Free download: 40 Exclusive Photoshop Patterns

We’re back with another great exclusive freebie for you.

This one is a Photoshop pattern file (.PAT) which contains 40 beautiful textures that you can apply to your designs. A detailed step by step instruction is provided inside the file to help you use them. You can use these as textures for your websites or any background.

Thanks to Rayz Ong from LemonGraphic for creating this awesome freebie for WDD readers. Redistribution is not allowed, so if you’d like to share this one with your friends, kindly direct them to this page so that they can download their own copy from here.

The file is free for personal and commercial use… see the full preview and download after the jump!

Please enter your email address below and click the download button. The download link will be sent to you by email, or if you have already subscribed, the download will begin immediately.

  • MattS

    A download link, I do not see.

    • MattS

       Nevermind, Adblock blocks it.

  • Tom Heggie

    These resources would be so much more tempting if I didn’t have to agree to MightyDeals spamming me even more. As much as I love this site, and I do like to visit a couple of times a week, it’s not worth the hassle for a freebie like this that can be found or created easily and completely free.

    • Doofenshmirtzinator

      Hope you don’t mind that I put in your email address so I could download the files. :)

  • Tom Heggie

    Pretty sure you get all of these included in Fireworks.

  • Garnik Bayatyan

    Nice Staff! Gotta use them on my sites.

  • Jason Webb

    Cool sir :)

  • rahul k

     where is download link….

  • Rick Mills

    Use mailinator. I’ve resorted to it. WDD has become a spam tool for crappy mightydeals, its a joke. Even after unsubscribing you still get the same crap coming through, plus a bunch of other unrelated crap. I’m pretty sure they are selling the email list.

    • Anonymous

      Rick, I’m sorry this is your impression.

      Firstly I can assure you and all of our readers that we have never, nor will we ever, sell our subscribers information. Any spam you receive is entirely unrelated to your webdesignerdepot subscription.

      Secondly, if you unsubscribe from the mailing list — there’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every single email — you will not receive anything further from us. If, by some chance error you do keep receiving our newsletter please contact us at the contact address listed at the foot of this page and we’ll ensure the error is corrected immediately.

      Finally, we occasionally promote the superb deals offered by because it is one of the things that helps us keep publishing webdesignerdepot for free. All news services from printed newspapers to online blogs cost money to produce and distribute, and the vast majority fill that gap with advertising. is part of our network of sites and as such we’ve already checked to ensure that the deal being offered is both great value for money and relevant to our webdesignerdepot audience.

      Of course, not everything will be to everyone’s needs or tastes, even when the download is totally free of charge as is the case here. If you don’t want to download these files, or take advantage of the huge discounts on then there’s no obligation and we’re still happy to have you as part of our readership.

      If you have any further concerns about this please let us know and we’ll be happy to allay your fears.

  • Denise Jones

    I try to use patterns in the web work that I do and this download will help greatly. Thanks for providing this.