Win 10 memberships to Elegant Themes

We’re thrilled to bring you an awesome giveaway from Elegant Themes. This site has been producing outstanding premium WordPress themes for years and has a very solid reputation.

Elegant Themes has over 100,000 satisfied customers and their themes are not only visually amazing, but their powerful features and their ePanel make it a snap to get them up and running.

They charge only $39 for unlimited access to all of their 74 themes, which currently means that each theme only costs $0.52…. definitely a great deal!

Today you’re in luck with this awesome giveaway, where you can win one of 10 full memberships for their site. To enter, simply enter your email below and leave an optional comment. The 10 winners will be announced on June 13th.

Preview some of their themes below…



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  • Nitin Agarwal

    Thanks for the offer. Would like to win one :-) 

  • Krzysiek Kowalewski

    let the best wins !

  • Irina

    Nice! They have awesome themes!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the giveaway ! Good luck everyone ;)

  • Ольга

    Awesome! Just awesome! Love it and i want it madly! :)

  • Anonymous

    Great sample here, can’t wait !

  • javad sameei


  • Vitor Neves

    Nice offer. I hope to win 1 membership :)

  • Troy Wray

    The great things about these themes is that they look like real websites, not wordpress with a nice theme. And I’d love to win one :-)

  • rad

    fingers crossed :)

  • Laura B.

    Thanks for this fabulous offer! I plan to build three websites this morning and could really use this membership. Thank you!

  • M.M. Enterprises

    Wow, nice collection with awesome themes. i like you work. 

  • Liz Hover

    I’d love to win a membership to Elegant Themes. I once had one but never got round to renewing. What a great idea! Thank you.

  • Sadie Shih Tzu

    I am a dog with a blog and I love WordPress. I’d be the envy of all my doggie friends with an Elegant Themes membership. Face licks to everyone at Webdesigner Depot.

  • Hasan Yasin Türkyilmaz

    Thank you for this chance! I know i had not been won anything bu i am in.

  • Szymek Dobrowolski

    Hell yeah !

  • Andres Mauricio Castillo

    Lord, please, let me win this

  • Edward Nichter

    Most definitely would like to enter. 

  • Randy Johnson


  • Tiago Alves

    o/ WOW!

  • Tiago Alves

    o/ WOW!

  • David O Donoghue

    Hmm…I’ll send chocolate buns and cake if I win? Great site!

  • آرمان

    Its great for me.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • Neil Fahey

    I’d absolutely love to win this! Thanks guys!

  • Mim Armand

    Ah cool! :D

  • Mina R. Ambriz

    Yujuuuu!!!!!! I would love to win. Thank you for the offer;)

  • Kasper Hornbek

    I love winning stuff…

  • Buana Cyber

    maybe i’m lucky at this time.. coz i realy like that ElegantEstate theme for my site :) i just love to win..

  • Puneet Gupta

    I want one!

  • Christian Zoppi

    Nice giveaway!

  • Sonia Mugnaini


  • Anonymous

    Interested in competition

  • Urmo Luts

    i like to win!

  • Joseph Wachira

    Winning this is just the right thing to get me referring all of my friends to Elegant Themes. Thanks for I know you’ll give me a reason to smile and spread the word.

  • Gouri

    I hope i win. :)

  • Claudio Extraño

    Great! good luck everyone :v

  • danoph

    We’ve been using Elegant Themes for years. There are plenty of great themes and it’s a really inexpensive resources!

  • steve w

     Thanks for choosing me!

  •äuble/1537031222 Sabine Schäuble

    Also give Switzerland a chance to work with Elegant Themes :) A probably big future fan –  sabine —-

  • Amit Shaw

    Hope i will be the winner. I badly need a theme for my new blog. Thanks for this. I am in.
    Subscribed and Share :)

  • Sai Kumar

    Thanks for the Superb Giveaway. Hope to win this…..:)

  • Irfan

    Hope to win this.

  • Deiure News

    good luck

  • friv

    It has information I have been searching for a long time. I think i need it. Thanks so much.

  • Joe

    hope i can get it

  • Maxu’

    Late reading the feed makes the chances thinner. Thanks for the great opportunity :)

  • Ольга

    Hi! Were the winners announced?