Say hello to

It’s time to welcome a new member to the WebdesignerDepot family of sites!

Say hello to, our brand new blog dealing with web development. We’ve been in beta for a little while so you may have bumped into it already, but if you haven’t yet, we highly recommend checking it out!

While at WDD we focus mostly on the visual aspects of web design, we hope DeveloperDrive becomes your ‘go to’ place for web development, tutorials, and coding in general.

You’ll find articles covering topics such as responsive design, CSS3, HTML5, WordPress and much more.

We welcome your feedback as we keep improving the site and bring you more fresh content. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

  • Productive Web Apps

    A great initiative from you guys! We love the sharing of knowledge!

  • Web Development Company

    Good thoughts to make a very valuable blogs for us.It should be more quality.Nice idea.Thanks for it.

  • Louis Gubitosi

    Awesome site and very well designed!

  • Walter Apai

    WDD will get redesigned very soon. Design is ready actually, still being coded ;)

  • eddy hernandez


  • eddy hernandez

    Nice, I had been following this blog for awhile but I didn’t notice you guys we’re behind it. Some of the tuts from there are really awesome but they are lacking a demo link. A jsbin, or jsfiddle would definitely bump up the experience for me and probably many others.

  • Tineke Timmerman

    Great initiative, but I hope that doesn’t mean that the subjects will be totally split between the sites: as a web designer AND developer, this is the reason why I like the so much. Not many blogs have this nice flow between both subjects, so keep it up and good luck with the new site also.

    • Walter Apai

      Nothing to worry about. Mostly design here on WDD, and mostly development in the new site. WDD will continue to offer some developer posts among design and other new things very soon! :)

  • Steven

    Congratulations on your new project! Hope you will be able to keep the same quality for new site the same level as WDD :)