WP Theme Generator: Create WordPress themes without coding

Creating WordPress themes from scratch is beyond the technical skill of a lot of people, even designers. Without at least a basic grasp of PHP, you’ll likely find the entire process frustrating and way too time-consuming.

That’s where a WordPress theme generator can make your life about a million times easier.

Theme generators in the past have often been clunky and haven’t worked all that well. WPTheme Generator is different.

It makes it incredibly easy to create a theme using a gallery of more than a thousand pre-designed objects, including backgrounds, menus, fonts, sliders, frames, colors, patterns, textures, and more.

The options for customization are huge. WPTheme Generator includes more than fifty fonts, all ready to be used in your theme. You can change the font face, color, and size with just a single click, on both headings and body text. You can also create a variety of layouts using seven different combinations for positioning elements.

Customizing themes is simple. First, pick a design from the gallery that you want to start with. Then just select the element you want to change and then select an option for the pre-designed elements. There are designs to suit virtually every style and new designs are added daily. When you’re done, you can save your themes to work on them later or you can download both the WordPress theme files and the basic HTML/CSS files.

Not finding what you need among the pre-designed elements? No problem! You can upload your own design elements—menus, patterns, backgrounds, and more—to use on your themes. You can even save them for use on future themes.

One of the great parts about WPTheme Generator is that all the themes are built on a single, powerful framework. Your basic theme will always be up to date and working for the latest version or WordPress. And new features added to the framework will be available on all of your themes, including the ones you’ve already created! This also means that you can create a new theme now, and if you decide not to use it for six months, it’ll still be up to date when you come back to download it then.

You can save your themes for later editing and download them whenever you need to, so that your theme will be always updated with the latest framework and WordPress version.

The framework includes a lot of popular features, including dynamic widget areas, five different slides, picture galleries with lightbox and categories, product websites with shopping carts, a spam-free contact form, and much more. It’s even Bootstrap-ready and supports all Bootstrap elements.

Check out more of how WPTheme Generator works in this video:

Because it was created by the folks behind Iconshock, when you sign up for WPTheme Generator Premium, you’ll also get access to Iconshock’s premium items! That includes 30,000 Iconshock icons, 107 Themeshock exclusive themes, and 500 logo templates!

For a limited time, WPTheme Generator is only $29 for six months! After the promotional period, it will be $129/year—still a steal for all you get! You can sell the themes you create to your final customers and use them as many times as you want, though you can’t sell them in a marketplace (they’ll be launching their own marketplace soon).


[Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored review, the opinions expressed in the article are the author’s only.]

  • http://www.jamienorthrup.com Jamie Northrup

    Just played around with it now, it’s pretty neat, not sure if it’s good enough to use for a few projects I have coming up but I think it could work, specially since the price is good at 29 bucks.

    • Anonymous

      Jamie, thanks for your comment, sure, give it a try, you can be sure you won’t regret becoming a premium member :)  just today we added 15 designs more :) and fixed some minor bugs.

  • http://profiles.google.com/mmenterprises.india M.M. Enterprises

    Wow nice i very cool i like your post with useful information. 

    • Anonymous

      M.M. thanks ! hoping you like new features in the generator :)

  • Anonymous

    Walter, Cameron and WDD team, thanks for this great review ! For the readers, feel free to contact us for any question you need about the wp theme generator.
    Have a good one !

  • Anonymous

    Theodore, yesterday I found a very similar comment in another thread, you shouldn’t be using an anonymous nickname to promote your business, not good for branding ;)  Anyway, we have had a very positive feedback from our users and customers, our generator is a totally different approach, we designed 1000+ elements to play with with different layout positions and dynamic widget areas (without having to setup those things like padding and margin etc) and results are great. I invite users to try our generator and others available and decide which one is better :)  You can be totally sure you can create a beautiful custom theme in less than a minute.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry :(  anyway you can be sure that this is a great tool if you give it a try.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Krista, to be honest, we are not sure how long the promo price will be there, so go for it now :) You can see pricing options here:

  • https://profiles.google.com/105518370227431651673 southcast

    this is awesome..innovative though a newbie might face a little hiccups later on if he/she does not know the basic php because no matter how much the process of theme making is automated it will always need a little coding here n there. Just speaking form my experience.

  • Scott Rowley

    My employer is interested in buying this along with the shock bundle but when we go to purchase it it says that the price is $58 per month and that doesn’t sound right.  I emailed support yesterday but I haven’t heard anything in roughly 24 hours :(  Can you please assist?

    • Scott Rowley

      Still no assistance from email (3 days ago) or from this post (2 days ago).  Not the greatest way to run a business.