Win 750 customizable stickers from UPrinting

Our friends at UPrinting are back with another great giveaway.

One week from today, we’ll be giving away a total of 750 customizable stickers to 3 lucky WDD readers.

These stickers are great for ‘out of the box’ branding purposes such as a fun alternative to a business card or to promote special events.

You can also use them for band stickers, political campaigns, restaurant branding and anything else you can think of.

Read on for more details on how to participate…

About the prize:

  • 250pcs Customizable Stickers for each of three (3) winners
  • 2×3.5″ 70lb Label Matte, Front only printing
  • 4 Business Days turnaround time
  • Free US shipping only (although this giveaway is open worldwide)

Terms and conditions:

  • Enter by leaving a comment below (must enter using email address or entry will be voided)
  • Winners are allowed to win a prize from UPrinting once every six months

We’ll announce the results, one week from today, on July 18th, 2012. The results will be posted here on WDD and all winners will also be contacted by email for more details.

If you love UPrinting as much as we do, you can LIKE them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or add them to your Google+.

Thanks to UPrinting for bringing us these great sticker printing prizes and good luck to all of you!!!

[UPDATE] This contest is now closed. The winners are:

# 10 – Jacublog
# 105 – Daniel
# 1 – Konstantin Demblin

  • Jacob Tange

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    PEZ Comunicación Visual.

  • Belén Vallejo

    I’m going on a missions trip soon, would love to take this as a little souvenir to the kids. thanks for giving these away!

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    Sweet! Now I can customize my whole car with beer logos and maybe put some lightning bolt stickers on my cats!

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    Yay, I’m entering, I could put these stickers to good use!

    You always have cool contests :-)

  • A Lego a Day

    I could totally use these to promote my new blog!  They look great.

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    I could use some stickers! Great giveaway, thank you Uprinting!


    Great Stickers! Thanks to UPrinting

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    I have been planning to make stickers featuring my Regency cat art, and this giveaway would be an excellent opportunity to test out the quality of UPrinting. ♥

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    I don’t always comment on such posts,
    but when I do, it’s for gread free giveaways!

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