Win an iPhone 5 from @MightyDeals

It’s time for another great giveaway! This comes courtesy of our sister site where you can find the best deals for web creatives, with discounts up to 90% off!

If there’s one device that has changed our technology, that would be the almighty iPhone. Yesterday, Apple unveiled their much anticipated iPhone 5 and today, you have the chance to win one!

As you may know, the new iPhone now sports a much larger and stunning 4-inch display. It’s also thinner, lighter and has a super fast connection with LTE.

We will ship the iPhone to the winner anywhere in the world for free! Read on more for details on how to participate and about this super awesome prize!

The iPhone 5 sports a remarkably slim design that still makes room for a larger display and a faster chip. Ultrafast wireless that doesn’t sacrifice battery life. And all-new headphones designed to sound great and fit comfortably. So much went into this iPhone. So you could get even more out of it. All in a beautiful aluminum body designed and made with an unprecedented level of precision. iPhone 5 measures a mere 7.6 millimeters thin and weighs just 112 grams.1 That’s 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than iPhone 4S.

• 4-inch Retina display
• Ultrafast wireless
• Faster CPU performance
• Faster graphics
• Better battery life
• All-new EarPods
• Panorama photos with iSight
• Facetime HD camera
• Enhanced Siri

And much much more… read more  


1 iPhone 5 in your choice of either White & Silver or Black & Slate, 16GB – the unlocked version, which can be activated on any network Worldwide which supports it.


  • Enter your email in the form below and leave an optional comment below.
  • Only one email entry per person. Duplicate email entries will be disqualified.
  • iPhone will ship as soon as possible, pending availability.
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the world.
  • Any tax/customs duties remain the responsibility of the winner.
  • Contest is available worldwide except where prohibited by law.
  • Apple is not a part of this contest or endorsing it in any way. 


Results will be announced here on WDD on September 26th, 2012. The winner will also be notified of his/her winnings via email. Good luck to everyone!

[UPDATE] – The contest has now ended and the winner is Brian Cesar from Ontario, Canada. Congrats Brian! And thanks to all of those who participated in this great giveaway! More to come soon…

  • Tejas Prithvi

    Best way to own an iPhone 5!

  • awerest

    Awesome prize by awesome site!

  • Calum Knott

    Fingers Crossed :)

  • Alejandro Martínez

    It’s seems that my old and loyal Blackberry Storm 2 needs to be transformed on this.

  • Alejandro Martínez

    It’s seems that my old and loyal Blackberry Storm 2 needs to be transformed on this. Amazing way to get one of the newest and best phones on market.

  • Husien Adel Arnous

    wish to win isA iphone 5 ;)

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    It isn’t really stunning or something special, but I want it! ^^

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  • Steve Webster

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    I never won in these contests… :(

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    Send it on through to Johannesburg, thanks. :)

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    Sweet! :)

  • Keith

    I love how I have to agree to stupid emails from the two sites in order to be eligible to win. Seems like a great way to add subscribers in a completely shady way.

    Contests should be independent of agreeing to terms such as these.

    • Keith 2

      I know, it’s really sinister the way they actually want to use a marketing exercise to market themselves. It’s almost as if they’re not giving it away for the Karma, but are somehow hoping to bring in more readers.

      If they had any ethics at all they’d publish this competition on a piece of paper, lock it in a box and bury it in the desert somewhere without ever telling anyone. Anything else is clearly a scam of some kind.

      • Walter Apai

        Virtually all contests are a way for both sides to earn something. You do not have to remain subscribed after the contest, so you lose nothing by entering.  That’s a good deal in my book :)

      • Adam Spencer

        I agree.  Life is all about give-and-take… better get used to it.

      • Jarryd

        ^ Epic.

  • Łukasz Kaczanowski

    Awesome contest!

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    I’m in it to win it!

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    It’s time to upgrade from my 3G!

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    Entered!  I want to be one of the cool kids and finally get an iPhone. :-)

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    wow! it is amazing deal! thank you :)

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    <3 it, but can't afford one. So fingers crossed :)

  • Edwin van der Veer

    Unfortunately I didn’t get in on the iPhone 6 prize draw. That’s why I’ll settle for a v5…;)

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    The new iPhone looks pretty amazing! 

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    My last iPhone was stolen =/ I wish I could win this because I cannot afford buying a new one.

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  • theroyaltyclub

    same thing I was wondering
    “Contest is available worldwide except where prohibited by law.”
    where is prohibited by law?

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    Excited about the new iPhone and the design!

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    Well that’s one hell of a contest! Congrats. Nice promo!

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    Only 1 year into a 2 year contract, so the only realistic way for me to get an iPhone 5 this year is to win one. Count me in!

  • Marie ALHOMME

    Here’s to hoping :)
    Keep up the great writing work!

  • Mark

    Here’s hoping!

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    I would love an iPhone 5…as everyone else here would…But i’d love it even more than them! haha

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    >Enter your email in the form below and leave an optional comment below.«form below» — subscribe form in right column? Or what?

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  • Ne fark eder ki!

    I’m in yo! :D

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  • Sri Ganesh.M

    Like to have a iOS 6 Smart Phone with Retina HD display Yes ! . I have made entry in email, Tweeted and Facebook Share also done.

  • Walter Apai

    Available worldwide except if specifically prohibited by a country (for example some countries may limit the receiving of international goods). This should not be an issue in most places though, but we have to legally write it for those odd exceptions.



  • Ron Payne

    Always like contests. Never win any, lol, but great just the same. Good luck to all. Enjoy reading Webdesigner Depot’s Newsletter.

  • Guest

    I want it! :D

  • Walter Apai

    Yes, your email will still be entered, if you have already subscribed. Your Tweets should register. We checked and all Tweets are registering correctly. Good luck!

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    “Enter your email in the form below and leave an optional comment below.”

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    Was impossible

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  • Marcin Pełka

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    Won my current iPhone 3gs from Real Networks via Twitter. Maybe I’ll win the iPhone 5 too! :)

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    I haven’t got any phone yet, hope this would be my first one :)

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    Good luck to everyone :)

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    To win an iPhone 5 would just be the ultimate dream come true. Pretty please let me win with an Apple on top – I can’t stand my hand-me-down iPhone 3G (no, not even 3GS) any longer!


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    -from Philippines

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    depressed but this made me cheer up that 1% of hope might come true:)

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  • ‏♔ Jan Matibag

    so cool!!! can’t wait who’s gonna win!!!!
    i hope i will!!! :)

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  • Roman Taraban

     September 26th  it’s my Birthday=)

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  • Huy Lam

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  • Coby Dick

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    I’ve never won one of these, and I don’t know anyone who has won but its worth a shot.

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    I’m excited! The iPhone 5 is a powerhouse device that is as good as any phone on the market with the best operating system.

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    my email –

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    hey ey ey ey, my God is good yo! Everything is double double oh! Good chances to everyone who participates! :)

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    Mighty Deals Rocks :)

  • Atul Vohra

    Mighty Deals Rocks :)

  • Christian F.

    yes please

  • Matthias Köhler

    Well, i’m from Germany and not on T-Mobile, so i don’t have LTE… but it would surely be nice to have that sweet new iPhone at home :D

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    Looking forward to your e-mail on the 26th! Thanks a million!

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    Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do, are in harmony. Just like 
     iPhone 5 :)

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    I hope i win ! i hope i win!

  • shankness

    I am a UI enthusiast and would love to use the apps which will be making use of the extra screen real estate. Hoping to get lucky with the contest!

  • Andrew Svärd

    im in too

  • Andrew Svärd

    will the winner have to pay for shipping, cause i live in sweden and thats pretty far from us

  • Andrew Svärd

    Steve Jobs is my god, I miss him…’


    I made the leap from my beloved iPhone 3G to a Samsung Galaxy SII last year. Whilst the hardware is massively impressive, I just can’t get onboard with the Android OS (not to mention the nightmare that is Kies!). I not only want this phone; I NEED this phone! C’mon iPhone 5! :)

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  • Jiayi


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  • Melissa Dee

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    • Adam Spencer

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    Just picked up WP Ad Center here yesterday for half price. Hopefully it’ll pay off soon.

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  • Jack Scotty

    oooh ooo pick me! pick me! :)

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    Chances of winning the iphone 5 is probably as slim as the iphone 5 itself, but I will go to any extent to try and own this masterpiece in design

  • Axinosgr

    Good luck….

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  • Nate Ospam

    Thanks for the chance! I think something’s amiss with the “Share with Facebook” button though. Tweeted fine, but faceplanted otherwise.

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    This contest ROCKS

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    You guys sure know how to drive traffic to your site. :) I like it!

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    iPhone 5 here we go! 

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  • Mohamed Elkholy

    I’m in!

  • Mohamed Elkholy

    I’m in!

  • Duncan M. MacGregor

    Worth a punt as they say ;)

  • Mirzea Claudia

    this is something i don`t see in our country every day!!! 

  • Ł ι ʟ SαιηƬ

    I would like to enter this contest.
    Good luck to all entrants !

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    Thank you WDD ! Thanks to your entire team for organizing this great contest. Thanks for letting me in plus pre congratulations to the Mighty winnner :) 

    • Adam Spencer

      I second that!

  • Michael Warren

    Count me in!

  • Thomas Murphy

    i’m gonna win

  • Zee Perzi


  • Zee Perzi

    I love it!!

  • Zee Perzi

    Hello world!! I come from Thailand. :)

    • Adam Spencer

      How is life in Thailand? I studied at Thammasart U in Bankok a few years ago.  You live a such a beautiful country.

  • Adam Spencer

    Like many folks, the iPhone 5 is just beyond what I can afford currently.  Man, how awesome would it be to win one?! All the best!

  • Don Schaefer

    Thanks, but entry form does not load. Page load time is loooong and times out. Chrome/Mac.

  • Adam Spencer

    I agree.  Life is all about give-and-take… better get used to it.

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    Was going to buy a 4s, but I’ll take a 5!

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    That’s awesome! Hope it isn’t a joke :)

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    OoooOoo iPhone 5

  • jenderalcilik

    will you guys believe me if i said that I’m still using the old Blackberry 8700? yes, that huge and bulky Transformers look alike Blackberry series. Now, you might consider giving me a decent upgrade to this sexiest device on earth, iPhone 5.

  • WiN iOS

    insha’allah i win beceause i love the word win !

  • John M

    I need this in my life

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    Are subscribers entered automatically? I still don’t see an entry box!

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    i’m in!

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    Dreaming of winning an iPhone, but after I entered my email, the form disappeared! I had to put my email in again so I could tweet/FB. (Guess I’m disqualified) Good luck everyone!

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  • Matt Gruber

    I’m really excited about this giveaway but more importantly i’m so grateful to have found this site! I have referred so many to WWD and many friends have found it to be as great a resource as I have found it. Much love guys! – Matt Gruber

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    good luck!

  • Won Yee How

    good luck

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    Can’t say not to a free new unlocked iPhone 5!

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    awesome ! hope i’ll win

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    Thanks for the opportunity!!! And the Great posts!!! Keep it up!!! whoooohoooo!!!!

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    would love one of these bad boys!

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    I need one, i am without a cell atm 

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    Cheapest offer ever

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    I’m one of the non-believers, but still … it would be so cool!

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    I would love a new Iphone. I can’t afford one myself and my employers won’t kick me down one. Thanks for the contest!

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    (Crossing fingers & praying)

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    Birthday is on Sept.30 & I’m turning 19 so this would be a Great Birthday Present. Hope I win :D

  • Karlo Videk

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    Pretty sure this is the best contest I have entered! Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone :) 

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    best regards

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     I have always wanted to own an iPhone, but always kept my desire to rest due to the very high price. I wish and hope and pray that I win it this time :)

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  • tony

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  • Mohamed Dahy

    REALLY ,,,

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    Hopefully I will finally be able to win something from the internet. 

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    This is the most BEAUTIFUL phone I’ve ever laid my eyes on…I NEED!!! =0)

  • Adam Spencer

    Damned are all the haters! They can live in their Android-deluded fantasies all they like, spewing hateful poison on anything Apple. The more they talk the more pathetic they look. I want an iPhone 5 so I can show the world what a truly magnificent mobile device can do: amazing photos, unparalleled design, the power of a genuinely useful app ecosystem, & an OS so solid and intuitive it makes their eyes water and mouths drool with total, all encompassing phone-lust. A glint alone from it’s chamfered edge will make their Android phablets burst into flames. “iPhone haters, prepare for the skin to melt from your bones as I reveal the true glory of iPhone 5’s blinding brilliance!”

  • Rolando


  • Ghadah Barakat

    i want one :) 

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    Please please let me win :)

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    Stay hungry, stay foolish … yeah!

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    I wouldn’t mind winning an iPhone 5.  

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    Looks Amazing would love to win one wanted an Iphone forever!!!

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    It’s time to say goodbye to my blackberry Officially! :D

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     I love APPLE!

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    IN! Now all i want is to win! it would be a great birthday present!!!

  • Rahul

    I’d like to get my iphone5 :)

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    I like to meet and have iphone first time in my life

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    I’m in! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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    I’d love to have the new iPhone 5!!

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    Im in.. pick me up before you go go..

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    I just want an iphone to see how it fares against my android phone

  • Liamesque

    I’ve just added you to my favourites – you guys have some cool articles (I’m a self-taught web designer) 

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    I like iPhone 5

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  • Goulouis

     I want my iPhone five

  • Derek Manning


  • Derek Manning

    Whooooo I still got a 2g:(

  • apeman

    i want to win

  • Jessie Whitlock

    My email is:

    I am excited for the announcement of this comp! I have only ever owned an old Nokia phone and to win this would be amazing!

  • Gosorno


  • Tara-wayne

    I wish..

  • Brianna Eddy

    I don’t have a sad story or anything but i think you should win even if you don’t. I’m not trying to sound like a jerk but I would really really really like to win. I never have won one of these but i hope that will change. Please pick me because nobody believes I will win and I will not have another chance to get any kind of iphone:/ my friends all have one but i cant offord one and I hope you choose me.


  • Brianna Eddy

    I hope I win, nobody thinks I can so fingers crossed:/

  • Cleanyorom

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    Im in  I love the new phone 5 I hope I get it god bless


    I’d love to win this amazing thing..


    I’d love to win this amazing thing..


    I want this amazing thing..



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    Would make a great present for my gf !

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    Nifty contest. I never win anything online, tho. just doing this out of sheer masochism. Email is my first name at my last name dot org.

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     How many phone are you going to give away ? Just one?

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  • Nagaraj Poti

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    Designers are meant to be loved, not to be understood. (this is a comment)

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  • Arjo

    got 2 win :-)

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    The iPhone 5 will be a great device for reading your newsletter :) I’m in!

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    Nice contest.
    I will kepp my fingers crossed.

  • sparaminpetto

    Nice contest.
    I will keep my fingers crossed.

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  • Justmarkx

    Here’s hoping!

  • Cooltech2k

    I want one … 

  • Princess of Terrabithia

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    Help, when I go on this site there is no “form”. Im in BC, Canada

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    So am I!

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  • Alfredocabero

    Super contest!

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    And i just bought a samsung S3

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    I hope I win, congratulations to the person that does though :) 

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  • Even(-__-)Flow

    Awesome prize by awesome siteeeeeee

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    Enter me please!  Also shared on FB (Jc Loh)

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  • Goniti_23

    ii love with this phone

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    Entering from New Zealand!

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    Tomorrow is the day! I am so excited!!! I REALLY WANNA WIN OMG

  • Atanas Ginev

    Win an iPhone 5

  • Rajat Aggarwal

    please give me that iphone 5 . i will be thankful to you ………….i had no mobile yet

  • Boris50700

     j aimerais bien l avoir l iphone5

  • Bear_grooves

    Let’s go let’s go amiiiigggoooo!!!

  • King Baloch

    How Much Custom Duty For Pakistan

  • Martin Oxby

    Well, why not give it a go? :-) Count me in.

  • KaiserJay

    My phone is on it’s way out, so I’m hoping to get a new one, but congratulations to whoever does win this :-)

  • Saavedrus

    Im in, but I think my girlfriend will take me this off if I win

  • vergilius

    well, why not :D

  • Paul Slim

    Fingers crossed

  • kgkljn


  • Kayven Tan

    Hi there, I previously commented three days ago but I guess it didn’t go through :P

    Well, I’m a student developer for Java and C++, web designer too. This is how I found this amazing website about four months ago. The news and information that this website has provided me with is really helpful to me, it helped me to build my basics for web designing! :D When I found out you guys are hosting this giveaway, I was really happy for you guys! :D Well, Im aiming to be an “all rounded” developer :) I know the Java and C++ basics, now Im moving on to Objective-C, the programming language for iOS and OSX.

    However, sad to say I’m very poor, I don’t have a Mac or any iOS device, for that matter not any mobile device at all as I can’t afford them :(( I have been using a Sony Ericsson feature phone that’s starting to wear out for around 5 years now. However, I really really hope you guys can give me the golden chance for this iPhone 5 as I need it for convenience for studies – work can be done on the go really fast :D

    I have always been an Apple fan since the original iPhone, now is the time to finally own an Apple product!

    The large screen, the amazing A6 processor, Siri etc all fall into place and can help me accomplish work easily anywhere… I could really use great apps like iTunes U, Pages, Keynote and they would help me greatly in my studies in terms of convenience! This phone would also be very essential in learning Objective C on the go and seeing it live in action! :D I would be the happiest person on earth if you could fulfill my wish, willing to do anything for you guys!!! :)

    Email: ashikawa98 @ gmail . com

  • Steffanyrivera

    Im in :)

  • shamichelle

    oww i really want to win in this giveaway….love this phone so much ♥♥♥

  • Tom

    I’m in!

  • Megrogowski

    Super stoked about the iPhone 5 !!!!

  • Asjonea Anajah


  • Gemgirld

    I have wanted an iphone for soooo long now but haven’t been able to get one.  For just once I want to be the cook kid!  ;)

  • Todd

    I’m in and it’s my birthday so hopefully I’ll win.

  • Sara Mena

    I’m in! ooohh I’m so gonna win this!!! :D 

  • webmarty

    Count me in!

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    Enter me please

  • luxnatura

    Haha, that’s awesome!

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    yesss I’m in!

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    I’d enjoy using this new phone!!

  • Thrinax Records

    wow awesome !

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    one day left gud luck to every1

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    Silly Only I Can Win iPhone ;)

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    love you guys!

  • Lubomir Trnka

    good luck

  • najma

    please let me winn it would mean allot to me 

  • Kuteangel

    i would love to winn please let me win

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 25/9   

  • Ana Georgievska

    would be amazing to win one!

  • Tiagovidinha

    Great giveaway :D

  • Hatryn

    Need to switch from my Android, yay! o/

  • Kaibo


  • Nicolae

    Let it come ! 

  • Alexkutt

    Lets goooo :D I’m so excited!!!

  • Julian

    Omg I’m this give away is the best!!!

  • metalhead

    Im Game !

  • Suzanne

    I’m in! :) My luck isn’t very good but I really hope I will win this :)

  • Jen S.

    I so hope I win this, I have been wanting an Iphone for a long time!

  • Andrew Safie


  • Andrew Safie
  • Conor

    For crying out loud why are you giving away free iPhones when people all over the world are dying probably by the time you’ve taken to read this message at least one person will be dead!!

    • Walter

      How does giving away an iPhone affect people dying Conor?

      There are many charities out there who do great work helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves but they’re only able to do so if the economy exists to support them.

      Clearly, you weren’t so concerned as to not purchase a computer of your own. Or to spend time reading our blog. Perhaps if you win the iPhone you can auction it for charity.
      Oh, and I’m sure I read your message faster than you typed it :)

  • M0o0hammed

    hope win same thing a day, never win. and hope things change.
    thanks for the contest
    Best Regards

  • meme

    What a great contest 

  • Julian

    I’ve never one anything before so this might be the bridge across to lady luck :P

  • Nssaeed

    fingers crossed

  • Ryan

    I entered, as well as tweeted and shared. Hope I win this. I really need this for my MacBook Pro, development, and Japanese studies before I go there.

  • Lucianoreal

    Hoping to win the iphone 5 in white!!!! good luck everyone

  • Jessekaufman

    Man… I sure hope I win. 

  • R Gon H 86

    Hey, I will like to be the winner of this great phone! :)

  • Dibyakshu Basumatary

    ilove iphone . ihave a dream to buy an iphone. ihope i will win it. this is so ihave used i infront of ilove,ihave.

  • Enun95

    Thanks for the chance :)

  • Anoorat Promdi

    Thanks for the chance :)

  • Peter Tikhomirov

    Seriously? Luck is never on my side, but I participate anyway :)

  • Irenelopez

    I just did it :)

  • Maini Jatin

    Awww man!! 1800 comments (including mine at the time of writing)
    You guys seriously know how to market ur blog :D

  • Juliancannuli

    Oh i didnt see only one email thing :/ I won’t do it anymore

  • Champy28

    I’m in!


    i need it cozzz i deserve it…….


    its the best…i want it coz i deserve it…….

  • Ch Freyer

    hey I’m in and waant to win

  • shea wong

    Liked, tweeted, emailed, the whole shebang!  :D  

  • Zain Tariq

    when is the winner going to be announced?

  • inna_bant_28

    Checking this site here now and then.. Feeling my luck even if luck is always not on my side :(

  • Zain Tariq

    when will the winner be announced???????????

  • Incognito4u82

    pls let it be me pls 

  • Nagaraj Poti

    the day is here!

  • Zelts80

    Good Luck For Everyone :) Today’s The Big Day ^_^

  • Wilsoncastaneda08

    When are they posting the winner??

  • Havok


  • Bart

    I want to win!!!!

  • Mohammed

    Nice.. pleaseplease Iphone5

  • Jos de Langhe

    Go webdesignerdepot!

  • Sameera
  • Duarte Roxxy
    I need one!!!!

  • Smallmedic

    Come onnnnnnnn…momma needs the new iPhone 5!!!!!

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 26/9   

  • Nguyễn Đình Quân

    Best way to own an iPhone 5! I’m in

  • miki

    I want that iphone………..

  • Brodyps14

    I’m in too!

  • Dan Williams

    twitted this today, 26/9   

  • GermanGonzalez

    I need to have one… I’m crossing all my fingers and toes


  • Mcanas325

    Im in

  • Guest

    hope i win!!