designs, head over to Japan Flags

How has this art impacted you?  Please leave your comments below…

  • William

    Joel Guenoun work is awesome

  • Anonymous

    La Grande Vague by Joél Guenoun is AWESOME…!!!! AWESOME….

  • Andrea

    Hello, there is an error in FireFox 4, where you cannot click on share for, seems like another layer box is on top.

    Hope you fix it.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for letting us know. We’ve fixed this.

  • Shiva

    Truly stunning masterpieces and all for the best cause possible. Life


    Great designs for Japan earthquake.

  • Sony Kumari

    Japna issue is horrible for all the world.

  • Jakub Jankiewicz


  • Angelee of featureTHEM

    the best part is how these people get united for one reason…

  • Riccardo Meynardi

    Artists unite for Japan Flags

  • Riccardo Meynardi

    Artists unite for Japan Flags

  • Anonymous

    Artists unite for Japan Flags..

  • STPo

    Lots more here: (including mine =p )

  • Neville Barrett Jr

    Beautiful work

  • Jatin Mehta

    Awesome work by all the designers. Thank You all for supporting Japan.

  • Jutta Christina Kauhanen