Minuscule photo collection by Maite Guerrero

“Another way to see the world, the little things are more important than we think…” – Maite Guerrero

Search for photo manipulations practically anywhere online and you might be surprised at the varying quality you’ll find.

The majority of photo manipulations are unconvincing at best, and some are downright awful. Not so the work of Maite Guerrero.

Guerrero’s Minuscule collection of photo manipulations is truly magnificent. So much attention has been paid to detail, composition, and scale in this series, that it’s easy to believe the images are real.

In this post you’ll see a collection of photos of the Minuscule series. Look closely at how they’re composed, and the way everyday items are made surreal by the addition of miniaturized living subjects.


What do you think of the Minuscule collection? Which one is your favorite and why? Please share your thoughts below…

  • Anonymous

    It is indeed impressive how everything is matching and how he has manipulated the image using light sources and shadows correct. Still, when i look at the pictures I feel, I don’t know, I was maybe expecting even more detailed backgrounds. It feels kinda obvious that it’s manipulated, thanks to the size of the different objects. I am aware of that this is some of the purpose of the picture, but still.

    To my favorite. Definitively the 5th from the top. This was really clever and I loved how the footsteps was so nicely composed into everything. And that conical straw hat! I bet that he (it could be a “she”, though) is some kind of an old Sensei teaching kung fu to fat giant pandas.

  • http://twitter.com/julianokrentz Juliano Krentz

    Very beautiful !! It is a wonderful way to see the things…great!

  • http://twitter.com/Inspirationf Igor Ovsyannykov

    Very unique, i love it!

  • http://www.wsd.co.il/ RanHazut

    I like this kind of photographs, small people large objects, extremely liked the man jumping of window, just put stuff on proportion.

  • Anonymous

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