Win an iPad 2 from MightyDeals

We’re excited to let you know about our newly redesigned MightyDeals website and to kick things off, we’ve lined up an awesome giveaway here on WDD.

If you don’t already know about our MightyDeals website, it’s the premier destination for web professionals to get their hands on amazingly discounted deals on products and services.

The deals include software, graphics, WordPress themes, icons and much much more. All deals are available for a limited time only and the discounts can sometimes be as much as 90% off!

In today’s big giveaway, you have a chance to win the world’s hottest gadget today –  a brand new shiny iPad 2!!!

Read on for more details on how to participate…

At MightyDeals, we’ve teamed up with great companies and through the power of bulk purchases and heavy promotion, we’ve managed to negotiate the prices right down, bringing you the best products and services at unbelievable discounts.

To add to this, we now feature even more deals every week and by popular demand, we’ve also started to bring back some our most popular deals, to allow more people the chance to get them.

And there’s even more! We’ve also introduced several awesome free deals, which you can download for a limited time only. Check back often as new ones are constantly being added.

With more variety, more deals, and now with the new free deals, we’re sure you’ll always find something to improve your professional life and career. Check out some of the incredible deals we’re currently running by visiting the MightyDeals website.


In today’s giveaway, you have the chance to win a brand new iPad 2, 16gb in black or white with free shipping to anywhere in the world.

The new iPad 2 features two cameras for FaceTime and HD video recording as well as the brand new dual-core A5 chip. It has an outstanding 10 hour battery life and is even thinner and lighter than its predecessor.

How to participate
To participate you must be a MightyDeals newsletter subscriber (free subscription). If you’ve already subscribed, simply leave a comment below using the same email address that you used to subscribe to MightyDeals. If you’re not yet subscribed, head over to the MightyDeals website and you’ll find the newsletter subscription box at the top of the site.

Double your chances with a tweet:
You can get better your odds of winning and double your chances by sending a tweet about this contest. To do so, click on this link to send out our tweet, and you can then post a second comment with the url of your tweet. (To get the URL of your tweet, sign in to Twitter, click Profile and locate your tweet. Then click on the time stamp link of the tweet and you’ll be redirected to the URL of that tweet).


  • Only 1 entry per person (or 2 entries if sending our specified tweet)
  • No purchase necessary
  • Entries must be received by July 12th, 12PM PST
  • Contestants must be of majority age in the country where they reside
  • Any applicable custom fees/taxes required for receiving the product will be the winner’s responsibility
  • iPad 2 will be shipped within a maximum of 60 days of the date of the winner’s announcement
  • Contest is void where prohibited by law

Winner announcement
The grand prize winner will be announced on July 13th here on WDD and the winner will also be notified by email.

Good luck to everyone!



    Looks interesting – certainly an iPad2 wouldn’t be a bad thing either :)

  • Łukasz Pezda

    Would love to get it! My tweet:!/lpezda/status/85944681493565441

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    That’s very interesting :)

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  • Peter Yee

    Your short url is not working…

    • Walter

      It’s been updated with a new one which works now – thanks for letting us know.

  • Webdesigner Depot

    This is an invalid entry, please read the terms and try again :)

  • Steven T

    Exciting to hear about this contest!

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    Just subscribed- Im in! :)

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    I would love to win this!!!

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    Why not — I’m in ))

  • I. D. S.

    Great contest, I’m in :D

  • Hannes H

    Go, WDD! :)

  • Codrin Sava

    Now that wacom is making styluses, I want one :)

  • Rigil Kent Ariola

    Mighty Deals? Already bought a several times there. :)

    iPad 2? count me in :))

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    Great giveaway :)

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    Just subscribed! … :)

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    ohh cool site! Hopefully I’ll get an Ipad2 :D

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    I am subscibed to mighty deals :) Awesome prize though seriously!

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    Awesome prize, i hope get lucky on this.. 

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    me like!

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    Wouldn’t mind winning one of these bad boys.

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    An iPad2 would be perfect next to my iPhone and my MBP :)

  • Peter Reyes

    iPad 2, please :)

  • Yellow Duck

    Wowzers! Us Ducks could do with an iPad! QUACKERS!

  • Francois Bouly

    Yay ! Is this one for me ? ^^

  • Paulo Regado

    I hope I will be lucky, anyways i can find some interesting stuff on MightyDeals

  • Steffen Bruchmann

    Good luck to all the ones who are participating with me! ;)

  • Vitor Hugo Silva

    I’ll also try!

  • Chicago Dunn

    let’s win it!

  • Faith Jaya

    Awesome! I would love to have a chance to win in this giveaway. Especially since there is no way to have an ipad2 in my country (Morocco).  Here is my participation comment using my email. Thank you!

  • Ken

    subscribed, looking forward to great deals!

  • Tony Farrelly

    So now that i’ve posted a comment, I win right? lol

  • Piotr Jurczynski

    ☛Fingers crossed! 

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    I sure could use that iPad 2!

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    Wicked Might Deals.. Wicked!

  • Ballhawk

    I’ll have to check out the new redesign…and the free stuff!

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    Give it to me baby, aha aha ;) :)

  • John Kemp

    MightyDeals has had some really great deals in the past. It’s a very nice concept.

  • Daniel Hodous

    I wanna win,  thanks!

  • Tadd Mencer

    Using for my subscribe email.

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  • Gamal Yafai

    I could use an iPad

  • Gamal Yafai

    I could use an iPad

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    Very Interesting offer!!!

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    Big fan of the site, some really great deals!

  • Mubarak Waseem

    subbed from whizzkidmarketing at gmail dot com.

    In iPad 2 would certainly be well received! Loved the discounted moo cards you did. Any chance of a re-run of that promo :D?

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    Wow Ipad2 :)

  • Dave Mozdzanowski

    Crossing them again…. I’m now subscribed.

  • Reed La Botz

    who doesn’t like a good deal

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    I hope that, even though I need to be approved by a moderator, you still get my entries!

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    Subscribed with sifu_scott_kaju at yahoo dot com

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    Greeeeat opportunity, thanks!


  • Samuel Mateo, Jr.

    I’m already subscribed to the mailing list. :) iPad 2 would be awesome!

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    Awesome giveaway. Count me in. If I could be so fortunate..

  • pops radish

    Thanks for the chance.

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    Good Luck Everyone.

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    I want that iPad 2 soooooo bad!

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  • Kurt Franz
  • Johann du Toit
  • Samuel Mateo, Jr.

    Twitter entry:!/prosam/status/86077474642997248

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    Nice, good luck to everyone :D

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    I like Mighty Deals and I’m glad to hear more deals are coming each week.

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    Thanks for the opportunity WDD + MightyDeals.

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    Here I am.. the winner I hope

  • Anonymous

    Here I am.. the winner I hope

  • Y Paskovich

    I have purchased a few items from Mighty Deals and they have improved my work productivity and have been very useful to my everyday workflow!!/yolpaskovich/status/86074393041707008

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    I`m in! Nice redesign, MightyDeals!

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    Winning a free iPad 2 would really make my day!

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    I just found out about the site. Love the deals. Will be sure to keep checking them out!

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    I can’t wait to see what this site has to offer… consider me subscribed!

  • indie_danielle

    I can’t wait to see what this site has to offer… consider me subscribed!

  • Alessandro Leardi

    Stay hungry stay foolish!

  • Edgaras

    Sweet money saving deals and now even sweeter giveaway.

  • Darius Barnes

    Would love and could definitely use an iPad2. 

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    Mighty Deals always has the mightiest of all deals!

  • Marcelo Costa 
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    i really, really want an iPad so I can work on my website from anywhere! 

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    Would love to win, fingers crossed!

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    Sweet, I look forward to winning! ;)

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    would love to win this.. as i dont own ipad..

  • Ardhi Halim

    GREAT and EASY contest! hope i’ll be the winer to take that iPad out!
    here’s my twitlink:

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    An iPad 2 is always welcome

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    Seems like my previous comment didn’t passed the moderation :) 

    All right, let me post only the tweet…!/vladimir_leit/status/86103584944562176 

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    GREAT and EASY contest! definitely i’ll win the iPad! :p
    here’es my twitlink:!/dhieliem/status/86112975039111168

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  • Jason K.
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    Good luck to myself…

  • Dor Fire

    [Double-posted by mistake]

  • closdesign

    nice little prize. Would like to win it! Pick ME! Please.

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    I want it so much!

  • gaurav awasthi

    iPad2 is a necessity now :)

  • Mikael Hjelm

    never win anything so I hope this one ;) 

  • Anonymous

    Signed up! Fingers crossed :)



  • Jose C.

    Yea! I would like that iPad and also set a WDD shortcut to the springboard! xD

  • Edward Drabovitch

    Winner :)

  • Anonymous … subscribed a long time ago =)

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    Want to win

  • Niels Van Damme

    I would really like to win this awesome gadget!
    After some bad exams this would make me happier! =D

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  • Ahmed Shaikh

    iPad 2 would be great and handy for me

    Good Luck Everyone

  • anne

    I’d love to win an iPAD!

  • Best Web Templates

    Hoping to get an iPad 2.  Great marriage between Web Designer Depot and MightyDeals! Congratulations!

  • cwhitmore

    Pretty sure this would look awesome in my hands…

  • Connor Crosby

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! Good luck to everyone :)

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    Very interesting :)

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    Good contest

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    MightyDeals… more like MightyGiveAways!

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  • Daniel
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    Who wouldn’t want to be another Apple Fan Boy

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    Here I am… Where is my iPad? :)
    Congratularions! Great contest!

  • Carlos Benigno

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    iPad2 Giveaway eh? Good luck everyone! (who am I kidding?)

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    the tweet :!/clement_brisard/status/86527315315658752

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  • Julien Vasseur
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    Tweeted.. Fingers doubly crossed now…!/ZalakUpadhyay/status/86656033673580544

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    Awesome… Looking forward to seeing the site

  • Boost Inspiration

    Just subscribed at Mighty Deals!

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    Well, my hotmail account isn’t receiving the subscription confirmation… so I did it with my student gmail! Anyway, poor college girl here would like to win an iPad!


    Just subscribed.
    Awesome gadget!! Superb giveaway!!
    Thanks ;)

  • sokvanny chhouk

    Dude this is awesome, I love checking out all your articles on WDD!

  • Adam Karacsony

    I wish I’d win that iPad 2 :)  I even tweeted about the giveaway:!/ananaszjoe/status/86883102072377344

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    WOW cool contest. My tweet here:!/IdentyMe/status/86890123463106560

    Good luck everyone.

  • Nándor Bíró
  • Nándor Bíró
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    Nice hope I win the Ipad!

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    Here goes….

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    wow… would love to win this…. :)
    Thank you .. 

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    Thank you once again

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    thanks =) .. wish to win once in my life =)

  • Sherif Eltoukhi
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    You’d be stupid to say no to a free iPad 2 :-p I’d love to take it for a testride!

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    Awesome service guys! Let’s save some money and a great chance to win an iPad!! I like this! :)

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    Great idea!

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    the Mighty iPad!

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    I hope I’ll be lucky enough! :)
    Just in case, this is the address I used to suscribe:

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  • JC Mae Palmes
  • JC Mae Palmes
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  • Christopher Bishop
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    I’ve been a MightyDeals subscriber since the site started (I think) and indeed the deals I get on my mailbox are really awesome! Here’s hoping that you’ll have more deals for books and ebooks!

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    And I just did tweet about this giveaway (!/vladrys/status/88665784942985216) just in case :D Count me in!

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     I  for Incredible
     P  for Prize
     A  for And
     D  for Deals,
     2  for too!

     Incredible prize and deals, too! 
     Thanks, MightyDeals and Web Designer Depot!

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    here is my tweet and its my birthday on july 13th just saying

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    dying to have the iPad 2 since i can’t afford it…

  • Ryan Dejarme

    winning this ipad 2 will certainly help in my studies…..
    want to have this cause i can’t afford such…

    anyways…go Mightydeals!

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