Win $500 worth of Threadless merchandise

We at Webdesigner Depot are big fans of Threadless and you can often see us sporting their awesome t-shirts. They’re a lot of fun and feature some awesome designs that often spark conversation.

One of the great things we love about Threadless is that the designs are submitted by designers like you and get voted on by their community. The winning designs are then printed on clothing and other products and sold through their website (designers get paid for their designs!).

Today, in partnership with our site Mighty Deals, we bring you an awesome giveaway where you can win 5 gift vouchers for Threadless merchandise, worth $100 each!!

You can use them in anyway you wish on – whether you want to get yourself some cool t-shirts, books, iPhone cases, etc.

Read on for more details:

Check out just some of the many awesome designs and let the drooling start…


Terms of contest and how to participate:

  • Enter your email address in the form below and then leave a comment.
  • Results will be announced here on WDD on February 15th, 2012
  • Coupons must be redeemed within 1 year

Good luck to everyone!!!

[UPDATE] Winners have been emailed to.

This contest is sponsored by Webdesigner Depot and our own which we believe is the best place to find awesome deals for designers. Note that Threadless is in no way affiliated with our sites or sponsoring this contest in any way.


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  • psdesignuk

    Wow, great giveaway! Can think of so many shirts I want from there!

  • James Eagle

    Always loved Threadless stuff!

  • Anonymous

     the first design made me chuckle! :D

  • Anonymous

    Do want ! :)

  • Michal Mrčafa Fridrich

    nerd rules

  • EpicKris

    Awesome competition! Hope I win!

  • Anonymous

    My threadless gear is starting to wear out, I need the new niceness!

  • Kien Nguyen Trung

    Always loved Threadless stuff!

  • Milan Zivkovic

    Great designs as always!

  • uncleserb

    Well that’s a nice giveaway ;) Good luck to all!

  • Darren Waring

    Great comp! So many awesome designs to select from!

  • Konnaire Scannell

    So many brilliant shirts here, I’ve always loved Threadless stuff!

  • Luis Paulo Lohmann

    Crossing my fingers to win this!

  • Vanessa Braz

    Threadless <3

  • Leigh Small

    Fingers crossed!

  • Tiia Vitikainen

    Awesome shirt designs. :)

  • razvangirmacea

    Love the t-shirts

  • Lindsay Goldner

    Entered, fingers crossed!

  • Carsten Alsemgeest

    This is really awesome!

  • Javier Medina

    Great oportunity to wear threadless clothes!

  • Robyn Smailliw

    I love Threadless!  I’d probably end up buying 90% of the shirts in this post (this was a great lineup!)

    Good luck to all.

  • CriticoMamica

    Nice stuff! 

  • Daphne Lim

    Threadless is a fantastic resource. I’m always hopeful to get merch from there but frankly when the shipping costs more than the products, it’s  a drag..

  • Manda Jarvinen

    Ooooh goodies =]. Love your site guys x.

  • Erick Mazer Yamashita

    Made an order last month but got lost with all the awesome designs. Needing this voucher so I can get the ones that I left behind =)

  • Gordon


  • Andrej Adamcak

    threadless is great. thanks for this giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    Uhull I’ll win! =)

  • Puneet Gupta


  • Maria Lind

    me too, me too.

  • Sevenpixels

    Awesome contest, Threadless has some great stuff. I’ve got a baby due March 9, I’d spend it all on the baby so he could have some cool clothes.

  • Andrey Boitsov

    Great designs, great service, great giveaway!

  • Jamie Northrup

    Another great giveaway! Thanks!

  • Joel Emberson

    Wow this is awesome!!

  • Ruben Van Gasse

    Nice, I have my eye on a few designs for some time…

  • Darren Shelley

    Really enjoy Threadless gear, quite difficult to obtain here in the UK so any money off helps :-)

  • Liza

    Entered! Lovely apparel, very unique stuff. :)

  • Ivonne Lopez

    Fabulous giveaway! I own a handful of Threadless tees already, but I have so many in my wishlist! This would be perfect, and great for gifts too!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, me likey like ;) sooo many awesome designs…

  • joe_engle

    That’s a massive amount of Threadless merch. Awesome.

  • Josh Weinstein

    Awesome! Threadless rocks.

  • Lynn Wloszek

    Amazing giveaway. So many awesome products on Threadless.

  • Patrick Bazinet

    Awesome prize. Threadless takes the cake!

  • Anonymous

    I do like the threadless concept. Nice giveaway.

  • lozenp

    Great stuff!

  • Alejandra López

    This is really great! :D

  • Courtney Kirchoff

    I love the angel and mermaid design, as well as the wolf ink blot. So neat!

  • Avram Seby

    I’m in! :D

  • Jessica Downey

    Yay !

  • Ben Bubar

    Sweat prize! Hope I win!!!

  • Jason Murray

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  • Newbird Design

    Yes please!

  • kayla west

    Awesome Giveaway I hope win.

  • kayla west

    Awesome Giveaway I hope win.

  • Daniel Faria


  • gemelli2

    awesome designs!

  • Anonymous

    Great giveaway – love Threadless!

  • Anonymous

    Very cool shirts. Me and my posse want some.

  • Amber Theinert

    Love Threadless!!

  • Anonymous

    that would be so cool!

  • Daniel Price

    I’d love to win this!

  • Jerry

    woohoo! count me in

  • Jenn

    Love Threadless! My favorite shop for tees.

  • guy who says neat


  • Mary Makowsky

    Love these tees! Bonus: They are a UPromise partner!

  • Keonte’ Smith {Mommy 2K}

    I smiled quite a few times as I scrolled down to see all the designs. Great giveaway.

  • H H

    Totally awesome! Would love to get some Doctor Who shirts!

  • Rico Kinu Smith

    Cool site. Cool giveaway. I need a couple new shirts! :D

  • Shyam Shahane

    Great one…hope I win atleast this time :)

  • Jess

    threadless is amazing!

  • insidious7

    I own a bunch of shirts already and want more!

  • Alvaro Nistal Rodriguez

    Love the penguin’s one! I want Threadless shirts!!!

  • Anonymous

    Woot Woot, Toot Toot, I want to win the Threadless Loot, Loot!

  • David Cole


  • Rie Conley

    Thanks a million!

  • Jessica Skorich

    Awesome giveaway and good recognition for those who created the shirts

  • Shaun Walker

    Awesome! Threadless shirts are amazing

  • YakiNiku

    I likey the sauce

  • nicoletta donadio

    The best giveaway ever! 

  • Neil Fahey

    My wardrobe is half full of Threadless t-shirts and half full of other clothing. I have a problem. Please help me feed my addiction, before I start robbing people.

  • earl past

    Threadless is coool

  • El Sheko Delportico

    Wow! I love me some Threadless shirts!

  • Mark Robinson

    Epic comp! Threadless are the daddy

  • Biathanatos

    Greatest of the great :)

  • William Alvarez

    fingers crossed

  • Neil

    Would love some new T’s!

  • Nik Nieuwenhuis

    Awesome! Love the threadless gear!! 

  • R & J

    Great giveaway, count me in

  • Isaac Durazo


  • Alejandro Ñáñez Ortiz

    I love Threadless!!!!! Hope to win!

  • Michael Garratt

    Great competition! I have always been a fan of threadless.

  • Steve Robillard

    somebody is going to be stylin

  • Jen K

    Great giveaway. I live right by one of the shops so this would be great! 

  • alfonsoon


  • dipace

    Great Giveway ! Count me in :)

  • Johann du Toit

    Wow would love some goodies

  • Morten Laugerud

    Summers coming up so better get some new tees

  • Aro Rawhiti

    Amazing Giveaway!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I love threadless, I think I’d struggle to choose – but I think I’d manage!

  • Subash Dharel (Steve Kruger)

    Wow, i want it.. 

  • Enemy of Average

    Awesome much?  Yes.

  • Vitor Neves

     Look, i’m here. Pick me :))

  • amsilva

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  • Amanda Ingle

    I love Threadless. I want in! 

  • Peter Angelov

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     Looking forward to the 15th now!

  • Joe

    Threadless has good stuff

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  • Judy Kiel


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    Feeling lucky today!!!!

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  • Ian

    Love their shirts, I even have the book (won from a contest) of the best shirts!

  • Julie

    Cool shirts!

  • Jemlang

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  • Nyx Zamora

    I want them now! D=

  • Mlef

    There is a forest growing out of my back also.

  • Diego Ferreyra


  • Web Hosting

    love the  paper clip smiley and the happy internal organs family!!! 

  • Simon Flitter

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    That’s lovely!

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    I love Threadless. <3

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  • Adam Saf.

    Super, I like these contests. Thanks Webdesignerdepot.

  • Anonymous

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  • Stasukv

    Nice, could use some new shirts :)

  • Peter Hansen


  • LacKac

    me too

  • Codrut Befu

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  • Octavian Todirut

    Threadless love and obsessiooooon!

  • Craez_uk

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  • Hml8539

    Amazing selection and great designs! Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

  • Hml8539

    Amazing selection and great designs! Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

  • Beto Alanís

    Awesome, I hope I get one of these, good luck everyone :)

  • David Despotoski

    Hello from Prilep, Macedonia.This is a great giveaway! Count me in :)

  • Kirk Dyer

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    You guys rock!!!

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    Awesome giveaway ;) love Threadless… every design looks fingerlickin’ good!

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    As always, thanks :)

  • Tom Davis

    Fabulous fun designs!

  • Anonymous

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  • Taylor billybob

    Ohhh, this would be lovely.

  • Javier Medina

    So… who are the winners?